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Find Duplicate Rows

I'm treating a set of data in excel in wich I have three long columns of values. I need to find all sets of three equal values in these columns (for instance, I need to find all lines with 1,1,1 or 2,2,2 and so on). How can I make a programe to do this?

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Delete Duplicate Rows :: Duplicate Company Names
I have a spreadsheet with 3300 rows. In column A there is a list of company names and in column H there is a corresponding Sales Rep name.Column A has many duplicate company names. I would like to run a macro that will find the a company name and then delete all the rest of the rows that contain that same company name.

Attached is a sample of that spreadsheet.

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Delete Duplicate Cells Or Rows With A Duplicate Cell
I feel as though I have spent enough time searching the previous posts to ask this question.

I have a 4 column sheet, column B has many cells with identical data. I want to delete all the rows that that have duplicate data in column B.

COLUMN A= Car Makers
COLUMN B= Models of cars
COLUMN C= color
COLUMN D= owner

I want to end up with rows that each contain unique info in COLUMN B.

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Sum Duplicate Values Then Delete Duplicate Rows
I have 4 columns in my spreadsheet. I am trying to find any duplicates that may exist in Col A, sum values in Col D, then delete the entire row. So far my sheet before I run my vba code is this.

Col A

Col D

After my code is run, I need for my spreadsheet to look like this
Col A

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Consolidate Matching Rows And Delete Duplicate Rows
I am working with timesheet data (name, project code, task code, date, hours etc...) in one spreadsheet and rate card data (name, role, day rate etc...) in another. My task is to pull together some of the information in each of these two source spreadsheets and compile a report. This I have done no problem. However, where a person works on a particular project and task on the same day and records multiple entries (which could be negative) I need to consolidate the hours in all these matching rows and have just one row reflect the total hours worked and delete the other duplicate rows. So an example would be:

Project | Task | Name | Role | Date | Hours

123456 | 1.001 | Paul Jones | Project Manager | 20/02/2008 | 2.5
123456 | 1.001 | Paul Jones | Project Manager | 20/02/2008 | -2.5
123456 | 1.001 | Paul Jones | Project Manager | 20/02/2008 | 3.5
123456 | 1.001 | Jo Brown | Developer | 20/02/2008 | 7.5
123456 | 1.001 | Jo Brown | Developer | 20/02/2008 | -7.5
123456 | 1.001 | Sam Smith | Architect | 20/02/2008 | 7.5

Should be processed and come out like this:.......................

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Find Duplicate Cells?
I have two columns of numbers (2003), some of which match. Each column is of a different length and is arranged in a different order. I need to find all the number matches between the two columns. I can sort them ascending numerically but the columns are still disjointed with only occasional number pairs being readily visible.

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Find Any Duplicate Information
I have pasted an excel report that I need to find any duplicate information. For example they are seperated 2 sets of 4.

For example:
Column A and B is one set
Column C and D is one set

With column E is where I need a way to flag duplicate information with "yes" or "true" on that set

The same would need to have happen on the next column G thru J then M thru P finaly S thru V

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - compare-v1.xls___Running: xl2002 XP : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutW1=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW1Internet&DMZIdnsdb-whipNamed.confInternet&DMZIdnsdb-metroNamed.confDuplicatesInternet&DMZednsdb-whipNamed.confInternet&DMZednsdb-MetroNamed.confDuplicatesIntegrationidnsdb-whipNamed.confIntegrationidnsdb-metroNamed.confDuplicatesIntegrationednsdb-whipNamed.confIntegrationednsdb-metroNamed.confDuplicates2zone0.IN-ADDR.ARPAfiledb-whip/db."db-whip/db."zone"0.IN-ADDR.ARPAfile"db-metro/db."zone"0.IN-ADDR.ARPAfile"db-....................

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Find A Duplicate Value Within A Range
I have a selected row as my range. I want to check if a specific value ("*") repeats twice.

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Find Duplicate Entries
Got a workbook with 4 worksheets and sometimes we need to cut and paste a row from one worksheet to another, now thats easy now as we are all human and sometimes it gets copied and we have duplicate logs.

Now each sheet has usually not got that many rows in it, but that spreadsheet is getting sent to the highest people in the company and any mistakes look poor.

