If Statment To Hide Multiple Labels And Buttons In Vba

Sep 3, 2009

I would like for the If statment to hide multiple labels and buttons. How can I add more than one condition after Else:?

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Hide Columns & Hide X-axis Labels

Nov 22, 2006

I am filtering the data displayed in a chart by hiding columns. I would also like to filter the X-Axis labels by hiding columns. If I do this manually I have no problems but when I run the following macro the chart gives a reference error for the X-axis labels.

Sub ShowA2()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
num = Sheets.Count
Range(Columns(1), Columns(256)).Select
Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = False
For a = 1 To 5
Sheets(num - a).Activate
If ActiveSheet.Name = "A2 Data" Then
Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = False

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Hide PivotTable Row Labels?

Feb 4, 2014

I have a PivotTable with data and I want to hide the row labels (in blue) that's in the first row.

See image:[URL]


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Hide Columns On Column Labels

Jul 17, 2009

I was wondering how I might be able to hide columns based on their 1st row labels with vba - I never know where these columns might be on different file I get but I want to hide the same columns every time. right now I am just specifying column numbers or letters but it's not working out:

Columns("A:C").EntireColumn.Hidden = True
Columns("G:I").EntireColumn.Hidden = True
Columns("K:R").EntireColumn.Hidden = True
Columns("T:V").EntireColumn.Hidden = True

Columns("A:C").EntireColumn.Hidden = False
Columns("G:I").EntireColumn.Hidden = False
Columns("K:R").EntireColumn.Hidden = False
Columns("T:V").EntireColumn.Hidden = False

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Conditionally Hide Chart Axis Labels

Sep 4, 2007

Is it possible to hide some of the number labels on an axis; e.g. in on the chart below to hide the X-axis label 96? Or only start numbering from 97 while the chart displays from 96. Auto Merged Post;Well I have a solution to hiding the first value on the excel X axis values labels just using a custom number format;


but is there anyway of formating more than a couple of the number labels individually?

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Multiple Macro Buttons (radio Buttons)?

Feb 10, 2012

I am trying to create a worksheet that has multiple radio buttons. Each radio button is linked to a Macro. I need there to be many buttons running down one side of the worksheet. Each button needs to perform a macro that is relevant to the cells in the same row that it is on.

Essentially what i am trying to do is make a macro that when the button is pressed copys data from H6 and paste it into B6. The button is situated above I6. I need a button for each row from 6 to 110.

While this macro is easy to create (i use the record button and then assign the macro to the button), i would have to do this 104 times and assign a new macro to each button.

Is there a quicker way?

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Hide Cells Using Buttons?

Feb 13, 2014

IMAGE1.jpg ... This list uses rows up to 1040. What I am needing to do is create a master button similar to the "Show All" Button at the top that hides any sub group automatically based on the values in the yellow box. The hide button to the right of the hardware assembly will hide the rows when pressed but that requires me to go down the list and press each button that the yellow box has a zero in. I would like to create a button that has a macro that will automatically "click" or run the hide button when its corresponding yellow box has a zero in it. If the value is greater than zero it does not need to hide that hardware group.

Example from attached image. If I were to run the new macro it would run the hide button for rows 5-8, not run the macro for rows 10-13, then again run the macro for rows 15-18, and so on until it reaches the last yellow box which is row 1036 (hide rows 1035-1039).

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Excel 2010 :: Hide / Show Textboxes And Labels Based On Combobox Selection?

Jul 8, 2014

I have created a UserForm that has a ComboBox and depending on the number selected I want it to show that number of Labels/TextBoxes...

So if I select "0" nothing is shown, if I select "1" one set of Labels/TextBoxes is shown, select "2" and two sets of Labels/TextBoxes are shown... but also if I have selected "2" and then select "1" I want the second set to be hidden again...

Also I know I should have renamed the Label/TexBoxes to make it easer but I was adding things and making it up as I went along...

I'm using Excel 2010 on windows 7.

Sub UnHide_NewRoutings()
If (Engineering.ComboBox2.value) = "0" Then
Engineering.Label4.Visible = False
Engineering.TextBox5.Visible = False
Engineering.Label9.Visible = False
Engineering.TextBox9.Visible = False

[Code] ..........

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Hide / Unhide Worksheets With Buttons?

Dec 3, 2011

I have a button (A) that will unhide worksheet A. I would like to add another button (B) that will hide(very hidden) worksheet A (if allready open) then open worksheet B, vice versa when click button A.

Sub ShowSheets()
With Worksheets("A")
.Visible = xlSheetVisible
End With
End Sub

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Hide Macro Buttons When Emailing

Nov 23, 2012

I'm using the With ActiveSheet.MailEnvelope command in vb to send an email and it works fine, but the range I am selecting includes macro buttons on the sheet.

