Formula That Will Work Out Score Of Individuals

May 31, 2012

I currently have a sheet of data with names and scores (1-10) on e.g.


and what i am wanting is a formula that will read these columns and tell me the amount of 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, 7's, 8's, 9's and 10's the corosponding name has gotten.

for example:


I have been playing around with COUNTIF formulas but cannot seem to work this out.

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Formula To Work Out Score Based On Score System

Aug 10, 2009

I want to see if i can make a formula that works out how a player got a score based on a scoring system. See the attached file for more details. I want this to show that the player scored or didn't score, played a full match or was a substitute, was booked or wasn't booked and was sent off or wasn't sent off.

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Formula To Add Up Hours That Were Attended For Various Individuals

Jan 5, 2009

I'm trying to figure out how to write a formula to add up hours that were attended for various individuals. My data is coming in from scanning their barcodes, so I'd rather not manually add their hours. I have these columns: Date, Time, First, Last, Member ID, CEU. My hope is that I can take the Member ID and write a formula that adds up the CEU column.

This issue I'm having is how to deal with the variables of someone only attending two sessions, while another attends four? I'm not sure how to do this so I'm seeing if anyone knows if this can this be done?

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IF Formula- Comparing Height Vs Weight Standards Of Individuals

Jan 12, 2010

i am trying to use the following formula in a cell. it is comparing height vs weight standards of individuals....

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Work Out A Formula For My Spreadsheet Which I Use To Work Out Cutting Lists For Timber Frames

Jan 11, 2009

i need to work out a formula for my spreadsheet which I use to work out cutting lists for timber frames. I need it to work out if the width of a job is for eg 2400mm i need to work out how many timber studs I need so the space between each stud is between 400mm and 500mm and this will need to work for a range of different sizes of frames. I have it written at the moment and it just devides the width by 400 and gives me a amount of studs but it would work much better if it could space them between 400 & 500.

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If / Then Formula: Makes A Character That Has A Score Of 9 For One Of His Attributes?

Oct 29, 2008

I'm helping out a community that puts out a role playing game by making a character sheet for their gaming system. It's normally a pen-and-paper type affair, but a few people have reached out to me and asked me to make it. Now, one thing that I really thought would be nifty would be to make it persistent. I know of the Excel basics, creating basic formulas and the such, but this is where I hit a brick wall.

For the character sheet, they normally have basic attributes on a 1-20 scale. These attributes are accomanied by a bonus. The only thing is those, while these bonuses go across a linear path (For attribute 1, it's -30, for 2 its -20, for 3 its -10, for 4 its -5 for 5 its 0....), I cant seem to figure out how to create some kind of If/Then formula for it....

Heres my example:

Brad makes a character that has a score of 9 for one of his attributes. The bonus given to someone with a 9 is a +10. What I'm looking to do is create a table that sees that 'If (c9)=9, Then (d9)=+10'...

And my second related issue...

Is there any possible way to do the above mentioned formula in relation to a drop down selection bar? It's the same thing here; To break it down simply, It would be excellent if there was a way for it to say If (a10)=Warrior, then (c10)= +10.

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Converting Score Sheet To LOOKUP Formula?

Apr 13, 2009

I have a paper-based scoring sheet that we use to determine a rating category. I cannot figure out how to convert this scoring sheet into a lookup region and use some type of LOOKUP formula to determine the rating. I have looked at the various Grading examples on the Internet that show you how to look up a grade, based on a score, but they only look up a grade, based on a single input (the score).

Here I have two values going in--the person's age and their score, and I need to look up the rating, which is the column heading.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I've attached a sample spreadsheet which shows the original scoring sheet.

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Formula For 2 Low Net & 1 Low Gross Score In A 5 Man Golf Team

May 25, 2008

I am using Excel 2002 in Xp and also want to use the spreadsheet on my Pocket PC using Pocket Excel.

I have a column of 10 numbers with rows 1,3,5,7 & 9 representing the individual gross scores of the 5 team members. Rows 2,4,6,8 & 10 have either a 0 or -1 (calculated) in them representing the strokes (or discount) the player receives for that hole. So the net scores for each player will be row 1 + row 2 and so on.

I need a formula that will calculate the total of the 2 lowest net scores and 1 low gross score with the score for each player only being used once which will then represent the team score for that hole.

A sample column would have 4,0,3,0,4,0,3,0,5,-1 in it.

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Copy A Formula Across Several Work Sheet And Have The Formula Always Take Data From Previous Work Sheet

Jan 2, 2009

I am want to copy a formula across several work sheet and have the formula always take data from previous work sheet.

