Vlookup, Multiple Worksheets In

Apr 11, 2007

I am trying to vlookup using data on two seperate worksheets. On a worksheet called form, I am trying to return a value from sheet1 or sheet2. If the look up value is not on sheet1, how do i get it to look for the lookup value on sheet2? B5 contains the look up value, on sheet1 and sheet2 the array is a2:z65000, 38 is the column index number, false is the range lookup.

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VBA With Vlookup Across Multiple Worksheets?

Apr 14, 2014

I have multiple worksheets with data for which I would like to write a macro to search and "retrieve" based on the State/County/Municipality and Client selected. I have created the drop down menus that should drive the data being searched, but I'm not confident in my very limited abilities to take this to the next level.

End goal: User should be able to select from the dependent drop down lists (State/County/Municipality) and/or Client, click "Retrieve Data" button and pull in data from the appropriate worksheet driven by the selection in the drop down lists.

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VLOOKUP Multiple Worksheets

Mar 6, 2009

I have 4 spreadhsheets in all, the front main sheet plus 3 with different informatioin on. In the main sheet i want to collate all the data togther automatically rather than cut and paste becuase the data is ongoing and updating from other workbooks.

All 3 sheets have a one main column (lets say "A") then 5 or 6 columns after wards. I want the number in column "A" in the main sheet to match the number in the other 3 sheets then pull the information from the other 5 or 6 columns into the main sheet. So that if i changed the number in the main sheet column "A" to a different number it would change the other columns automatically. Basically, if its not in sheet 1 then look in sheet 2, if not in 2 then look in 3.

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Vlookup Multiple Info From Different Worksheets

Oct 24, 2008

I have 3 different sheets of information.
Each sheet has a column of text. With the column of text I have a number associated with it.

I want to ceate a column for each number and have it look at all three sheets for info corresponding with that number.

Ex: 1st Sheet
Excellent condition 20
Like New 20
Poor condition 21

2nd Sheet
No work has been done. 20
Needs Work. 20

3rd Sheet
March 20
December 21

The formula needs to lookup the first number and place the text in the first row, then the next row either go to the next number or if there is not one then the next sheet.

I would like a column that reads something like this:
Sheet 21
in first row - poor condition
second row - december

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Hyperlink To VLookup Result In Multiple Worksheets

Jan 31, 2014

I have a vlookup worksheet like described in this thread: [URL] .... This works perfect. I would like to be able to jump to the vlookup result using a hyperlink.

In the thread worksheet the formula in C2 is like

In cell D2 I placed the formula (font: webdings )

(Due to the Dutch Excel I use I replaced ";" to ",")

The link works because I hardcoded "Sheet2" into the formula where the result can be found. But it would be much nicer if I didn't had to put the sheetname into this formula.

Is it possible to use range G2:G8 like in the first formula to achieve this? I guess you have to use INDEX and/or INDIRECT but I barely understand the first formula ...

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VLOOKUP Find Values From Multiple Worksheets

May 22, 2009

I want to find sum of all 4 returned values (Sales!BL5, Sales!BM5, Grants!X5, Deferred Pymts!X5

Column References:

Cell Range B5:B4833 on multiple pages (CUSTOMER NAME)
Cell Range AJ5:AJ4833 on multiple pages (CUSTOMER NAME)


In Cell AD2 of CustomerData! Sheet:

If AC2 is not blank, then
look for match between A2 and Sales!B5:B4833, return the value in Sales!BL5, and
look for match between A2 and Sales!AJ5:AJ4833, return the value in Sales!BM5, and
look for match between A2 and Grants!B5:B4833, return the value Grants!X5, and
look for match between A2 and Deferred Pymts!B5:B4833, return the value Deferred Pymts!X5

Hope this does not confuse, but if John Doe is listed in AC2 I want to find the sum of his total payments if his name is listed as a customer in Sheets Sales, Grants, and Deferred Pymts. The Sales! sheet is divided into AM and PM pricing which explains why Sales! has Column B and Column AJ for Customer Names.

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Vlookup - File With Multiple Worksheets That Contain Data That Needs To Be Collated

Feb 9, 2007

I have an excel file with multiple worksheets that contain data that needs to be collated

There are a # of different product #s on all spreadsheets I need a total qty for each product # by calculating the qty of each style # (ie how many I1 across all sheets?)

Its 1pm now and need to calculate all by 2pm!

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Excel 2007 :: Obtaining Average Across Multiple Worksheets Using VLOOKUP?

