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Countif: Counting With Commas In Cells

how do to count the number of occurrences of a text string in a range of cells, where some cell have comma delimited entries?

I am trying to count the number of times a project number is identified in a column of cells. However, in any row in that column a cell may have multiple project numbers referenced, separated by commas.

Using countif Excel thinks that the cell has a different entry and it won’t include it in the count even though the criteria string is in the cell.

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COUNTIF Counting Names
I am trying to use a countif formula to count how many students a teacher has. Here is the formula COUNTIF(fceteacher!C:C,E2) I am using a dropdown list to count how many students the teacher has.

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CountIF: Counting Non Blanks
How can I minus 1 from this COUNTIF. Basically counting non blanks - but it keeps counting the title as well, even when i change it to start at row D2 (it just jumps back to D1 next time). =COUNTA(RAW_DATA_2!$D$1:$D$215)

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Countif - Counting Too Much (text Values)
I noticed that when I use countif to count cells with certain text value it works but up to some point when it returns way too much then (when there are generally more values matching I think). I don't know what is the cause ..formatting? some function limit ?

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Countif Function For Counting Values Based On More Then 1 Variable
I'm trying to make a spreadsheet that will count the number of times a certain incident occurs, for a particular person, for a particular month. The attached spreadsheet is an example of what I need done.

For the attached spreadsheet, I need to find out how many times x employee has been late for x month, and how many times they've been late overall.

You can see one of the many tries I've attempted in the second sheet, but it doesn't seem to want to work. I have to be able to do this without VBA, because of signature issues.

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Combine Cells :: Without Spaces Or Commas Between Them
I Need To Combine 2 Fields Into 1 Field Without Spaces Or Commas Between Them.

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Preventing Entry Of Commas Into Cells
I have a workbook that is going to be used as an offline 'database', recording issues being worked on and all the necessary details e.g. time logged, user, problem type, comments etc. A lot of this will include vba for automation and validation etc.

This will then be exported in comma seperated .txt format. So I don't want anyone putting a comma in a normal field within Excel. I'm sure I remember a way of blocking certain character entry a few years back when I was working on a similar problem. However, time is getting the better of me so is anyone able to help save me some time and point me in the right direction? Trying to find a suitable search string for this question is proving tricky.

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Inserting Commas Into Cells With Mailing Addresses
I have spreadsheet that contains about 25,000 rows of client addresses. The columns/data is set up as follows for example

Jim Smith..........123 Apple Road.........New York NY 10022-3456
Tina Jone..........456 Apple Road.........San Diego CA 12345-1111
Bob Smith..........789 Peach Lane........Seattle WA 59802-3344
Tim Smith..........4255 Lime Lane.........Missoula MT 59802-3333

I am having an issue with the vendor whom needs to do a mailing of all 25,000 clients. They have indicated that they require comma delimited data to create the mailing. In order to do this, I need to place a comma after the city and a comma after the state.

So as in the first row of data the cells looks like this:

New York NY 10022-3456

The vendor needs it to look like this:

New York, NY, 10022-3456

Is there a function and/or VBA procedure to put commas in where I need them?

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Join Several Cells & Seperate With Commas And Spaces
I'm have a list of keywords from google adwords:

cabinet hardware
cabinet hardware knobs
cabinet hardware pulls
kitchen cabinet hardware
amerock cabinet hardware
antique cabinet hardware

These are all in A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1

I need to have them look like this: A1 cabinet hardware, cabinet hardware knobs, cabinet hardware pulls, kitchen cabinet hardware, amerock cabinet hardware, antique cabinet hardware. How do I do it? Im a COMPLETE Newbie when it comes to excell but I urgently need to figure this one do I do it?

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Remove Commas From All Cells, Search & Replace Error: Formula Is Too Long
I have a large spreadsheet, within which i am trying to remove commas from all cells. I get the error 'formula is too long' when I carry out the search. Some of the cells are >1024 characters in length and contain dates, text etc.

