Count Repeating SIGN Cells Only

Jan 9, 2014

I have a column that tells whether an adjacent cell is positive or negative. I'm trying to come up with a macro/formula that will tell me how long (# of rows going down) a negative or positive sign repeats before changing.

So it would go down the column and count the rows where the same sign repeats. Once the SIGN switches from + to - or - to + the number goes back to 0. Essentially counting the cells that move in one direction (+ or -).

For example. if A1 = +, A2 = +, A3 = +, A4 = +, A5 = -, A6 = + then it would count A1:A4 and output 4 in B4, meaning that the numbers have stayed negative for 4 rows. For A4:A5 nothing should appear as this sign change we don't want to record. Same for A5:A6. I don't know how to make a formula/macro to identify a repeating SIGN, and then dynamically count all those rows until the sign changes. Does this make sense? I've been beating my head against the desk trying to figure it out with no luck.

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Count All Without Repeating

Jun 10, 2009

What i need is that result of these counting is 2. Count all without repeating.
I need to find out how many different days are in these fields.


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Count Non-repeating Values

Feb 15, 2010

It has several steps and i will now just explain the least complicated one, and hopefully once i get this done i will figure out the rest myself. If not then i will need some more help

I have 500 entries (names) in column A and each entry has a coresponding category in Column B (Large, Medium, Small).

I want to see how many entries are there for each category, but i need to count the names which appear in the list only once. If the name is entered more than once then i dont need to count it.

I hope i made it clear as i am not able to provide excel table as an example do to security settings.

I am usinng Excel`03

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Index And Match With Repeating Values Without Repeating First Found Name

Apr 20, 2006

sorting data I use in a workbook for athletics. I've really chopped down my workbook for upload, In the worksheet "Leaderboard" I can call up stats for different lifts, and it finds (in this case) the top 5 lifts and the names for the kids that have those corresponding lifts.

My problem is that when two or more kids have the same lift, it will only call up the name of the first instance of that lift. You can see this in the "Leaderboard" worksheet, and the name "Adams, Andrew" appears for both lifts of 75. I would appreciate any help on how to correct this, as I've searched the Internet for weeks now looking for a solution. I've tried experimenting with different things as well, all to no avail.

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Decimal Sign Replaced With ';' Sign

Dec 8, 2009

I'm trying to solve a strange problem in a piece of code.

I have a variable that is define as Double called STD. When i try to insert that variable in a formula the decimal sign (for me a comma "," because I'm Portuguese) gets converted to ";" (which is for me the separation sign for the expressions in excel formulas. ex: AND(A1>0;B1>0)=TRUE). The code is:

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Plus Sign And Equals Sign In Formulas

Sep 29, 2006

My boss uses the + symbol and the = symbol in his formulas eg "=+E3*E4" What is the advantage or difference in this as to just using "=E3*E4"

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Plus Sign After Equals Sign In Formula

Jan 10, 2008

In a formula, what effect does putting a plus sign after an equals sign? e.g.
=+((1+B8)^12)-1. I orginally assumed that it made sure that result the would always be positive but I was wrong.

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How Add $ Sign In Multiple Cells

Aug 6, 2014

How can I add "$" sign in multiple cells such as:


so result:
= $E$7
= $D$7
= $F$7

A solution would be to use the "F4" every cell, but the process requires more time.

I tried to select multiple cells and press "F4" but do not works.

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Changing The Sign Values In Cells

Oct 29, 2009

i have one row of values ie c4="-121" d4="122" e4="123" f4="124"

and h4="test" like this .

if h4="right" (i change the value test to write) i want to change the

c4,d4,e4,f4 signs positive to negative

ie c4=+121 d4=-122 e4=-123 f4=-124

i write sample code like this

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Join 2 Cells & Show Equal Sign In Cell

Jan 17, 2008

For Exempel


I have even tried with concernate and indirect in A3 but no difference there...

I want A3 to return =B1 but it only returns it in text but i want it in form of a formula. Is there a formula that returns text directly into a formula or an easy way to do this?