What i'm looking for is a way that i can highligh any rows that a duplicated in each worksheet. I can do it in each worksheet using conditional formatting with something like = COUNTIF($A8:$A$20,A8)>1. but don't know how to check that is not on any other worksheet. On every worksheet only need to check Col A for the duplicate information

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Find & Go To Duplicate Cell
Still working on my New Supplier UserForm and need some more advice... When a user enters a postcode into the postcode textbox - called txt_Pcode - on the userform, I would like some VB code to look at the existing supplier's postcodes (on separate sheet "Suppliers") and if the postcode already exists then go to it so that the user can visually check whether the 'new' supplier exists and decide to continue entering the new supplier or not. Also, I would like this textbox to be a required field...

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Find Duplicate And Clear Possible Corresponding Matching Value
how to reference the drang (named range) and the cell propertly as i keep getting an error.

Everything in the below code works except the parts below in blue

I have in column X lots of names and in column Y (dynamic column
anges as the users chooses them as per the code) and I want to loop through all names in 'X' and if there are multiple of the same names then for the corresponding 'Y' row entry of each be checked and if they are equal (same $ value) then for one of them of cells in the Y column to be cleared.

Basically if the same name appears more than once it will most likley have the same $ value and if i do a calculation on the $'s it will be 2,3,10 times the amount it should be, hence the need for this .

As per the below code I am trying to use 2 for Each loops though I keep getting an error when trying to reference the drng range which has the values in them..

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Find The Location Of A Duplicate Value In Array
Is there a good way to find out after the exists returns True in which place in the array the Z is located in ?

With CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
.CompareMode = vbTextCompare
Z = a(i, ii) & ";" & a(i, ii + 1)

If .exists(Z) Then
msgbox "The array location for existing Z value is ..."...

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Find And Isolate Duplicate Criteria
I have a worksheet that tracks errors (10 different error types are tracked) that may occur on anywhere from 20 to 200 different jobs. What I need to be able to do is find all the jobs for any given day where a specific error has occurred two or more times for that day. Often a specific error will occured many times on the same job on the same day. What I need to end up with is only one row for each job that shows the Date/Time (m/d/yyy h:nn), JobNumber (number), ErrorNumber (text field) by either hiding or deleting those rows that do not meet the criteria.

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Find Duplicate From The Column And Save It In Another Tab
I am trying to find the Duplicate value in Column E and save it in another tab.

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Find & Highlight Duplicate Data
see attached sheet. Column A has File Name. Need to highlight the duplicate data as you can see there is 2 duplicate data which i have manually highted ( C19 is duplicate of C12, C83 is duplicate of C84).

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Code To Find The First And Last Duplicate Entry
i need to identify the first and last duplicat entrys and delete all rows in between.
eg keep row 275 and 277 and delete row 276 all duplicates only in column C ..

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Find The Lowest Date For Duplicate Id Nos.
I am attaching a small sample data set. The first column contains the ID numbers and the second column has the dates. The rest of the columns are some data. When you look at the ID numbers, there will be some common ID Nos. numbers, for example, 300003 (4 in number) but the dates are different for them. What I am going to do is to create a pivot table with the ID Nos and the months. But I want the date to be only the oldest date for example, I want the date for 300003 to be 12/3/2004.

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Find Duplicate Data And Delete Row
compare and find exact matches b/w the data in columns J and K in the attached csv file. I would simply like all rows with exact matches to be hidden. I can simply change any code to reflect something like


later if necessary.

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Duplicate All Rows
I will be both apologetic and happy, though, if you can suggest a solution that does not require programming. If a programming solution IS required, I'd be grateful if you could give me a note or two on how to run the code if it is necessary. I'm competent with computers and I could program what I need in C++ if I had to, but I haven't used VBA before.

Here's my excel problem:

I have two long sets of data:

One is pressure from a transducer under water (in the river) recorded every 30 minutes. The other is pressure from a transducer above the water recording every hour.

I need to find the pressure due to water for each point (meaning I need to subtract the atmospheric pressure from each point of total pressure). From that, the height of water can be calculated, which will allow me to calculate discharge, or flow, of water at this spot in the river.

Because the atmospheric pressure is only recorded hourly, I need to duplicate each row of the atmospheric data worksheet so I can copy it over and make it the 'subtract' column.

