Vba Find Pattern Matching Whole Line

Apr 28, 2007

Using the Find Function in VBA with pattern matching, I want to find the End statements in my code. How do I stop it finding the End If statements, of which there are hundreds maybe thousands. I tried End[ ][ ][ ] and End[!I] etc but they exclude the End statements as well.

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How To Find Matching Pattern And Retrieve Data From Adjacent Column

Jun 1, 2014

I need to find and match patterns of strings in a column and fetch data from the adjacent column. I've attached a sample workbook with my sample data.

How can I find the appropriate matching pattern and fetch and fill data from the adjacent column from my source table to destination? I tried the string functions available and used SEARCH function to match the pattern and check whether it is available. However, when the pattern is found, how can I fetch the adjacent column ?

My attempt to code a formula using SUBSTITUTE, MID and SEARCH functions. Below is the monster formula I wrote - it works and returns 1 when the pattern is found.


I need to return the matching pattern that is found. And with it the corresponding adjacent cell's value.

Attached File : Find_Pattern_Match_and_Fetch.xlsx

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Pattern Matching

May 19, 2008

I need to have a string comparison done in a macro,

I have a files with names similar to "TEVT_GURUPRASAD_WEEK08" and a array of strings having names "Guruprasad,AnilKumar,....etc." I Need to match the name in the array and the name in the filename.

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Pattern Matching With Alphanumerics

Oct 2, 2008

I am a beginner to VBA and Macros, and I have a fairly complicated macro that I am pressed to make.

I am working with alphanumeric data that is unorganized. Here is an example of what it looks like: ...

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Matching Set Pattern Of Letters And Number

Dec 12, 2013

I am new in extracting data from excel .

There is a report that contains a various amount data, in one cell it describes the outcome in a summary format of how an issue was resolved.

Is it possible to search a cell of summary text that contains a set pattern with letters & numbers i.e."CL900962" then either place a "YES" or "NO" in another cell if found?

The pattern will always begin with letters "CL" followed by 6 digit number.

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Find And Replace Certain Pattern Within String Using VBA?

Apr 12, 2013

I created a vba procedure for a particular job but within that procedure I need to perform another task. I've been trying to come up with a regular expression but to no avail. I'm looking to loop through a range of cells for any string where there isn't a space before and after a hyphen. When occurance is matched, then replace with spaces. One exception to the rule would be if data is contained within parentheses, then ignore. There could be zero occurances in string to many.

abc - def ==> ok, s/b skipped
abc - def (nnn-mmmm ooo) ==> ok, s/b skipped
abc-def (nnn-mmmm ooo) ==> abc - def (nnn-mmmm ooo)
abc- def (nnn-mmmm ooo) ==> abc - def (nnn-mmmm ooo)
abc -def (nnn-mmmm ooo) ==> abc - def (nnn-mmmm ooo)
abc-def ==> abc - def
abc- def ==> abc - def
abc -def ==> abc - def

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Find Text In String Based On Pattern

May 5, 2007

I am wanting to find within a cell the following pattern "ANNNN" - "A" meaning any alpha character A-Z and "N" meaning any numeric 0-9. The pattern ANNNN could be anywhere within the text. If the cell contains text with that pattern the text would be deposited in the adjacent cell. Lorem ipsum dolor sit A1234 amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Mauris tristique. Cum sociis

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Fill Handle Pattern (not Finding My Pattern)

Jan 31, 2007

Pre-requisite: I would consider myself to be very poor with excel, based on what I've read on this forum and found on my web-searches. I have a worksheet that has a list of data on the left going vertically, then a summary of this data going horizontally across the top. It is not arranged in such a way that transposing the data will do what I want. I am pulling the 5th word out of the title of each block of the vertical data and need to show this word on the horizontal section.

When I use this formula to pull the 5th word: =MID(MID(MID(SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","^",4),1,256), FIND("^",SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","^",4)),256),2,FIND(" ",MID(MID(SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","^",4),1,256),FIND("^",SUBSTITUTE(A2," ","^",4)),256))-2)

I need to increase A2 to A30, then A58 (up by 28 every time) in every instance in that formula. The fill handle increases the values by 1, instead of 28 (even if I do 3 or 4 instances manually) How do I do this? I've run into this problem in other scenarios, and there HAS to be a way to get around it.

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Parse Through A Column Of Numbers And Find A Repeating Pattern

Mar 13, 2009

I need a function or VB code to parse through a column of numbers and find a repeating pattern. The column has some initial numbers that do not fit the pattern and I need those returned along with the repeating pattern.

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Code To Search For Matching Text In A Table Then Copy Next Line

Jan 26, 2014

I have a spread sheet with Column A = Document number, Column B = revision.

