Macro - Worksheet Where Certain Cells Are Updating Constantly

Apr 15, 2007

I have work sheet where certain cells are updating constantly

the cells are D7, D10, D13, D16, D19, D22....... all the way down to D60

Now the values in these cells are changing every few seconds..... what I'd like to do is track the direction the cells are moving in a seperate sheet.

Lets say the cells displayed the following values for example:


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Macro To Automate Updating Of Worksheet

Oct 1, 2008

Here is my scenario:

4 step process or more?

1)I have a text file (with delimiters) that I want to be copied over to an existing workbook (because of the header)

2)So now I have a temporary workbook that includes the header and the data from the text file. I want this temporary data to be transferred or copied to a sheet in another workbook(s), wipe out previous data and store the new one. Save the workbook(s) and close.

3)Close temporary file. Don't save.

4)I want this process to be automated -- run it daily everyday at say, 6:30 in the morning.

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Constantly Running Macro

May 19, 2007

I am using

Sub FillColor()

With Application.FileSearch
.LookIn = "K:Departmental FoldersAccountingMonthly Accounting Package20074_2007Green BookHighlights"
.Filename = "110 Summary Income Statement-Month, YTD"
If .Execute > 0 Then
Dim rFoundCell As Range
Set rFoundCell = Columns(1). Find(What:="110", After:=Cells(1, 1), _
LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _
SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False)
rFoundCell.Interior.ColorIndex = 35
End If
End With

End Sub

to highlight cells if a file is found in the system.

These files are saved by other users and I would like this macro to be "running in the background" while I have the file open so if someone saves a file it will automatically update. I don't want to start the macro every time I want to know if a file is saved. Can this be done?

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Macro "Target.Address" Not Updating When Worksheet Changes

Feb 3, 2009

when I manually delete a row or column in my worksheet - the macro target addresses do not update.

For example, I have a Target.Address of B5
If I delete column A from the worksheet, I want the macro Target.Address to update to A5. Currently the Target.Address remains B5 even though the cell I am interested in has now moved to A5...

Here is my worksheet
Sub Macro1()

If Range("B5") = "Yes" Then
Rows("6:10").EntireRow.Hidden = False
Rows("6:10").EntireRow.Hidden = True
End If

End Sub

Here is my workbook
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Target.Address(False, False) = "B5" Then Call Macro1

End Sub

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Updating Contents Of One Worksheet Based On Criteria In Another Worksheet (2)

Mar 10, 2009

OK, two files attached in the zipfile, pricelist-half.xls and pricelist-full.xls

The background is that i exported a file from our warehouse system so we could update prices and re-import it. That is the pricelist-half.xls

After our staff had spent a few days working on it, it came to light that (as the name suggests!) its only about half the products that should have been exported that are on the list.

Hence the second file, pricelist-full.xls which as its name suggests is the full
product list.

What I need to happen, to make this as painless as possible, is somehow for the items/rows that are on the full list, but not on the half list to be inserted to the half list but also have a yellow background for their rows so they stand out clearly.

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Updating From Other Worksheet

Jan 21, 2007

I've been trying for a while now but I can't do it so I was wondering if anyone could do it:

1) I am trying on the "customer detail page", in the " date due" column automatically update with the book/DVD.

The database has been shortened drastically to be able to be able upload

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Automatically Updating Summary Worksheet

Apr 18, 2006

I have several tabs (worksheets) representing purchases for a specific year.
There is one tab (worksheet) that is a Summary of all purchases for all
years. How do I get Excel to automatically update the Summary worksheet
anytime one of the other worksheets are modified?

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Updating Worksheet Data From New CSV File?

Dec 14, 2011

I keep track of returns for my company and I am pulling a CSV file with all of the information on it.

I want to be able to format the info and create new columns for info I enter in to the sheet, and be able to import the updated CSV file into my already formatted sheet.

The part that I am wondering about is, after I import my first CSV file(sheet1) do I need to create another sheet(sheet2) and format sheet2 and have it pull the info from sheet1, then when I update workbook1 the data will update in sheet2?

