Find Dates Between Monthly Range And Sum Another Cells Results That Are In A Range

Oct 10, 2009

I'm trying to make a by month spreadsheet that has all twelve month ranges starting in for a3. in a3 it would have the start date and in a4 it would have the end date. I'm trying to locate all of the dates between those two dates and pull in the profit ammounts from another sheet, the results would be in row 5. I would also like to pull in the loss amounts and have them in row 6. All corresponding with the date range in rows 3 and 4.

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Find Out Number Of Cells In Range Containing Dates Less Than Specified Date?

Feb 11, 2013

How to find out the number of cells in a range containing dates less than a specified date.

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Pick Range Of Dates And Find Number Of Days Without Sales Between Those Dates

Feb 23, 2014

Here is my set up:

A2 to BF2 is a range of dates

A3 to BF3 are sales. Days without sales are 0.00

I want to pick a range of dates and find the number of days without sales between those dates. So, a formula that will look to a start date in A1 and an end date in B2, and then count the number of days that did not have sales between. Index/Match/Countif/Dateif I can't seem to make anything work.

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Huge Table Of Dates, Find Range Of Dates

Aug 16, 2006

I have a masive table of dates (the date is created via a if formula)
what i need is so wheni enter 2 dates in 2 cells the system checks all the dates between the two specified and then returns the contents of them to a small area on the page.

Dates To Test 14/08/2026 19/08/2026









i dont mind using script or anything like that, i dont have much knowlage of it but do have coniderable understanding of other langages and usually figure it out :D

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Find Matched Value In A Range For Named Cell Then Copy Range Cells Below

Aug 6, 2013

I need method, using a button, that looks at a cell--say EO2, for example--, looks back on a master worksheet at a specified row and range for a match, then looks at the information from a specified range below the matching cell (The information in this column will either be blank or have an "X" in the cell), and then those rows that do not have an "X" will be hidden in the corresponding rows in the working worksheet. Therefore, if at any time the value in "EO2" ever changes, then it will automatically find a new match and repopulate and hide information as before. About 130 columns will have its own button so that a "query" can be made that depends on the information in a particular cell in that column.

The master worksheet now has matrix of 287 rows and 58 columns. Each row is for an operating procedure and each column shows a job code. An "X" in a coordinate cell for a column/row shows whether that job code is responsible for knowing that operating procedure. So, on the working sheet, an employee's primary job code is given underneath his or her name. When the button is pushed, all the operating procedures not required for a given person will be hidden and only the required ones will remain visible--grouped, if you will. Qualification dates will be easier to see now that the information is consolidated. Whenever someone transfers to a new position, a new code will be inputed on the working sheet. When the button is pushed, a new grouping will result. Any operating instructions that overlap will still have qualification dates, so that information will not need to be transcribed.

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Reference Range Cells From VLOOKUP Results

Oct 22, 2009

I have a workbook where one tab contains the data that I am given:

Project-A data1 data2 date1 date2 date3
Project-B data1 data2 date1 date2 date3
Project-C data1 data2 date1 date2 date3
Project-D data1 data2 date1 date2 date3

In another tab, I have a report where a row containd the project name, and I want to find the maximum value of the dates in the ither tab, where my project name matches the project name on the tab data I am given.

So, if I have "Project-C", I need to know the max of the dates in the row for Project-C; but I dont know what row that will be on in the other tab. For info such as 'data1' I have been simply using vlookup using the project name as a key.

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Excel 2007 :: Searching Range Of Cells For Certain Characters And Displaying Results

Jun 25, 2012

Column A & B has a list of Supplier Part numbers and Buyer Part numbers as below.

Supplier P/N
Buyer P/N



[Code] ..........

Cell D2 is an open cell that any data can be entered into as a search term. What I am trying to do is search for a Supplier P/N that have the characters "H", "G" or "E" in it, so entering "HGE" into cell D2 would display the results into columns F & G as below.

Supplier P/N
Buyer P/N



I can easily do a formula for 1 character or a string of characters.

To complicate it further, if the search term has in this example has "YFF", I would like the same formula/code to workout that the result in F & G should show this time

Supplier P/N
Buyer P/N


I am using Windows 7 and Excel 2007.

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Formula: Select A Range Of Dates Within A Range Of Dates?

