Comparing Two Column For Matching Number But The Items Compared Also Contains Letters

May 2, 2006

I am trying to compare two colums. They both contain numbers mixed with letters. I am wanting to match only the numbers in both not the letters. Example:

column a = m454 column b = fsh454-1
m543 fst998-2
m998 fsm434-1

my match is m454 and fsh454-1, m998 and fst998-2. The items can be in any order in the column. The end result I want to indicate the match by putting an X by column a item that matches column b.

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Matching Set Pattern Of Letters And Number

Dec 12, 2013

I am new in extracting data from excel .

There is a report that contains a various amount data, in one cell it describes the outcome in a summary format of how an issue was resolved.

Is it possible to search a cell of summary text that contains a set pattern with letters & numbers i.e."CL900962" then either place a "YES" or "NO" in another cell if found?

The pattern will always begin with letters "CL" followed by 6 digit number.

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How To Sort A Column Depending On Number Of Letters

Apr 15, 2008

i want to sort a column in such a way that it starts with those cells having the highest number of letter. For example:



I want it to look like:


Ofcourse the real list doesnt contain only "A"s. It contains of words and sentences.

How can i sort columns A as mentioned? The order of column A with other columns should not be destroyed be the sorting process.

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Return Column Letters From Column Number

Jun 1, 2008

I know the column number (57) and want the formula to return the column name (BE) Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;not using vba that is! or if so , a custom function so macros dont have to be run.

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Bubble Sort: Comparing Numbers & Letters

Jun 3, 2007

I have 3 departments, each with a value. I want to sort from lowest value to greatest (which I have done) but some departments won't have a value and therefore will have "n/a" in the place of the value. When sorting, "n/a" always comes out as the greatest value but I want "n/a" to be the lowest value - since it means there is no value.

Here is an example of the data:
Depts: Value:
580 15.75
558 19.01
538 n/a

Here is the code (sorting is being done on the value obviously, and the switching of the Depts to stay with the value is also done in the code)

Private Sub RankPerformance()

Dim bytValuesArrayCount As Byte
Dim A As Byte
Dim B As Byte
Dim vTemp As Variant 'must be type since value can be number or string ("n/a")

bytValuesArrayCount = UBound(ValuesArray)

The only way I know to do it is to sort using the above code, then do another type of sort if a value is not numeric then it is placed at the end...but I'm trying to make the code as efficient as possible

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Comparing 2 Columns With Numbers / Letters And Alphanumeric Values

May 13, 2014

I have 2 columns i want to find out which items match in each column and put the matching value in column c. I have tried Vlookup and continue to get an N/A .. I tried countif and I get either an N/A or a value error. I have tried turning the cells into text but that is not working either..

column A has about 1700 rows and column B has about 4000

MOST CELLS ARE 6-7 VARIABLES.. satrting with either 01, 02, 03 with 4-5 letters following or have a 6 digit number or 6 letter value.

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Highlight Cell In Column When Compared To Each Value Of Another Column

Jun 25, 2014

Formula to highlight a cell in a column when compared to each value in another value. If I have the columns

1 1
1 2
2 3
3 5
4 7
7 8

I want the values in column A to be highlighted if the excist in column B, both of the number 1:s.

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Comparing Two Columns And Returning Number Of Cells In One Column With Higher Values?

Apr 8, 2014

I have two Columns C and E that have dollar amounts in them. I want to compare each row in those columns and then total the number in column C that are higher that column E.

So basically C6>E6, C7<E7, C8=E8,C9>E9 should return the result of 2. There are two instances where the price in C is higher than the price in E.

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Remove Letters From A Column Containing Both Numbers And Letters

Jul 24, 2012

I have a column of cells, some blank, some containing just numbers, some containing just letters, some containing numbers preceded by the the letter 'p'




In the cells containing the number preceded by the 'p' - i would like to remove the 'p' leaving just the number, with all other cells remaining unchanged.

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Counting Number Of Unique Items In Column

Oct 10, 2008

I am trying to count the number of unique items in a single column (~5,000 rows of data). For example, I may have the following data

a1 = apples
a2 = pears
a3 = oranges
a4 = apples
a5 = apples
a6 = apples
a7 = pears

in this case number of uniques items is 3

Right now I am using a Pivot Table to figure out the number of unique items but I am sure there is an easier way to do this.

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Formula That Finds Matching Last Name Then Looks To Match First 3 Letters Of First Name

May 21, 2014

In Column A I have first names, In column B I have last Names, in column C I have id letters,
Column D another list of First Names And In Column E I have another list of Last Names

So what I need to do in F2 is Look at the name Last name in E2 (Lets say its Smith) then look down the Last names In Column B when you find a match look at the First name on the same row to see if the first 3 letters are the same as the first 3 letters in D2 if they are then put the id that's in cell C into F2 if not ""

I've been trying for hours but no luck, also if you do manage to do it can you tell me how you get it to look at the first 3 letters and how I could change that to 4?

