Excel 2013 :: Unique Count In Group SubTotal

Apr 16, 2014

Using Excel 2013.

Is it possible to get a unique count in a group subtotal though the elements in the group may not be unique using Pivot Tables w/o resorting to Power Pivot?


Group 123
Group 456

Are both members of NorthDivision

If someone is in Group 123 for 9 months, then Group 456 for 3 months, that membership should be reflected in the correct group accordingly.However, that person should only be counted once in the NorthDivision, not twice.


Group 123 0.75
Group 456 0.25
NorthDivision 1

At first glance, it appears easy, however, what if membership is only total 3 months?Then Group would increment 0.25, but I need NorthDivision to increment 1

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Excel 2013 :: Count Unique Entries In A Table That Match A Criteria?

Jul 11, 2013


Current Year





I need to count the number of unique companies that receive money within a specific QTR. I have made this simple example, I have a Table called Awards, with Headings for DATE, QTR, Company, Awarded, on one worksheet, that I need to feed the data into a summary on another worksheet. What formula using table heading can I use to achieve the answer 3 unique companies for Q1-13.

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Count Of Unique Entries As The Subtotal Of A Pivot Table

Jan 28, 2010

I have attached an example of what i am trying to do. I can work out how to calculate unique entries by putting in a formula under a pivot table, but is it possible to select an option in the pivot table settting which will give this result?

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Outline And Group And Subtotal Excel Data Automatically

May 19, 2014

Is there any way to outline excel data automatically

In the attached excel sheet : test outline.xls

I need automatically Because my data very large ...

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Formula To Count Unique Values Within A Group For Pivot - Paste Special

Jun 26, 2013

I use the following formula to count unique values within a group for a pivot:


When I paste values over the formula it takes around 1 hours to do the 70k cells which is excessive. I want to know if there is a way to speed it up?

I tried doing an =cell and then paste special that and it works really fast but when I delete the actual formula's again the whole sheet locks up.

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Excel 2013 :: Conditional Count If Formula

Apr 4, 2014

I am working in Excel 2013.

My objective is to count the number of "Horizontal-Horizontal" entries in Column D for a specific value in Column C, BUT (and this is where I am lost), taking into consideration only unique values in Column A.

So, for the highlighted red entry in my spreadsheet sample below, there are 2 entries of Horizontal-Horizontal for Column C value A2961. BUT since, Column A entries for A2961 are duplicates, I want to return a value of 1. Hope this makes sense.

This is my formula that is working for the first part of the equation. I need to add something to it to condition the count based on unique values in Column A.




[Code] .........

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Subtotal For Each Group

Dec 3, 2007

I have an excel workbook which contains two sheets. Sheet 1 contains a list of items. I need to search for each of these items in sheet 2 and sum up the 'base price' and enter into column B of sheet 1. So basically

1. I need to pick up the first item in sheet 1.
2. Find the column which contains "Module Name" in sheet 2.
3. Search for the item picked up from sheet 1 in the column which contains "Module Name" in sheet 2.
4. Sum up the "Base Price" for all occurrences and enter this summed value into column B of sheet 1 next to each item.

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Subtotal Including First Row Of Next Group

Mar 9, 2014

I'm running the subtotal function, but for some reason Excel is including first row of next group in one of the groups. The label I am subtotalling on is the result of a formula, but why would that make a difference?

See row 11 and 12 in the attachment : subtotal problem.xlsm‎

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Excel 2013 :: Calculating Count Of Persons Of Certain Ethnicity Relatively To Place Of Birth

Mar 16, 2014

I am Using Excel 2013 on windows 8 OS,

I have no programming background but I have an Idea about it and I try to write some VBA Macros.

I have 27 Excel files which contain each of them 257368 Row Concerning personal information about persons
the File Format is as Follows:

Place of Birth (POB); Name; Father's Name; Family Name; ID Number; Ethnicity,>>

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Subtotal Amount Displayed In Each Row Of Group

Dec 16, 2013

I need to display a subtotal amount in a field named Invoice Total in my spreadsheet. I created a subtotal, which is the amount that I need on each line in the invoice total column. Here is an example:

Invoice Number, Invoice Total, Line_Item_Total
99223, 0, 8.77
99223, 0, 8.77
99223, 0, 17.55
99223, 0, 8.77
subtotal: 43.86
99527, 0, 8.77
subtotal: 8.77

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Remove Duplicates In Each Subtotal Group?

Apr 8, 2014

Is it possible to remove duplicates from each separate subtotal group, I have the same value through the spread sheet, but only want it to appear once in each subtotal group.

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LOOKUP With Possible Group Or Subtotal Function?

