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CountIf Within A Range...

- Column D includes dates.
- Column E includes text, either "Yes" or "No".

I want Excel to count all cells in Column D between 1-Jan-2009 to 31-Jan-2009 + any cells that say "Yes" from Column E on the same row.

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Countif In More Than One Range
Is ther any way around not being able to do this - I read that if u make the ranges an array it shoul work - Shift, Control, Enter - or something but I can get it to work. I was hoping to use copuntif for this :-

COUNTIF(F33:F39,M33:M39,T33:T39,AA33:AA39,AH33:AH39,AO33:AO39,F67:F73,M67:M73,T67:T73,AA67:AA73,AH67 :AH73,"b")

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Countif Without Range
I have a column with multiple data entries ( dates, amounts, percentages, etc).

From these I want to count how many dates are after the selected date.

But I am unable to pickup date cells selectively.

i.e. counif ( {A1, A6, A11, A16, A21, A26}, >=1-Jan-2009)
But the function is giving error as it only accepts ranges.

I can use countif(A1:A26, >=1-Jan-2009)

But the problem is some numerical values are also in the same range ( as the numerical format of dates) - so I am unable to use it.

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Countif With Range Name
How do i create a formula for countif with range name

I did create a formula =COUNTIF(C2:C868,"NS") but it show 0
NS range name contain working shift
0:00 - 9:30
7:00 - 16:30
7:30 - 17:00
7:45 - 17:15
8:00 - 17:30
8:15 - 17:45
8:30 - 18:00

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CountIF And A Range Of Dates
I am trying to solve a a problem that I am having.

I have a list of projects in one column and start dates in a different column.

I want to create a dashboard that breaks down projects by month, quarter and year to date.

I have tried various formulas centered around CountIf. Bottom line is I want to review a column of dates and determine how many projects started last month, etc.....

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Countif With Changing Range
I want a conditional format change to happen when certain criteria is met.
I have a conditional formula in column F
Let's say F173
If the value in A173 value is found anywhere above cell A173, then make a blue box surrounding cell F173.
I want to be able to copy this conditional format down column F

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COUNTIF On Named Range
When I apply the countif function to a named data range, it evaluates to #VALUE. I'm trying to count the number of entries in the range (Belgium.Data) that are strictly greater than zero, to calculate a y.t.d. average that won't be biased by incomplete data. The range-name is well-defined - the arithmetic functions like sum, sumproduct etc work and evaluate correctly across the range, but countif always refuses to return a value. I've also tried


to no avail, as well as all the following:


Even the last didn't evaluate, even though "=SUM(Belgium.Data)" evaluates correctly. I can't seem to use the actual cell-references either, since the range is non-contiguous - I miss out every 11th cell to compute an average on the last 11 cells - and Excel doesn't seem to like the comma ("union") operator, insisting the 2nd component of the union is COUNTIF's "criteria" argument.

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Countif Within A Range Of Numbers
I want to count all cells over 1000 and then I want to count all cells over 990, but less than 999.

These are the formulas I am using


In this formula, the over 990 also counts the ones over 1000 and I only want them to count 990 to 999.

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COUNTIF Between Date Range
I am trying to take a large spreadsheet with 2000+ rows of data each with its on unique date associated with each row (its a dump of invoices that need to get paid). I need to count how many invoices are each of the seperate 52 weeks of the last year using I believe a Countif function. My problem is I cannot seem to get the criteria written correctly. For example I want to count out of the 2000+ rows of data, how many invoice dates fall between say, Jan 1 and Jan 7. I would think it would be as easy as using the Countif function and then writing the criteria as a forumula to count invoices that have a date that is greater than or equal to Jan 1 BUT less than or equal to Jan 7. It is that precise formula that is giving me much frustration.

I have a similar Sumif forumula problem as I need to total the $ of the invoices but I think if I get the criteria to work for Countif it will work for Sumif.

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COUNTIF With Selectable Range
I am trying to use the COUNTIF function but over a selectable range. in other words instead of a fixed range like =COUNTIF(A1:A11,"=yes") I want to be able to choose the range Axx:Axx selected by drop down menus.

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Use The Countif Function To Look At That Range Of Numbers For
I have a range of numbers between 1 and 25 in 50 cells.

How could I use the countif function to look at that range of numbers for
values between 5 and 10 and count those values that meet the criteria of
between 5 and 10?

Or if there is another function to use, let me know.

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Countif Between A Date/time Range
how can i use countif or sumproduct or sumif ..etc to calculate how many occurrence in a specify date and time .

