VBA To Capture Info Using Filter On Specific Column

Jan 30, 2014

I'm trying to add code to an existing macro that is working well to add a feature.

As it sits now, my code produces a worksheet tab called "Matrix" that has headers in row 1, a variable length list of employee names in column 1, and then a variable number columns with data crossreferenced by name in the body of the spreadsheet. Not every row/column intersection has data, some are blank if the ItemXname does not apply to that individual.

What I want to do is select all the cells on this spreadsheet, apply a filter, and then filter based on the selection of names in column 1. But I want to do this using VBA, where the macro runs, it asks the user if they want to filter on one or more names. If no, then it skips this part. But if yes, then the next thing they see is the filter window like they would see if you did this manually. After making their selections and hitting ok, the VBA routine would then take their selections (some finite number, but could be 5 -10 names) and process the rest of the macro accordingly.

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Lookup 2 Criteria And Return Info In Specific Column

Feb 8, 2008

I've got a database that is sorted by date...

I need a formula that will look for 2 criteria and once it finds those 2 matching criteria, I need it to return the information on that line that's in column 6, let's say.

so in one column I have the date, the next column I have the sales persons name, 4 columns over I have their order number.

In cell a1 of worksheet 1, I have a drop down ready that has all my sales persons listed. In cell a2 I will manually enter the date that I need to reference.

I need the formula to then look for cell a1 and a2 in worksheet 2 where I have my spreadsheet with the info I mentioned above, match that criterium in worksheet 2, and return the info in column 6.

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VBA To Capture Filter Value From Pivot Table

Jun 23, 2014

I want my report title is more dynamic which is based on the pivot table's <Status Date> filter. It mean if I select the <Status Date> filter option as 6-23-2014. Then the report title will automatic update as "Statistic Report 6-23-2014" instead of I have to change the date each time I run the report.

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Generate Sheet Automatically On Basis Of Auto Filter On Specific Column?

Apr 8, 2014

i want to generate sheet automatically from existing sheet applying auto filter on specific column. i attached the sample which 3000 rows actually i have more than one lac rows so i have to put filter on sub_div column and then copy and paste to another sheet and give the name of sheet like F21. i want to do automatically this provide vba code or function for this

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Macro To Capture Data From A Specific Cell Upon Selection Changes

May 22, 2007

I'm trying to do is definetly simple to a lot of you, but I'm struggling on how to get started. I attached a workbook that clearly shows my work! I'm almost there but not quiet. Basically the user will be able to make a slection that will be used to lookup values from a different sheet. Each selection triggers a ranking number at the bottom (red pattern) in the worksheet. Now I would like to capture all scenarios and display the ranking.

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Filter Emails From Doc With Mixed Info

Dec 4, 2012

How can I make Excel create a column with only email addresses from a document that has all contact data of each customer in it? The column that contains the e-mail addresses also contains phone numbers at present...and many blank spaces in between addresses.

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Capture Unique Values From 1 Column And Populate The Result Into Another Column

Aug 28, 2009

I have values in COlumn A, probably about 50K rows, The total unique values on the column A is only about 27. I need to capture all those unique values and paste them in column B. I didn't want to do "Advance filtering" since the workbook has many macros's on it that the user simply click on. Im thingking of creating a loop and compare values already pasted in Column b but then that will take too much time to complete the loop. Is there any easier or yet more efficient way to accomplish this?.

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Change Table Filter Greater And Less Than To Specific Value In Specific Cell And In Another Worksheet?

Apr 16, 2014

I would like to change the greater than number to the value in cell 'I11' in sheet 'Linear Programming Data' and the less than number to the value in cell 'I12' in sheet 'Linear Programming Data'. The code I am using was done by recording a macro since I don't know how to code in vba.

Sub Results2()
' Results2 Macro
' copy table filter power by greater than and less than
Sheets("Finalizing Results 2").Select

[Code] .......

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Removing Specific Info From Cell

Nov 18, 2008

I have 40,000 part numbers that range in style.

For example:

I want to take all the numbers that have the ending tag "-XX" that are LETTERED but NOT the numbered combo (just like example 13538-AL) and remove the tag to just have the root 5-digit number.

I have all the end tag combos I would like removed. SO if I needed -AL, -LG, -CG, -SS, etc. removed, I would need the formula that would find all the 5-digit numbers with those end tags and remove those tags, leaving the other numbers alone.

