How To Sort A Column Depending On Number Of Letters

Apr 15, 2008

i want to sort a column in such a way that it starts with those cells having the highest number of letter. For example:



I want it to look like:


Ofcourse the real list doesnt contain only "A"s. It contains of words and sentences.

How can i sort columns A as mentioned? The order of column A with other columns should not be destroyed be the sorting process.

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To Sort A Column With Mixed Letters And Numbers

Aug 12, 2007

I am attempting to sort a column with mixed letters and numbers. However, I have been totally unable to get them to sort the way I want them.

What I have is:


etc, etc. The prefix letter is only a K - no other letters. However, the suffix letters can be anything from A to E (at the present time)

I need to sort them numberically from K1 in descending order ie:

etc etc etc

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Return Column Letters From Column Number

Jun 1, 2008

I know the column number (57) and want the formula to return the column name (BE) Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;not using vba that is! or if so , a custom function so macros dont have to be run.

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Comparing Two Column For Matching Number But The Items Compared Also Contains Letters

May 2, 2006

I am trying to compare two colums. They both contain numbers mixed with letters. I am wanting to match only the numbers in both not the letters. Example:

column a = m454 column b = fsh454-1
m543 fst998-2
m998 fsm434-1

my match is m454 and fsh454-1, m998 and fst998-2. The items can be in any order in the column. The end result I want to indicate the match by putting an X by column a item that matches column b.

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Remove Letters From A Column Containing Both Numbers And Letters

Jul 24, 2012

I have a column of cells, some blank, some containing just numbers, some containing just letters, some containing numbers preceded by the the letter 'p'




In the cells containing the number preceded by the 'p' - i would like to remove the 'p' leaving just the number, with all other cells remaining unchanged.

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Sort Containing Both Letters And Numbers

Jan 4, 2008

I have a list I want to sort containing both letters and numbers. Right now the regular sort sorts like this
I want it to sort like this and don't have a clue how to do it
I am using excel 2003

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Column Letters- VBA Command To Get The Letters

Nov 17, 2009

Is there a VBA command to get the letters, instead of the numbers, of the column of a selected cell?

I have to letter a list whihc means setting up a loop using character codes.

I may have to go into double letters so I am working on how I would set up the loop for if and when it gets past 90 and starts on double letters. so far the highest is the letter "U"

of course the easiest would be to pick up a column value as a letter

NT values do not get a number

A_____ _____NT###
D____ _______NT####

i am guessing the loop might involve some arithmetic test between the count and the character set 65-90. or maybe a mod thing.

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Bubble Sort: Comparing Numbers & Letters

Jun 3, 2007

I have 3 departments, each with a value. I want to sort from lowest value to greatest (which I have done) but some departments won't have a value and therefore will have "n/a" in the place of the value. When sorting, "n/a" always comes out as the greatest value but I want "n/a" to be the lowest value - since it means there is no value.

Here is an example of the data:
Depts: Value:
580 15.75
558 19.01
538 n/a

Here is the code (sorting is being done on the value obviously, and the switching of the Depts to stay with the value is also done in the code)

Private Sub RankPerformance()

Dim bytValuesArrayCount As Byte
Dim A As Byte
Dim B As Byte
Dim vTemp As Variant 'must be type since value can be number or string ("n/a")

bytValuesArrayCount = UBound(ValuesArray)

The only way I know to do it is to sort using the above code, then do another type of sort if a value is not numeric then it is placed at the end...but I'm trying to make the code as efficient as possible

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Sort Column Of Number & Numbers With Alpha Characters Attached

Jan 7, 2010

Have a spreadsheet that contains a column of 3 digit numbers as well as 3 digit numbers with 2 trailing alpha characters.



Need to sort by this column, but, with the parameter of sorting first by the numeric only, and then by numeric with alphas. So, the above list would look like this sorted properly:


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Sort Depending Of Previous Selection?