Since I am working with years of data, there are thousands of rows, and the idea of duplicating each row manually is lame.

I tried to figure out a way for my calculation formula to use each row of the 'subtract' column twice (by making the first two subtract the value in E5, the second two use E6, the third pair use E7, and then dragging the auto-fill formula thingy down through the whole data set, but it doesn't work because the first one that gets auto-filled subtracts the value right next to it {..., D9-E7, D10-E7, D11-E11, D12-E11, ...} and so on).

So, like I said, I think i'll probably need to program it. If there was a way get the auto-formula-fill thingy to stop skipping back to the cell directly next to it as soon as it starts over the loop of copying, then that would be great.

Thank you for your help, and I apologize if this has been posted before, but all I could find were like a billion threads on deleting duplicate data.

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Find Duplicate Keywords, And List Maximum
I have rows of 10 keywords. I want the macros to compare the first row against all the rows except itself, then compare the second row against all the rows except itself, the third row against all the rows except itself, basically looking for duplicates...It will then record in a column for each respective row, the max # of duplicates found with another row..

For instance lets say I was looking at the 15th row, and it looked for duplicates elsewhere. It only found duplicates in the 4th row and the 5th row. In the fourth row, there were 5 keywords common, and in the 5th row there were 7 keywords common. Therefore the max # of common words is 7 for the 15th row, and that is what is recorded.

In addition the number of rows will probably vary it could range from 1 to 500. I included an excel spreadsheet that has visually speaking how this could work, maybe using COUNTIF. Basically it counts the # of common keywords for one row with all the other rows, pastes the count #s to the right, then finds the max of those count #s, copies the max into another column, then clears the count #s, and looks up the next row, repeats the same process. It is easier probably if you look at the attached spreadsheet to get an idea of what i am talking about..

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Find Top X Percentages With Duplicate Criteria Lookups
I have a matrix of suppliers which stores quality ratings against various service parameters. Customers then order their priorities and my intention is to then generate a report which lists the suppliers that meet their parameters.

a method of generating this report (on ClientRecommendation in the attached) which lists the top 5 suppliers under each weighted parameter, together with their scores? I realise that the answer must lie in some combination of INDEX and MATCH, but I cannot get my brain around how to generate the row numbers, as top 5 suppliers often share the same score for a particular parameter. For example, if I set up a row lookup on 80% I can so far only get one occurrence of 80% and no others.

This is probably not clear from my explanation, so I have attached the full example, from which it should be more obvious.

I have also seen a very clever VBA solution (#60695), which I think may be the neatest method, but I am not knowledgeable enough to make it work for my case.

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SUMIF: Find Out Duplicate Records In My Spreadsheet
Im trying to find out if there are any duplicate records in my spreadsheet. See look at the attached. Cell 6745 down is highlighted in green. I want to check this against all the cells above. need to write a formula so that it marks any products in the green section with duplicate (in column I) if they are in fact repeated.

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How To :: Delete Duplicate Rows?
How would I go about deleting duplicate rows?

I've searched the board already and I couldn't find this.

I have a sheet with different data in each column, song titles, writers, owners and so on.

say this information runs from column A to H down 10,000 rows, occasionally information is duplicated in certain rows, except for column A.

I need to be able to search the sheet and delete any extra rows that are duplicated.

So I'll end up with the exact data in each row only appearing once.

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Duplicate A Box Depending On How Many Rows Another Tab Has.
I need a macro to duplicate a box i have in a sheet depending on how many rows the other tab has. In this example file ive included the macro i have now. With this macro i select A1 : R23 and press ctrl shift d, it asks me how many duplicates i want and i enter the number based from how many the test2 tab has. I would like a macro to read how many rows the test2 tab has and then automatically duplicate the box that many times . In other words automate it, instead of me having to enter the number ( this number changes depending on the file i have ).

Ive included a test file with intructions and my current macro, i have 2 tabs which need to be looked at.

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Highlight Duplicate Rows
i'm looking for a vba script, that will HIGHLIGHT duplicate cells, by the row.

etc.. lets say i have

a w
a s
e t
v t

If i click on Col / cell a and run the script, rows 1 & 2 will be selected.
I i click on Col / cell b and run the script, rows 3 & 4 will be selected.

i know there are heaps around that will change colour etc. but i just want to highlight?