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Continue Number Series In Single Cells With Numbers Separated By Commas
I have the following syntax in B1: "1,2,3,5,6". and I need VBA to take the very last number out of that list, and increase by four in single steps. For example: before the code: "1,2,3,5,6" and then after it "1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9." The code must be flexible, though, because it will be running within another Macro, and it must work whether the last number in the list is 1 digit ("...4,5,8"), 2 digit ("...34,35,36") or 3 digit ("...111, 113, 114"). Those three examples would be changed into "...4,5,8, 9, 10, 11" "...34,35,36, 37, 38, 39" "...111, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117".

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Countif Statement: Count The Number Of Cells That Have A Value Greater Than 0 In A Range Of Cells
How do I count the number of cells that have a value greater than 0 in a range of cells?

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Sum And Countif From Two Cells
I have a formula =IF(AND(F14=3,G14<2)=TRUE,1,"") which is in cell J14. I also want to 'add' to this formula an 'or statement' (I am not sure of the terminology, so taking a shot in the dark). So it would continue to complete the calculation as normal, but if there is a '1' in K14 it would also output in J14 as a 1

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CountIf Cells Are A Certain Colour?
Can I use a CountIf formula to count coloured cells that have been formatted? I tried to use a CountIf formula to count the % but because some of the warning and failing % are different that would distort my results.

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Countif Reference Two Cells
i have this formula:

A2 refers to a cell to complete the indirect query (DCA_RES) which refers to another range in the workbook.

Now I want to have count if A2&"_INIT" is "BB" AND if A2&"RES" is "YES"

So that I get the amount of records of resolved queries (Yes) that match my Initials (BB).

I cant think of a different formula that might work?

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CountIF Visible Cells Only
I've setup a worksheet whereby rows can be Autofiltered between a start and finish date via a Userform which (after much mucking about with UK/US dates) seems to be working nicely now. With the results of the Autofilter, i wish to count certain entries (in this case entries that are in column F) in the remaining visible rows.

The Workbook is about 'Cases' worked, and column F relates to how the 'Case' is cleared (Call, Letter, Referral). Effectively I want to be able to count 'Call', 'Letter' and 'Referral' entries once the Autofilter has been applied.

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Countif For Non Matching Cells
How do I write a nested COUNTIF formula ( assigning a value of 1 for each cell) for a range of cells that does NOT contain "", "OFF", or "REQ OFF" ?

For example:

A row of 20 cells (A1:A20), 5 are blank (""), 3 contain the text "OFF", 4 contain the text "REQ OFF", and the rest contain anything other than the three values just mentioned.

I need a sum number for all the cells in that row that contain any other value. In this example, the output value should be 8. Out of 20 cells in the row, a total of 12 cells had either "", OFF, REQ OFF, and the remaining 8 had some other value that did not equal those.

Some sort of COUNTIF(AND(... Can't seem to figure this one out.

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Using COUNTIF Function Across Different Cells
I'm trying to count the number of times a pupil gets a detention which has been rescheduled.

In the main worksheet below I want to be able to count instances like the one on row 11 where John Smith has had a rescheduled detention.

I want to be able to connect this rescheduled detention to John Smith on a different worksheet in the same workbook. On the screenshot below I would like to have Column D as a running total of rescheduled detentions.

I have tried all sorts of permutations of the COUNTIF function but without success.

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Countif In Alternate Cells
I have a table of data that is laid out in multiples of two columns. I have attached a simplified example. Essentially all I need to do is count the contents of every second cell when it equals a specific value. If you look at my attached example it will be clearer. how I can do this using formula? (I don't want to use VBA in this instance).

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If / CountIF / Match-Need To Count Cells Until Value Met
I am analyzing a quota schedule. I need to count the cells in a row until I hit a value in one of the cells in that row (lets say cell>=30). Then I want the formula to evaluate the next two cells in front of that cell to determine if either is >=30, if so then the formula counts up to the original cell. This will determine # of days out for a install or trouble call lets say.