Jun 12, 2014

Attached is a copy of a spreadsheet that im working on, im trying to sort staff on their correct locations depending where i originaly select them.

The attachement will have more info

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Sort Rows Depending On Value In Only One Of Columns

Aug 16, 2012

I wish to sort all of my rows depending on the value in only one of the columns. I do not know how to set this up, my data starts in row 7 and is in columns B:F, needs to be sorted by descending in column B.

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Rearrange (sort) Columns Based On Number In Column Header String

Apr 3, 2014

I want to rearrange(sort asscending) columns based on numerical value in column header string through VBA macro. Please check attachment.

i.e. (Present Data)
# A B C D
1 col.1 col.4 col.3 col.2

(Output Data )
# A B C D
1 col.1 col.2 col.3 col.4


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Move And Sort With One Column But Insert Extra Columns As Needed For Proper Sort?

Jan 13, 2014

Using DataEntry sheet for data.
Trying to rearrange the data to DataFormatedProperly sheet.
So far all I can accomplish is DataFormatedWrong sheet.

Edit: Not sure what happened but file was NOT understandable before. It should be correct now.

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How To Sort Numbers With Letter Prefixes And Letters Mixed With Numbers

Jan 21, 2012

Using the following data


I want it to sort like this:


What is the formula to achieve this?

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Using Letters In An Auto Number

Apr 16, 2006

I have a database to which I am connecting a form, I need to have a unique ID for each record and due to the number of tables need to include letters in my numbering (ex. U00001, for Users; B00001, for Books; and V00001, for videos.) I have adjusted a very helpful macro I recieved from Roy Cox and am currently trying this code on the "user form":

Count_Row = 1
DATABASE_RECORDS = Sheets("Users"). Range("B1:B10000")

'To identify the next blank row in the database sheet

If DBRECORD <> "" Then Count_Row = Count_Row + 1
RowNum = Count_Row
X = RowNum - 1
Sheets("Users").Range("A1" & RowNum) = "U000" & X

This is supposed to find the fill the "A" (ID) column after the "B" Column has been filled. Currently It is placing U0001 in cell A12 when all that is in the sheet is headers.

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Find Letters In A Reference Number

May 6, 2009

I need to find a formula that will find letters in a referance, for example i have referances like - MNE DJM & ZZPAR i need to find a formula that will find me the ZZPAR looking for "ZZ" i then want this to tell me what tpYe of referance number it is and put this into column Z.

Normal referance number like DJM and MNE i want this to show as "BROMLEY"

aND ZZPAR as "Chester"

I have tried something like the following but this is not working

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Recognize Letters Before A Number In A Cell

Mar 9, 2007

I have the following column:
A1 B1 B3
Ab123 1278 what i would like is if cell A2 start with AB then B1 and if not then nothing
AC125 1587
AF123 1365
AR125 1259

I would like another cell to check the cell where i have the two letters and the numbers. if the cell start with the number that i am intrested then to confirm it to me, or to give me a value from another cell.

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Count Number Of Certain Letters In Given Cell

Mar 1, 2013

I am trying to count the number of certain letters in a given cell. I figured out the formula when there is not a repeat of a targeted letter. For example, if multiple C's appear in cell A1 I will only get a value of 1 and not the exact number.

Here is my formula.

=COUNTIF(F12:Q12, "*C*")+COUNTIF(F12:Q12, "*P*")+COUNTIF(F12:Q12, "*E*")+COUNTIF(F12:Q12, "*L*")+COUNTIF(F12:Q12, "*O*")

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Matching Set Pattern Of Letters And Number

Dec 12, 2013

I am new in extracting data from excel .

There is a report that contains a various amount data, in one cell it describes the outcome in a summary format of how an issue was resolved.

Is it possible to search a cell of summary text that contains a set pattern with letters & numbers i.e."CL900962" then either place a "YES" or "NO" in another cell if found?

The pattern will always begin with letters "CL" followed by 6 digit number.

