Set Data Output Range

Feb 11, 2010

I want to set my output range to start at row 25 Set Findit starts counting cells from row1.

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Output Range To CSV With No Blanks

Oct 9, 2007

I'm trying to output a couple columns (and 300 rows) to a csv file. This code works wonderfully, save for the fact that it doesn't igore any cells in the range that are empty.

how I can get it to ignore empty cells?

Public Sub textFileDelim()

Const DELIMITER = ","
Const MYFILE = "E:EricTesting Folder2_Thurs.csv"

Dim Last_Column As Integer
Dim Last_Row As Long
Dim Row_Loop As Long
Dim Column_Loop As Integer
Dim FileNum As Integer

FileNum = FreeFile

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Output Used Range To Text File

Oct 9, 2007

I would like to output the text I perpared in " sheet 1" into a text file, "output.txt"

The imformation I like to output start from coulmn C, and column D then column E.....
The numbers of rows in each column could be different, and also there may be some single empty column in between. The totals numbers of coulmn is unknow.

the text in the output.txt should contant all the imformation in the sheet started from column C, coulmn D, column F.... (if coulmn E is empty). and the text in the output.txt file is continues with no gap in it.

To make it even more powerful for later use, The column that begin with NOT should not be output.

Excel Data-


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Output One Instance Of Smallest AND Largest Value In A Range

Dec 5, 2013

I am looking for a formula that will output the highest and lowest value in a range. Column A contains a range of numbers, some of which repeat and in column B i'd like to extract ONE instance of the highest and lowest value in Column A, preferable the last instance.

See example below and in column B the desired output.

Column A

Column B

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VBA Function: One Range As Input, Two Ranges As Output

May 10, 2006

I want to pass an array to a function, and am unclear how to do it. For example, the following declaration does not work:

Public Function xyz(a() as Variant) as Double

There is an additional requirement that I would like the output also to be a range of the same dimensions, typically one column and 100 rows. Is this possible?

A further twist is that the function I am writing calculates two values for every element in the input array and I need the output of them both.

An inelegant solution would be to write two separate functions, but I was wondering if it is possible to get two array outputs from a single function.

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Loop Formula To Search Through Range To Get Expected Output?

Feb 14, 2014

Trying to look for formula for searching through Range and search through Data to achieve expected res

Data Output ExpectedRange
Pune 123 is city Pune 123 Mumbai 999
Maharashtra 345 is state Maharashtra 345Pune 123
India 678 is Country India 678 Nagpur 666
Maharashtra 666 is state OthersPune 555

Below is the query i used for manual search however need formula to see through Range and achieve output expected

=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Pune 123",A5)),C5,
IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Maharashtra 345",A6)),C6,
IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("India 678",A7)),C7,"Others")))

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VBA To Output Column Of Dates Within A Range For Multiple Ranges

May 21, 2014

I need a 'simple' vba that outputs all the dates in a range that correspond to a particular ID in a column as well as that same ID in a column beside the dates.

So basically using the data in columns A to B as input, to get columns E and F as output.

Also, for a lot more than just 3 IDs.

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Custom Code To Output Cell Range As String

Nov 19, 2013

I have come across this wonderful piece of code that kind of accomplishes what I am after, to a point. Though I would like the output string to be displayed with a few extra characters.

Function Concat(rng As Range, Optional sep As String = " , ") As String
Dim rngCell As Range
Dim strResult As String
For Each rngCell In rng
If rngCell.Value "" Then
strResult = strResult & sep & rngCell.Value
End If


I want the output to be:

["cell1" , "cell2" , "cell3" , "cell4" , "cell5"]

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Have Output Cell Of ActiveX Combobox Link To Named Range?

Apr 22, 2013


MFI is the named ranged that is referencing a column of data. This works, but I want to be able to change the MFI to a different named ranged.

So what I am trying to do is using an ActiveX Combo box so I can reference the named ranges that I have set, for example MFI, so each time a user chooses MFI or another named range, it will output to a linked cell (A1). Then the linked cell will be referenced into this forumla.


Is it possible for A1 to be linked to the named range, so if the user choses MFI in the combo box, it will change all AverageIFS formulas to look at a different named range.

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How To Use INDEX Formula In Conjunction With Data Validation To Output Data

Jan 9, 2014

Essentially, I would like a user to be able to select a PUB from the Data Validation drop down in row 2 of the PUB RATES sheet so that the corresponding information in the DATA sheet autofills.