2) I am working with this formula =C12+INDIRECT((MID(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("]",CELL("filename",A1))+1,256)-1)&"!"&"C12")

and it comes from this thread I have included a worksheet attachment that has explanations

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Formula That Reads Grade And Then Ranks These By 1st-5th Place According To Score

Feb 10, 2014

I'm creating a Speech and Debate calculater that presents winners names by place according to their score. If you look at Tab HSSE Results it will read the inputed information from HS Speech English. I want the names of the students to appear in the correct ranking order in the respected grade rankings chart. I currently have a countif formula which reads the grade, but I think I need to link that with an index formula which I'm having problems with.

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Formula / Conditional Format To Award Score From 0 To 4 Depending On Cell Value

Jul 24, 2014

I want to create a system based on the value of a cell appearing as a grade in the adjacent cell. The cell could contain any value from -10 to +10.

the criteria would be

value greater than +2 = 3
value between 0 and +2 = 2
value between -2 and zero =1
value below -2 =0

I can get a formula to work for a single instance but not multiple conditions.

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Array Formula To Lookup Two Values And Produce A Total Score

Nov 19, 2009

I have a table of data where each row is a person, and each column is a group that person might belong to. In the intersecting cell of a person row and group column is text showing what position they hold in that group (eg Director, Head, member etc). In many cases the cell is empty because the person is not involved with the group.

There are then two lookup tables which have scores; one for the group name and one for the position type. The group name is always the column header. I have used these lookup tables as I would like the scores for each group or position to be easily adjustable.

Probably best that I just attach an example. I tried to solve this using SUMPRODUCT. VLOOKUP on the two lookup tables would have been good but it seems it doesn't work with arrays the way I expected. My attempt (which doesn't work obviously!) is given.

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Worksheet/formula That Automatically Look For The Equivalent Score In A Given Transmutation Table

Mar 25, 2003

how can i make a worksheet/formula that automatically look for the equivalent score in a given transmutation table.

example: i have an exam of 10 items, what will be my formula to so that it will automatically look for the equivalent score under the transmutation table of 10 items

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Schedule Report - To Be Generated For Each Individuals

Aug 7, 2008

I have a schedule sheet (on week days what assignment is be to taken in concerned period).

I need a report based on the same. i.e. I need to generate a report for each individual.

I have attached a sample file, in which I explained the requirements.

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Sheet That Records Performance On Individuals

May 1, 2009

I've a sheet that records performance on individuals, what it does is collate the performance daily on certain things.

Most are simple plus/minus one and i have control buttons that do this,what it does is: On click it adds one to a different sheet, or if to remove it minuses one, and there is a total box to sum these figures.

But there is also some provision to add collected money value, and what i would like to do is have a function that deletes the last figure added to the financial transactions
This is the code
If Target.Address = "$A$6" Then Sheets(2).Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1).Value = Target.Value

So for example
in A6 10.50 is added, but i can't think how i can provide a service that will delete the last figure in Sheet 2 range A, as this will be constantly changing.

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Total Monthly Values For Individuals

Aug 31, 2006

I have monthly a list of 2,500 people with an allowance value for each individual shown.

Problem I got is that sometimes there is more than one allowance entry for the individual in each month. I just need the total for the individual in that month. Each month is on a separate worksheet. I have been racking my head, but I cant figure how I can look at the list of people (who have a unique number) and just total it.

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Calculating Individuals Exact Age Given Their Date Of Birth

Jan 21, 2004

I am looking for a formula that calculates an individuals exact age given their date of birth. That shows just the age in years.

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Pivot Tables - Finding Number Of Individuals With Particular Filter Combination?

Jan 30, 2013

I am using a pivot table to explore the relationship between the two variables in a survey. Question 1 is a "choose all that apply" question, while Question 2 is more "if you said yes to any in question 1, choose all that apply".

So, I have about 10 filters for question 1, where each combination will give me a different number for the responses for question 2. My question is this: How do I get excel to automatically find the # of individuals with the particular combination of filters in question 1?

Ie. if said yes to 3/10 options in question 1, how do I get excel to find out how many actually said yes to the 3/10 questions.

The purpose of this data is for reference to question #2, so that i can utilize some percentages.

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IF Formula Does Not Work On The Last Part Of This Formula

Apr 17, 2007

This IF formula does not work on the last part of this formula
IF(E10>50,"$50.00",0)))) and I think there is a conflict with the
IF(E9>199,(E9*0.01) but I cannot figure out what the problem is.