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Count The Number Of Different Letters Within A Cell

Jul 5, 2007

ii there a function that will count the number of different letters within a cell.
Example: If in cell A1 is LIVERPOOL then in cell B1 I want the number 7.

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Find Maximum Number Of Letters

May 27, 2009

The content of Cell A1 looks like this attccggttaattcccccaaaattt
(only a,t,g,c -nucleotides). I want to know the max times C occurs in this cell and the position from the start. like that a, t, g.

here the answer is 5 times and distance is 13 from start.

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Convert X Digit Number To Letters

May 11, 2008

Nice to meet you all. I'd be grateful for any help I could get on this as I have tried it and I'm a bit stumped...

What I need to do is the following:

Convert a 4 digit number (e.g. 1234) in a single cell to a 4 letter string (e.g BCDE) and have the output appear in another cell.

The conversion should be as follows:


So, for example, 3678 in one cell should be converted to DGHI in the target cell.

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Creating Complicated Formula With Letters And Number

Apr 8, 2014

I have been trying to create a formula that will save me DAYS of messing around at work.

What I am trying to achieve is to have a sequence of numbers as follows:

BNA01A01 to BNA01A09 then have it change to BNA01B01 to BNA01B09.

This needs to be repeated for all letters to BNA01I09.

Then this sequence needs to be repeated to BNA12.

The last thing is for me to be able to change the formula in order to implement the same sequence on a separate sheet for BNB01A01 - BNB12I09 to BNL01A01 - BNL12I09

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Counting Number Of Specific Letters In A Cell?

Sep 11, 2013

I have column A and B , in Column A cells i have words that I need to count the number of specific letters from them.

like :

A2= Apples

I need B2 to show the number of letter "A" in A2's text.

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Add Letters To Unique Random Number Macro

Mar 31, 2014

Is it possible to add letters to this "Unique random number" generator it is very fast and takes only 5s to run on 50,000 rows, I have a different "Unique random Sequence generator" macro but it takes about 30 minutes to run on 50,000 rows


Sub generateuniquerandom()
Dim b() As Boolean, e As Range, k&, x&
Dim lRow As Long
With Sheets(1)
lRow = .Range("F" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row


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Verify A Postcode Format That Starts With A Number Followed By One Or Two Letters

May 5, 2009

How would I verify a postcode format that starts with a number followed by one or two letters, space, number, letter, letter, if correct displays correct if incorrect displays incorrect

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Filter Out Letters Put In After A Number In A Time Card Spreadsheet

Jan 14, 2009

I have the need to filter out letters put in after a number in a time card spreadsheet. I'm not sure that using a select case is the right approach. I need to allow the user to put in a number and a letter signifying what type of time it is. Each cell equals a date on a calendar. For example if the user puts in 8s then the code will add 8 hours to the total sick time, strip out the s and just leave 8 in the cell. The problem is that I need to deal with all of the other letters/symbols that they can enter. From what I know of VBA which isn't much a Select Case seems to be way to go without using a bunch of nested If statements. Here is what I would like to do but this doesn't work. This is a short example of what I have tried as far as Select Case goes.

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Retrieving A Number Format From A Cell Grouped With Letters

Apr 20, 2006

i need to find a way to search for numbers in a cell that are attached at the end of a group of letters. ex. (xxxxxxxxx01-01-001). i want to search backwards in the cell going right to left. what i need to do is once i find the numbers i need to go to the last number ex. (......x01-.....) and in front of it place a space ex. (......x 01-.......). right now i havent come up with a formula that can do this.

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Add Same Letters To Column?

Nov 21, 2011

I have a column of domains.

I need to add "http://" to the beginning of these domains. How can I do this?

EX. I have column A with about 27 cells of domains "". I want to add the "http://" to the front of them.

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Column Letters

Feb 28, 2007

Using =column() in cell A1 returns "1" as column A is column 1 with b being 2 etc.

How can I get it to return "A".

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