Count The Total Number Of Projects

Jun 17, 2008

I am looking for a formula with the following conditions:The fiscal year of the business runs from December 30, 2007 to January 03, 2009

There are 13 periods in the fiscal year ending with different date ranges. For example, period 01 runs between December 30, 2007 to January 26, 2008
There may be 3 capital projects completed in Period 01, 5 in period 02, 6 in period 03 and so on

count the total number of projects from period 01 to Period 13 with the period end date restrictions for the fiscal year. The formula should be able to count the no of projects for each period individually.

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Count Number Of Projects That Meet Multiple Criteria Found In Different Spreadsheets?

Feb 21, 2014

I have come up with 5 countif formulas that work perfectly separately but need them to be combines into one big criteria.

=countif(PM[Customer Name],"*" & purch & "*"

AND so on for each criteria. H

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Count Total The Number

Apr 23, 2009

Col A Col B Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Total

1000 Susan Y Y Y Y Y CountA(B6:B12)
899 Ted Y
1560 John Y Y
1000 Susan Y Y

I need to be able to total the number of Y for a given person
in a week as well as a total for the person over 4 weeks.
CountA works for the week But what formula would I need to count
for a specific person over 4 weeks. Col A is in random order. If the person
has no Y the answer needs to be blank and not N/A.

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Count Total Number Of Saturdays In 2013

Apr 13, 2012

the closest appears to be the number of Fridays in a particular month.

What I need to calculate is the number of Saturdays in each year from 2013 through to 2022 (by year), and the same thing for number of Sundays. I presume that it will be 52, however if a year starts on a Sunday and it is a leap year then there could well be 53.

I tried =SUMPRODUCT(--(WEEKDAY(YEAR(C1)=7))) (where C1 has 2013) to try and calculate the number of Saturdays in 2013, but it didn't work.

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Count Total Number Of Records In Access Database Using Condition

May 28, 2014

I am using Access as a backend and Excel as a frontend. I want to count total number of records for todays where Time<13:01

Modify the following code accordingly?

[Code] .....

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Count Total Number Of Cells With Value Greater Than 0 For Previous Year?

Jun 1, 2014

Sheet 2 contains the following:

Column AH2:AH367 represents the current year and contains values from Jan 1 to Dec 31 inclusive, some of which are zero and future values are blank.
Column AG2:AG367 represents last year and contains the same and all cells have a value (some are zero).

The date column is A2:A367 (the columns in between are all the years prior to 2013).

I need a formula that counts the total number of cells with a value greater than zero for the range AG2:AG367 up to and including today's date to be returned in cell A1 of Sheet 1.

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Count Total Number Of Times That A Cell Or Font Is A Certain Color

Sep 19, 2008

Is there a way that I can add up the ?

When I try to use IF formulas it is asking for text but I don't want it to look at text and just the color.

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Count Number Of Times Value Appears Across Multiple Sheets Displaying Total?

Jan 22, 2014

My Problem is I have a workbook with multiple sheets with a possibility of a number between 2 and 999 occurring. I am looking for a formula that can display a table on the "total" worksheet for every ID number that has been entered and the number of times the ID number is displayed.

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Excel 2010 :: Count Total Times Each Number Is In Large Group Of Numbers?

Feb 9, 2014

How do I enter a formula in excel 2010 that will give the total amount of times each number is in this group. Example : how many times (total) the number 12 showed up , how many times the number 27 showed, and so on for each number that is in the entire group of numbers, from 1 to 80 .

Here is the page I will copy and paste into a workbook sheet from the internet that i want to evaluate the times each number was called.

Very new to all this , I am a bit aged and need not to learn excel A to Z, just need to know what correct statements /formulas have to be entered to do what i desire.

I am only interested in the total count of the small bold numbers 1 to 80, each single digit 1 to 9 and double digits 10 to 80 will be in their separate cells. The large bold three digit numbers and dates/times will have to be erased (manually) before the calculation takes place.

2/9/2014 12:28:02 PM


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Macro Allow To Total The Data On The Total Sheet Depending On What Unit Number Is Selected

Apr 22, 2009

This may not be the best way to do this, but I don't know Macros or Pivot Tables.