Jul 22, 2009

In column B is a list of dates, which are broken out by fiscal year (FY=7/1/ to 6/30). Column C is a list of dollar amounts. Cell F3 is the query ‘start date’
Cell F4 is today's date, which will be the formula: =today()

Using a date range of F3:F4, I'm trying to get each cell bordered in red to query the dates in column B for each FY; then display the matching sum from column C.

For illustrative purposes I went and manually determined what the values should be displaying as of 7/22. Here are a couple of examples of how I am trying to get the formula to work.

Example 1
Start date- 7/1
End date- 7/22
Searching cells B1:B94, cells B1:B13 fall within the start and end date parameters listed above. Sum of cells C1:C13 is $45,112.00, which should display in cell F6.

Example 2
Start date- 7/1
End date- 12/13
Searching cells B95:B222, cells B95:B149 fall within the start and end date parameters listed above. Sum of cells C95:C149 is $150,873.03, which F7 should display in cell F7. How to I type up this formula; its way more challenging that I first thought!

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Colour A Range Of Cells Based On Two Dates

Sep 27, 2009

I am trying to get spreadsheet cells to change colour relating to arrival and departure dates. I also need the cells to be assigned value so I can use them to calculate cost based on number of nights, eg arrive Sept 10 dept Sept 15 = 5 nights. I can then use this 5 to multiply out costs.

I have attached an example of what I am trying to achieve.

I have searched the forum and saw similar questions but I couldnt apply them.

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Formula- Range Of Dates Will Always Change In Cells

May 28, 2007

I work in a Wordprocessing Center. I have a spreadsheet that is a list of dates, and the jobs/projects that were done on that day. The dates are for the days Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

So, for example: in cell E2:E150 are the dates ranging from 11/2/2007 through 11/4/2007.

Off to the side, in cell L:15 through L:17, I've manually typed in the dates 11/2/2007 to 11/4/2007.

My problem is: I need to be able to count how many times 11/2/2007 shows up in the range of E2:E150. The thing is, I don't want to have to type 11/2/2007 or 11/3/2007 or 11/4/2207 in the formula. I want it to get the specific date from L:15 (what I've typed in).

My goal is that the range of dates will always change in cells E2:E150. Then I will manually type in the three dates of question into cells L15:L17. Then Excel will count the occurences for me.

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Forcing Cells To ALWAYS Find MIN And MAXIMUM Values From A Specific Range Of Cells

Feb 1, 2010

I'm working on a project for my company. We make plastic tanks and for quality control we want to start recording the thickness of the tanks in different areas/zones of each tank.

Attached to this message is an Excel sheet that I've been working on. From "Sheet 1", it records inputted thicknesses into WorkSheet "1098". On the top of "1098", it shows all of the recordings, and just below that are the "10 Most Recent Entries".

Right below the "10 Most Recent Entries", there are formulas to calculate the Min and Max Values. Whenever a new entry is recorded, the selected cells for the Min and Max formulas change. Is there a way to force the cells to always stay the same?

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Find Range Of Cells Using A Criteria

Dec 27, 2008

I have a Range of cells in 1 column..E.g. Below


It continues on to a few 100k. Now I have a criteria which i will use to search for my range of cells.

Criteria e.g.

So i want to search for this particular pattern in my Long list of cells and locate the exact location of the pattern i specify. How can i Do this in Excel.

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Find Number Of Cells In A Range

Nov 30, 2007

I am trying to find number of cells in a range.
I tried:


and assumed it will count the 6 and 7's.

It always results with 0.

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Find Actual Day In Range Of Cells

Feb 19, 2009

i have this file with macro. But it doesnt works how i want. I need all data exctly in forms as are. So it can not will be changed. I hope it will be works, if i define my macro other.

I find actual day in column C where are dates. But now it find only if is there value like now(). In this file it found cell D24, but i need, that it will find cell C24. I need search only actual day in column C.

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Count Days In Set Range Of Dates From A Range

Aug 7, 2014

Trying to count how many days from a set range of dates are within another range.

So for example, the first two dates, 7/29/2014 - 8/5/2014 would be 6

7/31/20148/6/2014 are the set dates

Count Days Within Range.xlsx

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Find And Replace Data In A Range Of Cells Only?

Jan 4, 2014

I am looking to Find and Replace (via ctr-F) but I need to replace it only within a range of selected cells. Each time I try to do this it replaces everything even though I have tried selecting each cell and replacing only that. Is there a way to select a certain amount of cells and replace?