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Creating A Unique List Of Items In Column A That Have A Corresponding Non-zero Value In Column B, I.e. Excluding All Items Where Sumif ColumnB Would Sum To 0

Jul 17, 2009

I know how to use array formulae to create a unique list, i.e.{=INDEX($G$1:$G$760,SMALL(IF(ROW($G$1:$G$760)=MATCH($G$1:$G$760,$G$1:$G$760,0),ROW($G$1:$G$760)),ROW()))}

however this is giving all the unique items from column G and I only want the unique items that have a non-zero value in column H as well. This would be the sumif of all instances that would have to be zero. I've tried to crack it and I've tried to search for solutions but so far no joy.

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Rank Items In Column K From Highest To Bottom With Corresponding Number In J

Dec 20, 2013

I am looking to have the items in column K 1 through 16 listed from highest to lowest and at the same time post the corresponding number from column J 1 through 16.

So that it reads as follows:

04 - 18 - 06
02 - 17 - 06
08 - 10 - 03

Item 04 has 18 points and is listed in 6 columns etc.

How can I get Excel to do this?

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Comparing Items And Calculating Prices

May 5, 2009

I have attached a sample spreadsheet for reference.

What I am trying to do is eliminate column 'J' on the Distribution tab. I want to use column 'C' on the Totals tab to calculate the subtotal based on matching the products on the Distribution tab in column 'E' with the Products list on the Totals tab in column 'A'. Once the match is made, I need to multiply the associated price in column 'C' on the Totals tab and the associated quantity in column 'F' on the Distribution tab with the result going in column 'K' on the Distribution tab.

I tried




but neither works and I do not know what else to try.

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Comparing Worksheets - With Some Items Deleted

Jun 13, 2006

I have a task that I thought would be quite simple but I canít find a solution in any of the books I have or on this forum.

I receive a list of companies each day who owe money, in Worksheet1. The next day I receive an updated list in Worksheet2. Those companies who have now paid have been deleted from the list. I want to compare the two lists and highlight those companies in Worksheet1 who are no longer in Worksheet 2.

Iíve tried to do this by getting the values in the list in Worksheet2 to loop through the list in Worksheet1 but canít make it happen.

Iíd be really grateful if someone was able to help me with the code I need.

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Comparing And Matching Data ...

Jul 29, 2009

I am trying to compare a list of product codes on sheet 1 column A, with a larger list of product codes on sheet 2 column B.

My aim: when i click to button on sheet one the part numbers that are in both lists (sheet 1 and 2) Should be moved into sheet 3 columns B and be rearranged so that they match horzontally with the full sheet two pricelist which will have now moved to column A sheet 3. This should leave gaps in column B where there was no matching part number.

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Use The COUNTIF Function Formula To Count The Number Of Items In Column A?

Mar 7, 2014

We have one excel file for monitoring of action items generated by the management after the study. As since there were around 3000+ rows has been generated since in the beginning of 1990's till to-date. So I was thinking of instead of getting the result through filter manually, I want to create a formula that will count of how many has been closed this year and this month out of the total numbers of action items.

Is it possible to use the COUNTIF function formula to count the number of items in column A, and date of column B, and closed in column C.

In below, we can see that there were 4 items under Revalidation has been closed this month and the total number of closed this year is 6.

MTD Closing Date

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Searching A Column For Specific Text To Return A Number Of Items Found

Apr 28, 2006

on one sheet we have a summary of the main list, which includes totals of money recieved, totals of all the different sources (ie, where they heard about us from), the totals of the frequencies they pay (ie, how many donate monthly, quarterly...) ... etc. on the next sheet we have the "main" list of donors, their IDs, amounts, frequency, source ...

the totals on the first sheet are updated manually, but i want to change that as there are a great number of errors.

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Return Matching Numbers By Comparing 2 Ranges

Apr 30, 2008

I have a collum (A )with numbers and in other sheet have a collum (B)with numbers too.. and some numbers match. what i want is in the cells that the numbers match have other colum and i want to copy that number to another cell.

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Column Letters- VBA Command To Get The Letters

Nov 17, 2009

Is there a VBA command to get the letters, instead of the numbers, of the column of a selected cell?

I have to letter a list whihc means setting up a loop using character codes.

I may have to go into double letters so I am working on how I would set up the loop for if and when it gets past 90 and starts on double letters. so far the highest is the letter "U"

of course the easiest would be to pick up a column value as a letter

NT values do not get a number

A_____ _____NT###
D____ _______NT####

i am guessing the loop might involve some arithmetic test between the count and the character set 65-90. or maybe a mod thing.

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Match Function To Return Column Number For Matching Date Errors?

Aug 5, 2014

I am trying to use some vba match function code to return the column number of the matching date. The date will be stored in a date variable.

Every time I run this code I normally get a match error even though the date is in the worksheet and the variable matches that date.

See below:

[Code] .....

