Formulas To See If Names In One Column Exists On The Names In Second Column

Aug 18, 2014

I have two columns listing about 400 and 500 names respectively.

First Column has names in alphabetical order and the second column is random.

One column has names in this format: Last name, First name

And the other column lists the names as first name and then last name without the comma

I am trying to see if the list of names in one column exists in the other.

Is there a way to see this without changing the format of the names in each column? If so do I have to erase the comma?

Name Lists (1).xlsx

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Match Names In Two Separate Column If Equal Then Pull Info In 3 Column?

Dec 6, 2013

I need to look up the name in E2 in the list in column A and if it matches then lookup name in F2 in list column b, if it matches then the corresponding number in column C is displayed in column G. If neither names are in the 2 columns the words"Not on lists" is displayed in cell in column G.

The other problem is one name is spelled two different ways I want it to look for both spelling before moving on to looking up the second name.

I started with this formula but I'm getting #N/A or "not on list" when they are on the list. I'm using ranges prod_sum is columns AthruC, Last_name is range BthruC. =IF(AND(VLOOKUP(F4,prod_sum,3,0),VLOOKUP(I4,last_name,2,0)),"not on list")

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Continuous Column Of Names Pulled From Another Column With Blanks Between Values

Feb 27, 2013

I have a spreadsheet with two columns - one with names, the other with values. In some cases, the values column alongside a name is blank. Is there a formula-driven method (not a pivot table) that could produce a separate list of only the names that have a value in the value column? The formula needs to be dynamic, not produced via a filter.

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Match Column Names Based On Primary Key In Column A

Jul 17, 2014

The following code works to update the target sheet based on matching column names within the source sheet.

However, I would like to bolster this by not only updating based on matching field names, but also the primary key in column A. Meaning the data from the source sheet isn't always in the same order (based on primary keys) as the data in the target sheet. So I want to keep the order of the primary key in the first column and then update matching field names in column B through the last column where the primary keys match between the source and target worksheets.

Sub CopyDataBlocks()
Dim SourceSheet As Worksheet 'The data to be copied is here


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Count The Names In A Column Based On Another Column

Nov 30, 2009

I'm using this formula to count the number of times this statement is in Column "D"

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Sumproduct -in Column A I Have Dates And In Column B I Have Names

Jan 30, 2008

in column a I have dates and in column b I have names.


A1 = 1/1/08
A2 = 2/3/08
A3 = 3/1/08
A4 = 3/1/08

B1 = Jenny
B2 = Jenny
B3 = Jenny
B4 = Pat

I am trying to count the number of instances of "Jenny" in January.

I tried =sumproduct(A:A,>=39448

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Names In A Column

May 11, 2006

I have a list of names in a column.. in another column i want a list of a website URL, forward slash the name for example:

Column B:

Column C:

i want the 'C' column to automatically complete when a name is entered in B
i tried[url]

but didnt work

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Contains Function: Function That States If A Cell In The Email Column Contains A String Or Value From The Names Column

Oct 13, 2009

On sheet 1 I have a list of 1000 firstnames
On sheet 2 I have a list of 1000 emails,

I need a function that states If a cell in the email column contains a string or value from the names column, it will result in a true statement so that I can separate out the emails that have these peoples first names.

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Counting Names In A Column?

Dec 7, 2012

Is there a way that excel will count how many cells in a column have data in them, in this case peoples names?

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Get A List Of Names From A Column?

Apr 6, 2013

I have a workbook with a collumn full of football championships. As you know there are hundreds of different championships names. And i have a collumn with all of them but some are repeated over and over because this collumn is connected with values of profit/loss in another collumn. For example: Blue Square North (Collumn A1) and in collumn B1 1.75; then Blue Square North (Collum A2) and 2.98 (Collumn B2), and over and over...

So what i need is a formula that retrieves all unique and different names in a range collumn and the puts all the dfferent names in a new collumn (lets say C). Because what i intend to do then is to use vlookup to search for the championships one by one (through collumn C) and count the ones with profit and them loss by the name of each one.

So what i need is a way to retrive a list of the unique names in A and get them in C.

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Search For Names In A Column

May 13, 2009

I have a macro that I'm using to check people in based on their name. The only problem is that the names are both First Last; Last, First; some have middle initials and others have Jr, Sr, etc. I know that this can be sorted through using a Regular Expression, but I have no clue how they operate. I've found many an example of Regular Expressions for VBA, but none of them translate into "Proper English".

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Finding Names In Column That Appear Only Once?

Nov 2, 2011

In a column i have multiple names, most individual names appear many times.

I want to find the names that have only one entry (appear only once)

Is there a vba that could search a column, and underline all the names that appear only once?

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How To Populate Names In Column

Apr 9, 2012

I would like to populate the names in the G column as shown below. the formula which can yield the result?

Sheet2  ABCDEFG1LocationJohnTrevorMikeBillDukeDesired

Result2AYes    John3B YesYes YesTrevor/Mike/Duke4CYes  Yes John/Bill5DYesYesYesYesYesJohn/Trevor/Mike/Bill/Duke

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Sort The Names In Column

Jun 29, 2008

Is there a way to have this sheet which is named "sheet1" sort the names in column A which is named "Name" by the data in column B which is named "Rank" automatically as the data in column B "Rank" changes?

