Blank Display If Figures Not Yet Entered

Jun 19, 2009

I have this formula in a cell:


but i need to somehow incorporate a formula that only shows this if a cell has a value present.

I know as an example its something like:


but i dont know how that would go in my existing formula as i dont know how to stack IF statements?? (a very kind person on this forum did the original formula btw)

the cell that i need to have as the 'blank or not' is D4.

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One Column In Spreadsheet Doesn't Save Entered Figures All The Time

Apr 16, 2014

I have a spreadsheet for payroll. The last column is for net pay. I enter this by hand when I get it back from the payroll tech. There are no formulas in this column. When done entering these figures, I click on "save". Then I close the file. From past experience with this sprdsht, I have found that it doesn't always save this column. It saves all the other info. I have entered in the sprdsht, but not this column. So, I have to re-enter everything in this column and "save" again. Close the sheet, then re-open it to be sure it got saved. Why won't it save this column of info. the first time?

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Entered Incorrectly Then Display Message

Nov 6, 2009

How do I combine these formulas for one cell?

=IF(H16170,"Check your Entry","")
=IF(I16215,"Check your Entry","")
=IF(J16190,"Check your Entry","")
=IF(K16240,"Check your Entry","")

If any of these four cells are entered incorrectly I just want the message displayed. I put this formula in the cell I want the message displayed:

=IF(H16170,"Check your Entry",IF(I16215,"Check your Entry",IF(J16190,"Check your Entry",IF(K16240,"Check your Entry",""))))

That works except "Check your Entry" is diplayed until all four cells are filled. I don't want the message displayed with a zero value.

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Display Sum TextBox Values As Entered

Sep 8, 2007

I have a userform for entering a sales invoice onto a spreadsheet, it obviously has a textbox each for the net value(textboxnet), gst tax(textboxgst) and total value(textboxtotal). How do I get the total amount textbox (textboxtotal) to automatically sum up as I enter the net (textboxnet) and gst (textboxgst) amounts?

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Display Data Based On Key Codes Entered?

Jul 8, 2009

I am trying to do in the title so here it goes. I want a user to be able (on form 1) to enter a list of codes that refer to specific requirements (e.g. code PB114 may mean the user needs to perform a pressure test) and then excel will automatically display the requirement somewhere below. It is going to be somewhat of a database. In otherwords lets say in cell A1 you type in a code, e.g. PB114. In a range of merged cells or somewhere below that cell I want the information "Perform a pressure test" to appear.

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Display Alert When A Number In Column Has Already Been Entered

Jun 17, 2008

My colleague in accounts has a sheet that lists all the invoices and values and other 'accounts department things' that I know little about.

Anyway, she has to manually input all the invoices she receives onto this excel document but sometime receives duplicate invoices (& inputs them twice be accident).

Is it possible for someone with macro skills to create a macro to run in a worksheet so that if she enters a number in a given column more than once an alert box appears to tell her. I've summarised the 'rules' below*

*Can is be written so that I can edit which column the alert is based on?

[In (for example) column F is a list of invoice numbers - all unique]

If user types a number in column F that matches a number that already exists, show alert box "THERE APPEARS TO BE A DUPLICATE ENTRY IN COLUMN F"


Any further clarification, let me know i'll try to post a blank sheet if my boss lets me.

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Display Picture For 5 Seconds When Specific Text Is Entered?

Jun 28, 2014

I have a picture on sheet 2. When I enter the text "htfo" without the quotes into cells a1 on sheet 1 , i would like the picture to be displayed for 5 seconds and then exit the picture and return me to sheet 1.

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Sum If Values Entered If Not Leave Blank

Feb 12, 2010

I need a formula that will do the following:

Sum K4 (unit price) and M4 (shipping) and return the answer in N4 (total), if K4 and M4 are empty then leave cell N4 blank

All responses will be welcome as this has been driving me mad for over an hour, and the answer is probably so simple!

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Blank Until At Least 1 Variable Is Entered But Still Calculate Average

Jun 7, 2013

Cell D39 has the formula


I want the cell to remain blank until at least on variable is entered, but then I want it to calculate the average of only the cells that have a variable in them.

Just so I am clear

D4 = 20

D11 = 50

D 18 = BLANK



Average would be 35

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IF Statement- To Remain Blank Until An Amount Is Entered In That Row

Feb 17, 2010

Amount Amount Item Total Account
$ -
No Profit$ 629.50 $ - $ 629.50 No Profit$ 46.29 $ - $ 46.29 No Profit$ 2,333.01 $ 233.30 $ 2,566.31 233.3
$ -
No Profit
$ -
No Profit
$ -
No Profit
$ -
No Profit
#1 If there is an amount in column B, I want column D to reflect that amount.

