Convert Repeated Entries In Column To Single Row

Jul 14, 2013

I have data like this

bobkiwi B
bobpear C


Not sure how to do it

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How To Convert Table Entries Into 1 Column

Jan 23, 2014

I have a table with Companies in a column and Countries in the heading row. Now in this table I have an entry "1" against certain countries for each company.

I need to get a concatenated (Company&Country) list, but I need this is all in a single column.

Companies list.xlsx

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Separating Data Entries Of Different Lengths All In Single Column

Jan 20, 2008

a way to separate out data that has been all entered into a single column

code .....

The above information is a sample of the data. The data has been entered into 1 column, column A.

I want to separate the entries in to 1 column each for vehicle ID, full journal description, actual journal, EE code, Report total and equipment description.

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Formula That Count Repeated Entries Given A Text Condition

Feb 14, 2009

i want a function that tell me how many duplicates are in the ID for a particular text.

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Convert Single Column To Multiple Columns

Dec 6, 2007

How can I sort a single column of data to multiple columns of data. e.g. I want to convert ~1800 rows of data from 1 column to 3 or 4 columns.

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Macro To Create Unique ID From Email Address And Assign To Repeated Entries

Feb 10, 2014

I am creating a rollup file from hundreds of excel files each has the same structure

Each file will have a dozens to hundreds of names and some files will share entries i.e Juan Alvarez might be in 10 different files

I need to create a unique numerical identifier starting at 0 for everyone based off there unique email address for each individual in the rollup file

So Juan Alvarez would need to be given the same numerical ID every time he showed up in the rollup

[Code] .....

Rollup. After filtering on "Name".

[Code] .....

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Convert Hourly Time Series Data From Rows To Single Column

Jan 8, 2014

I have A:1 - X365 filled with hourly energy prices for 2013. I need to convert these to a single column - A1:A8760. I have tried writing some code and some macros with no success.

If I were to do it manually 365 times, the macro would look like this:

Copy Row A1:X1
select sheet 2
Paste Special > Transpose (fills A1:A24)

repeat for rows 2-365

Tried using this from a previous post, but it takes A1:A24 then B1:B24 and so on and makes them a single column - so it doesn't work unfortunately.

Sub MakeColumn()
Dim rng As Range
Dim LastRowSrc As Long
Dim LastRowDst As Long

Set rng = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1")

[Code] .....

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Convert Number To Character Repeated?

Jan 29, 2013

I have a number and i wanted to convert it to a number or character.


if i have value of 7, should be converted to a character of "*", the output will be 7 times of "*" (*******)
if value is 10, so it will be 10 times "*". (**********)

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Duplicates Finding Entries In Column A Which Match Any Of Column C Entries

May 7, 2014

What I need to do is sort certain entries in longer list (column A, it is in .csv format and needs to be in it so coordinates and names and ID, all sorted with commas) and I have another list (column C) which is shorter list of certain IDs. I googled and tried and got some results for the basic structure but the fuction seems to fail. It doesn't matter how I get that third list done, but there is only one criteria: since the list in column A is really long and those entries need to keep the .csv formatting, the function should copy that info what is in the matching cells.

Let me try to put it simple: .csv cells from column A that have matching ID from column C should be copied to column B (or N).

the function I'm working with right now is


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Returned, Which Numbers (if Any) Are Repeated And How Often Each Repeated Number Occured

Jan 4, 2010

In colmn A:A i need returned, which numbers (if any) are repeated and how often each repeated number occured.
Admitedly... I'm lost on this one.

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How To Remove Single Entries

Dec 9, 2013

I have a worksheet as shown in sheet 1

With I click on the Macro Button I want to display the contents as shown in sheet 2

That means

In sheet 1 there are number of items purchased shown with different rates.

After clicking on the Macro button in Sheet2 I want the following

1. All the single entries purchase should not be displayed
2. All the items purchased 2 or more times but same amount should not be displayed.
3. Only items purchased two or more times should be displayed and that also with different values. Here if the item is purchased 4 times but only once the amount is different then also it should be displayed.

I have given only few items but actual items are more.

The serial numbers should also be arranged automatically starting from 1,2,3, etc.

What is the code if I do not want to change the serial numbers. with a suitable macro.