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Merging Duplicate Rows To One
I have a list that contains multiple data that I would like to merge in to one. There are varying duplicates.

Currently it looks similar to this:

Repid, Lname, Fname, States
000001, Doe John, CT
000001, Doe John, NY
000001, Doe John, GA
000050, Jones Mary, NJ
000050, Jones Mary, NY
000025, Presley Elvis, PA
000025, Presley Elvis, NY
000100, Doe Jane, NJ

I want to return the following:

Lname, Fname, Repid, States
000001, Doe, John, CT, NY, GA, NJ, CA, MA
000050, Jones, Mary, NJ, NY
000025, Presley, Elvis, PA, NY, GA, NJ
000100, Doe, Jane, NJ

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Deleting Duplicate Rows
In my Excel 2003 worksheet I need a macro to search column B for duplicate entries. The data in column B is both numeric and string. If there are any duplicate entries, then I need the duplicate rows to be deleted.

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Remove All But 1st Of Duplicate Rows
ive got a spreadsheet with records such as this

james - smith - leeds- 01535 - 26/02/1983 - bd21 6ls
steven - smith - bradford - 213789 - 28/01/1982 - bd33 5th
james - smith - leeds - 01535 - 26/02/1983 - bd21 6ls
steven - king - manchester - 213789 - 28/01/1982
andrew - wright - bingley - 36473 - 12/01/1981 - bd23 689

what im trying to do is to check all of the rows for duplicates in such a way that (if any row has the matching colums 1,2,5 and 6 then all but 1 of the rows will be deleted.

i have a few thousand entries and am just trying to get rid of all the duplicate rows. The problem is that the duplicate rows are not IDENTICAL for instance soime of them may have spelling mistakes hence i cannot just do a straight forward if row = row then delete.

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Hide Duplicate Rows
I am trying to search aspreadsheet for duplicate entries and the hihe the duplicate entry rows so far i have

Private Sub worksheet_activate()

Selection.sort Key1:= Range("A2"), Order1:=xlDescending, Header:=xlGuess, _
OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _
Dim R As Long
Dim N As Long
Dim V As Variant
Dim Rng As Range

this will delete duplicate entries but as the cells have formulas in with cell refrences i need to hide the duplicates instead but the change does nothing, i don't get errors but nothing is hidden

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Find Duplicate In Certain Columns And Keep Newest By Date & Time
In the included workbook I've got a sheet that needs to be updated every time a userform is completed. So I intend to run a macro after the data is entered to find duplicates, and delete the older row.

so, column A must match then column C must match then look in columns AK & AL to find the newest entry to keep. I also need to delete any rows where column A is empty(light Green), no matter what other columns have data.

In my example sheet all the yellow's match for column A but the bright yellow's are the only "keepers", because one has a different number in "C" and the other is the newest.

Also remember that this is just part of a much bigger, multi-sheet book so I will need to I.D. this sheet in the code.

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Finding Duplicates :: Find Duplicate Cells In A Column
I have many rows of data. How can I find duplicate cells in a column?

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Find And Mark The Higher Value In Series Of Duplicate Entries
I have a approx. 70 excel sheets with thousands of entries. Within a single sheet there are some duplicate entries (based on an account number). I find the duplicate entries by using the excel 2007 conditional formating and then sort by color to only show the duplicate entries. There are often hundreds of accounts that are duplicates. Sometimes there are more than 2 identical account duplicates (could be 3,4 or more). In each entry there is a number representing the rating of said account. These numbers differ within the duplicates. Example............

I am trying to find a formula that will choose a "winner" and enter a "W" based on the highest rating within the duplicate entries and then ideally assign an "L" to the loser duplicate account(s). Sometimes there is no rating, other times the rating could be the same in which case any account (does not matter) can be assigned a "W" and the others an "L"

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Find Range And Delete Duplicate Value In Specified Column With VB Macro
See attached doc "Find and Delete.xlsx". Inside, the value in F12 is a very important cell. Using the text value from F12, I first want to use visual basic code to find the range in column B because it will vary. This means the 'text words' column might have 50 words or it might have 2000. I have racked my brain trying to find a universal way to find a variable range.

