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Convert Missing Values (#N/A) To Zero

I am conducting data analysis on a large data set. Missing values are coded as NA. Likewise, when I perform a calculation on a NA value, I receive the # DIV/0! error.
I want to know how I can automatically change NA to the integer 0 in a large data set so when I perform a calculation on the NA value, I will receive 0 instead of #DIV/0!.

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Missing Values As Non-zero
I am facing a problem importing Excel data into a finicky graphics program. This program can't accept strings and numbers in the same column. Hence, strings such as #NA, or Excel's standard "" can't be used where there are missing values, as the entire column is then ignored.

But, I would like to provision for future data below the rows that currently exist.

Let's say I am trying to read data from Sheet1 of a workbook. The rows in Sheet1 contain formulas referencing other sheets (e.g. Sheet2!C1-Sheet2!C2). So, if Sheet2 doesn't have data in a certain row, Excel would show 0 in the formula on Sheet1. That would mess up my graph. If I use any other string or "" using a If statement for missing data, then the graphics program doesn't work.

Is there any way say, using dynamic ranges or similar, to populate blank cells in Sheet1 as data arrive in Sheet2, without a pre-existing formula being present in these Sheet1 cells? I can imagine that VBA macros will easily do this (e.g. the thread on Autofill below). But, is this possible without having to trigger a macro as and when additional data arrive?

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Interpolate Missing Values
i'm trying to write a sheet that records weight from a date and user input
trouble is people are likely to miss days out and i want to fill in the missing dates weight based on actual inputs from other days. if i make it easier and say it like this column A is the weight, column b is the number of days gone
as an example i've made it straight forward but left 4 values out


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Lookup Formula - Missing Values
The formula works well 50% of the time, but randomly skips over some values. I have attached a sample of what I'm working on.

Extracting example.xlsx

There will be thousands of questions similar, but think there will be a limit of 4 numbers to be taken out.

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Show Missing Values From Ordered List
I have a list of 9 values ranging from 1 to 9 generated by formulas in column A. they can only be "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9" and can be repetitive. Is there a formula i can use (not macro please) that will show me what values are missing from the list?



*Note there are 9 values in column A in any order. In this scenario the answer i would like shown is "3,6,9".

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Messege To Notify Missing Values In Txtboxes And Combos
The code below returns sytax error. How do I fix that and how do I simplify and compress code? Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

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Compare Two Columns, If Missing Insert Missing Data
I have two columns which i want to compare, they contain text data such as A123.

what I'd like is if its in column A and not in Column B then add to bottom of column A.

Once its in column A i can do the vlookup's to draw the other data, costs etc, over but don't know how to identify, and add, the missing codes to the list.

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Convert Absolute Values To Negative Values Based On Criteria
is it possible to write a macro that will convert absolute values into negative based on criteria? Data gets downloaded from in house system which comes out as all absolute values, now i need the macro to covert absolute values to negative if the amount is either "Our Reciepts" or "Our Delivery"

Below is a small sample of data, real data is around 100 rows

Col DCol EOur Receipts1231Our Delivery1231Delivery Settlement1323

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Convert Positive Values To Negative Values
I have a table (column C5 to H20)

The table has values in each cell. Some cells have zero values and some have positive values.

Basically, I need to convert all positive (non zero) values to Negative values using VBA (i.e. convert 251 to -251).

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Convert Formulas To Values
I have a product mix values as below. I want to convert the values into the % of total product mix.

----G---- ----H---- ----I---- --J--
4 Product A Product B Product C Total
5 32 73 125 230
6 14% 32% 54% 100%

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Convert The Time Values
Is there some way to write a formula that would convert these time values (usually in a HH:MM:SS format) into a "minute" value (by rounding 30 seconds or more up to an additional "minute" as well as multiplying each hour by 60 minutes which will all be added to the MM or "minute" format for a grand total of how many minutes were involved with each transaction)?

When I try to re-format the data it changes to a date/time format which makes no sense.