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Matching Items

Jan 27, 2006

getting correct formula and normally there are people much smarter then I in the
discussion group. What I have is a workbook with 4 worksheets and on on of the worksheets I have a layout like this. (sheet 1)
1 Name Origin Driver #
2 Mrs Soandso 125 anywhere
3 Mr. Someone 327 anywhere

Drver numbers are blank

On another worksheet(sheet 3) I have a list of subscriptions (I.e drivers
numbers already filled in) I have this set up as a list.

1 Name Origin Driver #
2 Mrs Soandso 125 anywhere 37
3 Mr. Someone 327 anywhere 39

What I am looking for is a way to pull the drivers numbers from sheet3 into sheet1. so basically in sheet 1 if a1 and b1 match the name + origin in sheet 3 it will pull the driver number from that row into c1 sheet1 . If nothing matches then it should leave it blank. The data in sheet 1 changes everyday for me as I get a manifest on who to deliver wheels on wheels to, my problem is while I know all the correct drivers go to what people, I can never have a day off as someone filling in for me has to go through 400 addresses and look each one up and put coresponding drivers number into it.

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Matching Items In 2 Columns

Dec 13, 2011

In Col A, from A1:A12 I have


In column G from A1:A6, I have


How could I return an 'x' in column C against the A values corresponding with the G values, for example an 'x' in C6, an 'x' in C9, an 'x' in c15' etc? And a blank for example at C8 and C14.

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Matching Items In A Range?

Dec 29, 2011

I think I've been at the Xmas sherry for far too long as I can't see the wood for the trees with the following code. It is supposed to find the position of the string_to_find within range_to_match.

I have checked and the address returned locally by range_to_match.address is correct. However the individual items (current_item) are coming back as blanks (as in the Msgbox) - rather than the members of the range.

I did try and do this via application.match but again got an error.

There is an option explicit at the very top of the module.


Public Function match_string(range_to_match As Range, string_to_find As String) As Long
Dim i As Long
Dim pos As Variant


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Matching Items From Two Sheets

Mar 24, 2007

I have two majors (classes) listed on two differents sheets and need to put the matching classes on a third sheet.

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Returns Items Matching Condition

Jul 24, 2007

I am trying to have an order form auto populate information, however I have run into a small problem when doing so. I am unable to use VBA because it is locked by whoever originally created the spreadsheet so I need a formula solution if possible. I would like for the worksheet "Order Form" to auto populate the type of printer cartridge when there is a 0 in the column "On Hand" on the "List" worksheet. I know a loop could do the trick but I was wondering if maybe a vlookup or if statements could get the job done. Here is a completed sample of what I would like to happen.

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Multiple Matching Items From Table

Jan 30, 2008

I'm working on a travel form, which allows people to enter a travel itinerary. From that, I want to be able to extract the cities where they are spending one or more nights - so that I can then do the calculations for accommodation allowances.

I am able to calculate the number of nights stay in each city where there is an overnight stop. But I'm stuck on how to extract every combination of City and Nights where Nights is greater than zero - there is no need to calculate for cities with no overnight stay.

I have attached an example spreadsheet.

Some notes:

- the itinerary and accommodation tables have to remain separate, as they hold more data than in the example,
- the itinerary table can't be sorted for number of nights. It has to be in chronological order for each segment!

Every lookup function I check out seems to demand a sorted table.

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Multiple Arrays - Matching Data To Items

Jun 20, 2012

I have code that runs through multiple arrays trying to match data to items in the arrays and it takes a long time to run.

dim a as long
dim b as long
dim c as long
dim d as long
dim e as long

dim MyAarray as variant

[Code] ..........

That's basically what the code does. however, it takes an extremely long time to get through with everything as each array increases in size.

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Count Items In Column That Match Multiple Data Items?

Mar 27, 2014

I need to count the total number of times 4 different values appear in a column. This formula works for one value:


Where H1 contains the word Assigned. I need to also find and add to count for matches in I1,J1 and K1 which contain New, Pending and Work in Progress respectively.

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Parsing A Row Of Multiple Items From A List Of Matching Unique

Jan 8, 2008

I have two worksheets: A and B.

Worksheet A:Contains 2 columns: Issue# (Col. A) and Program (Col. B).

Issue# contains a list of multiple issues. There are several instances in which the issue# is repeated.

Any particular Issue# field may have several issues in it, delimited by a comma.

Program is a program associated with the issue and this column also contains duplicates.
Worksheet B:Contains 1 column: Issue# (Col. A)

This is a unique list of issues#'s.

All Im looking to do is parse all Issue#'s from Worksheet B and have some way of knowing if that issue# is anywhere in Worksheet A. Most importantly, I need the "indicator" to be displayed on Worksheet A. This way I can see what program(s) is/are associated with the matching issues.

A couple other notes:All Issue#'s in Worksheet B are referenced at least once in the Worksheet A Issue# list

There are several issues in Worksheet A which are not referenced in the issue list on worksheet B (of which I dont care about)

I really hope that makes sense, but if not...

Here's the best example I could come up with: ....

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