Feb 17, 2014

very basic Excel user (using Excel 2007). Trying to see how I can use the VLookup function from multiple worksheets to get an average. I know it can be done, but just not sure how to go about doing that. My spreadsheet is attached - basically what I want to do is to get an average for the individuals listed in the "Consensus" tab for the figures that appear in Worksheets "1", "2" and "3".

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Copying Data From Multiple Worksheets To Multiple Worksheets In Another Workbook VBA

May 14, 2012

I have 2 nearly identical workbooks and I need to update historical data from the old workbook into the newer one.

My current Coding Snippets that I want to use look like the following:

Sub UpdateWorkbook()
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim r1 As String
Dim r2 As String
Dim r3 As String
Dim r4 As String
Dim r5 As String
Dim r6 As String


Now, this code isn't working I suspect because the Copy and PasteSpecial Functions don't work the way I wish to.

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Combining Multiple Cells In Multiple Worksheets In Multiple Workbooks Into One Table

Jan 6, 2009

I'm currently doing a survey using an excel workbook that contains multiple questions across multiple worksheets using radio buttons linked to certain cells.

I have around 400 workbooks coming back to me, so what i want to do is take specific values from across many worksheets within each workbook and combine them into a large master table in a seperate workbook.

I've tried using VBA, but not being very proficient at it i've hit a brick wall with that, so i'm hoping that there is an easier way to do it than what i'm currently pursuing.

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Vlookup Across 12 Worksheets

Feb 4, 2010

I've being asked to create this awesome new spreadsheet that summaries data from two other spreadsheets. I personally have no idea about excel but have gotten quiet good with the vlookup and isna formulas etc and so far so good. Till i had to search for a value over 12 worksheets. Ive tried Vlookup using an indirect formula using named cells etc i found but i cant work it out and all this reading has turned my brain to mush. So what im trying to do is:

I have a new spreadsheet called summary. What i need to do is pull sales data through from a spread sheet called "Sales Orders_2009". In the spread sheet there is multiple tabs, 12 of which i need to search. The tabs are called SalesJan, SalesFeb etc. On each tab i need to search in the data range B10 to I34. In the Summary spreadsheet i type an invoice number into A2 and that is the lookup value to search for across the 12 worksheets.

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Vlookup Across Worksheets

Dec 7, 2009

I have 300,000 rows of data . . . spread across 7 worksheets. The columns are the same...

The first worksheet is about 3000 lines (of vehicle VINS) . . . I need to be able to scan across all the worksheets looking for. The only thing I might try is the poor man's way of nested if then else with nested lookups. . . .

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Nested Vlookup (look The Name Up From 3 Other Worksheets)

Oct 13, 2008

I have a new worksheet:

Employee No. Name

Under the Name colum (B) i want a formula that uses the employee number (A) to look up the name. The problem i am having is that i need to look the name up from 3 other worksheets.

On worksheet 1 i have fridays work and 2 i have saturdays work and 3 sundays!! I only want a name to appear if they worked any one (or more) of these days. If they didn't work i would like the name to remain blank.

On all worksheets employee number and name arein colums A and B.
I do have another worksheet that has name and number only in though. worksheet 4!

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VLookUp Not Working Between 2 Worksheets?

Sep 10, 2013

I have two worksheets and VLookup is not working between the two worksheets. I made sure that type of text is same . COntent is trimmed to avoid any blank spaces. If i put the formula for the same sheet range i get the value but for another worksheet i m getting #NA error.


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Vlookup References Between Worksheets

Dec 12, 2006

I have 3 Sheets (Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3)

Sheet 1

Sheet 2
AccountID, Fname

Sheet 3
FundID, FName

I want to match the value from Sheet3!FundID to Sheet1!classID and Add Corrospinding Sheet3!Fname value to Sheet2(Fname). I tried using VLOOKUP, MATCH & INDEX but somehow not getting the correct formula.

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Vlookup To Find Data From All Worksheets

Oct 28, 2008

I have a workbook with 32 worksheets. Data on 31 of these sheets all filter through to the one "Summary" sheet. The data on all the other worksheets is input manually and the lay-out is identical on each sheet. What I want to do is a Vlookup on the summary sheet for every sheet in the workbook, but without typing VLOOKUP(A1,Sheet1A:C,3,0)+VLOOKUP(A1,Sheet2A:C,3,0) etc etc (my sheets aren't actually called Sheet 1/2/3 etc, they have specific names).

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Vlookup In A Function To Automate Worksheets

Jun 23, 2009

i want to do a vlookup in a function to automate my worksheets. im trying to grasp how to do it.

