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Find Value In Table Based On Value In Row & Column

I have a table where the columns are named: A, B, C, D and E and the lines are named: 1,2,3,4 and 5. All the cells of this table are filled with values.
I want the function to return the value on the correspondent cell everytime I type a combination of column and line. For instance if I type "B2" the function would return the value on this position...

Actually I am looking for something like a combination of the functions "hlookup" and "vlookup"...

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Find Value In Table & Return Column / Row Header
I am having trouble with getting a value (which is the row and column value) from a set of numbers. I have attached an example table to try and make things clearer.
What I have is a table with a set of Row Headers, and Columns Headers all numeric. e.g Columns headed 1, 2, 3, 4, Rows 30, 40, 50 etc. I want to find the 1st occurrence of a value e.g. 1.0 in the table (by 1st Up mean closest to top left), and then give me the value of the Row and Column Header that corresponds to that.

So for the example attached, I want to get the row Value 200 and Column 6 from finding the 1st occurrence of the number 1. I have tried various combinations of index and Match etc. But I can't get my head around the fact that the position of the 1st no. 1.0 can change, therefore I can't use any releative positions etc.

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Find Cell Based On Column And Row
I have a spreadsheet which has about 100 different SKUs in column A and the inventory for each SKU by period in columns B:Z
So for example B would be P1W1 and C would be P2W2, etc

what kind of lookup function would I use in VBA to find per say, the value of SKU #: "27017" in P1W2 ?

Apart from pivot table.

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Fill Table By Match Row & Column Headings Of Another Table
I currently have a table with a range of headings (row & column), and the necessary data for it. On a new worksheet, I have a table with only a few of the headings, and I was wondering if there was a macro that would automaticlly match the headings of the new sheet with the other table, and fill in the ncessary dat, as on the other sheet.

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Find A Value In A Table Based On Other Criteria
I'm trying to find a suitable formula that looks at two cells (J3 and V3) in Sheet 1 (a person's employment grade (e.g. 18) and their performance percentage e.g. 92.5%), finds those values in a table on Sheet 2 and then places the corresponding value from that table in Sheet 1 at cell Z3.

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Find Value On Row & Find Last Used Column Before Found Value
Dim ColNo As Byte
Dim LastCol As Byte

ColNo = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match("Column find", Range("sheet1!A1:Z1"), 0)
LastCol = Range("sheet1!b1").End(xlToRight).Column

But the below code errors?

Dim ColNo As Byte
Dim LastCol As Byte

ColNo = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match("Column find", Range("sheet1!A1:Z1"), 0)
LastCol = Range(Cells(1, ColNo)).End(xlToRight).Column

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VLookup/Index (round-down E3 And Find Its Corresponding Row In The Table To The Right)?
I need a formula for F3 that will round-down E3 and find its corresponding row in the table to the right and find its intersection with the coating listed in I3. Does that make sense?

I've tried, to no avail:

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VBA Find First Populated Column In A Row, Starting At Column X
How would I write something that finds the first populated column in a row, starting at column C and moving to the right?

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Find Value In Column & Return Cell On Same Row- Different Column
I have an excel sheet I am working on and in columns F1:F2000 I have an IF statment, I need to be able to add more "IF"s to it but I will exceed the 1024 char limit. Is there a way I can put this formula into VB as a function called DocumentType() and then in excel F1:F2000 =DocumentType()?

Is it as simple as:

Function DocumentType()


End Function

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Column To Table Row Layout
I've got a huge spreadsheet that's been imported from a web survey and it has thousands of variables in a single column (A) in excel. each of these variables are on a new cell row and begin with a value of 'V1=' up to 'V100=' or a few fixed values like :USERID:= (see below).

It has unique markers showing the start and end of each survey,so it's something like:

V70=Mike J Evans

Now each of these V numbers is an answer to a question on the survey, so I need them to all line up in a column, otherwise it makes no sense

So what I need is a way to scan down the column and convert each survey (from ***START SURVEY DATA*** to ***END SURVEY DATA***) so it's arranged in a row (with each value in a new cell in a column.

