Macro To Move Data From One Worksheet To Another In Same Workbook

Jul 22, 2009

Is it possible to have a macro compare two wokrsheets and move the totals from one sheet to the other worksheet.

Here are the worksheets: ....


Macro To Move Worksheet To New Workbook

Dec 8, 2011

I need to be able to copy a worksheet from my ActiveWorkbook into a new workbook and save that new workbook. No problem doing that, the following code does it:


Dim wb As Workbook
Set wb = ActiveWorkbook
wb.SaveAs "Master.xls"

Where I am running into the problem is I am needing to copy the 2nd worksheet form about 10 different workbooks into this same workbook.

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Macro- Move Each Worksheet To Individual Workbook

May 10, 2007

I need a macro that will take each worksheet in my file & create a new workbook for each. The new workbook name will need to be the original worksheet name. The number of worksheets & the worksheet names will very each time I run this code.

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Move Data From One Worksheet To Another Worksheet Within The Same Workbook

Jan 15, 2010

I have a Excel workbook with two sheets - 'MainDataSheet' and 'ArchiveSheet' .

The 'MainDataSheet' has 5 columns and one of the column is 'status'.

The 'MainDataSheet' will have a command button 'MoveData' which will trigger the VBA macro to move data rows from 'MainDataSheet' to 'ArchiveSheet' . Only the rows having value set to "MOVE" in the 'status' column have to be moved.

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Move Worksheet From One Workbook To Another

Aug 16, 2008

I have a set of worksheets that need to be moved to their own individual master sheets. i.e. FW32Lightning.csv needs to be moved to Lightning.xls which has all of the fiscal weeks in it as seperate. I know the generic way of doing this, but I need to know how do I write the macro that when I run it every week I don't have to go in and change the fiscal week.

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Copy/Move Worksheet To New Workbook

Sep 12, 2006

I want to copy old worksheet from old.xls (screen 1) to new book new.xls
(screen 2 ) on an extended desktop.

Screen 1 containing old.xls file in originally opened excel.

Screen 2 has new file new.xls in newly opened excel.

Dragging over is unsuccesful.

So is Edit-Move or Copy to new.xls.

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Open Workbook And Move Worksheet Into It

Jan 23, 2008

1. I receive a weekly report 'Over Due Orders_1_14_08.xls' for example. This is sent every Monday and there is a Worksheet on this report called Raw Data.

2. I want to copy Raw Data from that Workbook but the name of the report changes w/ every Monday's date.

Any way of doing this - like just looking for "over due orders" in the Workbook name?

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Macro To Move Row To Another Worksheet

Sep 16, 2008

I have a workbook with two worksheets in it. The first "TO DO" and the second "Completed". In "TO DO", I have rows of tasks starting in row 4 (row 3 is my header), going to 200. What I'd like to have happen is when I put a "C" in column C, it moves the entire row to the "Completed" worksheet, greys it out and removes it from the "TO DO" worksheet. Then if I remove the "C" from the "Completed" worksheet, it moves it back to the bottom of the list. I already have a macro to resort it based on "priority" in column E.

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Excel 2007 :: Macro - Move Duplicate Rows From One Worksheet To Another

Jul 4, 2014

I am using Excel 2007 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

My Workbook contains 2 Worksheets, both with the same headings in row 1. Sheet2 is initially empty, except for the headings in row 1.

The following is a sample of the data in Sheet1:

[Code] ......

I want to create a Macro to operate as follows:

In the above sample data, rows 2, 4, and 8 are identical, so I want to copy rows 4 and 8 to Sheet2, and delete them from Sheet1.


Rows 3 and 9 are identical, so row 9 should move to Sheet2;
Rows 5 and 11 are identical, so row 11 should move to Sheet2.
Rows 6, 7, 10, and 12 are all unique, so should be unaffected by the Macro.

New records will be added to Sheet1 periodically, so the Macro will be used each time to move any newly discovered duplicates to Sheet2.

The Macro should make no assumption about how the rows are ordered, and should not change their order.

I have uploaded two Workbooks, such that Workbook1 shows the original data, and Workbook2 shows the result I want to obtain.

Attached Files :

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Using Macro On A Worksheet In A Different Workbook

Jun 22, 2009

This macro uses data validation and copies new entrys to my Company List sheet. In a different workbook (2.xls). Can this be changed so it copies the nesessery data to workbook 2.xls?

This works if i take the [2.xls] out but only on the same workbook. But i need 1 workbook with the list in and 1 workbook that grabs information from that list and adds to it.

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Macro - Copy Worksheet To Another Workbook

Nov 9, 2006

I need to come up with a macro code to copy 2 worksheet from 2 workbooks to my current workbook. I do not know what is the code such that i can copy different worksheets from other workbooks to a currently opened workbook.