Currently, this works only for the first column under each PUB when selected and this fills across all 4 columns (rather than the respective information for each column filling).

Also, the Data Validation dropdown includes blanks which I would like to exclude.

I have used a Range Name for the Data Validation of each PUB so that these can be drawn from a separate sheet as I don't want all the DATA content on the same sheet as the PUB RATES content.

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Extract Unique Data From Information In Output Data?

Jul 2, 2014

I am trying to extract unique Data from the information in the output data in the file attached after i have extracted data based on criteria from the database sheet. i have noticed that because i extract data from the database sheet and from there i perform the extraction of the of the unique data , it is not able to extract unique isser name form the output sheet.

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Excel 2010 :: If Statement With Text As Range Of Values And Numbers Needed As Output?

Apr 23, 2013

Excel 2010, I have the following list (showing part of it):

T-Shirt Sizes


The aim of the list is to see what Sizes each and every person needs and then count how many T-Shirts are required for that particular size. The list is over a 100 entries long so counting it manually isn't really an option as it's time consuming as well as errors might arise.

Thus, I've been trying to use the IF statement with the following logic but to as no avail

IF Size in Column is XS
Add 1 to a particular Cell
IF Size in Colum is S
Add 1 to a particular Different Cell

and so on for the other sizes...kind of like a counter for a for-do-loop.

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Output Data In Multiples Of X?

Aug 5, 2013

I need the output in B1 to be in multiples of the value in A1, rounded up.

Value in A1 is 6
random formula in B1: =IF(AND(N2>$AA$1,S2>0),ROUND((30/$AA$1)*AA2-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2>$AA$1,S2=""),ROUND((30/$AA$1)*AA2-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2<$AD$1,S2=""),ROUND((30/$AD$1)*AD2-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2<$AC$1,S2=""),ROUND((30/$AC$1)*AC2-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2<$AB$1,S2=""),ROUND((30/$AB$1)*AB2-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2=M2,N2<$AA$1,S2>0),ROUND(30*(AA2/N2)-Z2,0),IF(AND(N2<>M2,N2<$AA$1,S2>0),ROUND(AA2*(30/$AA$1)-Z2,0))))))))

So if the resulting value of my B1 formula is 2.33, I'd like to have the output be 6. If the resulting value is 14.55, I'd like the output to be 18.

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Match Data Sets For Output

Aug 26, 2007

I am presently doing one of my work in excel manually. I m not expert user VBA. Yes, I do understand codes, but not very good at developing. I am attaching a file which has all the requirements in details. I think this will require hell lot of programming skill, which I dont posses.

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How To Use Buttons To Lookup Data Then Calculate Output

May 1, 2013

I am struggling to begin designing a program to use for quoting sheet metal parts. We buy three types of material in 9 different thickness. The material is purchased by weight but I sell it by square foot.

I tried a few training exercises using macros but I dont believe macros is the proper function to achieve my output.

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Link Graphed Data To Output Cells

May 19, 2008

I am trying to get the information that I have plotted, on a scatted graph,
off onto the second sheet an splitting the information. I'm not too sure if
this is the right place for this thread, but I am hoping that someone can

The original data that is on the graph is in 3 columns. One has the company
name, one is the current value and one is the predicted value.

I need this info to come off the graph or from the original data in 2
fields. Customer and predicted value, but they need to be prioritized.

1 needs to be the one with the lowest current and highest potential.
2 needs to be the 2nd lowest current and 2nd highest on.
Then I need to get the highest current and highest on.

I know that what I require is quite complex and it may have to be via
calculations, but I am hoping that excel can do this?

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Limiting Output Based On Cell Data?

Mar 22, 2013

I've got a worksheet that needs to be limited by the value in a cell. I've attached it so you can look at it and understand what I need better. In I7 (red box) is a number that is the max a machine can rotate. B6 should never exceed this and B9 should be scaled down to match the output of B6. I think B9 will scale down automatically from the existing formulas if B6 is throttled correctly.

Should =FLOOR((((F5*D11)/D9)*3.82),50) have a max value equal to I7? And how would I incorporate it?

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VLookup To Output Text Data Results?

Dec 24, 2013

I have a column with lots of tube station names. I have a look up table with the tube station name, and the possible lines that pass by that tube station.