#2 If there is no amount in column B, I want column D to state the words "No Profit."

#3 Already in column B is the formula =C1-A1.

I tried =IF(B1=0,"No Profit",B1) but when I copy that formula down the spreadsheet, it inserts "No Profit" into all of column D. I only want "No Profit" to exist when there is a $0 resulting from the formula mentioned in point #3. When there is a blank cell in column D, I want it to remain blank until an amount is entered in that row?

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Fields That Containa Formula Need To Appear Blank Until Data Entered

Jun 10, 2009

i have two date date requested eg 02/06/09 (cell C10)...another date completed eg 03/06/09 (cell R10)

a third field (cell S10) contains the formula: =IF(R10-C10=0,"less than a day",R10-C10)

so if a request was actioned on the day then it shows as less than a day, otherwise will show how many days it took

but when this formula is draggeddown all other cells show - less than a day

how can i make these cells blank whilst still holding the formula?

also - is there a quick formula to add to show only the amount of wrking days a request took to complete?

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Leave Fields Blank Until Number Is Entered In Other Field?

Jan 15, 2014

I created this formula =G2*2.9%+.3

what I am trying to do is take the number in the G column multiply it by 2.9% and add 0.30. For instance if 20.00 is in the G2 cell, the number I want the formula to produce is .88

the formula works for me but what happens is the rest of my sheet that does not have any numbers in the G column gets filled with .30

How do I prevent the formula from calculating if the G column is blank?

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Data Validations - Cells Remain Blank If Nothing Is Entered On Sheet 1?

Jul 22, 2014

On Sheet 1 I have Data Validation Lists set up. On Sheet 2 I have the information populating from what is entered on Sheet 1, only problem is...when I don't have anything entered in the cell(s) on Sheet 1 then the cell(s) on Sheet 2 reflect 0. I would like the cell(s) to remain blank if nothing is entered on Sheet 1.

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Force Users To Choose One Of Items And Not Allow Blank Entry To Be Entered

Dec 14, 2011

I have a list box in a user form using R2:R3 as Row source.

I need to force the users to choose one of the items and not allow a blank entry to be entered.

I used the code below for the entries however it still allows for a blank to be entered into the Cell.

This part of the code works for Me.sapor = "" Or Me.jobna = "" Or Me.ordernu = "" But not for the next (2) list boxes it allows blanks Or Me.snd = "" Or Me.mcode = ""

Me.Snd and Me.mcode are list boxes.


If Me.sapor = "" Or Me.jobna = "" Or Me.ordernu = "" Or Me.snd = "" Or Me.mcode = "" MsgBox ("Feilds SAP Number, Job Name, Price, Code and Month Code Must be Completed")
Exit Sub


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim rNextCl As Range
' Row count = where the select cell finishes and window box moves to rows over
' offset = howmany cells up or down from the row count


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Keeping Cells With Formula And Conditional Formatting Blank Until Data Entered?

Feb 22, 2013

I have a spreadsheet filled with formulas that depend on a value being entered into A2, A3, A4, etc... So column A starting at A2 is where I will manually input a number and the formulas I have in columns B, C, and D will import information from another sheet based off what is put in column A. In column D the formula I have to import data

is =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A2,Master!C:M,11,0),"").

This will import another number. Additionally in column D, I have conditional formatting that will return a red, yellow or green light based off the rule I have in place. Everything works fine, the only problem is that column D has a green light all the way down even without a value being placed in column A. I would like to find out a way to keep the cells in column D blank until a value is entered in column A. Also, if I go back and delete the value in column A, I would like the corresponding cell in column D to go back to blank as well.

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Excel 2003 :: Write Formula That Will Leave Cell Blank If Nothing Is Entered?

Sep 28, 2011

how to write a formula that will leave a cell blank if nothing is entered. I do not want it to show a 0 unless the cell entered is a 0.

In cell G16 - I am adding U46 and U58 together.

I do not have a problem when it is 1 cell - my formula works fine. When I have 2 cells added together, the formula does not work.

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Display Nothing When The Sum Is Blank.

Dec 6, 2008

when I use the =sum command of a certain cell and that cell contains no data I am getting a $0.00. I understand why, but can I display just a blank cell if no data is found in the cell?

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Display Blank If Condition Is Met?

Jan 17, 2013

The two formulas below are used for splitting a cell reference in two after the "-"


I need to be able to add an extra formula to the above which will only display if the source cell of the reference is NOT "0000 - Extra Core Hours".