Below is the scenerio i want to achieve:

worksheet1 from workbook1 need to be copied and paste as a worksheet in workbook3. worksheet1 from workbook2 need to be copied and paste as a worksheet in workbook3. workbooks will eventually contain 2 worksheets which are from workbook1 & 2.

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Duplicating VBA Macro On Another Worksheet In Same Workbook

Aug 6, 2014

I have a worksheet (Morning Reports) that has a running macro on what I need is how do I get this same code to work on a different sheet titled (Afternoon Reports) This afternoon report will be a scaled down version with slightly different range:

How do I modify this code to do the same thing just on a different sheet

[Code] ....

Protection password is "Financial3" and sheet and VBA

Attached File : New Morning Report - Master_Copy-NO DELETE.xlsm

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Macro Will Not Create New Worksheet And Workbook

Oct 28, 2009

Im trying to create a document that creates a new workbook when certain functions are selected and have written a macro to assist with this. Basically im working on a comprehensive checklist with all possible scenarios that will need to be tailored for use, so you can create a document with just what is applicable to you and not the whole checklist. I have attached a sample of what i mean, along with clearer descriptors of what the document is designed to do.

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How To Have Macro Allow Select Of Workbook And Worksheet

Nov 9, 2009

The last few days I have had great support in answering my questions. I would like to tweak the code one more step.. The RFQ LIST workbook grabs data from Inventory workbook after select the workbook.

This code in RFQ LIST allows to select the workbook, I would also like to select the workbook.sheet as found out they want to tab the data and keep long term history.

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Workbook / Worksheet Reference Macro?

Apr 19, 2012

I have a Workbook that has a macro that, as of now, is referencing the Workbook's file name. I'd like it to just be referencing the worksheet itself (it is in the same workbook) so that when the file name is changed, the macro still works.

I know which part needs to be changed... just not what to!

Sub CopyData()
Dim Cell As Range
Dim DstWkb As Workbook
Dim DstWks As Worksheet
Dim R As Long
Dim Rng As Range
Dim RngEnd As Range
Dim SrcCols() As Variant
Dim SrcWks As Worksheet


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Macro Which Can Paste Value Into Different Workbook (not Worksheet)?

Sep 10, 2013

Is it possible to write a macro code, which will paste a predetermined value into a different workbook?

For example, I have 3 open workbooks, ie, 3 separate instances of Excel running.

When I run the macro in "Workbook 1", I want the value "1" to be pasted into cell A1 of workbook 3. (C:workbook1.xlsx)
When I run the macro in "Workbook 2", I want the value "2" to be pasted into cell A1 of workbook 3. (C:workbook2.xlsx)


The value of Cell A1 in Workbook 3 changes as the macros specified above are run. (C:workbook3.xlsx).

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Macro To Copy Worksheet To Another Workbook

Jul 6, 2005

if it is possible, and how to go about it.

Copy worksheets from many workbooks to one Master workbook, which will be used to aggregate the data. I need a macro to do this, which will automatically name the worksheet it creates (using information from one of the cells).

The second part of my problem is that it needs to be smart enough to recognise if the worksheet that is being copied, has previously been copied to the master. If it has, it should overwrite the original worksheet rather than create a new one.

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Macro: Copy Worksheet To Another Workbook

Nov 9, 2006

I need to come up with a macro code to copy 2 worksheet from 2 workbooks to my current workbook. I do not know what is the code such that i can copy different worksheets from other workbooks to a currently opened workbook.

Below is the scenerio i want to achieve:

worksheet1 from workbook1 need to be copied and paste as a worksheet in workbook3.
worksheet1 from workbook2 need to be copied and paste as a worksheet in workbook3.
workbooks will eventually contain 2 worksheets which are from workbook1 & 2.

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Macro Code To Copy Worksheet From One Workbook To Another

Dec 30, 2011

Here is the code I have:

Sheets("Report_P").Copy After:=Workbooks("New_report.xlsx").Sheets(9)

2.xlsm is open. it contains a sheet called Report_P New_report.xlsx is open and has 9 existing sheets

Every time this tries to execute I get a "Run time error 1004 Copy Method of Worksheet Failed".

What is wrong with this code? I have an identical line in another macro, the only difference is that there are 5 sheets pre-existing, and that works fine.

