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Conditional Copy-Paste For Stock Trading Project

I'm brand new to programming in Excel, and currently building a system that will help me trade equity options (similar to trading stocks). So far, I've put together the ranking system I want to use based on a live data feed that updates in real-time (during market hours). For every possible trade in my 'universe' (currently about 600), Excel provides a live score (based on my formulas and weightings) as well as prices and other info about the trade (options strikes, symbols, expected return, etc.).

What I'd like Excel to be able to do is keep a separate sheet where a trade (row) that scores over an arbitrary threshold, say, 100 'points,' is recorded as a static line (instead of continuing to dynamically update), like a snapshot of that line. I'll use this list of trades to submit to my broker for trading.

If it was as simple as a 'triggered' copy - paste special - values, that would do just fine. The trigger would also need to see if that trade has already been recorded for the day, so I don't get an infinite list of the same trade.

After a trade makes it into this list, I'll need to compare it to what I already have in my portfolio (which I'll also need to build) so I don't become too heavily weighted in any one trade. (Just thought I'd let you know where this will be going, too) ...

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Conditional Copy Paste
List Sheet Names From Opened Workbooks

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Conditional Copy And Paste
I am having some trouble with a piece of code that is part of a larger macro. I have a list of data and I need to copy and paste the rows of data in which the values in column B are the same and then delete these rows from the original sheet. The code that i have come up with so far is as follows:

Sub Retreive_Particular_Rep_Invoices()
Dim RepInvoices As Long
Sheets("All Invoices").Activate
Worksheets("Current AM Invoices"). Range("A2:T65536").ClearContents
With ActiveSheet
For RepInvoices = 1 To .Range("B1").End(xlDown).Row
If .Cells(RepInvoices, 2).Value = .Cells(RepInvoices + 1, 2).Value Then
.Cells(RepInvoices, 2).EntireRow.Copy Destination:=Worksheets("Current AM Invoices").Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0)
End If
Next RepInvoices
End With

End Sub

I know that this is not correct, but it's the best i have been able to come up with so far and thought that i would try and speed it up. I have also attached a spreadsheet with some basic data that i have been playing with as well.

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Conditional Formatting Copy And Paste
i have an equation in A1, and i use conditional formatting for this cell, if the value of C1 is less than 1000, the result in A1 is red

i want to copy the result and the color of A1 to D1, i use paste value, the value and the color are then copied to D1 at first. but when i modify C1, the color of D1 also changed.

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Copy And Paste Conditional Formatting
I am trying to figure out how to copy and paste conditional formatting.

1371908# on hand 16458
ACNF18051 208
ACNF18061 104
ACNF30081 208
1371908 Total416104

1371911# on hand 7053
ACNF18051 208
ACNF18061 104
ACNF30081 208
1371911 Total416104

for instance in the above.. I want to black out any number in the "total" (bold) row that is less than the On Hand Qty (bold and underlined number) and I want to use a running total. For instance for part 1371911 with an On Hand Qty of 7053, the on hand is larger than the the first total of 416 so 416 should be blacked out, it is also larger than 416+104 so 104 should be blacked out as well.

This will continue until the on hand qty is less than the running total. I can conditionally format this one at a time and it could take forever as there are 3000+ lines of spreadsheet. If there is any way that you can tell me how to set the condtional format for one row and then cpy and paste it thoughout the sheet where needed.

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Conditional Copy & Paste Between Workbooks
I have attached two Workbooks (OLD.xls and NEW.xls). I update this report weekly, but must always copy the previous week's status data (OLD.xls) into the new report (NEW.xls). Under each row, I enter a status update that pertains to the job (row) above it. When I run a new report, some data is removed and some is added to NEW.xls. (Details in the attached Workbooks)

I need to make sure that the proper status is copied and inserted below the new date for the matching job between Workbooks. The variable in column C must be the same in both Workbooks.

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Conditional Copy/Paste Special Values Macro
I have 9 worksheets in a book with sheets 1-8 used for data entry, and sheet 9 used for a weekly data upload. Sheets 1-8 are all formatted the same, they just represent different vendors. I need a macro to look through column F (invoice number) on sheets 1-8 and see if the value of each cell already appears in column c on sheet 9. If the value is not found and the row value for column M (sheets 1-8) is >0, I need to copy the data from columns D:K and paste special values into the next blank row on sheet 9.