I have messed with a combination of IF, CountIF, and Match statements and just seem to hit a dead end. Any thoughts, even if it is that I may need another approach, is welcome.

Here is some code I have tried to no avail: ....

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Countif Both Conditions In A Row Of 2 Cells Exists
example of what I'm trying to do:
"if the number in G6 is <800 and H6 is >=20 then count the row as 1"

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Countif -- Referencing Criteria From Cells
I want to be able to count the number of cells which meet a specified criteria.

The COUNTIF function works if I enter the criteria manually within a COUNTIF formula. But the function doesn't seem to work if I try to reference criteria from another cell.

For example, suppose the range of cells I'm searching for matches within has been named

Possible_outcomes .

In addition, the criteria I'd like to use is in a cell called


and is the result of a formula. Let's say the formula result equals 130.

Countif works when I enter the criteria manually, i.e.


But it returns only a 0 when I write the formula as

=COUNTIF(Possible_outcomes,">=PROFIT THRESHOLD")

I can't make the function work even if the criteria is in a cell which is not named either.

This is a serious obstacle to model automation.

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Counting Particular Cells
I am now attempting to do the same type tally except I want a tally for "in conference" Wins/Losses.

I tried the same "SUMPRODUCT" formula as before except this time I held the control key down so as to use only the cells desired. I'm getting "VALUE" for my answer though.

The row I have added in for in conference tally is row 3.

All blue colored cells are for the ACC conference and the green are for the SEC.

Is there a way to get the win/loss figures for selected cells / rows only?

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Counting Cells
I am trying to create a formula to count the # of names up to a certain word. So Cells A1-F1. Are a list of names, the Last name in the list starts with VACANT. How do I create a formula to count the # of names in the list upto the work VACANT? So if VACANT moves to C1 it would decrease the # of names.

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Counting Cells That Are Different
Is there a function in Excel that will count cells that are different from one another? I.e. it would not count the same value twice. For example, in column A:


The result would be 3. However, if I replaced the first "a" with a "d" I would get 4 as a result. Basically I want to know how many different arguments there are in a list. I could not find a function that does this in the Excel list of functions.

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Counting Cells Within Vba
I have written some VBA code to to test if there are 8 names within a range (EF5:FH5, these are 8 merged cells, (4x4 cells)), if there is 8 names within the cells, ie not any empty cells, then the coding will add the new staff name to "trigger_box_1b", and if not then "trigger_box_1a". These trigger boxes are then used to populate further cells.

Private Sub Trigger_Box_1_Change()
Windows("Admin Skills Matrix.xls").Activate 'puts focus on correct spreadsheet
Sheets("Skills Matrix").Select 'puts focus on correct page
Select Case WorksheetFunction. CountIf(Range("EF5:FH5"), 0).double
Case 0
Trigger_Box_1b.Text = New_Staff_Name
Case Else
Trigger_Box_1a.Text = New_Staff_Name
End Select
End Sub

the problems I have be having is that VBA is not recognising the Countif function ("Compile Error: Invalid qualifier", then highlights the Countif). I have tried using a CountA function with the same responce. I have tested the rest of the coding and know that it's working fine (don't think anyone would like to see 75+ pages of VBA coding)

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Countif - Visible Cells In Filter Mode
I have values in cell B2:B50 with values such as Quality, Eng, Purchasing etc. When i go in Auto filter based on Coulmn A2:A50 (with July only) and count "Quality" manually under B2:B50, the answer is 26. But if I write formula Countif(B2:B50, "Quality") I get answer 41.

Is there a way to use Countif function, if I am in the Autofilter mode so as it counts only that rows which are visible under Autofilter and not ALL rows.