One tube station may be covered by more than one tube line.

I am looking for a formula that will output every tube line that caters that one tube station.

first question, what is the best way to organise the data in my look up table.
Second, is a vlookup the best formula to achieve the output I want? i.e. Reflect how many tube lines cover each station

see table below: If the station name has only one tube line, Vlookup works fine. When the station, such as Canno Street, has two tube lines, Vlookup only picks up one tube line. If I duplicate Cannot street under the station name, the Vlookup picks only one tube line.

LOOK UP TABLE A1 - station name
B1 Tube line name
Cannon Street


Is there a formula that will output the data of the second tube line name in column D1?

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Dynamic Data Validation To Determine SUM Related Output?

Dec 2, 2013

Trying to set up a dynamic data validation, where each of the subsequent data validation boxes change based on the selection in the first data validation box (while maintaining 4 parameters within a cell, except for the last one).

I have used the IF-statements to determine the "Week's SUM" in H5.

What I'd like to do next is to determine a formula in the "Week's SUM" cells (H6,H7,H8) based on the choices in data validation boxes "Week #" (G6,G7,G8) with the following rules in place:

1. If I made a choice in G5 to be "1" which caused data validation in cell G6 to update, then in G6 I choose "2", the output in H6 should be just week 2's value of 20 (not the sum of week 1 and 2).

2. However, if I choose "3" in G6 (after I chose "1" in G5, as above) then I'd like the output in H6 to be the SUM of week's 2 AND 3, if that makes sense and so on. (e.g. If I chose "5" in G6, then output in H6 should be the SUM of week's 2 AND 3 AND 4 AND 5).

Same rules apply for H7 and H8. I have a feeling this may involve MATCH function and INDIRECT or SUMIFS but how to approach this.

I've attached a file : Dynamic DV and Dynamic SUMS.xlsx‎

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Select Worksheet Using Combobox With Colored Data As Output?

Jul 15, 2014

I get a macro which will provide me coloured data by eliminating the non-cloured(with white) data. Sheet1 has a combox of worksheet within an excel sheet which is listing all the worksheet in an excel sheet.By selecting the worksheet name(for example sheet1, sheet2.....sheet26) and I can move to worksheet I selected and can view the data(coloured one).I have around 25 excel worksheet within an excel sheet and each sheet has various different kind of colors but I dont want the output to show non coloured data after I select the worksheet in Combo box.

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Output Data From Multiple Columns / Remove Duplicates

Apr 4, 2013

This is a very SMALL sample of the data I need to sort through. We have been using filters but the data is growning and becoming far too time consuming using the filter method.

The output I am looking to achieve is something like this, (any format is fine; whether in rows or columns)

(2) CAT I (display how many CAT I for SVR1)
CAT I: 2011-B-44
CAT I: ST-5546
(2) CAT II (display how many CAT II for SVR1)
CAT II: 2011-B-52
CAT II: 2011-A-21

(1) CAT I
CAT I: 2012-E-55
(1) CAT II
CAT II: 2011-A-21

COLUMN A, varies from SVR1-SVR1400 (cointains duplicates)
COLUMN B, IP matches SVR name (contains duplicates)
COLUMN C, will be either CAT I, CAT II, CATIII
COLUMN D, will contain duplicates

I have some history of using formulas and nested formulas but this one is really throwing me for a loop. It feels like Inception to me and I'm not really sure where to start!



[Code] .....

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Formula To Compare 2 Columns And Manipulate The Resulting Data And Output

Mar 31, 2007

I have column A and column B:

I will be inputting data into column B.

I need excel to check to see if the data I input into column B is an exact match to the data in column A.

If it is an exact match, then column B will remain blank.

If the data in column B is different, I need column B to show the following:

No match: <data>

Example I input in column B the following:

Column A Column B
1. Car Car
2. 4357 9999
3. fsd34d 4erd
4. 98dkf 98dkf

Spreadsheet should show:
Column A Column B
1. Car
2. 4357 No match: 9999
3. fsd34d No match: 4erd
4. 98dkf

(Cell 1 and 4 in column B are empty because they are exact matches to Column A cell 1 and 4)

My questions:
1) How does the excel formula need to be written for this to work?

2) Is there a way to set it so that when I do a mass copy to data into column B that the formula will not be overwritten and it will still check to see if the data I copy and pasted into that column matches the data next to it in column A?