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Duplicate Entries For Single Data Points Sets

Mar 6, 2007

I am using old macro code in excel written several years ago. I am trying to educate myself to update and improve the macros I am using but not making much progress. This macro is used to record data from a DDE link to a Data Acquisition System. The D-AQ system sends the data points to r5c3:r5c9 typically. The macro then records the data points in those cells to the next row in sequence on a specific time interval. However, the macro is recording duplicate entries for each set of data points. Sometimes just two, but has been as many as four duplicates. I have a remove duplicates macro to run, after the fact, but preventing them from occurring in the first place is the goal. I included the application.wait method at 10 second intervals after the application .OnTime method, but it isn't preventing the duplicates.

Dim delta_time As Date
Dim Count As Integer
Dim n_rows As Integer
Dim start_row As Integer
Dim col_mov As Integer

Sub initialize_button_set()
start_row = 7
Count = 0
n_rows = Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(1, 2).Value
delta_time = Worksheets("sheet1").Cells(2, 2).Value
Application.OnTime Now + delta_time, "get_data"
Rem Worksheets("sheet1").Buttons.Add 275, 0, 72, 36
Worksheets("sheet1").Buttons.Caption = "STOP"
Worksheets("sheet1").Buttons.OnAction = "Halt"
End Sub...........................

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Copy Column Without Repeated Number

Jan 29, 2008

how do i copy one column to another one (with formula) that not repeat any number?

i have a list of prices and i need that list in other column with any price repeated.... and theses prices are imported data, so they change, thats way need to be formula =/

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How To Find Where Info In Column A Is Repeated

Apr 9, 2008

I have three columns

"A" is item number: "B" is sales Date: "C" is sales price.

What I would like to do is search column A and when there are two of the same item numbers know what date they sold and for what price. I would prefer to build another table that has only this data.

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Eliminating Rows With Repeated Column Value

Aug 14, 2007

assuming we're comparing column a, i want to eliminate rows in which its column a value matches the column a value of a previous row.

what i have:


what i want


i tried the advanced filter - copy unique record to another location but it would only copy the unique column a values to another location and not values on the same row attached to that column a value.

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Hide Repeated Values In Balance Column

Jul 26, 2014

I need to hide repeated values in balance column after the last transaction.

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Repeated Web Query To Fill A Column With Data

Mar 31, 2014

I have simplified this spreadsheet from the original to get to the core of what I want it to do. There are three tabs: 1) tab:"query fields" is an area that places data that is retrieved from the web, in this case it retrieves tables from yahoo finance given a ticker input. The ticker input cell is currently on the "score card" tab. 2) tab:"score card" in this tab you can input a ticker symbol in the indicated box and it will populate the "query fields" with corresponding data. This tab also extracts certain fields from the retrieved tables and performs a pass/fail test then produces a score %

This is great if I'm doing one symbol at a time, however I eventually would like to 'loop' this process such that a score field is populated for a list of tickers, hence tab 3) "list". Ideally I'd create a control button to initiate the web retrieval process and it would go down my list, retrieve the table data, perform the pass/fail tests, then populate the corresponding score % in the cell next to the ticker symbols. I know I can keep running separate web queries for specific symbols, but I guess my secondary goal is to have this be as dynamic as possible, since the ticker list will change and the list could be sizable at times.

CSH- web query.xlsx

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Convert Text Entries To Valid Date Format

Jan 23, 2010

Please refer to attached spreadsheet
I receive data from an external source and it displays what appears to be dates in column B.
In column G I apply a formula to display month/year info.

It turns out that some of the data in column B is valid date data, but other data imports as plain text and therefore I can't get the month/year info that I require.
I have attached just a small example.

I get this data monthly and it usually covers thousands of rows and therefore impractical to change manually.

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Excel 2013 :: Finding Common Value Repeated In Each Column?

Dec 21, 2013

I have an Excel file in which I want to find the numbers which are repeated in several columns (B to L), but there are too many rows to find them looking one by one cell, is there a function which will allow me to find the common values which appear in these columns?


1 3 4
2 1 7
2 4 7
4 1 1
results: 1 & 4

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Delete Rows Where Cell In Column Is Repeated X Times

Jan 18, 2008

I have a excel doc with 8000 names I need to delete the people who are listed on 7 rows.

There are no blank rows and Colume A has the names sorted.

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Convert Word Single

Feb 19, 2010

I want that I write an word and it convert in to a single cracter. I ATTACHED HERE WITH FILE SEE.