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COUNTIF With Multiple Range And Criteria
I need to add all cells within multiple ranges where the characters "A", "S" and "D" occur.


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COUNTIF (count How Many Entries There Are Within A Range)
I have a column of values in "£"s and i need to count how many entries there are within a range. I have been able to do it with text but not money values with £ signs!!

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Dynamic Range Using Offset And CountIF
I have a data set that alters each week which means at the moment I have to update the ranges manually each time. I would like to use a dynamic range and think I need to use the Offset and CountIf functions. Both the start and end of the ranges are dynamic. The range is based on grouping the numbers in Column E (LocNo)

What I would like to do or think the way to achieve this is by:

First looking at Column E

Count how many cells are equal to criteria. (CountIf)

offset 5 columns left from the first cell that meets the criteria (Offset -5)

offset X rows down based on how many cells meet the criteria (Offset X)

I've include a spreadsheet spread sheet which 'should' help illustrate the problem showing the ranges I would like and how the data changes each week.

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Countif Based On A Date Range
I have 2 columns, one containing a piece of data and one containing dates. I want to count how many times the data is in the first column, based on a specific date range in the 2nd column. I have attached a sample SSF with a better explanation inside it.

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Countif (?) Within A 2 Week Date Range Of Today
I have a workbook which contains 1 spreadsheet that contains data entry for approximately 20 employees. The workbook then contains a separate sheet for each employee to display the detailed information

Column A stores the dates from Jan1 to Dec 31
Row 1 contains the employees names.
The data entered consists of approximatle 4 different 1-letter codes as to what transaction occurred that particular day.

What I would like to do now is be able to count the number of cells that contain a code for 2 different time periods. I would like for it to count 2 weeks ago and separately count 2 weeks in the future.

In trying to get this last calculation, I've added a column for WEEKNUM next to the date (column B) and used somethign along the lines of
=CountIF(C2:c366,Weeknum(Now()-2)) and also tried +2. Neither have worked.

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Countif Or Sumproduct Function (count In A Range)
I am trying to do a basic count in a range, however am a little brain fried and its not working. On attachment, column D is to list all times out of column A and B listing only unique entries (have tried to use Macro with advanced filter however not liking it being an extract). Column E is to be a count of how many times the break time in Column D appears.

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COUNTIF To Count The Values In A Range Which Are Greater Than 0
How can I use COUNTIF to count the values in a range which are greater than 0?

I put =COUNTIF(B2:B100000)>0 but that didn't work?

(I'm using XL 2007 hence the range greater than 65000 rows. But I don't
think COUNTIFs syntax has been changed in 2007 so I assume I'm having a brain

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COUNTIF Formula: Gives A Total Of How Many Names Are In That Range
I have certain cells in column A2:A22 that have names of people. I want a formula in Cell A23 that gives me a total of how many names are in that range. I know this is simple, but how do I put my criteria that if a cell is not blank to count it?

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CountIf Macro Identify When Cells Are >= 90% In A Range
I need a macro to identify when cells are >= 90% in a range, and count them. Then put the result in cell Z58. Range is I51,L51,O51,W51,Z51. i.e if all cells are 90% then put value of 5 in cell Z58. Here is code i have that isnt working:

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Countif? Check If Several Variable Appeared In The Range
I have attached the jpeg on my question. (attached the excel file). basically, on my selected range, it has number from 0 to 6 in the five columns. how can i set the formula (countif? or which other better formula) to detect if 4,1 and 1 exist in the range?

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Countif(Range, Multiple Referenced Values?)
I was wondering if it's possible to use a countif so that the condition can be a range of values also? For example, A1 = 14.12.08, A2 = 15.12.08 and A3 = 16.12.08

So I can have a countif that looks like: Countif(B1:B300, A1:A3). It doesn't work when I try it, but was wondering if there's a way to achieve the same result? So if B1:B300 contained any of the values in A1:A3 it would count the amount of times they appear in the B range.

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Countif Error With Absolute Range Reference
I've been testing the countif function and for some reason it isn't working for me.

I have the following text in cells A1:A3

I have the following text in cells C1:C3

I put the following formula in B1 and copied down into B2 and B3.

It is meant to count how many of each fruit in A1:A3 is also in C1:C3.
The banana is the only one that is in both lists so the formula in B2 should return 1.

But all three formula's return zero.

If I change the range in the countif formula to relative it works. eg., =COUNTIF(C1:C3,A1)

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Combine SUMPRODUCT, SUMIF, COUNTIF Within Date Range
The attached spreadsheet has a "master" workesheet in which I enter customer info, salesperson info, and date. The totals spreadsheet automatically calculates number of sales, contact value.