Basically I'm trying to see if I've already paid an invoice, and if not then I need to automatically add the data for payment. I've tried to mess around with a VBA code myself and ended up with a migraine every time. I've also tried to use the advanced filter, but the cell values I need to copy over contain formulas and conditional formatting...not to mention I can't delete the data on sheet 9 that has already been added.

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Copy Paste Range Without Wiping Conditional Formatting
I need to apply conditional formats a certain range e.g. I8:I1000. Every time my spreadsheet is loaded with new data, the previous cf are erased, and I have to start all over again.

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Conditional Sum: Return The Latest Date Before The Stock Turns To Be Greater Than The Value In Cell D3
In the attached workbook - the stock Inventory is increased, every second day, by the value shown in cells of column A. Column B displays the date of the update. I'm looking for a Formula (might be an Array Formula) that will return the latest date before the stock turns to be greater than the value in cell D3. I managed to solve it, in cell F3, but with the help column C.

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Locking Conditional Formatting In 2000: Copy/paste Text From Other Cells Or Columns Even Other Workbooks
I have a column "g" with this conditional formatting:- =A2<>A3 Format Bottom Border.
However I will pass this workbook onto someone else who will fill in the text in column "g". They will use copy/paste text from other cells or columns even other workbooks that will not have the conditional formatting.

I have used Cells > Projection > Locked unchecked then used Tools > Protection > Protect Sheet and checked all. There does not seem to be a way to unlock the cell but protect Conditional formatting. Each time I copy and paste from other non formatted cells it wipes out my formatting.

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Trading Sheet
This is what i am trying to do when the balance increases by $1000 the lot size should move to the next level e.g 0>1000=0.01 1000>2000=0.02 and for each movement the value of the 0.01 should be 0.09 e.g. 0.01=0.09 0.02=0.18 0.03=0.27 etc.

I have been trying to use an IF style formula.

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Calculate Draw Down. Futures Trading
way to calculate the drawdown for a futures trading account’s equity. The following is the record of taking a sequence of 20 trades. Drawdown is defined as the lowest point between two consecutive equity highs. Therefore a formula should detect pairs of equity highs and then find the maximum difference between these highs and the lowest point in between each of these pairs. Do you think this can be done using standard excel functions?

$9 700,00
$9 409,00
$9 126,73
$9 674,33
$10 254,79
$10 870,08
$11 522,29
$11 176,62
$11 847,21
$12 558,05
$13 311,53
$14 110,22
$13 686,92
$13 276,31
$12 878,02
$13 650,70
$14 469,74
$14 035,65
$14 877,79
$15 770,46

You might wish to plot a linear graph to visualize the equity. Looking forward to hear what you think! I include more examples of equity records.

formal definition of a drawdown:

Drawdown: The magnitude of a decline in account value, either in percentage or dollar terms, as measured from peak to subsequent trough. For example, if a trader's account increased in value from $10,000 to $20,000, then dropped to $15,000, then increased again to $25,000, that trader would have had a maximum drawdown of $5,000 (incurred when the account declined from $20,000 to $15,000) even though that trader's account was never in a loss position from inception

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Copy, Paste, Change Font Size, Copy, Paste, Print VBA
I'm using 2003.

1. Copy cells B5 to V-First blank row in Strength Tests worksheet
2. Paste cells into Racks worksheet in cell C5
3. Change font size to 6
4. Sort by Column T descending then by Column C ascending
5. Copy one row (A5-W5 (1Rx23C)) from Racks worksheet
6. Paste row into M1 worksheet in cell D4
7. Print M1
8. Drop down one row on the Racks worksheet
9. Repeat steps 5-8 until there's a blank row.

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Protect VBA Project Or Lock Project For Viewing By VBA
I have tried to record macro to protect VBAProject / lock project for viewing. But can not success by that way.