Does anyone have a clue how to do this?! (I've uploaded an example as an attachment that'll show a couple of surveys imported and a second tab that shows how I need them in rows - only without sorting the v values properly.)

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Conditional Format A Row Based On The Value Of The A Column Of The Row
I have the following code. I am trying to conditional format a row based on the value of the A column of the row.I have a total of 3 rows. I have to use VBA because in time I may have 4 rows of data. The problem is I after the first do while loop the code stops and the code doesn't proceed to format row 2.

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Pivot Table Exceeds Row/Column Limit
Apart from the obvious restriction imposed by the virtual size of a spreadsheet,are there any other factors that would induce a problem with size. I have a set of data with 3000 rows and 15 columns. I would like to organise this using 5 of the data columns as rows in the pivot, 1 as column and 1 as data.

I have a number of sets of data which work perfectly, but one set, the largest, fails when I attempt to add the data field.

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Pivot Table Fields, Based On Column References
I have a pivot table which draws data automatically from a database

What I would like it for the customer field of the pivot table to only equal the customers which are present in another worksheet (Column A:A)

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Find Last Row In Column
Is it possible with a formula to determine what the last row is in a
certain column which is "Not Empty"?

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Find The Last Column In Row
I have been playing with code to try to find the last column in a row in order to add the contents of the row to a combobox list.

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Find Column A Of Same Row Anywhere On Row
I typically record macros that need to copy information like a company name from say sheet 2 and paste in a specific cell in sheet 1. As the cursor can be anywhere on a specific row I usually create a column that holds something like zz.. and then in the macro go

Shift + Spacebar to select the line I need to work from then Ctrl + F to find zz.. and that is how I know where the cursor is as a starting point.

How is it possible to have the cursor know how to find a specific point i.e. column A from any specific column on that same particular row?

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Fill Table Based On An Drop-Down Choice In 1st Column
I'm working on making a spreadsheet that allows me to select an item type from a dropdown list (through validation) and then would copy in a range of values from another worksheet based on my dropdown selection.

The set-up: I am primarily concerned with two sheets in my workbook, BiS and Weights. I have a database of items and their associated values listed in Weights. I have already managed to get dropdown lists of my specific item types using named lists and have put that in the BiS worksheet.

What I would like to do is have the values in the Weights worksheet copied over in the same order and number of cells based on what item I select from the dropdown list.

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Pull Found Records From Table Based On Single Column
I have the following data :-

COL A_______COL B________COL C

COL A_______COL B________COL C

I need to search data from range defined A1.C3 and if any data in that range found in the sheet 2 that having the same records.

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Highlight Differences Of Cells In Multi Column & Row Table
- A record is created
- The record is modified once/several times
- Only the original record and the last modified record needs to be kept

- The differences between the original and the last record need to be highlighted in the spreadsheet.
- This has to be repeated for a whole bunch of rows

Currently I am manually deleting the rows and eye-balling the changes. I'm using Excel 2002. I have ASAP Utitilities as well. Although macros are cool, I was hoping I could try with an Add-in or software.

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Convert Table Into List With Column & Row Headings Appended
I have a table with unsorted Time Data and Headings for each Row and Column (See attachment). I need to display this data in another worksheet as a scrollable list.

Then when I click on any list item, it displays only that data in the following format:

A1 = Time. A2 = Row Heading. A3 = Column Heading.

Easier to understand if you view the simple spreadsheet attached.

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Find Last Row Reference In A Column
I have a range in column A. which will vary time to time.

I need to find the row reference(say A99) that is end of the range. Then I need to use that row ref in another formula.

How to do this without VBA?

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Copy Data Table Seperate Sheets Based On Column Criteria
I need to copy all the work sheets into one single work sheet (mastersheet). The source work sheets are having same column structure. The condition which i need to take care of is that after column 3 if at all there is any data till column 10 then in the destination mastersheet these should be copied in different rows with first two columns repeated. I need to do this using VBA macro.

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Find Records Based On More Than One Column
I have a very large table that has a one to multiple relationship in a GIS. GIS doesnt support that type of relation ship. I need to find records that are related to the single key but have different values than the first record for that key.