I need to modify the following formulas to only calculate the data within a date range shown in 2 cells.


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Using COUNTIF To Return The Sum Of Dates That Fall Within A Month/Year Range..
I want to use a COUNTIF to return the sum of all the dates that fall within a given month/year. For example: E1 Contains the date July-2009

Column A has date entries such as July 3, 2009, July 18, 2009, August 4 2009. In F1 I want to return the sum of all dates that fall within the month of E1.

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Countif (extract The Number Of Times A Name Appears On A Certain Range Of Cells On A Worksheet)
I am trying to extract the number of times a name appears on a certain range of cells on a worksheet, now I can get this to work, but I am sure there is a better way I just cant get it to work!


I have only used 3 pf the worksheets, but in time there could be up to 30.

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Countif Statement: Count The Number Of Cells That Have A Value Greater Than 0 In A Range Of Cells
How do I count the number of cells that have a value greater than 0 in a range of cells?

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COUNTIF: 2 Criteria: Date Range Column & Text Column
Col C = Text and Col F = dates
I would like to count the # of times a value occurs in Col C based on a date
range in Col F.

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IF COUNTIF- To Determine That If A Range Of Cells Are Marked With An "X"
I am trying to determine that if a range of cells are marked with an "X", then cells containing "Pass" (A4), Pass with Opportunity for Improvement (A6)or "Fail" (A8) will be marked with an "X". I have 3 columns that are selectable for Pass, Fail, and Non-Applicable. There are a total of thirteen questions that this evaluation form asks, and the evaluator must check one box. In order to be considered a Pass, there must be more 12 or more "X"'s marked in the Pass column. A Pass with Opportunity for Improvement would be equal to 11 marked in the Pass column, and a Failure would be 10 or less showing up in the Fail column. If there is a check in the non-applicable section, this has to be figured into thye pass fail as well. A Pass would be 85% or higher, and failure anything less than this. I will attach the file for review. I would very much appreciate help on this problem first, and then there is one other element to the sheet that plays in at the end.

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CountIf: Count All The "Impression Cylinders" In Range
i am looking for is a way to count 2 arguments so for instance in T3 how can i count all the "Impression cylinders" in range E10:E400 and the Number 8 in range B10:B400 so it counts in T3 then i can do the same in U3 for number 9 and so on. the only way i no is by using =(sum(IF(AND( But that would take years to write for every cell and every fault is there a shorter way

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Countif- Use A Named Criteria As Well As A Named Range
if I can use a named criteria as well as a named range. In essence what I am looking to do is count certain cells that meet the criteria in a certain named named range,

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COUNTIF (b4:b65000= "Name" Then Countif G4:g6500="BI")
I have a simple database spread sheet and I need to count a column under certain conditions. In one column I have employee names that appear repeatedly, in another I have codes. I want to be able to count how many times the code appears next to the name.

For instance:
If b4:b65000 = Sam Douglas then I want to count how many times different codes appear in the adjacent cell.

Sam Douglas:BI
Sam Douglas:BI
Sam Douglas:SI
Sam Douglas:BI

BI = 3
SI = 1

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How To Countif
I have following data (two columns Parent and Child), now I want to apply Countif on Child cell.
But in Countif I want to provide the criteria...let say only count those childs whoes parent is A.

How to do this in Excel.

Parent Child
A e
A f
B g
B h
B i
C j
C k

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Countif: Others
I'm reasonably new to Excel, and have a fairly basic question to check out:

I have been using the COUNTIF function to count up numbers of items in various categories in a column.

The formulae I have been using are like this:
=COUNTIF(F$3:F$201, "Red")

or where I've wanted to combine various comments

I'm not sure what formulae to use to count up
1) the total number of entries in that column, so that I can make sure that I haven't missed some (without having to check manually!)

2) how to count up the values that do not match the other categories that I have specified in the COUNTIFs: this would be a value for finding how many 'other' entries there are in that column, without having to specify those values

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Nested Countif?
I searched on this and didn't find what I was looking for. I want to count entries that have critieria I specify in two different ranges. Is countif the way to do this?

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IF Or COUNTIF Formula?
See attached document, there are 11 cells in which will either contain Yes or No. Looking at the different combinations that there can be there can only ever be 9 out of the 11 cells being used or 10 out of 11 being used.

Also the last question (Row 25) could be filled N/A if this occurs I would like the formula not to count that. Is there a counting formula or IF formula which can be done to help me out?