I am looking for a way with formulas to do the following:
Within a workbook the 1st sheet is the data entry.
In another sheet that will total data from the data sheet is where I want to be able to total columns of data, depending on what is entered in one specific column:

Data Sheet, E2:E2999 is a unit number selcted by pull down tab entry.
G2:G2999 in the same sheet is where the data is.

Q: What formula would allow to total the data on the Total Sheet depending on what unit number is selected in column E on the Data Sheet and the data amount in column D from Data Sheet?

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Add Each Day's Total While Displaying A Positive Number If The Total Exceeds 6000

Dec 21, 2008

I'm sure this can be done but I don't think I have the formula correct. What I am trying to do is add each day's total while displaying a positive number if the total exceeds 6000.

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Formula To Multiply Total Number Per Category With The % Of Total?

Dec 13, 2013

number for item detail level from category standpoint. For example, in the category sheet has total number per category and per month and in the item detail sheet has a list of item number with category. I want a formula to recognize which item belongs to which category then use the total number of category by month to multiply with % of total in column D from Item Detail Spreadsheet.

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Count Formula: Count Total Entries In Columns

Feb 22, 2007

I have been using the wrong formula to count total entries in columns and only just found this error. The MAX formula in cell B4 is: =MAX($B$12:$B$36). If the all the rows are full within range F12:F36, then the MAX formula is fine to count the total within range B12:B36 (25) so I thought. But sometimes there are omissions between F12:F36. If there are 2 blank cells anywhere within F12:F36 for example, then B4 needs to show 23 respectively. In the sample WkBk B4 needs to show 8

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Projects Per Employee

Apr 17, 2008

I was given a task of calculating bonus for number of projects per employee. The maximum number of projects per employee is 30 and they have completed different number of projects. Data is as follows:

Column A - Name
Column B - Date
Column C - Project

Employee name repeats one row per project and project repeats as they are working with it.

I need to list individual employee names in column D and the number of projects each employee has done in column E. A project can be saved many times thus creating many rows for that same employee. Do you think it is possible to accomplish this. One formula for column D and one formula for column E. If needed I can attach an example file or take a screen shot of it.

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Using Classes In Multiple Projects

Sep 22, 2008

I am trying to replicate the class example on Chip Pearson's site:


In particular I am interested in having a class that can be accessed by multiple workbooks.

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Total Percentage Of True Cells Compared To Total Number Of Cells

Jun 9, 2014

I have a column with Cells that will sat True or False, the amount of rows will be different every time, I need to work out what the total percentage of True cells compared to the total number of cells. How would this be achieved.

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Return Max Finish Date For Projects Using VBA

Aug 14, 2014

I have a spreadsheet containing milestones for several different projects. The number of milestones per project varies.

I need to get the max date for each project using VBA.

Simple Example: 'Project Name' is in column A and the 'Scheduled Finish Date' is in column B.

Project X has 5 milestones with the following Scheduled Finish Dates: (8/15, 8/16, 8/17, 8/18, 8/19) Project Y has 3 milestones with the following Scheduled Finish Dates: (8/20, 8/21, 8/22) Project Z has 6 milestones with the following Scheduled Finish Dates: (8/23, 8/24, 8/25, 8/26, 8/27, 8/28)

I need the macro to return 8/19 for Project X, 8/22 for Project Y and 8/28 for Project Z.

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How To Measure Hours Against Specific Projects

Aug 4, 2012

I want to set up a spreadsheet where i can log people's time in half day intervals. The spreadsheet will be split into each person and AM and PM sessions with different projects listed against different days. The spreadsheet will also list any overtime they have spent and totalled up at the end of a period. I would like to be able to ask Excel to look through everyones projects and total up how many days everyone has spent on each project eg. if there are 3 people working on 1 project what is the total amount of time spent by everyone. I will then later add their hourly rates and overtime rates and want to total all of this up against the different projects.

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Combobox On A Sheet Which Contains A List Of Projects

Sep 12, 2008

I have a combobox on a sheet which contains a list of projects. I can then pick one, and it will populate parts of the sheet with any sub-tasks that are linked to that project.