It is possible to prevent macro buttons from been printed by selecting Format Control > Properties on the button and unticking Print Object (off by default anyway).

Is there any equivalent way of preventing macro buttons from appearing in emails when a range is emailed rather than printed.

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Disable/Hide Title Bar W/Buttons

Jan 31, 2007

I'm trying to disable the [x] in the upper right hand corner to force my users to use my "Close Workbook" button, but not sure how to do it. Then, was thinking that I might just want to hide the entire Application Title bar...

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Hide/unhide Rows With Buttons

Sep 14, 2009

I am using several toggle buttons to hide/show rows of data related to the specific toggle buttons. I also want to hide and show the toggle buttons as well. When I try to do that the data underneath the toggle buttons is hidden but the toggle buttons don't hide with the cells.

A solution for the problem that I am having would be to have the ability to click on a cell as if it were a toggle button and hide/show rows of data when clicked.


If there is a way to hide/show buttons as well would work too.

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Hide Command Buttons & Worksheets

Nov 5, 2009

Why code will not hide command buttons or worksheets based on a given password. I have attached the code so.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim strUser As String, strPassword As String
strUser = InputBox("Enter User Name")
strPassword = InputBox("Enter Password")
Select Case strUser
Case "O"
If strUserPassord = "O4" Then
O.Enabled = True
GOODBYE.Enabled = True
S.Enabled = False
R.Enabled = False
A1.Enabled = False
A3.Enabled = False
A4.Enabled = False
Sheets("Set4").Visible = True
Sheets("Set5").Visible = False
Sheets("Set61").Visible = False
Sheets("Set63").Visible = False................

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Show And Hide Listboxes Via Option Buttons

Mar 12, 2012

I have 7 different listboxes, laying on top of eachother. When I select OptionButton1 I would like to see ListBox1.

This works fine the first time I push the radiobuttons. But I can't go back again..

This is my codes for the optionbuttons;

Private Sub OptionButton1_Click()
If OptionButton1.Enabled = True Then
ListBox1.Visible = True


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Hide Standard Buttons & Stop Work Sheet Flashing..

Mar 10, 2009

1: Is their anyway I can get rid of the File, Edit, View, etc buttons at the top of the document so everyone that opens it can not see them? and also the save button, the idea is they have to use the button to save the sheet.

2: I have a button on the sheet with a macro that saves the sheet once it has been worked on, the sheet flashes when this button is clicked is there any way I can stop the sheet flashing ?

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Change Chart / Pivot Table Numeric Labels To Associated Text Labels?

Feb 7, 2014

I have an export from a database that I'm bringing into Excel 2010 of about 30K records. Data points are recorded numerically and I have their associated text "value label" (what it would be called in STATA, for example, not sure what it's called in Excel). I want to create various charts/pivot tables with the data and want the labels to be the text label, not the number.

For example, variable ASSIGNMENT has the following possibilities:


Here's what each of those "mean" (I have this in another table):

1 - Sick
2 - Overtime
3 - Court
4 - Present

How do I create a chart or pivot table where the labels are "sick", "overtime", etc., and not "1", "2", "3", "4"?

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Userform Labels :: Change The Color Property Of All The Labels On The Form Simultaneously

Mar 11, 2009

I have a UserForm and what I'm trying too do is change the color property of all the labels on the form simultaneously.

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Pivot Table - Show Row Labels Horizontally (Not As Column Labels)

Jan 16, 2014

I have a worksheet that is just a list of items with a location listed next to each item. I took that list and made it into a pivot table and would like it to have it list the items with each location it is in displayed across. I have already set it to tabular form in the pivot table options, but if there are multiple locations it lists them vertically and I want them list horizontally for printing purposes. I have attached a screen shot to explain.

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How To Create Multiple X-axis Labels

Nov 29, 2013

Right now I have this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 1.02.47 PM.jpg

How can I put another label under each bar (NOT outside end or inside end or any additional label. This is an actual label? For example, under the first blue bar labeled 56.7%, I also want to put N = 50 below the X-axis, above "Optimal." I also want to put N = 25 for the red bar immediately next to it labeled at 75.7%.

This is not a label, as it is below the X-axis.

An example of this can be found here (scroll down for second chart)


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Caption Multiple Labels Based On Cells

Feb 9, 2008

I am displaying cells in textboxes depending on the results of a listbox selection. I was wondering if there is code for making the textbox names variable (so I could just loop through the offsets and textbox names)

the code below works but I would like to make it more versatile and shorten it.
There are other textboxes on the page.

Sub detailfill() ....