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Tally Report Of X: Count On Column B (project $) Depending On The Criteria On Column A (project Description)
I need to write a couple of functions. Firstly I want to do a count on column B (project $) depending on the criteria on column A (project description). For example a total count of all values in col B if project description is "P" or "A". [I can do sumif functions but this is a countif and I cannot get this right].

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Copy & Paste Macro Won't Paste
I want this macro to find in this case "406" in column A which is at the very end of the last block of 160 rows of information.

I then want it to move up 159 rows and copy 160 rows of information underneath the last block of information.

i.e.go to A5280 , then go to a5121, copy rows 5121:5280 to 5281.

It falls over on the very last line of code I can see A5281 selected but it won't paste....

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Copy And Paste From One Sheet To Another Based On Column A Using A Macro Copy Button
I want to copy and paste from one sheet to another based on column a using a macro copy button.

E.g. if column a value = apple then copy that row into the apple sheet.

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Not Paste Another Set Of Conditional Formats
I have a code that copies a template and pastes it into another tab. However, it is copying the conditional formatting and pasting it as well. I already have conditional formatting on the other tab and do not want it to paste another set of conditional formats because the formula's are changing between the copy and pastes.

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Conditional Formatting Upon Paste
I am trying to make each Cell in a range of cells to change its color from Black to one of a few colors. This should happen when the value of the Cell matches one of a few possibilities. The problem begins when I want the value of Sheet1 Cell A1 to come from Sheet2 Cell B1. When I change the value in Sheet2 Cell B1 the format of Sheet1 A1 changes only when I click on that Cell. How can I make it change immediately when I paste my values in Sheet2? Here is the code I am using on Sheet1:

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim icolor As Integer
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A1:A10")) Is Nothing Then
Select Case Target
Case "one"
icolor = 1
Case "two"
icolor = 2
Case "three"
icolor = 3
Case "four"
icolor = 4
Case "five".......................

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Conditional Paste With Checkboxes
I have attached a file that might give a better picture of what I am trying to do. I basically need a code that copies the item that is listed by the checkbox (if checked, may have multiple items checked) and paste it in a range depending on the values in cells B1 and B2.

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Copy/paste Macros Will Not Copy Filtered Items
The following sub will look in the file ("FY09 SOF"), in column "A", search for the strings that begin with "2109", "3009", or ends in "-1", and copy the entire row. It will then paste these in the file ("FY09 PR Log Blank").

I have found that in the file ("FY09 SOF"), if things are filtered in any row, it will not copy those necessary items.

The data filter is on row 13 of each sheet. Is there a way of fixing this? (i.e. having the macros select "all" on the filter before copying the sheet? There are 60 sheets so a macros will be necessary.

Sub get_data()
Dim wb As Workbook, wbDest As Workbook
Dim ws As Worksheet, wsDest As Worksheet
Dim lngCalc As Long
Dim FoundCells As Range
Dim FoundCell As Range

Set wb = Workbooks("FY09 SOF")
Set wbDest = Workbooks("FY09 PR Log Blank")
Set wsDest = wbDest.Worksheets("Paste all here, then sort")

With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False
lngCalc = .Calculation
.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
End With
For Each ws In wb.Worksheets.............................

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Copy Conditional Formats: Copy To The Rest Of The Column
I have a cell with seven conditional formatting formula rules that I now want to copy to the rest of the column. I can copy/paste special/formats one cell at a time but if I try to to this with a group of cells, (or try using the format painter), it treats the formula references as absolute, even though they aren't shown as absolute in the rules manager. Am I missing something? Using 2007.

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Copy Formats Without Copy/Paste
I currently have a macro that outputs data to a bulletin-board type table in my worksheet. At the moment, what happens is that the macro copies the entire table down one row using copy/paste, then prints a new line of data to the top row of the table.

This works great because it is very fast and because I only have to format each line once--the formats just get copied down every time a new line of data is added.

My problem is that while this program is running, I am unable to use copy and paste in windows, because the copy/pasting from the macro overwrites the windows clipboard.

Is there a way for me to "copy" formats from 1 range to another range of equal size without actually using copy/paste? I know this can be done with values (eg. range("B2:B4").value = range("A2:A4").value), but I can't get it to work with any sort of formatting.