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Countif- Created A Filename, (merging Cells Together)
i can do this using countif, however here's my problem

I have created a filename, (merging cells together)

What i would like to to is have the countif, use the created name, look in this file, for the criteria i set

I can do this manually, but there's a hell of alot of manual intervention involved & i would like to automate

If i was to do this manually my formula would be

=COUNTIF('G:RawProduct ManagementJen DelaneyVendor ReportsLexmarkWeekly Stock And Sales2007WK 22[WeeklyInventory-ISATradingLtd-UK-22-2007.xls]Sheet1'!$F:$F,B3)

I have automatically generated the part of

'G:RawProduct ManagementJen DelaneyVendor ReportsLexmarkWeekly Stock And Sales2007WK 22

Using various formulas, the problem lies when i try and integrate this into the countif function, it wont accept?

Basically i have a list of 6 part number, for which i need to check 10 weeks of data, 3 files for each week,

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CountIf Macro Identify When Cells Are >= 90% In A Range
I need a macro to identify when cells are >= 90% in a range, and count them. Then put the result in cell Z58. Range is I51,L51,O51,W51,Z51. i.e if all cells are 90% then put value of 5 in cell Z58. Here is code i have that isnt working:

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COUNTIF Formula: Total Of The Number Of Cells?
I have cells C22:C27 with a number that could change each week. How can I get a total of the number of cells that = 0,1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12?

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Counting Cells With Zero But Not Blank Cells
I know this question may have been posted before, but I can not seem to get this to work with my formula. I have a formula to count the values of a column so that I can convert it to a graph. I am giving a value of 1 to cells that contain numbers between 0 and 9.5 and giving a value of 0 to cells that contain numbers greater than 9.5. It works fine except that I have some blank cells that I do not want to get rid of and it is counting those as zeros and giving them a value of one. I want to ignore the blank cells or give them a value of zero.


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Counting The Cells That Contain A Specific Value
I am doing a simple count and it returns a value of zero.

I am wanting column D that equals "Macro" to return the number of rows that column D has Macro in it? I used = Count and I used = sumproduct and =count returned me a zero value and there are several hundred rows that meet that criteria and =sumproduct returned a zero value as well????? What am I doing wrong? Is it so simple that I'm missing something?


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Counting Blank Cells
I am trying to write a formula for the following can anyone help please?
I have column D with blank cells and some with purchase order numbers in them. I want to count the blank cells in column D but only if the blank is 3days older than the date recorded in column A. Once I have done this I want to count ther same on every work sheet and I have 24 off them and get one answer.
This will tell us all the outstanding purchase order older than 3days

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Counting # Of Cells That Are Overdue
I have a Column (G) of dates that is the sum of Column (B) and 6 months. I have conditionally formatted Column (G) to turn RED when overdue Yellow when close and GREEN if more than a month out. At the end of Column (G) I would like for it to add all the "RED" blocks and total them.

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Counting Coloured Cells
I have a spreadsheet that contains various different coloured cells,
I need to be able to:
1. count the number of cells in a given range that are coloured a certain colour.

2. show the answer of a sum involving the above, i.e in range D1:D:5 the sum of 10 + blue cells, minus yellow cells = 12


ABCD12345Sum of 10 (plus blue cells minus yellow cells in range D:1 to D:5) should equal 12

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Counting Text Cells
I have table in excel 2003, where in one column I have different values in cells, such as A, B, C, D,E, F, etc., etc ( as text values as an example) plus some blank cells, how to calculate number of cells with values different from/not equal to B,C without blank cells?

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Counting Cells With Certain Values
I have a sheet with a bunch of data including dates. I'd like to report out the number of cells that are in a certain month (say January). If I create another column and use =MONTH(A12), I can use COUNTIF(A1:A100,1) to perform this task. This somewhat clunky solution isn't very practicle, becuase I have about 30 column's I'd like to analyze by the date in the column. Is there a more elegant solution where I can incorporate the MONTH(A12) into the COUNTIF equation?

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Counting Text WITHIN Cells
I have a long list of cells each one containing a list of attributes similar to the following:


Bear in mind that the above is in 1 cell and in-between each attribute is an - Alt Enter

Now I want to know how many cells a certain attribute is contained in e.g. "MCE+". I can do this on a one by one basis using the "Contains" Filter. However I would like to have the FULL list of my attributes and know how many times each one is mentioned.