Here is a sampling of some of the data I am trying to calculate:


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Convert All Formulae To Values
I need to add a piece of code to a spreadsheet that will turn all formulae within into values. The number of tabs in the spreadsheet is likely to change over time but I want the code to apply to all the tabs - without needing to change it if a tab is added/ deleted.

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Convert Formula Workbook To Values Only
I would like to have a Macro, which could find Formulas on ALL sheets and replacing them with Values (Special Paste).

Example: I have multiple sheets and on every sheet there are functions (In my case, =MAX). I would like that my Macro would simply find that function and automaticly replace it with a Value (I do not have time to Copy -> Special Paste 300 Functions)

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Convert Sheet In Another Workbook To Values Only
I am trying to be a good programmer and not do a whole bunch of activate workbooks and worksheets. So I am 99% complete with my subroutine and stuck on 3 lines. I need to copy my entire pivot table from PvtDest (which is Superdatabase.xls sheets f2 pivot)

Set PvtDest = Workbooks(SSRname).Worksheets(CarrPivot)

PvtDest. Cells.Copy
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False

PvtDest.cells.copy works fine Fails due to (select method.range class failed

finally Selection.Paste special is supposed to paste on PvtDest but I have not been able to accomplish this.

I think I have seen copy paste special in the same command line is that the solution

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Convert Levels To Numerical Values
I need to convert levels to numerical values and then: Firstly, add together two vlookup values THEN divide by 2 to get an average AND THEN see if this average AND a second, individual lookup value are above a specified another value, which may be different. IF all these criteria are set, return, "yes" if either the first or second, or both criteria are not met then "no"

Or put it another way. if lookup values A+B/2>"5" AND C>"3" then "yes", Else "no"

Lookup chart:


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Search For Certain Formulas & Convert To Values
I am trying to find a way to search for specific cell formulas (not the values they produce). For example, how could I search an Excel tab for a cell containing "= sum()" ? I want to ignore all other formulas and values. I then want to replace this formula only with its value.

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Convert Values Acc To Criteria In Another Closed Wbk, Output To New Wkb
I was wondering how to make the following: get a list where each Number from the "source file.xls" is assigned to a Group like in "final list.xls" through "conversion table.xls".

In the "source file.xls" we have apart from Number, the Series and Category columns. I need to compare both Series and Category to the same from "conversion table.xls" and in the third workbook output the matching Number from "source file.xls" and Group from "conversion table.xls" according to matching algorithm.

I am attaching the files:
source file.xls
conversion table.xls
final list.xls

All three should be different workbooks and the first two will need to be closed. Also very important is the source file can have many names so it would be great to implement an open dialog box to load the data from "source file.xls". All data is in text format....

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Copy Worksheets To New Workbook And Convert To Values
I'm looking for a way that I could place a button on my workbook that would create a new document from the specified worksheets and convert the formulas to the values.

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Convert Selected Range On All Worksheets To Values
I have a macro that changes user selection from formulas to values:

Dim vCol As Variant

vCol = Application.InputBox("Select Column", Type:=2)
If vCol = False Or vCol = "" Then Exit Sub
Set UserRange = Range(vCol & "9:" & vCol & "35")
UserRange.Value = UserRange.Value

End Sub

I have several workbooks that use this macro, and the workbooks can include several sheets.

Is there's an easy way to change the macro so the user selection is changed in all sheets in the workbook. E.g. if the user selection is column H, the formula is changed to values in all sheets in the workbook.

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Convert Formulas In Filtered Range To Values
I want to create a Macro to convert the formula results from a filtered data range to values. I thought to use a simple code to do the copy - paste to value

Sub QuickSaveValue()
Dim r As Range, c As Range
Set r = Selection
For Each c In r.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas)
c.PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
Next c
Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

But is not good because the range is much to large and i need just a filtered part to be changed and i tried like this:

Sub QuickSaveTV()................