Then I would like to search for the exact text value within this range in column
B. For example, in F12 is the text word 'windows xp registry cleaner' and you can see that this value is in B9. There will only be one exact match in column B.

I then would like the vb script to delete and remove this found value, then move left one space in column A to also delete the ID number associated with the text word. Then shift both rows up to fill the empty gap. I have tried numerous different codes but to be honest, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. I've tinkered with find and replace, vlookup, match, find, search, and many more.

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Find Duplicate Table But With The Numbers In Each Of The Cells Doubled
I have a table that is 94 columns *12 rows each cell has a different number I need to find a way to duplicate the table but with the numbers in each of the cells doubled.

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Delete Rows With Duplicate Values
I have a spreadsheet with three colums of data. The first column contains
records which have occasional phone number duplication- see blelow:

(555) 000-0000DataA1ValueA1
(555) 000-0000DataA2ValueA2
(555) 555-9770DataA3ValueA3
(555) 555-4464DataA4ValueA4
(555) 555-4464DataA5ValueA5
(555) 555-4720DataA6ValueA6
(555) 555-8823DataA7ValueA7
(555) 555-3834DataA8ValueA8
(555) 555-4125DataA9ValueA9

What I need to do is (somehwhat) automate the process of filtering or
deleting out all rows which have duplicate data in the first column, but not
second or third columns. I'm sure it's been done...I tried the Excel

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Removing Duplicate Rows, But Keeping The First One.
I have an excel spreadsheet with approximately 10000 rows. There are approximately 10 columns...

Column A - person's ID number
Column B - name
Column C - Street Address
Column D - City
Column E - State


It being such a large list there are many many duplicates (it was pulled from a bunch of different excel spreadsheets and combined into one via copy and pasting one document into the other).

I figured out a way to have excel highlight the duplicates in a different color... but scrolling through 10k people and deleting the duplicates is obviously very tedious (approx 40% of the spreadsheet is duplicates).

Is there a way to sort out the duplicates (via their ID number, column A) so that there are no repeats? I want to get rid of the 2nd/3rd/4th (etc) occurance of the person's information but I was to obviously keep the first occurance.

I tried using Advanced Filter but I must have done something wrong because it shrunk the list too far down.

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Move Duplicate Rows To Another Worksheet
I currently have this code here that DELETES duplicate rows in the "Customer Number" column..

How can I modify this code to instead take any 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc occurrence of a duplicate row and move it to a new worksheet named "Duplicates" and ALSO KEEP THE HEADER ROW?

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Delete Duplicate Rows Vb Needs To Run On All Worksheets
Hi i have the below code which runs on deleting duplicate code which i found in an excel manual. I am having some trouble as i want to convert the code so that it will run on all worksheets i have which are numbered such as 1,2,3,4 etc.

This is so it makes the workbook easy maintenance for when deleting or adding worksheets which happens quite regularly.

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Delete Duplicate Rows With Condition
how to delete duplicate rows except the first and the last rows using macro..

I have data like this and i want to delete those rows except the first and the last rows


I use the below macros from btadams posted 27th January 2003 but only for delete the last row

Sub DleteDups()
Dim Cell As Range

Do While ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0) <> ""
If ActiveCell.Value <> ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Value Then
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End If
End Sub

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Identify Duplicate Rows Between 2 Worksheets
I have two sheets with many rows and about 8 columns. The second sheet is some of the rows copied and pasted from the first sheet. I have been asked to mark on the first sheet those rows that have been copied to the second sheet.

I need to check that the entire row matches before somehow making the corresponding row in the "original" sheet stand out.

Unfortunately, there is no unique identifier that I can search by. I have tried concatenating all columns into a new column on each sheet and then using MATCH but I get #VALUE! error.

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Finding And Deleting Both Duplicate Rows
I deal with leads for a sales room and get sent over leads in bulk, I've created a master scrub list that I can attach to the end of a new lead file and sort by number to show which are duplicates.

