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Update Listbox As Data (RowSource) Changes

I found that my listbox in userform cannot update automatically(instead it change to blank) when a new data is insert to the target cell which is rowsourced to the particular listbox. But when i close and reopen the userform, the data which i added just now appear in the listbox.I rowsource the listbox from its properties, the command are: 'sheet1'!A2:E5.

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Listbox In Userform: Get Data From Sheet Other Than Using Rowsource
Is there any other way to get data from sheet other than using rowsource because the data retrieved is going to based on the selected sheet's name since there are a lot of sheets .

example :
When i enter number 1234 inside the textbox to search, the data from cells in sheet 1234 will appear inside the listbox.

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Add Items To RowSource Populated ListBox
Why is it when i try adding items to my listbox it comes up with the error Permission Denied. Im using rowsource just to have a heading tho when i want to add items it come up with the error.

Note my headings are in "K2:M3"
With Me.ListBox1

.ColumnHeads = True
.RowSource = "K3:M3"

End With

then i try adding an item with

me.listbox1.additem Test

i get the permission denied error.

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Remove Item From RowSource & Listbox
I have listbox with 1 column source range B6:B25

Some time I want to remove some items before print is there possible to remove such item from listbox as well as corresponding cell without deleting row

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Blank Lines In Listbox With RowSource
I have three listboxes and I set each of their row sources from code in UserForm_Initialize() event like so:

With Sheet1
lbxLanguages.RowSource = . Range("C2", .Range("C2").End(xlDown)).Address
End With

When I run the form, sometimes I see data in two of the three listboxes and the third has blank/empty rows; sometimes all three listboxes have only empty rows in them (i.e. correct number of checkbox squares displayed but no data in front of the squares).

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Clear RowSource Of Multiple ListBox Controls
I have some problems in VBA Excel List Box which I want to rectify. See an attachment " listbox. zip" file

I craated a Userform and Seven List boxes in it. the following problems I am facing.

1) When I change List Box 1 other List Boxes do not show with related data.

2) List Box 1 and List Box 2 show their header others List boxes not. Why?

3) I have defined Names of all ranges. How Can I use it in VBA Coding?

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Populate Form Listbox Rowsource With Code
I have a ComboBox(mnthComboBox) on a userform. I would like to populate the RowSource using VBA Code. I have searched this forum but have been unable to find what I need.

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Refresh RowSource Visible Data
How can you make a ListBox RowSource show only visible data from a filtered range and then when the filtered range changes with new filter criteria, show the new visible data?

I Have a Defined Name Range named “Quantity” with the ....

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Update Data By Ado - Change/delete Data And Then Run Macro For Update Data In Source Spreadsheet
I have one source spreadsheet, where are columns NAME, DATE. I read these data by ADO to other spreadsheet, where I can change/delete data and then run macro for update data in source spreadsheet. The problem: In source spreadsheet is column "NAME" and column "DATE", with values e.g. "Joseph"; 1.1.1980. I read this data to other spreadsheet, then I delete in it value 1.1.1980. When I run macro Update, it messages error.

Sub UpdateItem
.Fields.Item(1).value = activecell 'activecell value = "Joseph"
If Not isempty(activecell.offset(0,1)) Then
.Fields.Item(2).value = activecell.offset(0,1).value
.Fields.Item(2).value = "" 'I tried Empty and 0 too but when I read data again then, it displays 0.1.1900, nothing works
End If
End Sub

It seems that in source spreadsheet has data in column "Date" format Date and when I try to update data in format String ("") in source spreadsheet by Update macro, it messages error. When I used

.Fields.Item(2).Value = Empty
' or
.Fields.Item(2).Value = 0

after rereading data it displays 0.1.1900 What I want to get is that if the cell with date (in other spreadsheet) is empty, the cell in column Date in source spreadsheet after updating will be blank (contains no values).