Or, is there a way to just import the new data a single formatted sheet that I created from the old data and have it just add the new data without messing up any of my formatting?

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Apr 24, 2007

I have one work sheet (worksheet #1) that everyone in the company uses. With this worksheet they submit orders to my department.

When I receive it (worksheet #1) I have a macro built in so that all i have to do is click a button and the sheet get's logged onto a certain workbook (workbook #1) on the appropriated tabbed sheet.

On my log workbook (workbook #1) I have two tabed sheets "2005" and "2007", and all of the worksheet#1's go to the next line on "2007"

On occasion a sales person will open up an old worksheet and the macro will log it onto "2005".

I want to create a macro for (workbook #1) that goes something like this:

If any files attempt to write to sheet "2005"
do not allow or (False)
move line item to sheet "2007" to the next open line.

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Applying Time And Date In Worksheet After Updating

Feb 6, 2007

all i need to write is a code which syncronizes with my update button, which i don't know how to write....whenever i click the update button, all my files will be updates, and at the top elft of the screen would show the time and date of my last update.

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Return Focus To Workbook/worksheet After Updating Form

Jul 24, 2009

I have a form that displays when i open a workbook. I enter data into the form's fields (listbox & textbox). When I click the form's "OK" button, the focus doesn't return to the current worksheet, and in fact, focus doesn't return to any of the open windows / applications I have open.

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Crashes Constantly

Oct 19, 2007

Just recently Excel crashes about 4 out of 5 times. Any advice to where I should start looking and how to handle this please?

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Make For Loop Run Constantly?

Sep 9, 2012

I have this code:

Sub StaffDateFiller()
TodayDate = Worksheets("Program").Range("I8")
StaffName = Worksheets("Program").Range("I9")


Is there a way to either:

A) make this run constantly (as it stands now, the code works as I want it to, but I have to run the code for the operation to take place)

B) perhaps write it somehow using indirect reference (I am not sure how to do this), so that I do not have to constantly have the code look through a bunch of rows.

I simply want to check if an 8-digit value occurs in column 7, and take information from somewhere else and paste it into column 8 and column 9 of the same row.

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How Can I Keep A Cell Constantly Updated

Aug 13, 2008

I need to keep a cell (or sheet) updated second by second. is there a way to do this?

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FinalRow Constantly Changing

Feb 18, 2009


The macros I have written are used to help me format raw data reports into something more visually pleasing. When I start out with the finalrow code, it works great, but as the macro runs, it inserts rows and deletes rows, constantly changing my FinalRow.

SO..when I have "Do until activecell.value FinalRow" or something similar, it always either stops before the true finalrow, or in some cases keeps running past the true finalrow.

Is there a way to make it recognize the finalrow at any given time in my macro? For now the only way I could think to fix it was to just have my first macro add "End" to the row below the finalrow, and all my code just calls to look for "End" to stop.

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Torecord The Highest Value In A Set Of Constantly Changing Num

Dec 18, 2005

In Exel, how can I record the highest value (automatically) from a row of
numbers that changes each day. At the end of the year I still need to have
the highest number recorded over the whole year even though each previous
day's numbers disappear.

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Constantly Check Range For Values

Sep 25, 2007

At the moment I have 2 columns, A1:A5 and B1:B5. Normally A1:A5 and B1:B5 are all 0's. Every 5 minutes numbers will show up in column B and I do a procedure outside excel(feedback of DDE's) and they all go back to 0. Now sometimes the cells in A1:A5 are not all 0 after the numbers show up in B1:B5. I can reset A1:A5 to 0 with a macro button. I already built that macro, lets call that macro 'Mike'. So now I have to press that macro button every time when B1:B5 are showing zero's after the procedure and A1:A5 are not showing 0's. Is there a way a macro can constantly check if A1:A5 is non zero and B1:B5 is zero that the macro Mike is called?

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Copy Range Based On Criteria That Changes Constantly

May 7, 2009

I am trying to copy a range of cells, based on a set of criteria that changes constantly.