Col 1 col 2 Col 3(key)
ab ab 1
bc bc 1

In this example, only the first row (ab) will be regarded in the GIS. so I need to pull out the second row and put it into another dbf based on the three columns so that I can then put it into the GIS so that the second row is considered and not ignored.

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Find A Value In Column A And Then Make A Copy Of The Whole Row Right Below It
I have the text value "Ball, Red" somewhere in column A. I don't know which row it's in because it will never be in the same row twice. I need a macro to find this value, then, copy that whole row and "insert copied cells" right below that row and change the value in the newly created cell from "Ball, Red" to "Red, Ball".

I tried macro recorder to do this and had no luck...

Cells.Find(what:="Ball, Red", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, _
LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, _
MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False).Activate
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Select
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToLeft)).Select
Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToLeft)).Select
Application.CutCopyMode = False
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Red, Ball"
That's is all there is to it on this one.

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Find & Return Value Same Row, Different Column
I would like to use a macro to find a number in a worksheet, other than the worksheet i'm using the macro in. The number - in this case a material code located in Column A - must be entered by the user in an inputbox, and then return (copy&paste?) the value of another cell (the price of the material - in Column D) in the same row.

I recorded a macro envoking the find function, but then it only finds the number which I used during the recording. How do I change the code so that the user can input any number, or what code must I write?

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Find Row Number With Two Column Match
I'm trying to do something similar to the Vlookup function (or Index/Match method) but with two or more parameters to match instead of just one. I want to returnn the Row where two columns match the input parameters. Using Vlookup is a problem because it only returns the first one.

Is the standard method to us Vlookup for one parameter, then check the second and if it doesn't match reduce the search field, find the next and check the second again etc? That would work but it would be much simpler if there's a 2 parameter function.

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Find Row Number Of Last Non-blank Entry In A Column
I want to find the Row Number, not necessarily the cell value, of the last non-blank entry in a Column.

If the address of this row is found, then that could also be useful. I believe there are some simple Excel functions to do this, maybe involving the X1Up feature. I've searched the threads and haven't found a clear answer this.

Below is code that I custom wrote, but its long and tiresome to use.

'The purpose of this sub is to find the last filled row in a column
'Knowing this last row is useful for telling later
' looping operations which row to stop on.
'The logic of this sub is that it will look down a column.........

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Find Intercepting Cell Of Row & Column
Im trying to create a macro that will search for a value within a column then find another value in a row and select the intercepting cell.


column 1 contains names and row A contains dates i need to select the cell that is JOE BLOGGS, 01/01/07

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Find Value In Column & Copy Entire Row
way to search for a value in a cell (an unique one) using an input box and then if the value is found copying the whole row of the cell onto a new worksheet in the next available row within a table.

I am currently using the following archaic codes:

x$ = InputBox("Please Enter Catalogue Number")

For i = 4 To 500

If Sheet2.Cells(i, 1) = x$ Or Sheet2.Cells(i, 7) = x$ Or Sheet2.Cells(i, 8) = x$ Or Sheet2.Cells(i, 9) = x$ Then

Sheet1.Cells(6, 1) = Sheet2.Cells(i, 1)
Sheet1.Cells(6, 2) = Sheet2.Cells(i, 2)
Sheet1.Cells(6, 3) = Sheet2.Cells(i, 3)
Sheet1.Cells(6, 4) = Sheet2.Cells(i, 4)
Sheet1.Cells(6, 5) = Sheet2.Cells(i, 5)
Sheet1.Cells(6, 6) = Sheet2.Cells(i, 6)
End If

Next i

End Sub

this has the problem that i can't fit it to the next available row and have to be specific for each row.

it would also be great if i could put a messagebox in cases where the data is not found, basically saying that the item does not exist and if a simple excel Ctrl+F button or something similar could be attached to the msgbox so that the item can be searched and then added to the next available row.

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Find The Maximum Value In One Column And Retreive The Name Of Cell In Corresponding Row
I spent couple of hours trying to figure this out, but without success. Please check the attached example. I need a formula that will find the max value (number of views in English anguage) in the column "I" and display the corresponding "Headline" value in the column "B". In the example it is "Headline 5".