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RowSource To Reflect Data Added To Named Range
I have several ComboBoxes & ListBoxes on a Userform that populate by referring to Dynamic Named Range in the RowSource property. Also on the Userform is an area to edit/add/delete items in these named ranges. If I Add or Delete an item, the Named Range does not automatically resize--or at least the Menus don't "resize" accordingly--unless I unload the UserForm and load it back up. Is there a way to refresh these Comboboxes without reloading the UserForm?

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Update Listbox
I have a combo box, when I make a selection in the combobox it filters the selection in the listbox but I want it to list Column B & C data - it only lists column B data. I did make the column count 2.

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Listbox Update On User Form
Here is what I'm trying to do:

On load of userform:

- vba scans sheet and determines what rows are not hidden

- vba updates listbox to show non hidden rows with multiple columns

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Update Time And Date When I Update Data Not When I Open A File
I have used the function = now() to have the most updated time but it updates a workbook when I open it in the first place. How I can avoid this?

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Dates In Rowsource
I have attached the file that i'm having issues with. On the userform, frmEditData, I have included a combobox (combobox5) that filters the different rows that show up in listbox1. once you click on an item in listbox1, it populates the rest of the form. This works for all the different filters, except when it is a date. An example would be clicking on Date of Loss in combobox5.

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Separate Workbook In RowSource
I'm trying to find out how to put my database in a separate workbook and still be able to access it with a listbox.

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Type Mismatch For RowSource
I have four columns of data and 25 rows (A1:D25). I wish to add this to a multi-column list box in my user form. My userform is called FundSelect, and my listbox is called FundList. The ColumnCount property is set to 4. When I use the command:

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Save New Combobox Value To Rowsource Range
I've got a userform with a combobox and a textbox. The combobox is populated from a dynamic range of product numbers and when a existing number is selected from the list, a respective product name appears in the textbox. These are then saved to a database sheet via command button.

My problem is following:

When a new product number is entered in the combobox that isn't on the list, I want the number & name of the new product to be saved not only on the database sheet but also on the source sheet so that the new product would be included in the combobox list when run again. Here's my code so far:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

'here is the code that saves everything to the database sheet

If cboTuotenro.Value <> Range("Koodit") Then



If IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = False Then
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End If
Loop Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = True

ActiveCell.Value = cboTuotenro.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1) = txtTuote.Value

End If

End Sub

The problem is that I can't get the code to compare the combobox value to the range of product numbers.

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Set ComboBox RowSource To Dynamic Range
I am unable to reference the combobox's rowsource to another sheet dynamically
The codes below are initialized when the userform is loaded. Is there anything wrong with it?

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

combobox1.RowSource = sheets("testing").Range("L2", Range("L65536").End(xlUp)).Address

End Sub

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ComboBox RowSource From Horizontal Row Range
Normally the combo box will reading the data range from top to bottom. Is there any way to allow the combo box to reading the data from left to right? when i cover, it only reading the first cell of data range.

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Invalid RowSource With Named Range Name
I have a simple (working) UserForm for project data entry that I exported from one Workbook and imported into another. This UserForm contains a ComboBox that lists the local counties... this ComboBox has a RowSource that references a range on one of the Worksheets... the Worksheet name in the new Workbook is slightly different to that of the Workbook from which it was exported, so I went to edit the RowSource field in the ComboBox properties, but I get a "Could not set RowSource property. Invalid property value" error. Your thoughts on why I'm encountering this error message and why I'm unable to change the RowSource

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Remove Spaces From ComboBox RowSource List
I have a UserForm with a ComboBox on it. The RowSource for this ComboBox is a named range called rInv. rInv has rows broken down by day and 105 columns broken down by items. The rows are broken bown to 31 day sections with 27 possible customer/Invoices per day. Most days have between 2 to 20 Customer/Invoices, which leaves anywhere from 7 to 25 blank entries per day. These blanks spaces won't allow the user to scroll past the 1st days Customers/Invoices!

Is there any code to remeve the empty spaces from being seen by the ComboBox RowSource? (I can't actually remove the spaces, they need to remain)

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VBA Program For Data Entry - Find The Matching Data To Update
I want the script to find if the value entered in the form is matching the values in column 'A' in the database and if it matches then it needs to select the cell as active cell - to populate the form details. And if there is no matching value found, the script needs to select the last empty cell of the column 'A' to populate the data entered in the form.