A B1NameRank2Jones13Smith64White25Green76Alpha17Baker38Top59Low4

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Finding Names In A Third Column

Oct 13, 2008

I have three columns of names. I need to loop through the first two checking to see if any name is in the third column and if so, place a 'found' in a fourth column.

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Lookup Using Row And Column Names

Dec 21, 2009

I have two workbooks used for periodically updating product pricing to wholesale customers, one of which has all the product computation info and the other all the customers and products they buy. There is one main sheet in the product information book that has all the products going down the first column with a code for each item. The headings of many of its columns represent variations in packaging. The combination of product and package variations result in the customer's unique price.

I am seeking to find the intersection of product and packaging using names rather than cell numbers. Right now I am able to use VLOOKUP with the product name and named range from lookup sheet but I seem forced to use the column number rather than column heading name. As there are a lot of columns it's easy to lose track or make mistakes. Column name would be much preferred. We are still using Excel 2000.

Example of current reference:

I would like to use something other than 24 for the lookup column, like 'packagename' instead. I have reviewed the INDEX and MATCH functions but haven't figured out how to accomplish what I am after. Incidentally, 'mainlist' is a named range in a separate workbook but referencing as shown above has worked without a hitch.

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Counting Names In A Column

May 10, 2006

I have a list of 60,000 names in a spreadsheed, column A has the NAME, Column B the STREET NUMBER and Column C the STREET NAME. Heres a small sample.


As you can see some of the names repeat, and that is exactly what I want. I want to write a formula in Column D that will indicate how many times each name appears so that it will show, for example, a "5" beside JAQUE D J" and a "2" beside "BAXTER P M".

I have tried using EXACT, MODE, IF ... COUNTIF wouldn't work because there will be some names that are duplicate but at different addresses, besides the range would be enormous.

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Sorting Names By Other Column Of Numbers

Aug 3, 2014

I've question in sorting: I've 2 column in one datasheet. one contain value of numbers and the other contain names of employes. i want to sort the name of the emplyes by the values that is on the first column.

Anther question is how to make it dynamically so ill not sorting it every time that the values of the first column is changing.

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Can I Change Column Header Names

Jun 23, 2005

Can I change Coulmn Header Names... What I mean to say that , We Have Generally Column Names A, B, C, D, ... I would like to Change these names what ever I Want..

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IF Match Function: If A Name Is In A Column Of Names Put A 1 Otherwise Put 0

Jan 6, 2010

I am trying to write a formula that says if a name is in a column of names put a 1 otherwise put 0. Should be a simple If, match function. I have attached a simple example.....

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Get All Names In A Column And Exclude Duplicates?

Sep 11, 2013

I am trying to get a list of all names found in a column but exclude duplicates... I know this can be done in a pivot table but I need the names in a drop down box... if I use the pivot table as the source it will pick up "Grand Total" as a name.

The number of people can increase from week to week...

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Reversing First And Last Names For Alphabetizing In Column

Dec 14, 2011

I want to simply flip the last name and first name in a column for alphabetical sorting purposes.

The names start in A4 and continue down and look exaclty like the format below including some middle initial or full name:

John Doe - $5,000.00
Jane Doe - $7,000.00
Tommy Chong - $50,000.00
Billy Bong - $25,000.00
Dave T Jones - $5,000.00
Alex Lee Johnson -$100,000.00

I want it to simply swap the first and last name order to look like this:

Doe, John - $5,000.00
Doe, Jane - $7,000.00
Chong, Tommy - $50,000.00
Bong, Billy - $25,000.00
Jones, Dave T - $5,000.00
Johnson, Alex Lee - $100,000.00

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Match Rows To Column Names

Nov 8, 2012

I have sheet1 that contains rows with names. I want to match those row names with the column names in sheet2, and then delete any column in sheet2 that does not match to sheet1.

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Separate Column Of Names Into 2 Columns Of First And Last Name?

Nov 13, 2013

I have a column of first and last names that sometimes look like this: Smith, Michael D and other times look like this Smith, Michael (no middle initial) I would like to separate them into two separate columns, one for First name and the other for last name. I have no use for the middle initial so that can be ignored.

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Formula For Summing Up A Column Of Names

Nov 12, 2007

How Do You Calculate A Column of names

Say I have starting on line 3 names of people in column D

What is formula to calculate all the names I type in this colomn D

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List Of Names In Column A And Days Across Row 1

Nov 16, 2009

I have a list of names in column A and days across row 1, with a tick where each name is working. I need a formula to be able to count how many names are working a sixth day in each week.

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Extract Unique Names From Column

Jun 18, 2007

I have a column which has about 600 Names, and some of them are repeated, so I want to extract the Unique of them into a separate column, How can I do that?

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Count Number Of Times Names Appear In Column?

Jan 6, 2014

I have a list of names all in one column, separated by row...


John Doe
John Doe
Jane Doe
Jane Doe
Jane Doe
James Jones
James Jones

I want to count how many times each name appears. Like this:

John Doe | 2
Jane Doe | 3
James Jones | 2

This is a very large list of names and I prefer not to have to type each single name into a formula because there are hundreds of separate names.

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Create Multible Tabs From Names In Column

Jun 4, 2009

i got a workbook made by one of the members in which on clicking of a button (make sheet)---->tabs of all the data in column A is made in that sheet. but if i want to copy a specific data that is present on main sheet to all the sheets created on click of button.

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What Formula To Use To Count All Names In Range In Column A

May 25, 2012

I have many names of people in column A .. what formula do i use to count all the names in the range in coumn A?

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