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IFERROR Won't Display Blank Cell

Mar 13, 2014

I am using this formula, but if the referenced cell is blank, it keeps putting a 0 in the cell. I want the cell to be blank if the referenced cell is blank.


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How Do I Get Concatenate To Display Blank Instead Of False?

Dec 9, 2008

I am using concatenate to create a list of bottles based on other data, so that each cell contains a different combination of bottles.

The problem is that the list appears but there is also FALSE for every bottle that doesn't relate to that cell.

Is there a way to create a formula such that nothing appears if it is not true?
And is there a shorter way of writing what I am after, I can't quite finish the formula becaise it is so long.

This is what I am using: .....

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Check For Return Of 0, Then Display Blank

Aug 27, 2009

I have a vlookup formula I would like to add another If statement to.

=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($O2,Table!$A$2:$I$72,9,0))=TRUE,"Not In Table",VLOOKUP($O2,Table!$A$2:$I$72,9,0))

This works fine, but if the field that it is returning (9 in the case above) is blank, I get a zero in the destination cell.

Can I add another check in this formula to see if the destination cell is zero, but display a blank?

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Index Formula Should Display Blank?

Jul 22, 2014

I am trying to use Index but problem is where there is no Value Index should show Blank instead it is putting 0 or N/A

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Display A Message If There Is A Blank Row Between A Range

Jan 9, 2007

I've got a spreadsheet where i need the user not be able to save the workbook if there is a blank row in a range of task which run from A4-last cell with data entered.

I would like it to say that "the row will be deleted, please amend"

After the check has been completed or varified it saves

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How To Format Selected Blank Cells To Display 0

Feb 21, 2013

Would like to use formatting and no formulas.

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Formula To Display Data When Some Cells Are Blank

May 6, 2013

I have attached a spreadsheet that is causing me difficulty. I currently have a formula that is displaying in V3 the highest grade when it looks up the data in A3,H3 & O3. Then this is repeated for W3 when the data is looked up in B3, I3 & P3 etc etc... BUT

I need the formula to work if only block one is complete i.e. (1 Explore grade, 1 Plan Grade, 1 Make Grade etc).(please see the example to understand what is meant by a block)

The current formulae will only display a grade if all cells are complete i.e., A3,H3 & O3.

So I am looking for the formula to:

If A3 has a grade in it I wish V3 to display it because its the only grade. (even if H3 & O3 are blank)

As and when H3 has a grade filled in I want the formula to select the highest and display it in V3 (again even if O3 is blank)

As and when A3, H3 & O3 has a grade in it I wish the formula to lookup and display the highest in V3

Ans this repeated for all different areas, Explore, Plan, Make etc.

example doc with formula.xlsx

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Don't Display Blank Entries In Drop Down Menu

May 10, 2007

If i make the listfillrange of my combobox a named range, is there a setting in the combobox that allows it to ignore any blank cells in the named range.

Lets say my named range is cells A1:A5 but only A1 has a value, the rest are blank.

The combobox drop down menu will display the value of cell A1 and then 4 blank rows. Can i make the combobox igoner the blank rows and only display cells A1 in the drop down menu?

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VBA To Display Combo Box In The Next Blank Cell In Column A

Jul 8, 2009

Been doing pretty good up till now but I can not figure out how to get a combo box in the first blank cell of column A. I am using the named range 'Units' and there are almost 900 of them so I need the combo box.

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Make A Cell Display 0 Or Remain Blank Instead Of #N/A?

Aug 15, 2009

How can I make a cell display 0 or remain blank instead of #N/A?

I have several cells that are either VLOOKUP or just normal sum functions but they all display #N/A.

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Row Indexing Formula To Only Display Non Blank Cell Values

May 30, 2014

In range B4:M4 some cells contain values and some are blank. I am trying to write a formula that will omit the blank values and just give me the nonblank values. The code below returns the FIRST nonblank value, but I can't seem to figure out how to drag it across a row to get the others. I want to ensure that the numbers stay in the same order (so no largest/smallest formulas), but the blank cell values need to be removed.

This would then need to be repeated for (B5:M5, B6:M6, ETC).

[Code] .....

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Change Display Of (blank) Cells In Pivot Tables

Feb 2, 2010

i've attached a pivot table where some cells are empty (see GCP tab). i want the empty cells to appear empty, and not as they currently appear, with the word "blank" in parentheses. i am aware that if i enter 2 spaces in any cell and press return, all empty cells in that column will also appear empty. is there any other way to have empty cells in a pivot table appear empty?

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