1) Form has 10 different fields that needs to be filled by the user.

2) Field 1 - is a text box for 'Request #' to be entered by the user.

3) After filling in all the fields - once clicked on OK, the form should search for the the 'request #' entered on the form in the database (Form and the database are in the same workbook).

4) If the 'Reqeust #' in the Column 'A' matches the the 'Request #' entered in the form, then the matching cell should be selected (Activecell -Were the data can be overwritten, with the new entry)

5)If there is no matching 'Request #' found in the database, the script should loop to select the next available blank cell in column 'A'. So that the form data can be entered.

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Add Data Monthly And Then Have To Manually Update The "source Data" To Reflect The Added Data On Chart
I have a column line chart to which I add data monthly and then have to manually update the "source data" to reflect the added data on chart. This is a rolling graph, which mean that I have to remove data for one month(from last year) and then include the new month's data. Is there any way on automating this a macro or something, so once I add the data excel automatically removes one month of old data and make changes to include fresh data. Eg Currently chart is based on data from A2:F2 and I add new data to cell G2. I need something which automatically update the source data to cell B2:G2.

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Copying Data And Pasting Data To Update Database
I have a workbook with a database of 15 different products. We receive information with current prices for each of the 15 products on a weekly basis. This info comes in one single worksheet. I have created a different file with one worksheet for each product to track price behavior over time. I need to update these database everytime I get a new report. What I was trying to do is to develop a Macro to copy the data from a "Master" worksheet that includes all 15 products info to the respective worksheet for each product. Information is sorted in columns having the most recent date in the lowest column. I would need the Macro to copy the new data below the last price for each product. I would copy the data into the "MAster" worksheet, then run the Macro who would copy each row and paste it in its respective worksheet in the row rightafter the previous one.

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Data Entry On Listbox
Is it possible to allow data entry within a listbox?

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Export Data From Listbox
I have a Userform with a listbox with 4 columns. I would liker to add a button that will Export this list into a worksheet (preferably new sheet but not necessary). I have searched but can only find articles on importing to list box from excel.

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Update Data From Other Workbook ?
how to update one cell data from one workbook to second workbook. it should be as when i open second workbook it should automatically update that particular data. for ex. In workbook one cell A5 data should be updated on workbook two cell S10. Whenever I open open workbook two S10 should be updated according to A5.

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Update Table Of Data
Cell A10 is set up to autocomplete based on the cells above it. Cells B10 and C10 are set up to use VLOOKUP to gather information from the table above based on the name in A10. What I would like is for C10 to autopopulate with the information in the table which corresponds to the name entered in A10, which it already does. What I would like to do after that is be able to change the data displayed in C10, and have it update in the cell in column C which corresponds to the name entered in A10. What I'm trying to do is create a customer manager. The customer's names will be hidden, as well as all their information, but I want my sales guys to be able to pull up an individual customer's information, then enter notes on that customer (column C). Vlookup won't allow you to enter information, as changing information erases the vlookup formula in the cell. This is very difficult to explain without direct visuals. Is there any way to do this?

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Automatic Update The Data
i have in sheet1, where the client key in the data, and sheet2 where i have to give the latest data to my manager. i tried with isblank and sort but in vain.. attaching the sheet.

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Automatic Update Data
Not sure my subject is matching to my problem. This is my first Thread. I work in excel sheet to tracking meters and am and my boss updating this sheet. This sheet we have in server drive so we both can share. The problem is I need some formula to update automatically whoever updates last in sign column. E.g. Computer id, or something. I attached sheet for more clarification.

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Update Data Via Userform
I have a form that allows users to enter details and retrieve details of data already entered. How can I make it so users can update the data in the subform?

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Copy Listbox Row Data To Worksheet
I have a listbox within a userform for example Listbox1. Together with other items from that userform I am trying to copy the data to a worksheet.