I can not change position of the columns, i.e. "B" must remain "B" and "I" must remain "I".
I experimented with Index and vlookup but to no success. I have outlook 2003.

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Find All Cell Values In Column And Delete Row
My code is always failing on the findnext method. I'm thinking that the findnext method fails because it loses it's cell reference when the row gets deleted.

Sub findwbs()
Dim rngFind As Range
Dim strFirstAddress As String

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Find 1st Empty Cell In Row From A Column
I am trying to find code that will find the first empty cell in a row and add data in cell left to right. This code is filling all data in the last cell of the row and I am hoping to have it loop through data and fill the first empy cell (M1) and next data placed (m2) and so on

Sub Reportdates()
Dim Grid As Range, Gridcell
Dim Crit1 As Range
Dim Crit2 As Range
Set Grid = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("sheet3").Range(" dates")
Set Crit1 = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Stageing").Range("J1")
Set Crit2 = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Stageing").Range("K1")
For Each Gridcell In Grid
If Gridcell.Value >= Crit1 And Gridcell.Value <= Crit2 Then
ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Stageing").Range("M1").End(xlToRight).Offset(0, 0) = Gridcell.Value
End If
'Exit For
Next Gridcell
End Sub

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Find Next Empty Row And Select Cell In Column A
how i can go about finding the next empty row (and select the first cell of that row (column A))? edit: It probably should be noted that there are cells in Columns A through P. There are rows where all and/or just one cell contains data per row. So i cannot use a " lookup" based on a single column.

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Find Non-blank Cell In Column Then Copy Row
Basically this is what I want to do:

1. Search a specific column (Column 21/U) for non-blank values in Worksheet 1
2. Copy the entire row containing the non-blank values
3. Paste these rows into Worksheet 2.

Repeat steps 1-3 an additional 2 times, where Worksheet 1 is always searched but one more column to the right (ex. Column 22/V) is the target column for the search, then the rows are pasted into the next Worksheet (for ex. Worksheet 3)

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Find Value In Column & Copy Insert Row
I have a macro that was working fine until I added a new column to my active sheet. Now it fails with a run time error 1004, insert method of class failed. The code is as follows:

Private Sub UpdatePart_Click()
Dim S As String
Dim r As Excel. Range
S = InputBox("Enter the part no. you wish to update")
On Error Resume Next
If S = "" Then 'Exit Sub
'If StrPtr(S) = 0 Then
MsgBox "Update Cancelled"
Set r = Columns(1). Find(What:=S, After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, _
LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, _
MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False)...............

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Find Duplicates In Column & Combine Onto Same Row
I have a unique id in column A on a sheet with 20,000 contacts. I need a VBA script to loop through the worksheet and when it sees that there is a duplicate in column A, it needs to take the data from columns B, C, and D of that duplcate and copy them to the first blank cell at the end of the original record. Then it needs to delete the row that contained the duplicate that it just copied. I have searched and found parts of code that will do some of these, but I can't get anything to work, I don't know VB enough.

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Find Top5 Or Top10 Or As Required Based On A Value In A Column
I need to find out Top 5/Top 10 or as required based on two columns. I have clearly explained the way it is required in the attached sheet.

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Find Text & Offset By Found Value Row And Column
I'm writing some code where I need to know the column in which a specifc text string occurs. Because of the nature of the sheet, the string will only appear in one column, but that could be in almost any column on the worksheet.

For example say the text string is "Year 1", I need to find the column with this string, and then offset down to a predetermined row, or offset over to the appropriate column (something like below).

With Selection
.Offset(0, x).Select
If List.Selected(0) = True Then
y = i - 1
With Selection
.Value = Salary * Inflation1 ^ y
End With

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Find Text In Column, Copy Next Row And Paste In New Sheet
Essentially, I have 2 Sheets:
"SheetWSS" = data to be copied
"SheetWSD" = destination of copied data.