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Apply Macro To All Sheets/Worksheet In Workbook

Aug 31, 2006

I need to apply the following code to all the sheets in my workbook (they are all identical format)

rivate Sub mymacro1()
Application .OnTime TimeValue("10:27:00"), "MyMacro1"
Dim objOL As Object
Dim objItem As Object
Dim lngRow As Long

Set objOL = CreateObject(" Outlook.Application")

lngRow = 6
Do While activehsheet. Cells(lngRow, 1) <> ""
If ActiveSheet.Cells(lngRow, 6).Value < Date Then
Set objItem = objOL.CreateItem(0) 'constant olMailItem = 0

With objItem
.Body = "The training review for employee: " & ActiveSheet.Cells(lngRow - 5, 2) & " is due today """.....................

I don't know what syntax to use to 'globalise' if you like the macro to perform the action in the code to all the sheets.

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Distribute Macros: Is Possibility That There Is A Macro In The Workbook Even When There Is No Worksheet

Dec 13, 2006

Is there a possibility that there is a macro in the workbook even when there is no worksheet? I do not want a personal macro, instead, when I open a workbook(with no worksheet), goto tools->macro->open, I should see the macro. This would be helpful so that I can passover the macro to all my team mates and they can open any worksheet from there and work on the macro.

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Macro To Create Worksheet 'xxxx' And List All Worksheets In Workbook

Feb 2, 2009

I am after some code to create a new worksheet called 'xxxx' in my workbook, and then list all the sheets within the workbook (excluding the newly created 'xxxx' sheet.)

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Macro For Creating Workbook From Every Worksheet And Save By Value Defined By Cell

Mar 26, 2013

have seen macros that create a seperate sheet & save by tab number etc, & wonder if its possible to save each sheet in a workbook as the value defined in each sheets cell A2. is there a vb macro available to do that ? if so where ?

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Worksheet Open Event: Macro Run Every Time A Sheet In A Workbook Is Accessed

Jan 5, 2010

Is there a way to have a macro run every time a sheet in a workbook is accessed? Something similar to the workbook open event, but for worksheets.

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Excel 2010 :: Macro To Delete Last Line Of Data In Each Worksheet In Workbook?

Apr 24, 2014

I'm trying to create a macro that will look at each worksheet in a workbook and then delete the last line of data on each worksheet. The last row can vary on each worksheet. This is what I have come up with but it is not working. I am on Excel 2010 and Windows 7.

Sub Macro1()
Macro1 Macro
Dim ws As Worksheet


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Move Last Sheet In Workbook To The First In Workbook?

Dec 3, 2013

creating some VBA code to move the last sheet in my active workbook to come before all the other sheets in the same workbook.

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Copy Worksheet In Workbook With All Formulas On New Worksheet Referencing Previous Worksheet

Apr 21, 2012

I have a workbook that contains 50 worksheets named 1-50. I need to add more worksheets. all the formulas in the worksheets always refers to the previous worksheet.

How can i make a copy of the worksheet named 50, name it 51 and have all the formulas in worksheet 51 refer back to worksheet 50?

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Move Tab To New Workbook?

Jan 22, 2013

I tried to move a tab to a new Excel workbook. You may say that it is very straightfward to do it: right click the tab and then do 'move' or 'create a copy'.

I found the problem is that the whole color will be completely changed and look bizarre. I really like to get a genuine copy of the tab: all remains the same.

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Copy A Worksheet Of Information In One Workbook To A Worksheet In Another Workbook

Mar 23, 2009

I have code that i use to copy a worksheet of information in one workbook to a worksheet in another workbook. All i need is some guidance on how to copy a second worksheet from workbook 1 to a second worksheet in workbook 2. Should be fairl straight forward.

In the below i am copying the sheet Phone_data to a second work book sheet also called Phone_Data, i would like to include in the same proccess a sheet called Sur_Data from workbook 1 copy to a sheet called Sur_Data_R in the second. All the other features like find next empty row also apply.

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Move Sheets To Other Workbook

Apr 8, 2009

I know this is a simple operation, but I'm new and a little slow with macros. I've gotten the code I have so far and would like a little more with my next step.

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Move Spreadsheet To End Of Workbook

Jun 4, 2009

I m moving a spreadsheet to the end of a workbook, however the amount of spreadsheets in the workbook increase each day.

Two files will be involved in this macro. 1) Headset Out Time and 2) Headset Out Time "Month". Where month is the current month.

Command Button 2 located on the file Headset Out Time will execute the macro. The macro will open Headset Out Time "Month" then move the first spreadsheet (different name on a daily basis), from Headset Out Time to the end of the workbook Headset Out Time "Month". Then it will reset the spreadsheet (this part i can handle)

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Move Cell Value To Last Used Row Of Another Workbook

Feb 1, 2008

I have recorded a Macro but cannot figure out how to edit it to accomplish my goal beyond the first use.