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According To The Criteria You Want To Call The Data Listbox
1.According to the criteria selected combobox data coming llistbox. name, company name on combobox3 one coming...more than one case of a company should only come once.

3.I can not do and made me combobox4

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Userform Listbox Data From Different Workbooks
I have created an userform listbox in workbook A and RowSource points to a specific range of values in a particular sheet in workbook A. The macro is activated by CTL(z). This part works fine as long as the active workbook is A. I want to activate the listbox from a different active workbook say B. The List box appears but no data because the rowsource points to a range in workbook A. I have tried to put Workbooks("workbook A") in rowsource but still no success.

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Get Data From UserForm (TextBox, ListBox)
I spent so long time to fix this problem, but it seems that I can't go on. I have a simple question. How can I get the data from the UserForm and use it in the worksheet? Everything works fine, only the UserForm makes problems. Here is the

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Fill Listbox From Filtered Data
There is a sheet with some data. Suppose for a perticular column, say A, I put a filter.

Now, when I click a command button, I need a listbox which contains all the data in the filter. I mean, if there are 500 records of 5 different types, 5 different records are shown in the filter. I need that 5 records to be displayed in the listbox. Am creating an application which makes use of those records in the listbox.

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Listbox Selection - Data Set If Statement
I have a spreadsheet using drop-down boxes with data from a data sheet.

What i need to do is, if 'A' is selected in "A3", then in "B3" i want a drop-down box to select "A only" compatible values, whereas if 'B' is selected in "A3" then i want "B only" compatible values to be used in "B3" list box/drop-down box.

E.g. if "A3" is 'select transport' then if the value in A3 chosen is "Car" then i only want "4 [x] wheels" in drop-down "B3" cell.

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Automatic Update Of Data In Other Spreadsheet
I want to automatically update data from one spreadsheet to ther one i am novice to vb programming

here are two file plzzz help me out --sheet 1--sheet(data of sheet one to be copied into)
and is there any way that the data copied also gets saved the in that spreadsheet as next time data in sheet 1 is updated!

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Userform: Lookup, Add Data, Then Update
I have made this userform.

What i want to be able to do is select an item from combobox (comboCPM) and then be able to check off some or all of the checkboxes then up date that line items record.

Check box value can be a "x" or "true" dont really care.

I have gone though the combox excercise at, but when I try to use that logic in my spread sheet I get nothing in my drop down... just blank spaces

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Data Finding On Monthly Update
What I've got is 2 worksheets. One is updated every month with new data and therefore the style of the new worksheet is likely to change.

The other one is static and needs to take the data from the updated one. I can't just use a basic =sheet1!A1 because the data will get moved around.

I need to be able to tell it to: look in the new sheet, based off the column heading and row heading find the cell and copy it to the same place on the static sheet. e.g.

In G14, I need it to find on the second sheet "Apr 08" as the column heading and "" as the row heading and put it in G14.

It would be easy to do it manually, but as the spreadsheet grows, it'll be harder and harder.

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Spreadsheet That Update From The Data Warehouse
I have a spreadsheet that update from the data warehouse (I do this manually daily) there is always new sports being added

When I update I would like a macro to check for new sports and if there is one then msgbox me and add it to my table on the next sheet that I use for lookups.

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AUTOFILL SHEET 2 Update As Data Goes In
column b should autofill the last number in column i
in this case b12 = £1820.58
and then evertime column i has data in it should go to the next row in column b

i would like column d to be blank until there is a stake in column c

the same for column f, h and i

column l should have the date auto entry after column c has data input

column n should automatically work out how many days this has been running

sheet 2 cell g5 should know how many records are in sheet 1

sheet 2 cell g6 should return all known "y" in sheet 1 column g
and g7 should return all known "n" in sheet 1 column g
column i.........................

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Update Data On A Closed Workbook
I created a form and the values that it takes are Date, Issue, Name, Team Member and Cause.

I use a Production Support Report (workbook that I don't want open for people to see) and it will have tabs for each month ie; January

how can I without opening Production Support Report grab the values from the form then update the Production support report by finding the months sheet and sticking the values at the last row.