Below is a sample of the data in "SheetWSS"
1------Trade ID -------Description---------System no.
2--------579----------------Loan ---------------------- 7
4--------702----------------Deposit--------------------- 11
5--------703----------------Loan ----------------------- 58
6--------732 ---------------Loan------------------------66
7--------733----------------Deposit-------------------- 99
etc...(no more than 10000)

Now, an explanation of the data:

1) I work for a small bank (CORP) that takes deposits and gives loan.

2) CORP books these trades using only system no. 7 and 11; other system nos. belong to customers.

3) When a single trade is booked, the 2 sides of the transaction is recorded (by Trade IDs) . E.g rows 2 and 3 relates to one trade. So if CORP loans money with system no.7 to CUSTB, who uses system no.22, it shows for CORP a loan and for CUSTB, a deposit.

4) Everyday, the data in "SheetWSS" is updated with a different number of rows from previous, but the number of columns remain the same.

So, here's what i'ld like the macro to do:
1) Go into Column C, find system no.7 and 11.
2) For each 7 and 11 found, Copy the next row . So if for e.g, system no.11 was found in C4, i want the ENTIRE ROW 5 to be copied.
3) Paste the entire next row in "SheetWSD" until we have a list of all opposing sides of the same transactions initiated by CORP.

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Updating Records & Find A Certain Row, Compare And Act Based On An If Statment
If you look in the file you will see a records sheets and a form sheet. I want to see if a record has been broken. All the times are in seconds and the distances are in centimeters. How can I find a certain row, compare and act based on an if statment?

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Find Columns By Name And Highlight Them Certain Colors Based On Text In Another Column
I have a worksheet with 20+ columns. For this macro, I only need to focus on 4 of them. However, none of these columns are ever in a fixed position so the macro would need to find them by name and NOT by column position. Here they are...

1. Vacation Type (will only have a text value of either "Cold" or "Warm")

2. Vacation Started (will always have a date *x/xx/xxxx)

3. Vacation Ended (sometimes it will have a date '*x/xx/xxxx' and sometimes it will NOT have a date and will be truly blank)

4. Number of Days (currently has ALL truly blank cells)


Here's what I would like the macro to do...

Scenario 1 - for "Cold" values
Find "Cold" text values in the "Vacation Type" column
"Cold" values WITH a date in the "Vacation Ended" columnIF there IS a date in the "Vacation Ended" column in the same row, put the number of days difference between the "Vacation Started" column and "Vacation Ended" column in the "Number of Days" column.

The amount of days in the "Number of Days" column will determine whether these cells should be highlighted GREY or RED.

A) IF the number of days difference is 7 days or less, highlight the cells in the "Vacation Ended" column and "Number of Days" column RED.

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Find Highest No. In A Column But Inclusion Is Based On Data In Other Cells
I’m keeping tabs of some clay pigeon shooting scores. I go to alternate locations each week and normally shoot 100 clays, however sometimes it’s only 50. I’ve used MAX to find the highest score in Column D of a spreadsheet and it did what I required. However I now wish to find the highest number in Column D - but only include rows if Column C = P and column E =100.

Col B Col C Col D Col E Col F
date Location score out of % hit


In other words I want to find the highest score for location P but only if that week it was out of 100 shots. It would return 66. Then I can do the same formula for location A and it would return 62. I can’t see how to do this and have searched the forum to no avail. It doesn’t look like I can just use the MAX anymore and I’ve tried incorporating that into a (nested) IF but unsuccessfully.

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Select Range Based On Last Row And Last Column Used
I have defined my last row and column by using:

lr = Sheets("week1").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row
LC = Sheets("week1").Cells(1, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column

Now how do I select the range starting at A2 through the last used column ( LC ) through the last row ( LR )?

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DELETE Row Based On Content Of Column
Need macro or other code that will examine a column in my my table for particular text (example: find text: "Total") and then DELETE the whole row that the cell containing the text is in.

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Highlight Row Range Based On Value In Another Column
I have been reading and searching on how to get around Excel's limit of 3(or 4) conditional formatting rules with VBA.