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Copy/paste Values (copy Values Of Cells From B4 Till B-empty To C Column)
Sheet linked from external file, new data coming daily. How to copy Values of cells from B4 till B-empty to C column? The attached file has a properly displayed data.

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Stock Levels
how to go about actually doing it,

For an old project which was a till system i had two sheets,a data sheet and till system sheet , the data sheet contained :

column A - numbering of the data (to be used with V Lookup)
column B - product name
Column C - price

This would then be replicated in the next 3 cells for the next data category.

Till system then had a combo box which had a cell link on the current page and data from the data sheet and then i had a price column next to i (containing V Lookup formula) the price then changed depending on the choice in the combo box.

I want to incorporate combo box's in to this new project. If i can then get some kind of stock thing i intend on then using conditional formating to colour code stock levels to show severity of needing to order etc..

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Stock Turnover
Is there a formula that calculates my desired result which is row 5? I tried creating a formula in row 6 but it fails.

What I am trying to calculate is in week, if I have inventory then how many weeks does it cover?

For Instance, Week 1 I have inventory of $39,120 which covers until 4 weeks and then calculate total of wk1 to 4 and subtract it from inventory value 39,120.

The resultant from this calculation is divided by week 5 and expected production in order to derive the proportion covered in week 5
Please refer to my workbook

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VBA For Stock Allocation
Let say I have 5 shops: A, B, C, D, and E

They request for stock replenishment from warehouse as follows:
A: 4 pieces
B:2 pieces
C:3 pieces
D:3 piece
E:3 piece

But since the warehouse only have 12 pieces of this product so need to allocate to the shops in rounds that is:
Round 1: one piece is allocated to each shops (Stock left=12-5=7)
Round 2: one piece is allocated to each shops (Stock left=7-5=2)
Round 3: one piece each is allocated to A and C (the priority should be B but since B just requested for 2 pieces only which has been fulfilled) since there are no more stock

how to write the scripts to do this allocation.

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Stock Control Without Vba
i am trying to create excel system with stock control, but i dont want to use VBA. i want to use MAcro or farmulas.i want to know how many quantity is left in the stock

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Copy From Template And Select Any Sheet That Starts With S And Copy / Paste This Template To
I have a list of invoice #'s on a sheet named "Temp Sheet".

I have a VBA macro that created a new tab for each entry and named it the invoice #. So basically the vba code created a new tab ( based on the number of invoice #'s on my list ), and named each tab an invoice number. So if I had a list of 10 invoice #'s, named S1-S10, the vba code created 10 tabs, named S-1, S-2,. S-3.....

Now to my question.
I have a template sheet I want to copy from ( "Template" ), and select any sheet that starts with "S", and copy/paste this template to.

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Copy Method (copy From The Selected Cell And Paste One Cell Below(next Row) In Same Column)
what is wrong in this code, it does not paste.

HTML Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(0, 0).Select
ActiveCell.Offset(-1, 7).Select
ActiveCell.Copy Destination:=ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=(R[1])"

I am trying to copy from the selected cell and paste one cell below(next row) in same column.

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IF A = B Then Copy C & Paste It In D
I have a workbook with 2 sheets.
in "sheet 1" I have "column A" with "part nos" and "Column B" with OLD "prices"
in "sheet 2" I have "column A" with "part nos" and "Column B" with NEW "prices"

I want a macro that would do the following:
for each cell in "column A" of "sheet 1" the macro will check "column A" of "sheet 2", if the values are equal, it should copy the value of the corresponding cell in "column B" to "column B" of "sheet 1"

I have a list of items (3000) with prices and I received a new list (14000) with newer prices. the problem is I need the prices only for the items in my initial list.

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Copy And Paste With VBA?
I am not too sure if what I want to do possible with VBA.

In cell B14 I want to copy the data starting from cell B43 and downward. That is to say if cell B43, B44 contain data and if B45 is blank only B43 and B44 will be copied into cell B14 sequentially. It is like entering data in cell B14 and then press Alt Enter to allow entering data on another row for data from B44.