Feb 9, 2012

(I've actually gotten what I needed through some very convoluted formulas, but I thought there MUST be an easier way!!)

I have three columns of data:
another folderTEST0029TEST0031
another folderTEST0032TEST0039
another folderTEST0040TEST0056

I am trying to get a "range" for each folder using the first instance in columnB and the last instance in columnC. For example, what I need to end up with is:

another folderTEST0029TEST0056

Again, I was able to finally accomplish this, but it took some way outside the box steps. Tried it in Access with simple query for Min and Max, but the caveat is that there are identical folder names for different ranges (see "foldername1) that need to be captured and I was getting results like "foldername1 TEST0001 TEST0275", which is incorrect.

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Subtotal Each Group Based On Changes In 1st Column

Oct 28, 2009

Need to insert 2 blank rows and sum columns (Columns B & D; range varies) based on cell value change (Column A). In attachedment I have before and after examples.

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Delete Some Rows Subtotal By Age Group Then Grand Total

Oct 21, 2011

Import Financial System -Recaps Trial BalanceFrom Date:31-Jul-2011,To Date:27-Aug-2011,
Requested By:Jenny Drumm,30-Aug-2011 9:28 AMAge Range: 0 - 30, No. of recaps: 231
Broker File NumberAgeVendor/Co/DeptFirstBankAssistsFRTBRODTYLoadsInvInvClaimsGL AcctTRUETRUEBalanceCostFeeRecptsAdjRecptsROE VarLC Var

[Code] ........

There are more age groups, & some groups have hundreds of lines. Each of the total line in the report has a number plugged in by the system, which, because of rounding, may be off by several cents. I figured out how to move the rows with Broker File Numer, etc & the row after it up above the first Age Range.

What I need to do next is:Delete all rows between "Age Range: ....." and the start of that range's data.Delete all blank rows between "Totals" and the next "Age Range: ...."Delete 5 rows after "Grand Total"Put a formula in the row immediately above each age range's "Totals" for each column, summing all the data for that column, in that age range. (Hopefully with the word Total in column B of that row, too)Put a formula in the row immediately above the "Totals" after "Grand Total" that adds together each of the Age Range totals.(I did figure out how to get the "Balance" cell in each row to sum that row going right to left, so at least I got a start! For that I'm using


LR = Range("C" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row
With Range("R10:R" & LR)
.NumberFormat = "#,##0.00_);[Red](#,##0.00)"
.HorizontalAlignment = xlRight
.VerticalAlignment = xlTop
.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(ISNUMBER(RC3), Sum(RC5:RC17), " & Chr(34) & Chr(34) & ")"
End With

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Excel 2010 :: Count Singles / Doubles / Triples And Quadruples In Group Of Numbers

Jul 31, 2012

I am currently using Excel 2010. How to Count Singles, Doubles, Triples and Quadruples in a group of number.



Count how many single numbers (numbers all different). Example: 0129



[Code] .......

Count how many double numbers (two numbers the same in a draw). Example: 8830



[Code] ......

Count how many triple numbers (three numbers the same in a draw). Example: 7888



[Code] ......

Count how many quadruple numbers (all numbers the same in a draw). Example: 2222



[Code] .........

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Excel 2010 :: Count Total Times Each Number Is In Large Group Of Numbers?

Feb 9, 2014

How do I enter a formula in excel 2010 that will give the total amount of times each number is in this group. Example : how many times (total) the number 12 showed up , how many times the number 27 showed, and so on for each number that is in the entire group of numbers, from 1 to 80 .

Here is the page I will copy and paste into a workbook sheet from the internet that i want to evaluate the times each number was called.

Very new to all this , I am a bit aged and need not to learn excel A to Z, just need to know what correct statements /formulas have to be entered to do what i desire.

I am only interested in the total count of the small bold numbers 1 to 80, each single digit 1 to 9 and double digits 10 to 80 will be in their separate cells. The large bold three digit numbers and dates/times will have to be erased (manually) before the calculation takes place.

2/9/2014 12:28:02 PM


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Excel Count By Unique Dates

Nov 28, 2012

I have an excel file with 1723 entries. One of the fields is DATE. I have it sorted by DATE. I need to count the number of entries per unique DATE.

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Excel 2007 :: Count Of Unique Values

Nov 18, 2011

I would like to get the count of unique values in my 2nd column using my values in 1st column as the criteria. Below is my example of my data set.





[Code] .........

Excel 2007

I would like to see the count on column H (highlighted in yellow).

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Count Unique Strings In Excel Column

Apr 3, 2012

I have a long list of products in an Excel column. I want to count the number of unique items in the list (the cells contain strings, not values).