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Cells On One Tab Of A Worksheet Repeating On Another - Error

Jun 14, 2013

I have a strange problem with a spreadsheet I've set up. It has several tabs with multiple information on each. The sums on each individual tab are linked to the front tab (which I've used as a summary page), but I haven't put any other links in.

For some reason, when I type anything in certain cells on one of the tabs (including the summary but not just that), it appears also on all the others, not necessarily in the same place. If I delete it on the the other tabs where it shouldn't be, it deletes the original on the correct tab, which I want to keep. This has been going on for ages, it annoyed me so much I completely recreated the spreadsheet, from scratch, but it's still happening.

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Repeating X Times Among Multiple Cells

May 1, 2007

ok is there a way to have excel fill a certain number of cells with specific data specified X times? For example, the end result would look something like the pic below. The column on the right would change according to the numbers specified in the yellow column.

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Delete Cells With Repeating Values

Nov 25, 2007

working on grouping coordinates because he we wants to simplify data. But he works manually and it eats his time. He has some sheets with data. I suppose there are 7 sheets. Each sheet has coordinates shown on example below. Also there are intervals between pairs of columns, so there will be column A with B, interval of two columns C & D, column E & F and interval of two columns G & H and so on (altogether about 10 columns of coordinates per sheet). Every coordinate begins with argument '1' and increasing gradually by 1 (it is column A). Second column shows values of arguments. But some are repeating, some not. I would like to double these coordinates, where in one argument is only one value (for example these are row 1. and 11.). If there are two the same values I would keep them. But if there will be more values than two, for example row 5. - 8., I would delete row 6. and 7. from the middle. But border coordinates should be kept (row 5. and 8.) and split by moving up lower coordinate to it with rest coordinates. But I want do it separately for every two columns which contains these coordinates, so if I delete coordinates from columns A and B and split boundary coordinates I don't want do it for columns E&F, I&J...


1. 1 1
2. 2 2
3. 3 2
4. 4 2
5. 5 3
6. 6 3
7. 7 3
8. 8 3
9. 9 4
10. 10 4
11. 11 5
12. 12 6
13. 13 6
14. 14 6
15. 15 7
16. 16 7
.. .. ..

1. 1 1
2. 1 1
3. 2 2
4. 4 2
5. 5 3
6. 8 3
7. 9 4
8. 10 4
9. 11 5
10. 11 5
11. 12 6
12. 14 6
13. 15 7
14. 16 7
.. .. ..

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Change Number In Repeating Cells That Also Contain Letter Such As D1 / D2 / D3

Jun 15, 2014

i need a formula for a sign in sheet for the academy i work at. we have night and day classes of the same sessions, in the planner they are listed as d1, d2 d3 and n1 n2 n3 and so on for each.

so basically im trying to create a formula to quickly ender the d1, d2, d3 ect into the cells on eachpage for the students to sign in for each day it works out to be about 190 calls and 9 diferent classes to you can see why id like to speed this up. problem is i need the number to change not the D and excel want to use the cell allocation.

as you can see from the document i have not attatched, i have created a formula to add in the dates automatically, i would like to do the same with the session numbers or the D numbers, this is one of the shorter courses and has about 190 days

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Repeating The Code: Jumps By Clicking On A Different Cells

Jul 23, 2009

I run this code in my workbook and it seems to work but i would like to do same kind of jumps by clicking on a different cells and cant seen to figure out how i can add more of these function.

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Repeating Adjacent Cells Based On Formula

Jun 4, 2014

Based on a trigger point (being a month), and the number of times the expenditure is spread over (factor), can I formulaize the repetition of the figures?

Sheet1 *CDEFGHIJKLMN5***Trigger Points**Desired result via formulae
£ * * * *10,000 2**1**** £ * * * *5,000 £ * * * *5,000 *8 £ * * * * *6,000 3*1**** £ * * * *2,000
£ * * * *2,000 £ * * * *2,000 *9 £ * * * * *8,000 1***1**** £ * * * *8,000 *

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Running A Chart Macro On Selected Cells And Repeating It

Feb 5, 2010

I have figured out how to write a macro to make charts for me automatically, but it only runs the macro on the exact same range every time.