It will be wonderful if this can be done as I have more than 100 worksheets to go through for this repetitive action.

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Copy And Paste ...
I have a list of 2000 part numbers in column A, some with information (known partnumbers) on the same row under columns: D, E, F, G and H.

Some of these part numbers are repeated down the list without these informations (unknown partnumbers).

Can i write a formula: to copy informations from known partnumbers to unknown partnumbers.

Therefore steps are as follow:

1-search for first (known) p/n. these are p/n with information under D, E, F, G and H column.

2- search for the same p/n, if same p/n is known, go to next p/n, if not (so these are unknown p/n)

3- copy and paste information from column cells: D, E, F, G and H from known to unknown p/n.

4-repeat till list is complete

5- go to next known p/n on the list from top and search for same (unknown) p/n.

6- till list is complete.

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Copy Paste
Im having problems copy and pasting. I've got the following code

Private Sub CmdImport_Click()
Dim ImportName
'Dim CurrentPO
'On Error Resume Next

'CommonDialog.Filter = "Excel Files|*.xls;"
CommonDialogImport.DialogTitle = "Please Select the file to import"
CommonDialogImport.InitDir = ("\CcnofficeshareddocsNORGlazeNORGLAZE.BUYINGNORGLAZE.Purchase Orders") 'CURRENTMONTHTEST")
'CommonDialog.InitDir = ("e:VBA PO FormCURRENTMONTHTEST")


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Copy & Paste To Next Available Row
Thats the code of the button which I made (the file is atached),

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim wb As Workbook
ChDrive "C"
ChDir "C:Documents and SettingsszmMy Documentszadanie bojowe"
FName = Application. GetOpenFilename("*,*.xls", , "Please select file to open")
If FName = False Then Exit Sub
For Each wb In Application.Workbooks
If wb.Path & "" & wb. Name = FName Then
MsgBox "File " & wb.Name & " is already open"
Exit For
End If
If wb Is Nothing Then....................

and question:
I want to add a formula to this one, to import data to the next row (skip previous) if the row where the data should be imported is not empty. I can make another and another button to do that (more than 300 ?) but I think its stupid. U can see how it look like in the file which is attached.

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Vba To Copy And Paste Into Last Available Row
I have created a macros to copy cells on worksheet 'Workings' and paste these onto another worksheet 'CAP'. What I need is to edit this so instead of pasting the information into cells specific cells I would like to paste these into the next available row with no data in.

Sub Cap()
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
End Sub

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Assign Stock To Orders
I need a macro that looks at the earlier orders first and assigns inventory to them. Keep assigning inventory until either there are no more orders, or the inventory is depleted. I have tried to figure this out using formulas but it never seems to work out correctly. Here is a little sample I made to show what I am trying to do.

Item# Date Quantity Order Quantity Committed

Item# Quantity in Inventory 1 1/1/2008 18

1 21 2 1/5/2008 23

2 300 3 1/10/2008 10

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Office Stock Order
My organisation has ten small offices within a ten mile radius.

Most of the items to order are office supplies, along with order forms, catalogues, brochures and pro-formas.

Each office does not order the same items.

I would like to make a ‘generic’ supplies order in excel.

Column A = ‘in house’ code
Column B = Description
Columns C to G are size, colour, pack size etc.
Column H = quantity held
Column I = quantity required to hold
Column J = amount to re-order.

I would like Excel to calculate

Amount to bring stock to hold - “=I4-h4” (in J4)

If Current Stock is more than Stock to Hold then ‘0’ is in J4, “=IF(H4<I4, I14-H14,0)” (in J4) I think.

If H4 is left blank then J4 to show “0” or ‘Blank’. (experiments have given J4 a figure of 25)

I have tried putting two formulas together, but Excel tells me I have ‘too many arguments’.

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Worksheet Stock Data
here is what i have but i want it to adapt it you use any company by using a list of companys in a worksheet "StockData". So the company names start in "A2" and go down the column. So i want to run the download then for the modual to go to the next company in the list without having to have a sub() for each company....