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Convert Multiple Rows To Single Row

Feb 4, 2014

I have a database of addresses that has each address as several rows which I want to convert into a single row. In the source file there is a blank row between records. I have attached a sample file with two sheets in it. One is the "before" data format and the other sheet is the "after" example of how I would like it to come out. We have thousands of records to convert so I need something that can be automated instead of a massive cut and paste operation.

Here is the sample: sample conversion.xlsx

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Convert Single Row To Multiple Rows

Mar 16, 2014

Macro to sort column data.

I have a spreadsheet in the following format (just a flavour of the format)

SD 1


Each row refers to a survey response, the first ten columns being standard demographics.

Following this each group of 5 columns for the next 100 columns represents a single response. What I want to do is convert each single row to multiple rows with the same first 10 columns and each single response on its own row like so:



I found an excellent similar example on this board here Convert a single row to multiple rows with the same A column value However I would like my macro to convert to rows even if the cells are blank So each existing row will generate 10 individual reponse rows regardless of data found).

I am interested to know how this would work and how i could modify the variables to acommodate 15 standard demographic fields and 20 columns per individual responses.

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Convert Numbers To Single Letters

Jun 8, 2007

In row G, I have a wide range of values from -3000 up to 2500.

These values are generated from a formula. =A5-B5.

I need a script that will scan row G between G5:G500 and give them a letter value.

Convert anything less than 0 to an A
Convert anything equal to 0 or equal to 1 to a B
Convert anything between 2 and 7 to a C
Convert anything greater than 7 to a D

It can place the new categorized letter value over the original formula in row G or put the letter value right next to it in H.

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Convert Two Dimentional Table To Single Dimention

Aug 8, 2007

I have a two dimentional table that I want to be able to convert to single dimention records so I can import into database as records.

Sample two dimentional table
Description, Week1, Week2, Week 3,
Widget1, 200, 100, 150
Widget2, 75, 25, 30
Widget3, 10, 20, 30

I want to be able to convert above table into format as below

Widget1, week1, 200
Widget1, week2, 100
widget1, week3, 150
widget2, week1, 75
widget2, week2, 25
widget2, week3, 30
widget3, week1, 10
widget3, week2, 20
widget3, week3, 30

I do this each week with with approx, 40,000 records, (single dimention) copying and pasting is becoming a chore. Does anyone know a method to address this via functions, macros, formulas, etc. Number of rows and columns vary each time I repeat the exercise.

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Automatically Convert Date Into Single Digit?

Jan 3, 2012

I'm looking for a formula that may automatically convert date into single digit e.g today is Jan 03, 2012 & after adding (1+0+3+2+0+1+2) it will come out 9 ....

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How To Convert Multiple Coloums Data Into One Single Row

Sep 23, 2009

I have a data in different coloumns, that I want it to in one single Coloumn but different rows.
The data is like below

1 Outer Inner Tip Nose
2 Outer Zip Stiffner Nose
3 Inner Tip
4 Zip Stiffner

The data are in A to F coloumns & in Different rows. This I want in one row - Like


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Convert Multiple Columns To Single Rows

Feb 27, 2007

I have a very large sheet of all US zip codes by county name. Unfortunately, the document builder decided to list up to EIGHTEEN columns of zip codes per county name... I assume to make it easier to look at.

I now need to rebuild the sheet to have one column of county names and *one* column of zip codes, which will be a nearly impossible task if I don't find a way to automate the conversion.

Attached is a sample... sheet 1 is my initial state (except here its 5 columns rather than 18), and sheet 2 is my hoped for end state. Notice that the zip codes can, but don't always, fill every column allotted.

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Multiple Row, Single Column Cell Blocks Into Single Row, Multiple Column Format

Mar 21, 2008

I have a text file containing internet explorer browser history. The file has data in the following format (in Excel all data is in 1 column): ...

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How To Convert Worksheet To Single Page 11x14 PDF Document

Dec 12, 2012

I have a workbook with four single page 11x14 worksheets. I'd like to convert each worksheet to a single page 11x14 PDF document so that I can take it to my local printer and have it printed on cardstock. I've tried two different free conversion programs and am frustrated to the bone. The pages keep running over at the bottom onto a second page, and how to make it fit-to-page.

I'd like margins of about 1/4" on the left, right, and top. No headers or anything like that. Then fit to page on 11x14 paper size. I think that's it.

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