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COUNTIF And Looping In VBA
I am trying to automate an AvgCustomerSpend calculation I do on multiple columns copied from pivots. I can get snatches of VBA code, but get stuck on syntax for a lot of things.

The calculations are on columns 3..n, where n is never greater than 20 or so. The numerator is the sum of the column. In the manual version, the denominator uses a compound COUNTIF formula on the column because the data contains both blanks and zeroes. "0" as the condition for COUNTIF() doesn't give the right results.


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Countif Macro
In col A (from A2 and down), I want to run a Countif on a Range of concatenated values in Col B (B2 and down)

I'm having trouble with the Countif part of my code

Sub countifDataRange()
Range("A2").Value = Range("B2")
Dim LastRow As Long
LastRow = Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
With Range("A2:A" & LastRow)
.Formula = "=COUNTIF(Range("B2:B" & LastRow), "B" & Rows.Count)"
.Value = .Value
End With
End Sub

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COUNTIF On Another Sheet
It seems I have run into yet another roadblock in my spreadsheet building. The issue is I would like to have a summary page of some of the information contained on my sheet1 of the workbook. Is there a way to use the countif function from my summary page and have it count the information on the Sheet1 which is nameed by the way (status report)

I thought this formula would work but it doesn't.

=COUNTIF('Status Report'!I11:I1958,"Ammo-com-1")

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COUNTIF Function: Only If There Is Something
I am trying to count values in cells of column A only if there is something (any value) in corresponding cells in columns B, C, D, and E. If there are no values in cells of columns B, C, D, and E do not count the cell in column A.

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Countif To See Of There's A Same Value In Each Of These Ranges
I have 2 ranges with values, and I want to use countif to see of there's a same value in each of these ranges.

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Countif With Three Columns
I am using this formula


How can I add a third column D to the formula to check if the value in 'D'
is the same

1-Jan 1-Jan 4523
2-Jan 4523
3-Jan 4523
4-Jan 4501

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COUNTIF In AutoFilter..
I have the following type of data. How can i countif if the data in Filter Mode.

DatesArea Code3-Oct-08









If i am filtering on 4-Sep-08, i want to count how many "A". I know a method Filter by date 4-Sep-08 and area code "A". But is there any formula without filtering two columns? I have a cell down TOTAL A = ???? [ ???? What is the formula can i use? ].

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Countif Arguments
The 2 basic arguments of the Countif Function (range and criteria) are simple and make sense. However, I've observed instances where the criteria component is in fact a range.

In this case, is what is the syntax instructing the app to count in the first range?

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COUNTIF Not Working
I am using the following formula to count the total number of contract types if 'ITD $K' equals '0' zero. But it returns 0 as output.


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I want to calculate the average perofrmance % of 8 lines, the data isn't in one set of rows and some lines may not have values so I'm trying to account for this in my summary.

The code I'm struggling with is this...


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I need to have a cell count the number of cells that contain a certain text found in cell $b3. (the 3 is relative the B is not).

The data will be found on multiple sheets called "Game x" where X is an integer. (Game 1, Game 2, etc...) the cells are between $b$65 and $b$73.

i tried =COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'Game " & 1:$A$1 & "'!$b65:$b73"),$B3)
but it did not work.

also after i get that working I need to do the same thing, but i need to count the number of times the Name in $b3 appears in the List with the word "Win" in the "D" column (next to the $b65:b$73)

Again i tried =COUNTIF(AND(INDIRECT("'Game " & 1:$A$1 & "'!$b65:$b73"),$B3),(INDIRECT("'Game " & 1:$A$1 & "'!$b65:$D73"),"Win"))

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Sheet 1 has a data entry sheet - with a list of Local Authorities down the left, and criteria against which they are scored along the top. They either score, 1, 2, 0, or 'Unknown.' The order may be changed through sorting.

Sheet 2 is a summary, and I need to count how many 'unknowns' there are for each line.

I can't figure it out. And I am sure it is dead easy. In my defense I have been in bed ill for a week, and my brain isn't firing on all cylinders.

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Countif Column Has Value A
I want to use the countif function on the below. I want to countif col A has ‘A’ and col b has ‘liv’


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Two COUNTIF Criteria
What I need to do is count the number of “Cs” in a column based on a date in another column but in the same row. I have tried something similar to this: COUNTIF($C$1:$C$20,"=today()")+COUNTIF($E$1:$E$20,"=complete") but is does not work. If the date in the column is less than or equal to a date specified in a cell in another worksheet, I want it to count the C in the row (if there is one).

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