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Add & Delete Multiple Chart Data Series Labels

Jan 16, 2008

My friend has set up an excel workbook with a sheet for every month (labelled Jan graphs, Feb graphs, Mar graphs etc) which has 7 pie charts per sheet. The problem is the pie charts are showing the 0% fields and the data labels are overlapping. I have found a macro that gets rid of the 0% labels but I need to repeat the macro for all the 7 charts on each sheet and all 12 worksheets for each month of the year. I am very new to VBA and coding of any type and have looked but can't find the solution.

The macro I am currently using for "Chart1" on "Jan graphs" is below. The charts are labelled Chart1, Chart2, Chart3 etc.

Sub ClearLabels()

Worksheets("Jan graphs").ChartObjects("Chart 1").Chart.ApplyDataLabels _

For Each x In Worksheets("Jan graphs").ChartObjects("Chart 1"). _

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Repeating Multiple Cells A Set Number Of Times To Print Labels

Jun 1, 2009

I have a form that users will fill in, and I need to print a set number of labels (all identical) based on the info that is entered.

I have the form set up with data validation and indirect references(Lists on a separate sheet)


User enters in:
Customer name
Product name
Lot #
Date made
Number of items

From there I have a separate set of cells that reference the above info formated to how I want the label to appear when printed.

Now, I need to repeat that label the set number of times (# entered in as "number if items") in a label sort of format (not sure if a mail merge will work for this??)

Then, print off and stick identical labels onto each part that is manufactured per PO/Date etc.

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Conditional I Think If Statment Maybe More

Jan 19, 2009

Ok ive been playing about with excel for the past week to get a spreadsheep up and running so i can see the totals of some things and now its getting a little complecated for me (ive done the easy stuff lol)

Ok here is the situation and i'll try and explain what im doing as best as i can. Im trying to make a spreadsheet that shows how much a resorce can be refined so lets say in a1 to c1 i have 400 in each but i can mix a with b and b with c at the ratio of every 20 of a and c to ever 10 of b

so somewhere in my spread sheet id have the result 20 and 20 as products ato c can make 20 of product d and e i hope that makes sence?

for every 20 + 10 of a(400)+b(400) = 20
and for every 20 + 10 of c(400)+b(400) = 20

so if i had 600 300 600 instead of 400 i can only make 30 of product d of e (id have to choose)

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Format A Row Using An If Statment

Oct 22, 2004

I need to format the background color of a row using an if statement or something similar. If have a certain cell has a specific value I want the entire row that the cell is on to have a specific background color.

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VB If Statment, More Than One Condition

Sep 5, 2008

How can I write the equivelant of an if(and( statment in VB? What I would imaging it would look like is this...

If _________ = true

AndIf ________ = true Then


End if

It seems like this should be simple, but after searching, and searching the help files, the internet, and this website, I am no closer to figuring this out.

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Color Multiple Buttons

Jan 27, 2010

I'm using this crude code to color multiple buttons at once. My query; Is there a way to make this code quicker and thus shorter?

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Buttons Available On Multiple Sheets?

Feb 4, 2012

I have a workbook with 20 worksheets. Sixteen of them represent the months and quarters of the year. On those 16 sheets, I would like to have two buttons (32 buttons in all). One button is to print (and does quite a bit of formatting) the report for that month and the other submits the report (formats, saves, and e-mails notifications) after the user completes it.

Rather than having to maintain 32 buttons, I would prefer to have two buttons that are available to each of the 16 sheets. Is there a way to do this?

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Multiple Toggle Buttons

Dec 9, 2008

I am having a small issue with my toggle buttons.

I have approximately 20 sheets that all have 4 toggle buttons on them. Coded as below (with different ranges for each button). So when I wrote them I took the easy (for me anyway) way and copied all the code for all the buttons in each sheet. (Buttons are named Zoom1, Zoom2 etc.)
Private Sub Zoom1_Click()
If Zoom1.Value = True Then
ActiveWindow.Zoom = 143
ActiveWindow.LargeScroll ToRight:=-10, Down:=-10
ActiveWindow.Zoom = 75
ActiveWindow.LargeScroll ToRight:=-10, Down:=-10
End If
End Sub.........

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If Statment Using Drop Down Menu

Apr 7, 2009

I have another question with my red sox scores excel sheet. On my overview I want to be able to select any team, and view the indiviual stats against them. For the life of me I dont' know/can't find how to even do a simple yes no if statment to what the value in the drop down menu box is.

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Use IF Statment With VLOOKUP: Return 0

Jan 9, 2009

I don't even know if using the IF statement is the right function, but anyway. I am using VLOOKUP to complete a supply list, but of course if the supply name isn't on the first spreadsheet then the result is NA. Instead I want it to return 0.

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