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Find Date Range Based On Value In Cells?

May 14, 2012

I have one excel sheet. In the first column there are various Project Codes and in the first row there are various date. Cells in the matrix contains 0 or 1 value. If value is equals to 1 that means the project was on hold during this months and if the cell value is null of 0 (Zero) it means the project was active. For a project in a particular row there are several times a project went on hold and now I want a date range showing the project's hold duration. If project went on hold more than one time the result should also give different range for each time when project went on hold.

follow the link to view the excel file.


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Find And Replace Different Values In A Range Of Cells

May 8, 2008

I would like to be able to replace all cell values in a range of 20c by 20r (i.e. 400 cells). In all cases the condition would be the same (find all cells with a value greater than than zero), but then replace with different values.

e.g. Cells with value >0 in range CX119:DQ138 replace with "NT", then cells with value of >0 in range DR119:EK138 replace with "NU"

I thought you could do it with find and replace by just selecting that range of cells but can't see how to set the conditional >0 bit.

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Code To Find A Certain Range And Place It In Cells

Sep 10, 2008

I have 26 ranges defined on my worksheet sheet3. Each range is 10 rows high and 4 columns wide. On my sheet1, I'd like to be able to go automatically to a specific range on sheet3 (I need to provide the choice to go to any of the 26 ranges), selected perhaps by a combobox. The ranges are building occupancy groups like A1, A2, B, E, R1, R2, etc. (26 of them). Then I'd like the user to look at each row in that particular range, select one, and then have the four values in that row placed in corresponding cells on sheet1.

I have this set up now using a four column combobox, and it works just like I want, except that only the first column of data is displayed after a row is selected. If I could get those four cells of data as they appear in the combobox inserted on sheet1, I'd be fine. But I can't. So I'm looking for a work-around. Basically, my goal is to get a specific row of data (4 cells wide) from my named ranges copied into cells on sheet1. But I need to be able to get to the correct range automatically.

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Find Word In Range Cells Containing Other Strings

Aug 18, 2008

I am having a hard time creating a code that would search the exact string in a cell. See sample scenario below.

1. I have a string "hello" to be searched.

2. I will search the whole string in each cell in a previously declared range.

3. If in a cell i found "kdhlsk hellodsiewjls", although "hello" string is there,
the code should still return 0.

4. But if in a cell, i found "kjdsfel ljsdlkue hello luoeww", then the code should return 1.

I have already created a code, but it will always return 1 in step#3.

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Find Blank Cells In Defined Range Name

Mar 23, 2007

I am using Excel 2003. I have a range that I have defined in my sheet called "March". Within this sheet, I have a range name called "ACCOUNTRANGE". Basically it comprises the column B10:B200. Within this range, I may be inserting rows so range is dynamic. Well one of my problems is finding BLANK Entries in my range. How do I loop through the range to find BLANK entries and prompt the user that a BLANK entry was found, then it stops the loop and if none is found, nothing happens and continues on.

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Find Text In Workbook And Then Deleting Range Of Cells Above It

Jan 29, 2014

I want to create a macro that will find a text string called "Season Average" in the entire workbook and delete a range of cells above it 4 cells longs starting right above the text and then going left.

Example is if "Season Average" is in cell D11, than I want the cells D10, C10, B10 & A10 Deleted and the cells to shift up

This happens throughout the entire workbook and multiple times on each work sheet in different spots not consistently same cells.

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Find Total Number Of Certain Character In Range On Cells

Jun 10, 2013

I want to find the total number of times the number 1 appears in cells B2 to B33.

In each cell I have codes such as 4919409382a, 5021193035v and so on.

I have tried =COUNTIF(B2:B33,"1") but just get 0 returned.

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Trying To Find The Max Value In Range Of Cells That Hold Text Equivalents

Jun 9, 2006

I'm trying to find the max value in range of cells that hold text equivalents?

e.g. cells contain 001, 002, 003, 004.
therefore max value is 004

Dim lMaxVal As Long
lMaxVal = Application.WorksheetFunction.Max(Val(rangeHazRoomNum))

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Find Median In Range And Bring Back Adjacent Cells

Jun 25, 2014

Median Indirect: I would like to find the median in a range of cells and then bring back the 2 adjacent cells

Range...............Adj Cell 1............Adj Cell 2

So the median of the range is 2, thus we would want the formulas to bring back P3 and p4

Column 1..............Column 2

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VBA Find Function - Search Through Selected Range Of Cells For Key Letters

Jan 6, 2014

I am trying to code a macro that will search through a selected range of cells for key letters, for instance this cell may contain any combination of B, C, Te, Tc, RH, or LH. I would preferably like to search with capitalization being a factor but it is not a deal breaker. Below is a sample of what i have if the cell has a B, C it works for B but ignores the C i need it t o recognize both.