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Need To Pull Out Specific Info From Mixed List

Apr 3, 2014

I pulled a report into excel that lists staff details and workgroups that they have access to. There are nearly 8000 staff who can have anywhere from 0 to 120 workgroups.

The workgroups are listed with the staff details in the following format:

SurnameForenamePost Title183860314040|188778743040|261226948048|584865373040|088365861041
SurnameForenamePost Title695416612049|751836367043|430463930049|461208099048|488798547045|723225723045|183860314040|472108996043
SurnameForenamePost Title177448555041|315136549047|400323457046

With the whole list appearing in one cell and not in numerical order.

I need to pull out a list for each workgroup, with all the staff who have access.

Even if there was a way I could separate out the workgroups and get them to line up.

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Moving Row Of Info To First Empty Row On Another Sheet Into Specific Columns?

Feb 20, 2012


I have a workbook which serves as a master database at work. it contains two sheets: current residents of our facility (let's call this Sheet1), and those that have left/been discharged (Sheet2). It contains 87 rows and 34 columns of info.

I'm looking for a macro that will do the following:

When I click on a cell in any row (i.e. I need relative references) on Sheet1, the macro will (once activated):

1. Select the info between column D and column AH (inclusive) on the row where the selected cell is... i.e if I click on cell F4 before the macro is started, it will select the info from D4:AH4.

2. It will COPY this info

3. It will paste the info into the first empty row on Sheet2, starting from column C (i.e if the first empty row is 200, it will paste the info from C200:AG200)

4. It will then have a popup asking for: a. 'Date Left' and b. 'Reason', with two empty fields to input the info into. 'Date Left' is (obviously) a date value and 'Reason' is a text string. Once OK is hit on this popup, the Date Left will be pasted in column A of the same row (in our example, A200), and 'Reason' will be pasted into column B (again, in our example B200).

5. The macro will then go back to Sheet1 and delete the info that was selected between Columns D and AH inclusive (in our example, D4:AH4)

6. The macro will then save the workbook.

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Match Names In Two Separate Column If Equal Then Pull Info In 3 Column?

Dec 6, 2013

I need to look up the name in E2 in the list in column A and if it matches then lookup name in F2 in list column b, if it matches then the corresponding number in column C is displayed in column G. If neither names are in the 2 columns the words"Not on lists" is displayed in cell in column G.

The other problem is one name is spelled two different ways I want it to look for both spelling before moving on to looking up the second name.

I started with this formula but I'm getting #N/A or "not on list" when they are on the list. I'm using ranges prod_sum is columns AthruC, Last_name is range BthruC. =IF(AND(VLOOKUP(F4,prod_sum,3,0),VLOOKUP(I4,last_name,2,0)),"not on list")

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Move Info In One Column Based On Data In Another Column

Aug 28, 2012

I am trying to move a column of numbers based on the information in another column. I've been looking for about a week and find macros that are close but not quite.

In one column it reads Mobile, Home, or is blank. If the number is a Mobile (column R), the area code (column P) needs to move to column S and the phone (column Q) needs to move to column T and the primary phone (column R) needs to move to column U. Home and blank cells remain as they are.

area (P)
phone (Q)
primary phone (R)
col S
col T
col U


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Macro To Extract Data From Specific Column To New Sheets Specific Column?

Jun 14, 2013

I'm trying to find a way to use a macro to extract data from a specific column from Sheet1 based on the columns header/title and copied into Sheet2 into the respective column with matching header/title.

For instance, in Sheet1:



So the above table would be the result i'm aiming for.

NOTE, its not different workbooks. I'm looking for sheet to sheet macro.

I've attached a file as well if someone wants to have a go at it. There are no codes in it.

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Removing Information From Column A With Associated Info From Column B

Jan 17, 2008

I am attempting to Organize some data; however, I have run into a problem. I will paste a sample of the data that I have and explain the situation....

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Pulling Info From Column

Jul 8, 2014

I'm copying and pasting data from a PDF and need to eliminate some unnecessary data. The original .pdf has 4 columns: Account, Dollar Amount, Name, Notes

When I copy this to an excel document, it copies the row from all 4 columns into column A. The two columns I need are Account and Dollar Amount. All account numbers are 8 digits so I was able to create a formula to weed that out with this: =left(A1,8)

The problem I'm running into is obtaining the dollar amount within the cell. For example:

A1 contains: 11112222 $1234.56 Sample, Name Sample Note

I pull the 11112222 with =left(A1,8) in column B but not sure how to pull dollar amount to column C.