I know I can use the "Remove Duplicates" tool in the Data menu, and then use a Count function on the resulting list. I wondered if there was an Excel function or formula that would do it, similar to the Frequency function that does the same thing with a list of values.

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List Unique Values In Excel And Count Occurrences Of Each?

May 25, 2014

I realise this is beyond me and wonder if it is possible to list uniqure values in excel and place a count occurrences of each. I have a hugh list of over 400 alpha code i.e ABCD, ABCD, ABCE, BDCE, BDCF ZXYE etc etc. What I'd like to do is pick out all the unique values so I can see what alpha codes are on the list. But then I would also like to count the occurrences of each value/name so I know how many times they appeared on the list.

Col A

Col B is where i would like to list all the unquie vaules with a count e.g.

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Subtotal Non-Unique Items By Employee

Nov 28, 2008

I have a list of sales associates by items by manufacturer. I need to count how many manufacturers are represented by each associate. It might look something like this:

Smith, John Brand A Beer 12 oz Beer Industries, Inc.
Smith, John Brand A Beer 8 oz Beer Industries, Inc.
Smith, John Brand B Vodka 700ml Vodka Industries
Jacobs, Sally Brand C Wine 1989 Wine Makers Co
Jacobs, Sally Brand C Wine 1979 Wine Makers, Inc.
Jacobs, Sally Brand D Wine 1908 Old Wine Makers, Ltd.
Jacobs, Sally Brand E Beer Six Pack Fun Beer Co.

So the totals would be:

Smith, John Total # of Manufacturers: 2
Jacobs, Sally Total # of Manufacturers: 3

So the formula ignores the duplication in employee names and manufacturer names.

Is this possible? I'm thinking something like =sumproduct((Range=AssociateName)*(sum(1/countif(ManufacturerRange, ManufacturerRange)))

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Apply Row Count Of Sub Group In Each Row Of Sub Group

May 28, 2014

In Col X of the attachment, I have manually entered the count of the rows within each sub group, as determined by the counter in Col W. How can I do this automatically? I need this because when I filter the spread sheet by Rank, I need to know how many selections, of the filter Rank query, were in a sub group of ? number.

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Excel 2010 :: Count Unique Values In Pivot Table

Jun 20, 2014

I have data set up like the example but then for 1797 lines.



What I need to get in a pivot table is: two columns or rows (Yes / No) and the unique count of the code.In this case is should show Yes: 2 and No: 3

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Excel 2010 :: Count Unique Values On Pivot Table

Jun 21, 2013

How do count unique values in category in pivot table. (my table, im taking data from ms query). I am using excel 2010

Pivot table example: the result i want is the "no of types" as my data only show "category" and "types".

No of Types



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Function / Formula In Excel To Count Unique Values Matching Criteria

Jun 4, 2013

I have a worksheet. I would like to count unique number of "Trans" in column A only if value of cells in column B "Type" equals "Return". In example below, I would want to see the value "3" as total.

Trans Type
1 Return
2 Return
2 Return
3 Exch
4 Exch
5 Return
5 Return

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Count Formula (count Everything Excluding 1 In One Row, While Looking At Another Row To Determine The Group)

Mar 26, 2009

I am trying to come up with a formula that will count everything excluding 1 in one row, while looking at another row to determine the group.
The attached example explains things a lot better.

I am going to have 2 formulas. 1 for the "Big" group and one for the "Small" The formula needs to look first at the column that has the group in it. Then it needs to count everything is column A excluding "Snake" And return the value.

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SubTotal Count(2)

Jan 15, 2009

I a formula in one of my cells so that when the data is filtered it will add up all the cells that have a yes in them. However I'm getting an error. If I use the countif formula it still adds all the cells with yes that are not in the filter selection.

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No Count Formulas By Subtotal

Feb 25, 2009

i want to count only nonblanks cell and based other threat i try modified the formula, but this doesnt count. how can i defined this forumula to count only nonblanks cells?

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Change Sum To Count In Subtotal

Oct 6, 2008

I am working with some data that needs to be subtotalled. All the fields are subtotalled by sum, although 1 column needs to be count.

I was planning to do the subtotal (by sum) for all the data and then get the macro to go and change that 1 column to count.

My problem is that this will be a weekly report and the number of rows will vary, so how can I changet the sum to count without hardcoding the cell ref's?

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Subtotal To Count Non-hidden Columns?

Mar 25, 2014

I have a linear count from 1 to 160 (J3:FM3) and I hide columns manually over time depending on a certain criteria. However, I would like to count how many columns I have left. I believe you need to use the subtotal function, but I do not understand how to use it.

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