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Sort Table After Data Update..
I have a spreadsheet with 3 tables (all side-by-side). Table one has 8 rows of data; table two has 2 rows of data; table three has 3 rows of data. I am looking for assistance on how to sort each table in desceding order (by sales). Basically I want to do a sort everytime there is a change of values in any of the tables. I have attached a sample spreadsheet to clarify the table layout and the manner in which the values change within each table.

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Update Or Lookup Data In Another Sheet
We use an accounting purchasing program that stores it's data in Access format. I have an Excel sheet that does a query to that data source and returns inventory part numbers, descriptions and pricing.

This file is about 3mb. Using this file as a data source (was trying to make it portable so the sales people can take the data with them) I created a quoting sheet, where they can lookup parts and have all the info pull into the quote so they can give customers a quote with fairly current info. At first I had my search routine copy and paste in links to the info, but that created a problem when the sales person wants to open an old quote to see what they gave someone. So then I had it just paste values, which works fine except when the quote has expired and the sales person wants to keep all the same parts but wants current pricing. I was thinking something like index(match) but VBA code wouldn't let me do that. I was hoping to write code for a button that they can click and it fetches current info.

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Auto Update Of Data To Web Page
I did try a search before posting this - either I am too stuipid or the info was a bit too cpmplicated and in bits and peices for me to figure out. My query is this
Lets say I have a workbook with around 10 sheets in it. and I have a saved a copy of the sheet ias a webpage (HTML ) for user convinence. Now is it possible to somehow ensure that when the orginal workbook is updated then this webpage would also get updated - both would be in the same drive ( I dont want to use internet for this purpose)

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Unable To Update Data Used By Function
I have a function written in excel written in VBA. The function reads data from a worksheet and uses it in an array to solve based on the variable passed with the function. Now the issue is if I change variable that the are passed with the function it works fine. If, however I update values in the worksheet that the function is using as an array (sort of a look up table) the function doesn't see the change. I have to exit Excel and reopen it to get it to re calculate the function. Is there a better/faster way than continually closing and reopening excel?

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Move Listbox Line To Another Listbox With A Command Button
I have two sheets and two listbox's(ColumnCount8) and one command button.

lstInYard rowsource is set to sheet1
lstMilled rowsorce is set to sheet3

Iam trying to cut and paste the selections in lstInYard to lstMilled as well as the corrosponding row values in sheet1 to sheet3 by using cmdMoveSelected click event.

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Data Base UserForm - Clear ListBox
I have the existing code below. What I would like to do is clear the ListBox of all previous records found prior to the next Find All event occurring. For Example I search for "M" and it finds 3 records and these are listed in the ListBox for the user to select from, then if the user searches for "Grealy" it finds 1 record and puts it in the list but the 2nd and 3rd record from the previous Find All event still remain.

I tried using the following code


which clears the listbox but then as soon as you hit Find All following the above mention sequence you get the result as outlined.

Private Sub cmdFind_Click()
Dim strFind, FirstAddress As String 'what to find
Dim rSearch As Range 'range to search
Set rSearch = Sheet1.Range("b2", Range("b65536").End(xlUp))
strFind = Me.TxtEmpName.Value 'what to look for
Dim f As Integer

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Data Validation Listbox Change Event
I have a Data Validation Listbox and I basically want to run a macro when a selection changed in the Listbox.

Does anyone have the code? I'm using Excell 2003.

I read this wasn't supported in 97 version but I haven't found an examples past this on the forum.

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Filter By Date & Use Filtered Data In ListBox
I have been advised to use this code to search for my spreadsheet for dates

Sub FilterTo1Criteria()
With Sheet1
.AutoFilterMode = False
. Range("a1:d1"). AutoFilter
.Range("a1:d1").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:={date entered here]
End With
End Sub

It works but i have two problems

1:Instead of typing the date I want to be able to type a date into a textbox in a userform, is this possible?

2: How would I then go about inputting this data into a list box in a userform?

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