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Paste As Values To Each Of The Cells In The Above To Convert The Formula To A Static Value
I have the following VBA code, which works nicely -

PHP     For Each C In Sheets("data").Range("A2", Range("A2").End(xlDown))
            C.Offset(0, 5).FormulaR1C1 = "=IF((RIGHT(RC[-1],3)=""ago""),RC[-1],"""")"
    Next C 

What I want to do is Paste As Values to each of the cells in the above to convert the formula to a static value,. Is there a simple bit of code I can include in the above loop, instead of doing a Selection.Copy Selection.PasteValues etc over the range?

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Convert Imported Values, Being Seen As Text, To True Numbers
I have a document passed to me that includes information pulled from an internal system.

I want to use some basic formulas to show Totals, averages etc.

However, the SUM function does not work on the data provided unless I select the cell (As if to edit the text) and the press enter.

Is there a quicker way of selecting all of the cells in Column A for example and performing this function on mass, rather than selecting each cell individually.

I have attahced a similar sample copy - My SUM formula is show in cell B15.

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Find Cell Value & Convert Surrounding Range To Values
I'm trying to create a spreadsheet to update daily, whenever our market intelligence arrives by email. I'm not trying to write a macro which can select a range of cells (G:L) relative to the date in Column B, which represents the value in cell P6. In other words:Read the value of cell P6 Find that value in column B (e.g. B646)highlight the cells in columns G through to L on that row (e.g. select G646:L646) I am then aiming to paste the values in that range of cells, so that those stay in the spreadsheet and are not lost when the next lot of figures comes in the following day.

Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=12
Application.CutCopyMode = False

but that's obviously a static range, rather than looking up the date first.

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Create Copy Of Active Sheet & Convert Original To Values Only
I need to copy the Selected Sheet (Sheet name will be different each month) on a spreadsheet and paste the copy to the left of the selected Sheet. Then I need to copy and paste values the entire sheet of the sheet that the copy was made from (the one on the right). I am very new to macros, and I tried recording and manually editing the macro with no success. The number of sheets will be different always as I will be adding this to different workbooks and also because new sheets may be added to any workbook at any time. I attached my code that I came up with, as I am not familiar with code enought to "[code]" my code.

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Open/Update Linked Files, Convert To Values & Save To New Folder
I have a number of spreadsheets in a folder called country (each sheet is the name of a region). These sheets are linked to another sheet called master which is in another folder.

The regional sheets all have a list of wrap codes and pull details specific to each code from the master sheet. All wrap codes for all sheets are stored in the master, details for wrpas are manually entered here as well as any other associated information.

The link is kept by way of an index match formula used to populate information from the master for all wrap codes in the regional sheet.

Each of the regional sheets act as a report for a specific region and the master is the main source. Every week we need to open the regional sheets (some reside in different folders/subfolders) update the index match formulas in the sheet so that the data is refreshed and then save as a new file with data as values to another folder for reporting.

I am looking for a code that can automatically update all of the excel sheets in a given folder and then save them to a new folder automatically.

I have very very limited knowledge of VB (did make a hello world dialog box once) and am stuck as to any way to automate this process.

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Find Current Date On Several Sheets & Convert Surrounding Cells To Values
I keep track of values in a workbook. I accumulate them on a daily basis (business days) and keep track of the older values.

On the first sheet I have all current values automatically displayed.

All subsequent sheets contain the values for the different locations (>60) by one location per one sheet with multiple entries per location.

Most of the values do not change daily. So I copy the values from the previous day and paste them to the current day’s fields (the row below yesterday's values).

Today’s date (and prior dates as well as subsequent dates) are in column A, the values to be copied are in column B through AZ. With over 60 sheets this job becomes very tedious very quickly...

What I would like to be able to do, with a click of a button, is to go into each sheet (except the first one), go to the current date (in column A), select the field to the right of that date (in column B), go up one field, select both fields (today and last business day) and go from B to AZ (or A to AY in relative terms) copy all those entries, go down one field (to the same row as today’s date) and paste the content. Then repeat that for every following sheet…

As the date field that I am looking for goes down one field with each day I cannot use fixed points to copy and paste from, but have to use the date field as an anchor from whence to find the proper cells.