In Column A, I have numerical values that are present every 10th cell. In columns B through D, I have various text data that corresponds to the number in Column A. So for example, in A50, I have the number 46975. In the range B50-D59, I have text data that goes with the number in A50.

Each day I run a few calculations and based on the number I get, I want to find the exact match in column A, then copy all the data in columns B through D that are related. So if my calculations result in 46975, I want to automatically copy over to another worksheet the range B50-D59.

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Function: Constantly Adds The Numbers In A Column

Jan 25, 2009

I don't think there is such a function but is there a way that I can have a function that constantly adds the numbers in a column and when the sum of 240 is reached it adds 30. I need it to do this only once and not keep adding at every 240 point.

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Blinking Text Constantly While Workbook Is Open

Jun 27, 2013

Is it possible to do blinking txt,

Currently in each sheet in my workbook in Cells A3:D3 I have different text bolded in Red, I want this to blink constantly while the workbook is open.

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Actively Update The Date/time Information Constantly

Nov 15, 2006

I am currently using:

=TODAY() and


to enter date/time on a sheet that is used to create a printed form. I want to ensure that the date/time are current when the form is printed, but they will actually only reflect when the workbook was opened. So, if the employee opens the workbook, then takes a break or answers the phone, when he prints the sheet the date/time may be wrong.

I need to have the worksheet either:

1. actively update the date/time information constantly
2. update it before printing,
3. or possibly have the workbook "time out" and close if there is no activity for 60 seconds or so.

I already have code entered to prevent a "do you want to save changes" promt when closing. And I am using a command button for print which closes the workbook automatically once the employee prints the form (to ensure that all other data is entered fresh everytime the workbook is used).

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Make Chart That Will Constantly Change As Different Selections Made By Person?

Jun 18, 2014

I have created a spreadsheet which uses data validation to allow a user to select a company, start Date, end date, and projected months in order to output different figures. I have attached a spreadsheet to this post in case that was hard to understand.

Since there is data validation, indexing, and matching going on, as different selections are made, various tables change as a result. What I mean as you open the example sheet and start messing around with the data validation boxes.

The problem I am encountering now, is creating a chart that will also keep changing as the user changes their selections in the data validation boxes. I am unsure if this is even possible, but I figured it was worth a shot to ask. On the example sheet, I have included a graph similar to the one I want, but it only contains data in a certain range of cells, rather than dynamically changing to accommodate whatever data is outputted.

Here is what I am looking for in the graph:

1. Whatever dates are selected by the user in the data validation boxes, along with the projected dates will be on the x-axis.

2. The PMPM figures associated with the selected dates, and the projected dates on the y-axis.

3. Ability to make different selections from the data validation boxes and still have a dynamic chart that keeps updating itself.

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Cells Are Not Updating Automatically

Jul 1, 2009

I have a long list of sedols and wish to download the last price for each on a limited range of dates (30 dates, hundreds of sedols). So I built my excel file to have the sedol running down a column and dates across the top, with the function:

=BDH($A4&" Equity SEDOL1","PX_LAST",DATE(YEAR($D$1),MONTH($D$1),DAY($D$1)-0),DATE(YEAR($D$1),MONTH($D$1),DAY($D$1)-0),"Dir=V","Dts=S","Sort=A","Quote=C","QtTyp=Y","Days=T","Per=**","DtFmt=D","DTS=H")

the cells are not updating automatically, even when I hit refresh.. the only way is to go into each cell and hit enter (not practical!).

The next problem is that it adds something like ("cols=1;rows=2") to the end of the function and copies down further than I want.

Is it the case that the Bloomberg functions just can't handle having the dates across the top and security identifiers down the side - or is there some work around?

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Self Updating Cells In Different Sheet

Aug 28, 2013

I'm looking for a formula that would take the newest figure from a column in sheet A and update cell in sheet B. Every week it's going to be a different cell in a column in sheet A (always one below last week's) but the same cell in sheet B.

Basically I would like one cell in sheet B to show me most recent information from column in sheet A...