Further, the dollar amount varies from $1.01 to $10,000+

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Sorting Info In A Column

Apr 17, 2009

I need to sort information in a column containing both numbers and words. In the "asending" & "desending" it only gives two options to choose from. (none) & PartNum.

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Filter A Row In Specific Criteria

May 5, 2009

I would like to filter a row using the following criteria: date should be < or = todays date.

I have tried the below but it doesn't work

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=11, Criteria1:="

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Fill Info In Sheet One And Have Same Info Appear In All Sheets That Follow

May 12, 2014

I would like to fill in a a form on page /sheet one and have the same info on every sheet that follows is it possible?

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How To Fill Vertical Columns With Info From Horizontal Info

Aug 22, 2014

I have attached a spreadsheet and I am trying to capture the info in lines 2,7,12,17 and return the info into column d,e,f,g

The info in these columns at present has been manually entered but I am sure it could be automated.

OOL Roster Final 18-31Aug14.xlsx

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How To Find Where Info In Column A Is Repeated

Apr 9, 2008

I have three columns

"A" is item number: "B" is sales Date: "C" is sales price.

What I would like to do is search column A and when there are two of the same item numbers know what date they sold and for what price. I would prefer to build another table that has only this data.

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Extract Row And Column Info From .address

May 21, 2009

The following code sets foundcell.address

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How To Split Info In Cells / Column

Feb 13, 2012

I have data that I've converted from a different source, and the formatting doesn't always come out as I'd like it. For example, I have data that has two different values, and I need to split them into different columns. Is there an easy/quick way to do this?

15* 27016* 1324517* 2086518* 24943

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Formula To Move Info From One Column To Another

Nov 13, 2006

I need a formula that will take the value of one cell and put it in another cell other than the one in which I am typing the formula. I can't think of how to do this.

I have two columns, A & B (no headers), of information. The columns are not identical, and column B has empty cells scattered throughout the column. For each empty cell in column B, I want to copy the same row of information into it from column A, as if I'm just scooting the information in column A that's on the same row as the empty cells in column B.

This is simple with a cut/paste, but when there's thirty empty cells, cutting and pasting takes time. (What's really frustrating is that I've figured out a few formulas that will copy the information from column A but all the information gets pasted in the column in which I'm creating the formula (say, column F, for example). THAT doesn't help me because the empty cells in column b are still empty!)

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Sort Info In Column Into 50 Row Blocks

Jul 20, 2007

I have a sheet with about 1000 rows of data filling 40 columns. the data is the same in column 1 for a random number of rows between 2 and 40. ie as here...


Is it possible with a macro to divide the sheet into blocks of 50 rows each with just the data before it changes to a different no.

so that it looks like this


46empty rows here.......................

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Moving Info From One Column To Two Separate

Jun 10, 2009

I have:
A1: Ph#
A2: Name
A3: Ph#
A4: Name

I would like:
A1: Name B1: Ph#
A2: Name B2: Ph#

This is a large spreadsheet so I was hoping there was an easy way to make this change.

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Filter Specific Rows In Excel?

Jul 13, 2014

I have some data captured in a spreadsheet. The data was recorded every 15 seconds in this format 00:00:15. The total time of recording was 24 hours. I need to filter this data to every 2 minutes and capture it into another sheet.

I have attached an example of the data captured.

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Checkbox To Filter Columns With Specific Value?

May 4, 2014

I want a checkbox to filter column with specific value and hide others. And also there are two checkbox, one should be automaticly unchecked if we check another checkbox.

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Auto Filter To Specific Cells

May 27, 2009

I have recorded the following macros but need to fine tune them. In Field 1, I would like to be able to have criteria 1 be => the value in cell D9 instead of 160. Likewise criteria 2 needs to be <= the value in cell D10 instead of 170. Fields 2 and 3 refer to columns E & F so they would be respective cell values.

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Filter Columns With Specific String?

May 28, 2012

I want to filter columns from an excel spreadsheet where the value in the cells contains/includes the String "Create".

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