If InStr(1, ActiveCell.Text, "B") Then Range("O" + CStr(ActiveCell.Row)).Select
With Selection.Interior
.Pattern = xlSolid
.PatternColorIndex = xlAutomatic
.color = 65535
.TintAndShade = 0
.PatternTintAndShade = 0

[Code] ........

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Find The Maximun Number For The Past N Periods In A Range Of Cells

Dec 9, 2009

(1) I want to find the maximun number for the past n periods in a range of cells, but I want to be able to vary n by changing the number of periods in one cell at the top of the sheet, i.e. if i enter 10 in cell A1 the function will return the max number for 10 periods over a certein range, if I change the figure to 20, then the max number for 20 periods will be returned!

(2) I have a column (lets say column c) which will return a number of values if my criteria are met and 0 if not, I want a function in another column which will replace the 0 with the next non 0 figure in column c, the gaps between the non 0 figures can vary. I feel it involves looping in some form, and writing a new function, but I am not sure.

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Calculate Percentage Of Individual Months Between 2 Dates And Populate Different Cells With Results

Dec 20, 2013

I want to display the percentage of occupancy for each month for condo rentals.

I have columns with dates that represent bookings throughout the year. check in and check out dates to be more precise. (A1 and B1 for example) and I have columns with months Jan, Feb, etc. (C1, D1, etc. for example)

The problem I run in to is that I can calculate the number of days between the dates and the fraction of the year (*12 to get a monthly value, but I fail to understand how I can break that up so that I can populate each month with a correct percentage of the total term.

E.g. A1=1-jan-2014 and B1=20-jan-2014 is an easy one because it only covers 1 month:
formula: =(YEARFRAC(A1,B1,3))*12 gives me 62,47% which I could just use as is for that month.

So far so good, but when the period covers more than one month or when the months overlaps, I don't know how to break the outcome up into the appropriate months to display the correct percentage for each month in its own column.

e.g. A1=1-jan-2014 and B1=20-Mar-2014 gives me a result of 253% with the same formula.
100% for November, 100% for December and 63% for January, which I could somehow formulate to break up over different Months.

But then it gets more tricky. What if the booking starts on a day other than the 1st of the Month?

e.g. A1=5-jan-2014 and B1=20-Mar-2014
The result of the formula (243%) is correct, but isn't sufficient to put the correct percentages for each month in their respective column.

What formula(s) should I use to break down the percentages to match the correct fraction of each individual month?

I attached an example of what I have so far for your review : test.xlsx‎

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Range.Find Method On A Hidden Range

Feb 12, 2010

I have a module that contains the lines below:

Dim myRng as Range
set myRng = Range("B1:B100").Find(what:= "Symbol")

I have run this module frequently and successfully over the past several months, during which time Column B has been hidden. When I tried to run it today I got a Run-time error 91: Object variable or with block variable not set. I checked to see that "Symbol" was present in the stated range (it was), and noted that when I went to debug the Run-time error, myRng was 'Nothing'.

Now I find that if I unhide the column before the set myRng statement, the code runs without a hitch.

My question is: Is there a known restriction on the Range.Find Method that prevents its use on a hidden range?

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Looping Through Cells.find Results

Mar 6, 2010

I've written a macro which searches the sheet for a value, when it finds the value it does something, then I want it to keep looping until it's done.

The issue is that Excel's find does not search first to last. Once it gets to the last, and you search next, it goes back to the beginning and finds the first cell.

In order to break out of the loop, I figured I should store the first cell found in a variable and then check inside my loop to see if I have got looped back to the beginning. If I got back to the first cell found, then I exit my loop and I'm done.

However, my code doesn't work. It exits the loop after a couple of iterations.

Sub Macro5()
' Macro2 Macro
If WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Cells, "TEST") = 0 Then
MsgBox ("Not Found")
Exit Sub
End If

Cells.Find(What:="TEST", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt:= _
xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False) _

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