I have about 100 different students to make charts for and would really like to find a way to do it more automatically

Is there a way to write a Macro so that I can run the same steps on a different range (same number of rows and columns)?

Edit: having learned from my first post, I am adding more information.

the first chart is from the data in the range from B5-H7
the next chart would be from the data in the range from B11-H13

The charts are not evenly spaced from each other. I will need to select the range (same size) each time.

I can record the Macro, I just can't apply it where ever I want to.

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Repeating Multiple Cells A Set Number Of Times To Print Labels

Jun 1, 2009

I have a form that users will fill in, and I need to print a set number of labels (all identical) based on the info that is entered.

I have the form set up with data validation and indirect references(Lists on a separate sheet)


User enters in:
Customer name
Product name
Lot #
Date made
Number of items

From there I have a separate set of cells that reference the above info formated to how I want the label to appear when printed.

Now, I need to repeat that label the set number of times (# entered in as "number if items") in a label sort of format (not sure if a mail merge will work for this??)

Then, print off and stick identical labels onto each part that is manufactured per PO/Date etc.

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Excel 2010 :: VBA Repeating Formula(s) In Specified Cells Based On Defined Variables?

Dec 28, 2012

In my worksheet, I know the last line of my report AND I know how many "reporting segments" (all equidistant and identical) there are in the report based on the last row using the below (which I tested in several reports in messages):

Dim vListEnd As Variant
Dim vTaskCount As Double
vListEnd = ActiveSheet.Range("A1").Offset(Sheet1.Rows.Count - 1, 0).End(xlUp).Row
vTaskCount = ((vListEnd - 5) / 22)

My "reporting segments" are ALWAYS 22 rows each and the first one always starts in row 5. Example: A document where the last row (containing an End of Report special character) is 247 would have 11 reporting segments.

Within each reporting segment, there are two different formulas needed.

For the first reporting segment located in rows A5 thru J27:

I need FORMULA1 in all cells of the range (D5:D15 dragged out to H5:H10(not 15) and D18) and FORMULA2 in cells (F20:F22,J20:J22).

Then I need to repeat that vTaskCount number of times (number of segments) and at intervals of 22 (segment repeater offset). Some reports may have 2 segments, some might have 50, but the structure is always identical.

My formulas are all pretty simple if it makes a difference (originally using FormulaR1C1 = "=RC[-1]+RC[-3]" --- but because I now know solid cell locations I suppose I don't need to make them relative, too.)

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Excel 2010 :: Not Able To Remove Blank Cells In New List Keeps Repeating Same Item?

May 21, 2013

I have a list that I need to move to another column without spaces. I have it moving without spaces but it is only one item over and over again. I am using Excel 2010 and that may be my issue. I have attached the exact worksheet and formula.

To Buy List.xlsx‎

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Count Number Of Equal Cells With A Prefix In Col D And Insert Count In Col A?

Aug 7, 2013

I need to count the number of equal cells in col D beginning at the top of the column. The counted cells must begin with a text prefix of "Category:" without the quotes.

Some but not all of the cells in col D begin with a prefix of "Category:" without the quotes, followed by a word or words following the word "Category:" See examples below. All of the terms prefixed with "Category:" in col D are in alphabetical order. I need to count the number of identical cells in col D with the "Category:" prefix.

Examples of the contents of cells in col D with the "Category:" prefix are as follows:

Category: Adversity
Category: Answers
Category: Assurance
Category: Blessings
Category: Build
Category: Change
Category: Children
Category: Choices

Cells above and below cells with a prefix of "Category:" in col D are not adjacent.Cells above and below cells with a prefix of "Category:" in col D are separated by 3 to an undermined number of rows.

I need to count the number of equal cells in col D and insert the count in col A at the last equal term. For example, col A above would have 93, 1, 1, 5, 10, 8, 3, and 12 inserted into col A.