I want to to Highlight a Row in Worksheet A, ( Amazon Open.xls ) - Run my Macro to Cut that Row -- then Open Worksheet B (Amazon Sold.xls) and Paste that row into the next unused Row. Then copy Cell L in that row to clipboard.

Heres what I have recorded -

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Move Rows To Another Workbook

Apr 14, 2008

I have an original workbook. Also I have saved a "copy of the original Workbook". So the sheets and other headers are same. Now i want that If i delete a row in Original Workbook then the row should go out from origianl workbook and copied to "Copy of Orinal Workbook" in the same sheet from the the row is being deleted. Suppose row 7 of sheet1 is deleted, then the data of the row 7 from the original WB should go to row 2 of Copy of origianl WB (Being the first empty row. Similary if any row is deleted from sheet2 of Original Wb, the same should go to first empty row of Sheet 2 of Copy of Original WB. By this I want to keep a record of those rows which are deleted from the original Wb for future reference.

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Move Row To Another Worksheet Once Criteria Met?

Apr 16, 2014

Move a row of work to resolved tab once column M is changed to resolved This needs to be moved to the first available line on the resolve tab The row that has just been moved from the orginating agents tab needs to be deleted and shifted up When moved to the resolved tab I want it to prepopulate where the row originated from in column N When moved to resolved tab I want it to prepopulate the date it was resolved Also the spreadsheet will be shared

I have attached a test version of the spreadsheet.

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Move Cells To Another Worksheet

Aug 26, 2008

I have whats going to be a very large "Input" worksheet that has several headings of columns. One of these columns is "category" as in parts of a vehicle, i.e. steering, wheels, rod-ends and so on. Now what I would like to do, is once I type a new row of information in, to have the filter go through and copy said category row into another worksheet where I can have all of them separated on there own.

Here is a picture of my current spreadsheet. So basically I want to be able once I save the file, that it goes through and where it detects Rear-End in "B18" I would like it to select row 18, copy all of its cells and move them into the worksheet Rear-End

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VBA Code To Move Row From One Worksheet To Another

Mar 28, 2014

I created a outstanding task worksheet in excel and I would like to move the completed jobs from this sheet to the second worksheet titled 'Completed Tasks'. The first worksheet is called 'Outstanding Tasks'.

I came up with a code to do this (see below). As you can see when I type "Y" into column G it moves the row into the second worksheet. It does this; however it puts it to the bottom of the table on the second worksheet where I would like it to be at the top. I also would like it to delete the row once it has moved it does this but then deletes the other row of information above it leaving blank rows on either side.

I simply want a code that moves the row of information to the second worksheet when I type Y into column G and then delete the row without messing with other information around it.

Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Target.Parent.Range("G5:G1000")
If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Intersect(Target, rng) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
Select Case Target.Text
Case "Y"
Target.EntireRow.Cut Sheets("Completed Tasks").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Offset(1)
End Select
End Sub

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Move Info From A Worksheet To Another

Nov 2, 2008

i need to get certain info from one worksheet to another is there any way to do this automatically

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Move INVOICE To Other Worksheet

Oct 7, 2009

i have this at the moment:

in a sheet named CURRENT is all our data.

when the jobs done the Satus Column "F" is changed to INVOICE
and then once a day or whenever they are all moved to a new sheet named the month and year, in this case JUN 09 this works fine as it is but at the moment i have to delete the lines myself from where it took the data from in CURRENT or AtoZ then remove them in 1 go.

Simply put, i want the code to remove these lines itself....

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Delete, Add, Move Worksheet

Apr 22, 2006

I've included bits of my code and some debug output. Whenever I attempt to add a worksheet, either BEFORE or AFTER I get the following ERROR MESSAGE: Method 'Add' of object 'Sheets' Failed. if I use the .add without before and after a worksheet is added. The problem is that it is always added before the active sheet. I need to replace a single sheet in the correct position of possible 10 sheets. I know the names of the sheets and which one I want to replace, but I can't get EXCEL to move sheets, add sheets by position Number or name, without getting the ERROR.

Public xlApp As Excel.Application
Public xlBook As Excel.Workbook
Public xlSheet As Excel.Worksheet
Public xlRange As Excel.Range
Set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Set xlBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Add
xlBook.Worksheets.Add After:="Accounts Receivable" *****
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable

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Move Data To Another Worksheet

Jul 27, 2006

How can I move data from one worksheet and place in another worksheet in the appropriate column? I exported data from Access to Excel in order but I need to group the data in excel.

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Move All Charts To 1 Worksheet

Nov 28, 2006

With the above code, is it possible to trasfer all selected charts, on to a new spreadsheet and print them to fit on one page Landscape, no margins?? Or is that stretching it, i tried it but i print them all A4

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