When you do the: Data, Filter, Advanced Filter, select Unique Records, it hides the duplicate but what I need is not only for the duplicate to be hidden or gone but the row that it is a duplicate of, i.e. I need BOTH rows to go

Dave 555-1212
Dave 555-1212
John 536-2343
Smith 423-2312

needs to become

John 536-2343
Smith 423-2312

I would need a formula that figured out that Dave with number 555-1212 was a duplicate and delete BOTH rows,

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Copy Various Duplicate Rows To New Sheet
I have this code picked up from a friendly website:

Public Sub Extraction_to_new_sheets()

Dim My_Range As Range
Dim My_Cell As Variant
Dim sh_Original As Worksheet

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Set sh_Original = ActiveSheet

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Combining Rows With Duplicate Data
I need to combine rows with that have the same column A value into one row. The duplication will be no more than 3 (ie 3 As, 2 Bs, 3 Cs, 1 D etc). I am looking for one of two options. 1) Ideally I'd like to be able to take 2 columns and turn them into up to 4 columns total. 2)Alternately, I can format the data to be in the correct columns to start, but will still need to merge the duplicate rows. The data can have any number of rows to start.

I've found something close, but it puts the new column data into ascending number order, which won't work for me because I need it to be in the specific order I input.(It also put all the data into one column, which I don't mind because I can do text to columns, but the order was the bugger.)

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Remove Duplicate Rows Based On Col C
I am using three columns - Col A contains serial number, col B contains name and Col C contains Codes.

The problem is in col C as sometimes the codes are copied from other files also. So I want that if there is any duplicate codes in column C, on running the macro it will delete the duplicate rows and keep original record ie the duplicte records added later has to be deleted and that the original record will be in place.

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Macro To Create Duplicate Rows
On some occasions the part number has several to collect but the output from the system we use will output this as a sinle line and a quantity of 2 for instance. I would like a macro to indentify all of the parts with a quantity more than 1 and insert a duplicate line with that quantity.

On the attachement sheet 1 is an example of how the data may look, sheet 2 is how I would like it to be after the macro has been run (but within the same sheet)

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Delete Duplicate Rows Leaving 1
The problem is a little complex, I have a large spreadsheet (10,000+ entries) and a smaller spreadsheet (100 or so entries). I merged them together, and now I need to find a way to delete all rows that are unique.

Reasoning: I accidentally deleted a few hundred product orders from our system, and need to find a way to re- import them from a backup SQL dump we have, but not the whole table

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Eliminating Duplicate Rows In One Column
I have attached a spreadsheet of sample data. Column I has duplicates and the data in columns A to H are in any of the duplicates. I want to eliminate the duplicates and align the data in the other colums to the single row. Eg I2 and I3 are the same value, I want to end up with only one row with the value 27217 and the data in F2 and G3 to end up in the single row. If value 27217 is in I2 only then F2 will still contain 5 but 6 will be in G2 not G3.

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Delete Duplicate Rows Including 1st Row
delete duplicate rows and leave only the LAST row. The codes I have seen leave the first row.

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Delete Duplicate Rows, With A Twist
I can delete duplicate rows easily enough, but I can't seem to capture a couple variables where I would not want to delete the selected row. There are no headings, all data starts in Row 1.

I start in Row 1 Columns C and D, compare that to Row 3 Columns C and D (Every other row). If it is a duplicate entry in both columns, delete that row and the row below it. Pick up at next row and continue. See attached Excel file (Excel 2003). The rows with fonts colored RED are the only rows from this data that should get deleted.

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Remove Or Delete Duplicate Rows
I have 6 columns on my data sheet. F column is Amount column.

If there are rows where all the columns A,B,C,D and E duplicate then I need that row to be deleted, BUT before that the value from the column F should be summed to the duplicating row's F column.

I attached a simple example file, where you can see my point better. (I need the code to work with thousands of rows, and not only with 5 rows which i put on the axample)

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Keep ONLY Duplicate Matter Number Rows
Is there a way to delete any rows that don't have a second occurrence of any cell in column a? I have unique numbers ONLY in column A. I want to tell Excel to.

a) Look at all the cells in column A ONLY (about 6,000 of them).
b) Look for any cells column a that have a duplicate entry in another cell.
c) Delete all rows that don't have a duplicate cell in column a.

This would be the entire row that I would like deleted. So every row should now only have the header info followed by 2 identical cells in column A. NOTE THAT THE OTHER COLUMNS WILL HAVE DIFFERENT INFO IN THEM, WHICH I WANT TO KEEP. I ONLY WANT THE CELL IN COLUMN A TO MATCH.....

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