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Loop Through Worksheets And Populate VLookup

Mar 11, 2014

I'm trying to loop through all the worksheets within a workbook. The first sheet is called Instructions and the last sheet is called Sheet 1.

I would like the macro to go through and populate the pricing for each part using a v-look up in cell C6:bottom of data based on the parts in column A for each country. The macro would then end on Sheet 1.

My Vlookup would be in a source file with the same name as the current worksheet and the data would be in columns B (part) through column F (price)

Here is what I've done so far.

Sub Pricing()
MSGtext = "Open the Price Doc."
MSGbutton = vbOKCancel


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VLookup - Involving Two Worksheets And Then Summing Data

Feb 10, 2014

I'm looking for a formula that would look up the individual employee (i.e. Name1 for example) in the January sheet and then look for and sum any amounts that have a number and a symbol as reflected in A2 through A10 (8V, 4V▲,etc), which would then be calculated with a similar formula for the February sheet, specifically the time period between 1/26/14 and 02/08/14 as indicated above.

As employees can switch shifts, the formula would have to locate now in February where employee (Name1) is and find that row for the same symbol/number calculations for this same time period in that given month. Currently I'm using an array formula which can be seen in the attached file in cell I4. The problem is that the formula assumes that Name1 is always in the same spot in all monthly sheets which isn't the case month to month. The formula looks like this without the vlookup portion:

[Code] .....

I also need to do a similar vlookup or match, etc with this formula too:

[Code] .....

Attached File : sample payroll.xlsm‎

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Excel 2007 :: Copy Multiple Unique Values To Multiple Worksheets

Aug 26, 2013

I have an Excel Spreadsheet (2007) that contains over 500,000 records that shows Electric meter usage per month over a 24 month period per meter. What I want to be able to do is to select a meter row per number and copy is to it's own worksheet. At the end - I want to be able to have a seperate worksheet per electric meter number - that I can create a graph. If I go through all 9000 meters and copy and paste into a different worksheet - it will take me weeks to do manually. How can I do this automatically?

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Consolidate All Data In Multiple Worksheets Of Multiple Workbooks In One Master File?

Jul 12, 2014

I need a macro that would consolidate all data in multiple worksheets of multiple workbooks in one Master file.

All the workbooks will be in one particular folder. The macro should search for data in all the workbooks and consolidate it in one master excel workbook.

I am currently using both excel 2007 and excel 2010. This macro would really reduce manual work as currently consolidating data from 45 to 50 sheets takes an ample amount of time...

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Excel 2010 :: Create Macro Button To Clear Multiple Cells On Multiple Worksheets?

Jul 2, 2014

I have attached a test workbook excel 2010 (ignore ref# errors, I've cut the workbook down for uploading purposes) What I would like to do is have a 'Button' on my 'information Sheet' which when clicked would clear certain cells. I have searched the forum but can't find a solution, everyone seems to want to delete rows or columns but I just want to clear certain cells. The workbook will have 11 sheets each named 'caravan 1' through to 'caravan 11' The uploaded test workbook only only has 3 sheets.

On 'caravan 1' (which is slightly different to the other 10) I want to clear the content of cells

B4 & B5
C4, C22 & C41
D4 & D5
E4,E5, E22,E23,E41 &E 42

On all other 'Caravan sheets' I want to clear the contents of cells

D4 & D5
E4, E5, E22, E23, E41 & E42

It would be icing on the cake if it could give a warning such as " are you sure you want to clear these cells" but that isn't really necessary. The worksheets will be password protected, but the cells mentioned above will not be. If it proves too difficult to clear all the cells on all the sheets with one click, then perhaps a simpler solution might be to have a button on each sheet instead

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Copying Multiple Columns From Multiple Worksheets To Summary Worksheet

Jul 28, 2013

I'm making a Excel list for trading cards (MTG) and I've divided it into different worksheets in order to sort it by the color of the cards (not really important I guess).

The issue I have is that I want it to copy certain columns (in this case C3:C1000, F3:F1000, G3:1000 ) from almost all of the worksheets into a new worksheet where it should paste them into column A, B and C.

In two of the worksheets it's also different (C3:C1000 , G3:G:1000, H3:H1000).

I've seen many where you copy one range from multiple worksheets, and that would've been okay I guess if not those two worksheets were different. I'd prefer not to change them, and I'd also prefer if I could've gotten just the information I needed also. Is this possible to do?

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Email Multiple Worksheets To Multiple Recipients In One File Per Recipient?