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Macro To Find Text Within XLS Files And Output Data To New Worksheet

Oct 4, 2012

Need macro to search xls files in folder/directory for common text string "see reference" and then output the file number which is located in cell A1 to new spreadsheet for each file the text "see reference" is found.

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Min / Max Formula Output Cells (Multi-Step Data Table)

Oct 28, 2013

I have a long chain of formulas calculating the return on a particular investment in equipment. We'll call the inputs A, B, and C, and the output (total savings generated) Z. There are several set combinations of values for A, B, and C that I'm interested in generating a summary report for.

There are a number of steps in-between the inputs that I'm interested in, all of which are necessary to get to the output, but is there a good way to have excel chart inputs and outputs without filling out the intervening data?

I suppose the whole thing is essentially a multi-variable, multi-step data table.

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Copy Input Data To Output Table Based On Variables

Mar 20, 2008

For what I'd like to do, the attached workbook actually represents 3 worksheet. one input sheet and two output sheets (output1 and output2)

I plan to use command button " CommandButton1" on input sheet to start the calculations

Here's what I want to do after pressing the " CommandButton1" :

1. start with case 1 and find the value of Input A to Input J from input table using Vlookup and paste those values to respective palceholder for inputs in blue colour area above the input table for each input.

2.for empty cell in the input table paste 0 (zero)

3. after this will give results for case 1 inputs on sheets "output1" and "output2" on basis of formulas used for each output

4.then copy the results for case 1 inputs from sheet "output1" and "output2" and paste them on "input sheet " in Output table (its below Input Table) next to case1

5.Do this for all cases (in actual workbook there will be more than 100 cases)

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Index - Match Function To Output Data Based On User Input

Apr 30, 2009

I have a list of data that I'm using the index - match function to output data based on user input.

For example, I have:

1 10
2 15
3 20

So when '1' is selected another cell outputs '10'.

However what I want is for example if 1.25 is input, I want it to interpolate to spit out the correct number between 10 and 15.

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Create Form To Output Data And Erase Form Once Data In Ouput

Sep 20, 2007

I am trying to create a form to use as a golf tracker. I basically have created a scorecard where I input the date, score, fairways in regulation, greens in regulation and putts. I want to be able to put that information just like if it was a scorecard and then have a button that says submit. Then that information is output into individual sheets (i.e. one for scores, one for fairways, one for greens and one for putts).

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Date Range: Reference A Single Date And Output Date Ranges

Oct 11, 2008

I need to create formulas that reference a single date and output date ranges. The objective is to have a person input a Monday date in any given month and receive a four weeks out worth of dates and ranges. For example: In a lone cell, the person inputs 10/13/08. Automatically, the sheet produces the next full week range: October 19 October 25 in a single cell and also produces a cell for each date. Example: Sunday 19, Monday 20, Tuesday 21, etc. It should look like:

Monday Date:
October 19 October 25
Sunday 19
Monday 20
Tuesday 21
Wednesday 22
Thursday 23
Friday 24
Saturday 25

and then repeat for three more weeks. I thought I had it figured out until the month changed. The dates continued in October instead of adding a month. This report will be ran weekly, so simply adding a +1MONTH to some cells will not benefit me as Ill have to change the formula every week. I want the formula to compute the data without any manipulation over the next several years. The only change will be the Monday date.

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Comparing Input Value From Set Of Values 1 And Output Data From Set Of Values 2

Sep 28, 2012

Got a road block on one of the trackers which I am trying to create which compares some of our agreements. Basically we need to compare current production with our contracts and then bring the tier level they are at in order to then calculate how much in overrides we receive. Belwo is an example:

Input Value = 140000
Out Should be = 1.5%

Set of Values 1


In a nut shell it will look for 14000 in set of values 1 and pick T3 to then go in set of values 2 and display corresponding T3 which will be 1.5% in above example as output.

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Deleting Data In A Range Of Cells Based On If There Is Data In Cell Outside Range

Aug 1, 2013

I am attempting to make a range of cells' data be deleted if a cell outside of that range that had a name in it is no longer there. So if I have a list of names in cells A1:A6 and a range of data in cells D10:E20 that corresponds to a name in cell A2. If the name in A2 is deleted I would want the data in D10:E20 to be deleted.

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