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Automatically Updating Cells

Jan 15, 2009

I am going to try to be as detailed as I can here:

I have been manually inputting the most recent "paid to date" field from one sheet to another within the same workbook.

There are about 20 different payment schedules for each deal. Each of these has their own sheet, and we will call this the "Deal" sheet. Some deals are paid based on a monthly schedule, some are quarterly, and others are annual.

The "deal" sheet looks like this:

Due Date Payment Payment Rcvd Remng Payment Payment Date
8/31/08 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $0.00 08/1/08
9/31/08 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $0.00 09/1/08
10/31/08 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $0.00 10/1/08
11/31/08 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $0.00 11/1/08
12/31/08 $10,000.00 $10,000.00 $0.00 12/1/08
1/31/08 $10,000.00 $0 $10,000.00

I want to have a macro that will paste the most recent "Due date" based on a zero value in the "Remng Payment" column. For this example, the most recent "Due Date" should be 12/31/08 because that is the most recent zero value.

I want to past this value in another worksheet that contains a report for all 20 deals. Lets call this the "Reports" worksheet. Each of these dates individual deals needs to be applied to its respective row on the "Reports" worksheet in a "Paid to Date column.

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Macro For Updating A Range?

Apr 14, 2014

I just started learning VBA and I can't figure out how to create a macro that will update my date range. I need it to automatically add the next date in the next blank cell so it would be like this:

1/1/13 1/2/13 1/3/13 1/4/13

Here is an outline of my work book: GANTT4-1.xlsm

Id like a date to be added if the maximum date in row 6 is exceeded by a date in column k.

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Updating Insert Row Macro

Aug 21, 2013

I had a spreadsheet with an insert row macro which worked fine and dandy, unfortunatly I decided to split the worksheet across two worksheets and the macro requires updating, The macro currently runs fine for the 'To be State' worksheet but gets an error on the 'As is State' worksheet. The code breaks down on this line:

ActiveCell.EntireRow.Insert Shift:=xlDown

The only difference between the two worksheets that I need is that in the 'To be State worksheet' columns C and O need to be copied down from Row 3 while in the 'As is State' worksheet columns C and U need to be coped down from Row 3.

The worksheet names are:

As is State
To be State

My Code is:

Sub InsertARow()
Dim CurCell As Range
Set CurCell = ActiveCell
Dim CurCellInA As Range
Set CurCellInA = Columns("A").Cells(CurCell.Row)


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Macro For Updating Links

May 4, 2007

if it was possible to write a macro that will update a link to a file that has the same file name but now lies in a different folder/directory path. I have about 50 spreadsheets that link to this file which has now been moved.

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Create Worksheet And Copy Cells Using Macro

Oct 15, 2012

Iam looking for macro to copy rows based on partial cell content of a column. I have an excel spreadsheet called "arc.xlsx" from which I would like to copy data to other few new excel files when certain criteria are met. The excel file contained location is C:Documents and SettingsxxxxDesktopCompany.

Below is a sample of arc.xlsx

I1 999999 1 SMITH 0 8 9
I1 999999 ab SMITH 4 8 9
I1 999999 cd SMITH 4 10 9
I1 999999 1 SMITH 4 1 10


I would like the macro to copy rows that have 'ab' in the column c (with title BR)and save it in a new excel file with name ab.xlsx in the same location folder.And the same for 'cd', '01' and '02' by saving the data in files with name cd.xlsx, 01.xlsx so on.

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Data From Specific Cells To Another Worksheet - Macro

Aug 31, 2009

I am looking for a macro which will take specific data from one sheet to the 2nd. I have attached the sheet. The Input data in the 1st sheet and the consolidated dat ain the 2nd one. Kindly assist. In the Final Sheet:

The Description column shld contain the data from B7:C7 and the B10:C10 together in one cell and that shld be copied till the end

The Description (Design steps) and Expected Result coulmn shld take data from the Test Step Description and Expected Result. And the Step Name shld be counted automatically till the last input. Test Name column shld be the 1st woksheet name.

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