I am trying to get a macro that, when run, increases the revision letter in column B. The problem is that we do not use a few of the letters such as I, O, P and Q.

I thought it would be best to have a table of the used revision letters (Say in Z1 to Z40)
Look at the text in column B of the row currently selected and find it in the Z1:Z40 table
Move one cell down the Z1:Z40 table and copy that text back into column B on the row initially selected.

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Find And Replace With A New Line

Mar 2, 2007

I want to do a Find and replace a certain character by inserting a line break. I seem to remember that this was possible on older versions of Excel but can't find it now. Anyone know what I need to put in the replace field?

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How Can Find A Value Using Two Different Matching Criteria

Feb 9, 2006

Col cCol dFormula
Lease TermCompany #6023%

Residual Table

Company #

Col b
Lease TermResidual %
602%3%1% ......

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Find And Replace One Line At A Time

Nov 12, 2009

I find this data: X1 X2 X3 X4 X5
I replace to this: X2 X3 X4 X5 X6

I know I can "find and replace" one line at a time, But I want to do this-
I have 4 rows the same data:
X1 X2 X3 X4 X5
X1 X2 X3 X4 X5
X1 X2 X3 X4 X5
X1 X2 X3 X4 X5

I want to select all 4 rows at same time, (now, this is what I need help with is to end up with the following after using "find and replace" and adding 1 to each specific number without having to select and replace data one row at a time). If not "find and replace", how could this be done? In a nutshell I want to add 1 to each specific number as you go down the rows quick and easy.
X2 X3 X4 X5 X6
X3 X4 X5 X6 X7
X4 X5 X6 X7 X8
X5 X6 X7 X8 X9

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Find Non Matching Records In A List?

Apr 10, 2014

I have a list for example...


I want to search or filter the list and find the only non matched record in the list and put this in another sheet ie max as this is the only unique name in the list, all the others are matched. Everything I have tried eg filter for unique records returns ian andy john david max, which is not what I want.

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Find The Heading Matching With Range?

Apr 19, 2014

I have a Meeting Place and Cities Table(too large).An example attached as a file and explained waht is wanted.

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MID FIND LEN (return The Matching Word In V6)

Oct 2, 2008

I use the formula above to return the the matching word in v6, from text within m11. If theres is no match it returns #value. is it possible when theres no match to return "Not Match" in the cell instead

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Find Matching Parallel Lines

May 6, 2013

See the attached workbook.

Alright: Sheet2 is a list of lines that have a parallel match, sometimes more than one. This example has 3 lines with slope 0.18 and I've added a few extra at the bottom for the sake of the example.

Worksheet Intersect is a working page where in the Bordered Box, highlighted in Green is full of parallel lines from Sheet 2. Sometimes there's none so I have a column to the right that says true if the line is on sheet2 and false if not. There's a helper column to the right to count up the trues and false.

I need to have laid out below, all the matches on Sheet2 to the green highlighted lines but not the original line that made the True. There could be lots of them, there could be one, this example has two for the slope of 0.18 and one for all the rest.

How do I write formulas to pull the matching slopes (column A) and y-intercepts (column B) from sheet 2, if there's an unknown amount and then list them on the intersect page?

The results will look something like:

True 1...............True 2...............True 3..............True 4................True 5
.36........2.00.......18.......24.01.....-0.32.....3.00....1.04......4.00 .......0.83.......5.00

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Find Matching Number In Two Columns

Jun 11, 2009

I want to loop through ID Column and find the matching number in Record No.column, and hightlight the entire row when match is found. The code I am running can only work for one cell at a time, but I want to run one time.

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Find Duplicate And Clear Possible Corresponding Matching Value

Feb 14, 2010

how to reference the drang (named range) and the cell propertly as i keep getting an error.

Everything in the below code works except the parts below in blue

I have in column X lots of names and in column Y (dynamic column
anges as the users chooses them as per the code) and I want to loop through all names in 'X' and if there are multiple of the same names then for the corresponding 'Y' row entry of each be checked and if they are equal (same $ value) then for one of them of cells in the Y column to be cleared.

Basically if the same name appears more than once it will most likley have the same $ value and if i do a calculation on the $'s it will be 2,3,10 times the amount it should be, hence the need for this .

As per the below code I am trying to use 2 for Each loops though I keep getting an error when trying to reference the drng range which has the values in them..

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Formula To Find Matching Number

Feb 21, 2010

I have a total of six columns divided in to 3 columns. Each column has a number in it. I need a formula to tell me which number from the 2nd 3 columns match the number or numbers from the 1st 3 columns.


123 367 ..... the #3 is a match. the number 3 is in the 1st position. I need a column to relay this information

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How To Find Matching Records That Appear On Two Lists

Oct 14, 2011

I have two worksheets each of which includes a left column of unique email addresses (at least, unique within each lsheet)

The data on each sheet is structured identically. What I want is to generate a list of records that appear on both sheets.