I do have some values in the following day's fields, that is why I need to copy two rows and not just the values from the previous day...

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Missing From One Or Another Sheet
I have 2 spreadsheets. One has one type of info and another has another type of info for the same items.
For example:

1st spreadsheet has: server name, serial number, model.
2nd spreadsheet has: amount of memory for each server, number of CPUs, etc.

Note that some servers are missing from one or another sheet. So all info needs to be combined.

What is the easiest way to combine all info in a single spreadsheet?

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Add 0s Into Missing Dates
i have a workbook with missing dates and would like excel to insert any missing dates and add 0's into that missing dates if there is no data...

for example....

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Add Missing To Bottom
number and number 2 is what i have.. I would like it similar to the right side of this sheet where the missing ones are at the bottom of E

sheet: ...

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Missing Tooltip?
I have attached a screen shot of vlookup formula. Whilst selecting a range a little tooltip comes up showing how many rows and columns have been selected (6R x 2C) ...

... at least that's what used to happen. Now this handy tool tip does not show on my PC - and I have no idea how I turned it off, or more importantly how I can turn it back on again.

I am running Excel 2002 SP3 on Windows XP.

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Missing Library
Can anyone answer this one for me - why does this piece of code run on some machines but not on others - I suspect it is something to do with a missing library but I have no idea which one.

When the code fails it highlights the word " Date" inside the brackets

TrainingDateBox.Value = FormatDateTime(Date, vbLongDate)

Is there an alternative code?

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Missing Rates
i have a bunch ofdaily rates back from 2005. sometimes ill have one or even 2 or 3 missing rates in a row. when there is a blank rate, i just want excel to calculate the average of the date below and the date after. right now, ive just been going manually to each missing date's rate and calculating the average.

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Missing Borders
I have created a 4 page chart in landscape with text in each of the 4 columns in the chart.

When I looked at it in print preview the chart did not fill the page and so to widen the last 2 columns I dragged them over to the right hand margin. I am still definitely within the right hand dotted line showing the margin limit.

The problem is that I cannot now put a border line down the extreme right hand column. Every time I click on any of the border instructions in the Font tab nothin appears on the right hand side of the box.

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Title Bar Is Missing
The title bar is missing for one 2002 file. This is the same bar that has the minimize/maximize button in the right corner.

My mind is drawing a blank for a fix. I've tried the *view, tool bar, customize* and can't find the missing bar.

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Missing Link
I have a hyperlink in my excel file which refers to cell in a separate excel file (which no longer exists). I therefore would like to remove this 'dead' link as it keeps trying to update it when I open the file.

I don't remember where this hyperlink is in this huge multi-sheet file so I can remove it! How do I have excel show me all hyperlinks and the option to remove them?

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Missing A Reference
I have been working on a pretty extensive Excel Workbook for quite some time, finished it today after testing it multiple times, everything was working fine on my PC. But after I pasted the document on one of the network drives at work, I started getting compile errors. I am getting these errors on basic functions that I used in my code such as Date, and the Left and Right functions. I figure I must be missing some sort of reference...the error I am getting is (Compile Error: Can't find project or library).

I can't understand why everything worked fine on my computer and as soon as I paste it on the network, the application blows up for my coworkers.

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Missing Status Bar
I have done the two obvious checks regarding my missing Status Bar, both in View and Options and still the Status Bar refuses to show itself. I have shut down Excel with the options unticked hoping that on restarting and ticking them the bar will re-emerge but still no joy and also done vice-versa. how to get the Status Bar to reappear?

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Missing Mscomct2.ocx
we are currently upgrading from Win2000 and Office Pro '97 to WinXP sp2 and Office Pro 2003. I am testing our applications for compatibility and am discovering many that fall over because mscomct2.ocx is missing. Does it normally come as standard in Office 2003 or not? If not, when did it stop being standard?