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Formula Does Not Work On Some Rows

Aug 11, 2014

I have some problem with my excel formula here. It works in some rows but doesn't in others.

I have attached the excel file herewith : Book1.xlsx

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IF Formula Only Work If Particular Cell Is Less Than 50

Aug 7, 2014

See the attached workbook.

Please edit the formula in column B so that it only gives a BINGO if the adjacent cell in column G is less than 51.

So cell M16 should not be a BINGO because cell G16 is not less than 51.

Attached Files : Book1.xlsx‎

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Work Schedule Formula Using IF?

Jan 8, 2014

Combing these two formulas. I have a work schedule spreadsheet. If the employee is Off I want the value to = 0 (zero hours). But if the cell has a start time I need it to calculate those hours. I know both of the formulas work individually. But I need them to work together.

Formula for when cell says OFF:

And the second

Formula to calculate hours (based on start time/finish time is the same for all employees)

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How Does This Formula Work- Sumproduct

Oct 18, 2008


how does this formula work?

It counts the number of instances in a list but not sure how

does the ranges have to be differant for this to work? ie C1:C17 C2:C18

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Formula Which Will Work Out 48 Permutations

Jan 17, 2007

I need to work out a formula which will work out 48 permutations.

There are three headings: Impact, Probability, Risk Category:

ImpactProbabilityRisk Category
VHM = 1
VHH = 1
VHVH = 1
HH = 1
HVH = 1
VHL = 2
HM = 2
MH = 2
MVH = 2
HL = 3
LVH = 3
MM = 4
LH = 4
ML = 5
LL = 5
LM = 5

The formula I need is: if Impact is "L" and probability is "M", then return answer = "5".

The thing is - there are 48 possible answers - and im not sure what formula you could type into 1 cell - which would answer this.

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Will VLookup Work With CountIfs Formula

Jun 23, 2014

I'm trying to count the rows of a worksheet based on the location selection. Heres what I'm using:


Before I add the Vlookup, I get a number of 50. I should get at least 40+, but after adding the

[Code] .....

I get "0."

I'm wondering if I need to use VLookup differently in this case ????

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Some Times If I Do A =if( ) Formula It Doesn't Work

Mar 12, 2008

What am I doing wrong here. Some times if I do a =if( ) formula it doesn't work. For example, look at the attached picture. Cell K63 should say "End of Run". But it doesn't, What gives?

Also I have had before where i do =IF(X62>$O$2,"End of Run", 0) (and $O$2 =81) and the cell when X62 is 81, not greater than. I know I can to >=, but thats not what I am doing.

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Why Wont Max Work On Cells That Have A Formula

Nov 19, 2007

On the attached form, for row 3 information is manually inputed into C3 and E3 to J3; K3 then looks at the max value inputed in E3 to J3 and alters L3 accordingly.

Row 4 is my attempt to automate the process. I am trying to alter the sheet so that the information added into C4 updates E4 to J4 automatically and then K4 looks at the max value and alters L4 accordingly.

Since I added the formula to H4 to look for info in C4, the max formula in K4 no longer works, as such L4 will not update.

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Calculating Work Time Formula?

Jul 11, 2013

I'd like a calculation that gives me a total of 7.50 hours instead of 8:00 hours (I'm hoping to add up the time worked into a meaningful hour:minute format)

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SUM / IF And LEFT Formula Doesn't Work

Jul 27, 2013

im trying to use below formula using SUM and two IF conditions and 1 left formula

Cond 1
Cond 2




the following formula works to capture the sum of combination 22 and m9:




however, in my original table, the 22, 23 etc are values with 6 numbers as shown below

Cond 1
Cond 2




following formula didnt work;




why the secund formula didnt capture anything when i added left to the first one.

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Can't Get Formula To Work When Put Inside A Loop

Apr 14, 2014

LastRow = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(Rows.Count, "K").End(xlUp).Row
For i = 2 To LastRow
Worksheets("Sheet1").Formula = "=IFERROR(+IF(+K2=0,0,+R2/(+IF(+K2>L2,K2,L2)*$AE$1/365)/P2),0)"
If (Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("AE" & i).Value < 1.5) And _
((Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("K" & i).Value > 0) Or (Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("L" & i).Value > 0)) Then
Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("AE" & i).Font.Color = 255
End If
Next i

My loop here works just fine, and my Formula works in testing. However when I move my formula inside the loop I get an error.

Is the syntax wrong in this line = Worksheets("Sheet1").Formula = "=IFERROR(+IF(+K2=0,0,+R2/(+IF(+K2>L2,K2,L2)*$AE$1/365)/P2),0)"

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