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Find Group Of Matching Cells VBA Or Otherwise?

Sep 9, 2013

i have a worksheet that is about 100rows x 100columns.

i would like to create some code to find a certain record. for example..

a1 a2 a3 a4
the record might be " tony tony alex tony"

basically, this group of cells could be any where in the group and i need some code to search the worksheet and then outline it. i just want to be able to find a certain block of cells and outline it.

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Find Matching Combinations In Any Order

Dec 24, 2006

How do I create a formula that will count the occurrences on each row within the range F7:H106 where the single digit in FJ6 is paired with the 2 digit value in FF7. Match in any order.

If FF7=00 and FJ6=1 (Match 00 with 1 in any order)
f7:h7=010, match, count 1
f8:H8=059, no match
f9:h9=100, match, count 1
f10:h10=001, match, count 1
f11:h11=007, no match

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VBA - Find The First Matching Date Within A Range

Feb 19, 2009

In a row on the spreadsheet I have a range of dates from 19/09/2008 to 19/06/2008 mainly with a weekly interval.

I want to incorporate into the macro a find function so that it can determine the first occurrence of a specific month and return the row number.

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Find Matching Words In Two Columns

Jun 16, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with 65000 potential client surnames in column c, with contract details in neighbouring columns. I have also a spreadsheet of 6000 actual client surnames. I would like to search the large spreadsheet to make sure that none of the clients are contained in it, or if some are to highlight them.

Do I use advanced filter or vlookup? I use excel 2000 and due to the size of the first spreadsheet it takes 6 minutes to open/save e.t.c.

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Find Matching Value In Range On Different Sheet And Delete?

Jan 28, 2014

I am an inventory specialist for a dish network company and as such I track inventory in and out of technicians vans, both serialized and not. I've done a great deal of work updating a broken excel sheet they use so that it functions again but I didn't build it. I've learned a lot but I'm only self taught with Excel and had never even heard of VBA code until I dived into this project. It's a huge puzzle and is now my "baby".

Anyway, basically I have one sheet that has a list of all the items I need to keep track of. One section of this Sheet1 I've designed to have cells with dependent drop down lists that are Named Ranges on Sheet2. The tech can choose item A B or C in the first dropdown box and then the next cell shows only the serial numbers from the named range on Sheet2 of A B or C. (Was that english?)

Since the receiver comes out of the techs van once its used I want to figure out a way to delete the serial number that the tech has chosen without deleting the row or cell, just the value in it so that it can then have another serial number typed in. How can I do that?

Also, since I'm here, my 2nd drop down list seems to always start scrolled down and I have to scroll up to see my serial numbers. Why is that? The receiver list starts at the top but the dependent one doesn't...

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Find Matching Text In Table And Add Number In Row

Feb 26, 2014

I've got a problem which I'd like to do without using VBA if possible. I have 2 rows, one with text and one with numbers. I need to go through all the text, find the text that matches and add the number in that row.

That's very poorly explained so I've given an example below:

text 1 20
text 1 10
text 2 10
text 1 20
text 2 10

I need the formula to do this:

text 1 50
text 2 20

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Find Average Of Rows That Have Matching Arguments (7)

Apr 5, 2009

Need to find average (see attached file) of certain rows of column C that correspond to letters on column B that match any letter on column A. Basically if column B has the same text as in one of the cells in column A then number across in column C should be used to calculate the average. In column D I have entered(manually) all values that satisfy the above condition and obviously the average should be 1 if formula is correct.

I have tried to use AverageIF function but not able to do it as there are many conditions. Another thing to consider is that conditions change (column A content) so I need to use cells that have information rather then actual text in it.

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MACRO - How To Find Matching Cell Of Another Sheet

Feb 27, 2012

Macro: Copy selected cell to another sheet next blank row

I'll just make this simple to understand.

*Again, I have first sheet, named "SUMMARY"
*On Column A, I have list of names
A1: Star
A2: Moon
A3: Sun
A4: Clouds
*these cells corresponds to the Cells of different sheets
A1: Star = E3 of Sheet 1
A2: Moon = E3 of Sheet 2
A3: Sun = E3 of Sheet 3
A4: Clouds = E3 of Sheet 4

this is what I should get:

1. I select the cell A1 as an active cell
2. press the button (with the macro on it)
3. I will automatically go to the sheet where "Star" is located

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Find Cell With Matching Text And Delete?

Dec 28, 2013

I'm looking for code to find a copy of the text in cell AH3 in a range AH7:AH100 then delete all copies of the text in that range AH7:AH100 leaving other cells in that range which contain different text intact.

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