I have a pretty good grasp of what the code is telling the system to do, however what I am not understanding is how can I have the Code check multiple sets of columns?

ex Columns A,B and C Rows 1:100 need to be checked if they are between a particular range and clolums D,E, and F need to be checked against a completely different set of criteria.

I tried cutting and pasting the Sub, changing the Range values and the conditions, but it always errors out.

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Find Data In Column Range & Return Cell Same Row But X Columns To Right
i have is 3 sheets in the same excel document. Sheet 1 is the mater sheet, which is a compilation of sheets 2 and 3, however the sheet layouts are different.

The sheets consist of a list of names and details. Sheet 1 has all the names in the list, however sheet 2 and 3 only have partial lists that are in a different order from the original list. The details listed next to the names in sheets 2 and 3 are different and hence a straight forward row copy and paste will not work.

What i need is to write a vba script that can take the name from the master list, search sheets 2 and 3 for the name and lookup the variables placed in next to the name, then update the master sheet accordingly, then continue to the next name on the master sheet and do the update again, and so on until all is updated. I have already thought about using lookup functions in excel however there is 1000 names on the list and around 60 details so it would be messy.

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VBA Macro To Find Text, Offset Column/Row & Copy
I am in the process of writing a VBA code(I should I am fairly new to this code writing!!!).What I need to be able to do is below.(enclosed please find a output in an xls file) What I should be able to do is below:

1.Find the text "Cash(No Listing)(Monthly)"

2. Offset to the 13th Column after that

3.Select the value in this column ,copy the value

4.Go to a row above and move one column to the left i.e.offset (-1,-1) and move 12 column backwards i.e.offset(0,-12)

5.Copy the value in 3 above to this entire range

6.Repeat this process for the entire file

My code is as below.Let me know where am I making a mistake. Just to let you know that this code performs the job well for the first entry i.e in the yellow makde area and doesn't do the job for any further entries .Llooks like I have some problem with the loop but not sure as to whats happening!

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Find Text/Value & Use Found Cell, Row, Column In Macro Code
I am trying to clean up and simplify my macros by compartmentalizing frequently repeated commands. I like to search for text in column headings and define the cell containing it as a range that I can later use .column or .row commands on, so my macros are a bit more flexible. The code I currently use for this is

Dim XColumn As Range ‘the cell containing the text “X”
Selection.Find(What:="X", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, _
LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, _
MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False).Activate
Set XColumn = ActiveCell

I would like to be able to create a Macro (possibly name FindSetCell()) that will accept arguments and achieve the results of the above code in other macros
I think the command might look something like FindSetCell(“text to be searched for”,”name of newly Defined Range”) But I have not figured out how to code it

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Hide Row Based On Color Column I Being Present
a way to hide used rows if the color of the cell in column I is green( color 35 vba) but only if the cell is visible will the macro change the rows visible state, in other words already hidden rows will remain hidden regardless if they match the color requirement.

below is some pseudo code to try to explain better what I'm trying to do. The below code doesn't actually work but I was wondering if someone knew some code that would actually do what I've described.

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Paste A Value Within A Row Based On Column Lookup Containing Dates?
I'm looking to create a small section of VBA code on Excel 2007 that looks for a specific date on a column and then pastes a value on the correct row.

I have weekly dates in columns along the top of my spreadsheet on row 3:
C3 = 07/11/08
D3 = 14/11/08
E3 = 21/11/08

The row further down the spreadsheet that I wish to use is selected by previous code and could be any row number within column B.

I need a snippet of code that searches for a particular date along row 3, and then once it finds the correct column, it pastes the value in the corresponding cell on my active row.

For example, if my active cell/row happens to be on B18, and the date I'm looking for happens to be on L3, I need to paste a value into cell L18.

I imagine there needs to be some form of HLookup, but I've no idea how to implement this in VBA code.

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Looking Up Column Header Value Based On Color And Position In Row
I am trying to create a schedule using colors. The colors will indicate the start time, break time, lunch time, break time (second break) and end time. see attached document.

Thank you for attempting to solve this puzzle using formulas and or VBA code. I am trying to automate the schedule so the numerical times automatically appear when I "paint" the schedule.

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