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Automatically Update The Stock
I have attached a sample of our worksheet (GTS807) used to create quotes and generate jobsheets etc once they are orders. To ensure we have enough of a size in stock I want to carry out a check against the stocksheet (stock) which I have no problem but I cant get it to automatically update the stock once a quote becomes an order and removes the quantity from stock!

As you see the balance of stock in shown in AA13 for "115270" but is there a code to find "115270" on the stock sheet and copy the new balance back there?

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Function - Stock Weeks
I have limited experience at writing functions and I can't seem to get this one to work, in fact I think I am way off. I wan to calculate weeks of stock on hand assuming an opening value of stock and assumed sales levels.

For example 5000 opening stock on 1 Jan and sales of 1000 in Jan, 2000 in Feb and 4000 in March would be calculated as:

52/12*2+(5000-2000-1000)/4000*52/12 = 10.8 weeks

I have written an if formula to calculate this however it is cumbersome has limitations due to the number of if's that can be entered.

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Stock Control Spreadsheet
I have an opening balance colum for the month(I5), then a colum for receival stock for each week in the month + total of stock received for the month(O5), also a colum for delivered stock for each week in the month+ a total deliverd for the month(U5). I wish to then calculate the closing balance in (V5)

Therefore the simple formula =(05-U5)+I5 with the product dispalyed in (V5)

opening balance 3 units(I5) receivals =0(O5) deliveries = 3(U5) closing balance should equal =0 (V5). However the product displayed in V5 is incorrect and shows 6
What am i doing wrong? what formula will give me the correct answer to this equasion?

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Historical Stock Prices
how do i download historical stock prices for approx a hundred stocks i.e what code would suffice?

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Annotated Stock Chart
Attached I have my data - there is stock price information (monthly basis) as well as analyst upgrades / downgrades / or initiations.

Is there a very neat way to create an annotated stock chart for these ocurences - perhaps using symbols along a line chart that pots out the monthly stock price on the y axis and the months on the x axis.

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Automatic Stock Updates
For a project, I need a way to automatically have updated stock values in a worksheet to work into various other formulas. I tried the HYPERLINK formula to the individual stock reports, but it wasn't specific enough to simply get the current value of the stock. Is there a way to narrow that formula down to get only that number, and still have it update every time I open the worksheet?

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Copy - Paste From One Sheet To Another
I have this piece of code that copies a block of cells from sheet B to sheet A.

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Copy/Paste From Tab Macro
I tried writing a macro to copy data from one tab and paste it on another. It gave me an error message every time.

So I tried recording one doing just that, and when I went to play it, it still gave me an error.

So here is what I came up with:

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Copy And Paste VBA (2003)
I've written some very simple code to copy from one sheet and paste into another:

Sheets("Code by QC").Select

When i run it, it works but I get a

*run-time error '1004':

Paste method of Worksheet Class Failed

Why is it doing this even though it's pasting what i want it to paste? It's preventing the rest of the macro from running.

Could it be due to me copying data from a filtered set

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Copy / Paste To Another Workbook
I have to gather a LOT of information from different files, into 1. To do so I want to automate this.

1. I will make a new, target file
2. I want to have a file with the macro in it
3. i want to open a (various) number of files to copy the info from

Now for my questions:

* How can I determine which other files are open (apart from the new and macro file)?

* How can I access each individual file, copy the information, paste it in the target file and close the "copy-file" after this

* Within the previous *): how can I determine how many worksheets there are in each file and do the copying sheets by sheet?

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Copy And Paste Between Two Worksheets
I'd like to copy and paste data between workbooks.....

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Copy, Paste...but How To Repeat
I am a VB novice and I cannot seem to figure out how to loop a macro. So here is what I have...

Two worksheets, Sheet1 and Sheet2. I want to copy data starting from the second row of Sheet2 and then past it into specific cells on Sheet1. Then I want excel to print the the page. I want this process to repeat itself for all the rows in Sheet2. I can easily enough record a macro to do this process (which I have), but I cannot figure out how to easily loop it. If someone can help I have to print this log daily to meet federal guidelines. Thanks a million everyone!

An example would be to copy cell A2 on Sheet2, then paste in cell D4 of Sheet1, print and repeat for the next row.

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