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Count If / Compare 2 Ranges And Count Where Cells In Same Row Differ

Apr 15, 2014

Column A has current building, column b has future building. Would like to count the number of changes without adding a separate column with an if statement.

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Count Formula: Count Cells In Column That Are Graeter Than 160

Feb 5, 2010

I want to count cells in column AA that are graeter than 160, and in column N = "RM" and in column A = "CBP". Can't seem to get this right.

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Loop To Count Cells Until Criteria Met Then Restart Count

Mar 7, 2012

ABCDE1DATEEMP1Days Between SalesEMP2Days Between Sales
23/6/2012 YES0NO 33/5/2012NO NO 43/4/2012NO NO 53/3/2012 YES2NO 63/2/2012NO NO 7 3/1/2012 YES1YES682/29/2012 YES0NO 92/28/2012NO NO 102/27/2012 YES1NO 112/26/2012 YES0NO 122/25/2012NO YES4

I believe I need a loop code to do what I need, because none of the functions I've tried have worked. I want to start at B2 and go down the column until I come to a YES. When I find a YES, I want to know the number of NOs that preceded it. Then I want to go from that YES(#1) to the next YES(#2) and count the number of NOs between YES(#1) and YES(#2) and so forth, until I run out of rows. For example, in C5, the answer is 2, because there are 2 NOs between YES#1 and YES#2 in coulmn B, and a 1 in C7, because there is 1 NO between YES(#2) and YES(#3) in column B.

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Count One Cell And Then Count 52 Cells Later...

Feb 26, 2009

I'm a newbie to these forums, but I had a question that I couldn't find an answer to in the search feature. So, I joined and here I go....

I have a whole lotta data (nearly 600 "pages" of data) that I pasted into Excel. Unfortunately, it's formatted poorly and I'd like to make it nice and purty.

What I started to do was to create a 2nd sheet and then do an "=" and then click the spot with the 'group name' and then another "=" underneath it and then clicked the spot with the 'premium' info, etc.

After a couple of these, I figured that I could simply make a formula to help me out with it. Please see the attached screen captures for some detail on my issue.

Can someone help me create a formula or a way to count a certain cell and then 52 cells underneath it and display it?

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VBA For Value Sign Change

Jul 8, 2012

Having trouble applying a name to the line

For Each ctrl In Form1.Controls

The name of my Form is "frmLayout"

How can I change Form1.Controls to "frmLayout".Controls ?

don't tell me just to type in it without the quotes, I mean when the name is in a string variable.

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Currency Sign

Sep 15, 2008

I have a very frustrating problem with my business plan i am writing in Excel. every so often it crashes and when I open it again all the signs have turned to $ signs and i have to go through and painstakingly change them all. This also happens even if I just close the file carefully and open it up again. I have tried looking in preferences to see if there is a default setting but can't seem to work it out. can anyone help me with this tiresome issue?

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Red Negative With Sign

Oct 24, 2008

is it possible to display the value in a cell with a and also make it automatically go red when the sum is negative?

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How To Remove = Sign

Nov 18, 2009

looking for a formula to remove an "= sign" at the very beginning. hence if "=Jordan" then want to change it to "Jordan" in cell T3 only.

but wait, the resulting cell T3 "=Jordan" already has a formula inside it =(U3&V3&W3&X3&Y3)

How to enter formula for removing "= sign" and not disturbing the existing formula ....

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Count Cells Containing Dates (greater Than 2014) Based On Filtered Cells

Jun 24, 2014

I have spreadsheet with different 100s of columns of dates with 600 rows. The first row identifies which zone the data belongs to (North, South, East, West. NE, SW, SW1, etc...)

I want to write a formula to check how many dates in each column fall in 2015 or later years; This can be accomplished by writing a countifs formula.

Where it gets complicated is once i filter on the Zones;

I want the formula to give me the desired result - count of all CELLS where the year is 2015 or greater - WITH FILTERS ON.

I stumbled upon following sumproduct formula that gives count for visible cells, however when i apply the date criteria, i get incorrect result -


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