What i'd like to do is to cycle through every item in the combobox, and print the resulting sheet....


select 1st item in combobox
Print page
select 2nd item in combobox
print page
select 3rd item in combobox
print page

etc etc until the last item in the listindex....

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Find Only Fully Completed Projects Using Macro

Dec 15, 2008

I'm trying to run a macro that only shows completed projects, which means all elements of a project have been labeled "Completed". See example below; 1868 is the only project I want to see when I run the macro, 1869 and 1870 are fully complete, so I don't want to see them.

Project #Status1868Complete1868Complete1868Complete1869In Process1869Complete1870In Process

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Match, Count & Total

Jul 22, 2007

I want to match A11:A13 to F8,I8,L8,O8 & R8.

Then count the "1" in cells F11,I11,L11,O11 & R11. Then put the total into cells C11, C12 OR C13.

If A11 = F8 & I8 then count F11 & I11 and put the total in C11, witch would be "1" becauce I11 = b/t.

if A12 = L8 & O8 then count L11 & O11 and put the total in C12 witch would be "2" ...

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Count The Total In Worksheets

Dec 19, 2007

I have a Main worksheet, 5 Operational worksheets and 1 worksheet containing data tables.
I want to in the Main Worksheet count, as a total, the number of times a word eg "Aviation" appears in the same range for each of the 5 Operational worksheets. For example,


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Total Count With 2 Conditionals

Mar 6, 2008

I have the following formula in Excel:
=SUM(IF('PAYROLL TRACKING'!$B$10:$B$452='AE LIST'!$A2,IF('PAYROLL TRACKING'!$E$10:$E$452="No Data",1,0),0))

I am trying to get a count of each employee's clients where data has not been inputted. I attempted a COUNTIF() using an AND() but was unsuccessful. That led me to a previous tip on here where you can SUM() using a formula similar to above.

My result now is #VALUE!

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Sum Up Different Cells On Different Rows To Get Total Count?

Jul 21, 2014

I would like the TOTAL SOH column to reflect the totals for both warehouse and store count, but I cannot figure out the formula to get it. The way the sheets are loaded onto the system means thay cannot be the same so a simple sum across the rows cant be done. Is there a way of formula to do it ? If there were only a few rows I could do it manually , but the stock is in excess of a thousand lines.

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Count Total Annual Issued Qty

Dec 27, 2008

I have list with 20000 rows, I need to count total annual issued qty. find attached sample for more details. I have solved. I used pivot table.

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Count Total Based On Condition.

Jan 18, 2010

I need a formula that will return a total for the number of cases that have been closed within 6 months. Also I need a percentage total for number of cases that have been closed within 6 months. So the conditions are that the case has been closed and within 6 months.

I tried to use a IF formula that returned a 1 if within 6 months and a 0 if outside 6 months and then just SUM() the column, however for some reason that just returns 0. I am using Excel2003

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Count Total Items Per Unique ID

Feb 19, 2014

I need a formula to count the total items per unique id. For example

Column A Column B
11111 Basketball
11111 Basketball
11111 Basketball
33333 Baseball
33333 Baseball
22222 Hockey

Output to Column C,
ID 11111=3 Basketball
ID 33333 2 Baseball
ID 22222 1 Hockey

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Total Count From List By Date

Dec 5, 2011

I am looking for a formula to return a total of items used within a calender month

I have a list of parts used as below

Column A _ Part Number
Column B _ Part Description
Column C _ Price
Column D _ Date

The list will continually be added to, on a daily basis so will grow and grow in size

each row has the relevant part number etc

I am looking for

Column G to have January 2011 total
Column H to have February 2011 total
Column I to have March 2011 total

etc etc.......

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Total Count Of Each Item In A List

May 22, 2006

Suppose i have the following in column A (in a range called MyWords):

I am looking for a solution which will given me the number of cells in 'MyWords' range which contain each of the following words. The desired solution in in the left column:

Word | Count
dear | 2
off | 2
ear| 2
count | 2
dent | 2
stud | 1
age | 2

and so on...

I hope my question is clear.

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Total Cell Count In A Sheet

Jun 11, 2007

how can i count the number of filled rows and columns (containing both characters and numbers) in a worksheet through a macro? do not tell the individual functions like count or CountA.

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