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Counting Cells In A Row With Alphanumerics
I would like to count the number of cells that contain a word. My table looks as follows:


In Column 1 (left column) I have 3 cells that contain the alphanumeric value "BDL". This would yield a non-numeric count of "3". Column 2 would yield a count of "0". I hope I'm being clear. Anyone hav an idea?

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Counting Bold Cells
in the Score column I want a 3 for the SnAkEs team and 7 for the dj2 team. How do I total up the bold cells?

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Counting Only Unique Cells ...
I have a column (within a database) containing hundreds of Project Numbers
(e.g., P8763, PA3229, P1090.1, etc.), and the same Project Number can appear
more than once in the column. I need to count the number of unique Project
Numbers within that column, based on the criteria of another column. Is
there a way to do that using a combination of the DCOUNTA function and a

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Simple Counting Cells
way to count cells in a spreadsheet (not values in the cells but just the cells themselves). So I have a whole bunch of cells, some are red, some are blue, some are green based on the info i have to keep track of.

so can i write some COUNTIF for red cells green cells, etc

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Counting Cells That Are Blank
I have attached a spreadsheet with some tele numbers. What i need to do is to find out which column only has 1 telephone number, eg. only a cellphone number, etc. I have aboout 50 000 records that i need to check if only 1 telephone number is available. Can i use the countblank function?

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Counting Cells That Are Not NULL
I have a large number of customers listed in an excel sheet that may recieve a visit from my organisation. The reason for the visit may vary and sometimes a customer may recieve more than one visit. Each Row (or record) maps to a customer. Each column has a visit type which I insert a date in to say when the customer has been visited.

I am looking for a function that will return if a customer has been visited or not. As dates can be summed like numbers I am currently saying in the "Visits Recieved" column =if(sum of dates (visit type colunm) >0, 1,0) Then I simply sum the column to get my answer of how many csutomers have been visited.

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Counting Cells In A Range Up Until A Value
Is there a way I can count the cells in a range up until a certain value and use this # as a variable?

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SUMIF/COUNTIF- Several Numbers That Are Contained In Non-adjacent Cells
I have several numbers that are contained in non-adjacent cells. I need to create a cell that will evaluate the cells individually to make sure that they are within a certain range. Once that is done, I want the remaining numbers that are within the range to be averaged. How the heck can I accomplish this task? SUMIF and COUNTIF will not allow me to use non-adjacent cell ranges.

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Countif Value 9opens Another Workbook And Looks At Some Cells And Then Returns The Values)
I have a code that opens another workbook and looks at some cells and then returns the values. The problem is F20 in the opening document has a countif and gives the value but when it comes back into the main file it has the formula and not the value.

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Counting Empty Cells To The Left
I am trying to count the # of empty cells to the left. I trying to work out how many days since an employee has missed. In this worksheet, a letter is placed in the cell corresponding to the day they missed. And I need to count backwards from a date (say: July 31st) to the last day with a letter in it.

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Value Not Available Error - Counting Blank Cells
I'm trying to to create a formula where if two different cells have no value (K10 & O10) a third cell will also be blank (N10)

I have the following formula which follows these steps when i evaluate it.


=VLOOKUP(" "&O10,$J$77:$K$98,2,0)

=VLOOKUP(" "&" ",$J$77:$K$98,2,0)

=VLOOKUP(" "$J$77:$K$98,2,0)


How can i deliver a blank cell as the answer?

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Counting Cells That Fall Within A Range
I have a spreadsheet in which I have a date column. I would like to be able to count the number of cells that fall within a specified date range and am struggling to find a formula that works.

I've tried - =(COUNTIF(North!N:N, ">23/05/2008")+COUNTIF(North!N:N, "

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How Many Cells Does It Take To Exceed X, And Stop Counting
I am trying to compare a value ( say C80 ) and figure out how many cells it takes to exceed a value ( say -2 ) in a column ( say E79:E2 ) but then actually stopping the count after that first cell count has been triggered.
I'm in a bind - any help would be highly appreicated.

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