Mar 27, 2014

I'm trying to email multiple worksheets from a list to multiple recipients in a list, but in one file per person. In a sheet called "Email list", for example, I have a list of 50 worksheet names (e.g. one for each cost centre) in column A (with a heading in cell A1, if that's OK, so the list starts in A2) and in columns B-F up to 5 recipients for each worksheet (e.g. 3 recipients might be 2 supervisors and their manager).

Also, each manager and supervisor might also receive several sheets.

Although columns B-F are presently free-format (they can be anyone's email address, regardless of whether they're a supervisor or manager), it might be easier to split these columns so B,C,D are supervisors emails and E,F are managers, if that makes it any easier creating the collated file of worksheets..?

Unfortunately the recipients might change occasionally so they can not be hard keyed into the macro itself (which would be much easier), but need to be in a table so it's easier for the user to update and maintain - in the past, I've managed to hard key the requirement into a macro which I've maintained (by recording and editing the macro), but I don't know the VB to figure this new request.

Ideally, I am trying to create a macro that can collate the various worksheets each person will receive and send the selected sheets in one file to that recipient, rather than multiple files within one email and/or multiple emails.

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Setup A Vlookup For Each The Initiator Field For Each Threat In The E1, E2 Etc Worksheets

Oct 6, 2008

I need to create a vlookup function. here is how my spreadsheet looks like:

Threats - Fatigue, impact, external
Initiator - Stress, tension, anchor, vessel, etc etc
Section - E1, E2, E3 ......

1. First worksheet is the Data worksheet. It is a matrix of threats vs sections. Each threat has a few initiators. Eg.
Threat - Fatigue
Initiators - stress, tension, failure.

2. There is a separate worksheet for each section (E1, E2...)
3. In these section worksheets, the information of threats and initiators is displayed.

4. Problem: I would like to setup a vlookup for each the initiator field for each threat in the E1, E2 etc worksheets such that, all the initiators that have a yes in the data worksheet are displayed against the respective threats.

5. Attached: find the excel file.

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Moving Worksheets With VLookup Between Documents Without Changing References

Aug 23, 2012

I'm working on an excel report that handles reporting for a large number of people. Another person at work is doing the VBZ coding, and I'm doing the formulas that aggregates the data. which has led to an interesting problem whenever I use a vlookup. I copied the sheets with the formulas from the test document I had been working on to an updated version. And all the vlookups automatically adjusted themselves to reference the document they had been created in. I had also moved over the tabs they were supposed to reference, but they keep looking at the old document. I spent an hour removing the references last night, but I don't want to do it again when I get the final product.

How to get excel to copy a formula EXACTLY as written, and not att in the name of the original document?

It should say

and instead it says
=VLOOKUP($A438,'[reporting formulas.xlsx]totals'!$A$1:$AH$63,32,FALSE)

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Move Multiple Columns From Multiple Worksheets Into 1 Column

Aug 18, 2007

I have an excel workbook with 8 worksheets. Each worksheet has vertical columns (approx 250 columns per sheet) of numeric data. Is there a function or macro that will combine all of this data into one vertical column without having to individually cut and paste each one into the new column?

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VLookup - Single Value Lookup Returning Multiple Records Into Multiple Columns

Feb 7, 2014

Certification and Training tracking.xlsx

I want to create a certification only list on a separate tab of training that has been completed where a certification has been issued (as indicated by a "Y" in the "Certification?" column on the training tracking tab) and then populate from some of the fields vs. all of the fields.

What I have now, only pulls the first occurence, not all occurences. I saw that I could have identified the multiple columns that needed to be populated, but it didn't work either, so I'm fine putting a separate vlookup in each column.

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Append Multiple Workbooks With Multiple Worksheets

Sep 5, 2008

I would like to append multiple workbooks with multiple worksheets in a separate workbook. For eg. I have workbook "A" with sheets 1,2,3 and workbook "B" with sheets 4,5,6. Now I want to append "A" and "B" to create workbook "C" with sheets 1,2,3,4,5,6.

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Changing Multiple Workbooks And Multiple Worksheets Within

Jan 28, 2009

I have a folder - U:30000 - that contains a number of identically layed out workbooks. What I'm trying to do is, in each, change a number of cell values. Where dominicb's solution to the previous problem didn't work for me, however, is that I need to change cells in multiple worksheets. The cells are specifically:

On worksheet 'Construction': C3 (which is a date), D3 (which is a text value); on worksheet 'FF&E': D3 (the same text value as D3 on 'Construction'. Unfortunately, whoever initially set up the workbook didn't have the foresight to link it!)

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