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Colors Missing
For some reason colors will not show on any EXcel doc. When I type colored text in a cell, it shows the color until I press enter, then it goes black. Cell fill colors do not show at all.

However when I send the doc to another computer the colors wil show.

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Missing Field
I want to write code that will allow me to show the Missing Names in the Old sheet that aren't in the New Sheet.

I want the code to go along these lines:

Dim a As Long
a = 2
Dim o As Long
Dim p As Long
Dim last_row14 As Long
Dim last_row24 As Long

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Function Of HLOOKUP With Missing Value
I have a formula that looks like this:

It is working very fine, when the cell has a value, but when it doesn't - it will return 0. So my question is: is there any way to make it return certain value or word like "No value" instead of zero?

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Find Missing Value In Range
Say i have a range A1 to A10 that contains these numbers


I need some code that will help me find the next highest missing number in the value range of 101 - 199 in that range A1 to A10. In this case it would be 105

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Checking For Missing Lines
I have a file of users and security codes. each user should have at least one security code. How can I get rid of all the good combinations and only leave the bad ones?

user: joe blo
security code = 1
user: jim white
security code = 1
user: sam song
security code=5
user: jo jo
user: billy boy
security code=1

You can see Jo Jo does not have a security row. I need to the good ones to be removed so only the user with the missing security code is left:

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Insert Missing Dates
I am looking for help. Sheet1 B1:1 has dates in each column in ascending order for one month. There are missing dates in between the days and they might look like this.

Example 1


Is there a code that will insert columns with the missing dates between the dates that already exist so that example 1 would become example 2?

Example 2


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List With Missing Links
I have some code to generate hyprlinks from a folder

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Find Missing Numbers
I have a file with approx 3600 rows. In Col B there is a 13 digit EAN-13 code. I would like to find out which numbers are missing. I have to compare each cell from top to bottom in the B-column to the cell below and find out if there are some missing numbers. If the numbers are incremental then goto next cell. But if there's a gap in the numbers then it should insert the missing numbers with an increment of 1.
I think the logic statement should look like this:

i = 1
For x = 1 to last row
If the gap between B(i) and B(i+1) < 1 then
Insert a row and put the missing value in the cell on the new row.
i = i+1
Next x

The comparison has to be made from the 5 digits in place 8-12 in the code.

Here's an example (i've dimmed the digits that shouldn't be compared):


As you see there's a missing number between the third and fourth row. Here the value should be 733098592074 + the checksum that is a bit tricky to calculate.
Between the fifth and sixth row there are four missing numbers that has to be filled in.
The checksum is OK to leave out at this moment. The important thing is to get the 5 digits.

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Missing A Left Or Right Parentheses
I am using excel 2007:

I have created the following formula (with some help from this forum), but I am getting an error message saying I am missing a left or right parentheses.

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2007 Missing Ribbon
Someone sent me a spreadsheet that made my ribbon and everything disappear. All that remains is the grid field and the title bar.

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ListBox Missing Property
I don't have the Style Property on my listbox's on my excel vb. I have list style, but I need check boxes and this option doesn't created them.

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Missing Menu Commands
I have run into a problem with the Insert menu.

In the submenu

are "Greyed out" and therefore not available.

This happens when the application is first opened - no code is running it seems to be associated with the Personal workbook?

I have not encountered this previously.

IT help desk was its usual high standard - ZIP

I have searched this board without success.

The Microsoft Help functions were also silent.

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Message Box For Missing Data
I have ben given a excel file from another department at work as they had been told i know a bit about excel. Excel... Yes, Visual Basic... Nil, zilch, nada! It really might as well be written in chinese!!

What has happened is the guy who set this up has since been made redundant from the company and they now want the file to do one more thing.

Basically what they want the file to do is, when the user clicks the 'generate file' button, if E2 has no date entered then a message box pops up stopping the user from going any further until a date is entered.

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