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Copying Numbers Only From A Cell

I have a list of data in Column D of a spreadsheet. The cells contain a mix of text and numbers which is variable. Sometimes it could be "Internet 645" and sometimes it could be "VB456774" or lots of other combinations. Sometimes there are spaces, and sometimes none, and sometimes there is no numbers.

Is there a way to select Column D, copy out just the numbers only (w/o spaces or text or special characters" and copy to a new Column?

A demo could be:
Internet 645

So that once processed, a new columns would show:

(notice that if there are no numbers in a cell, i would like all the data below it to be pushed up when pasted into the new column)

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Copying Numbers To CSV File Truncating Digits
I have a macro that copies long decimals (11 places) from an Excel file to a CSV file. However, the long decimals often get truncated from 11 places down to 3 or 4. I've tried a number of different coding methods to combat this, the most recent and most successful of which is shown below

Application.Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:...2008_alldata.csv"
Application.Goto Reference:="AllDataTable"
Application.Goto Reference:="R1C1"
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
Selection.NumberFormat = "#,##0.00000000000"
ActiveWindow.Close savechanges:=False

However, sometimes this method also fails. Is there a better way anyone knows of to ensure that the entire decimal is copied?

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123569LOC23 is in one cell and I am trying to copy the "LOC23" to a new cell. However, the amount of digits vary: LOC23, LOC1,LOC15 etc all the way down the column.

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Match (text) Numbers To Numbers From One Cell To Another
I need the " solutions cells " to match to the " source cells " and return a " yes " or " no ". in cells d4:d10. Ex: #1 cell C4=01234598, it will conduct a search & match of cell A5 which contains the number 123, since cell C4 contains all 3 numbers from cell A5, then the formula would result in a " Yes ". The match has to contain all 3 numbers from the solution cells to the source cells.

Ex: #2 cell C7=67891234, it will conduct a search & match of cell A8 =901. Since cell C7 only contains the 9&1 from cell A8, it would return a " No " because cell C7 did not contain all 3 numbers from cell A8. I'm not sure if the IF, Match, Index or Count formula is the right one to use, they all seem to partially work, but still don't complete this problem.

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Copying A Selected Cell In Col A And The Next Cell In Col B Into New Sheet
Basically I have a filtered list in colunms A to D. The user selects a cell in column A and I want to then be able to run a macro which copies that cell and the adjacent one in column B, into columns A and B on sheet2.

The complications are

Column B on the second sheet is merged with columns D to E so a straight forward cut and paste of A and B on sheet 1 into A and B on sheet 2 will not work in one cut and paste as it complains about merged cells. It would need to copy and paste A and then copy and paste B to avoid the error.

The row on sheet 2 where it is being pasted needs to be the first row between row 10 and row 30 where col A is blank (so it doesnt overwrite a previous copy and paste as they are basically creating a list on sheet 2 in those rows by runing this macro repeatedly). if there is no blank row then it should insert a new row at row 10 and paste into that

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Copying Part Of A Cell And Pasting It To The Cell Next To It
I have just generated a report of current customer numbers for our company. Unfortunately it reports it as "162 (162)". No idea why the program does it like that because it now makes using VLOOKUP very difficult.

What I want to do is copy the "162" part of the cell and paste it into the adjacent cell to make it easier to manipulate the worksheet. All of the customer numbers are in column D if that makes a difference.

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Copying A Value Into A Cell
What I'd like to do is to input the value "Agent" into the yellow cell if there is not the word "Agent" already there. The position of the "Agent" cell will vary but is always located directly above the block of names below it.

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Copying From Hidden Cells Are Not Copying Protected
I am trying to make the cells Iam am copying paste hidden cells with all formats - seems to work fine other than the security part of them, Iam makeing a sheet for work and just trying to make it were it will not get destroyed by other users-

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Copying A Cell To Another Workbook (VBA)...
I am trying to copy a certain cell from one workbook to another.

ActiveSheet.Cells(1,1).Copy Destination:=Workbooks("c:directoryfilename.xls").Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(1,1)

What I am trying to accomplish is to copy the contents of A1 from the current worksheet and paste it in A1 in the other workbook.

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Copying Formula From Vba To Cell
I want to copy the following function via vba to a number of cells

=countif(i10:ah10,"does not comply")

i basically want row to do a a comparison from i10 to ah10, row 11 to do a comparison from i11 to ah11 and so on.

i tried this as a first step
Workbooks(WorkBookFileName).Worksheets(TabID).Cells(m, fc + 8 + 1).formula = COUNTIF(I97:AH97,"does not comply")

but i got the error

"compile error: expected: list seperator or)

and i tried this one

Workbooks(WorkBookFileName).Worksheets(TabID).Cells(m, fc + 8 + 1).text = "=COUNTIF(I97:AH97,"does not comply")"

and got the error compile error: expected : end of statement

i read some place to ensure that the reference is copied, one can use the following
wks.Cells(i + 13, 7).FormulaR1C1 = wks.Cells(i, 3).FormulaR1C1
but cant get through the first step, where i actually use vba to make the first entry

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Copying Date In One Cell To Another
Is there a way that when a user enters data into one cell in a worksheet, I can make that same date appear in another cell in another worksheet in that workbook? Ex. User enters Monday in A1 on worksheet 1, I was A1 on worksheet 2 to automatically populate with that same data.

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Copying A Value To The Next Empty Cell
I have a spreadsheet that people enter in their daily production numbers. In this spreadsheet, I would like them to hit the "save" button and it will put the total into a cell below that date. If they hit "save" multiple times during the same day,

I want it to overwrite the cell below the date. For the next day of production, they will need to do the same thing, except paste the data in to the cell below that current date.

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Copying Cell Value Into Listbox
I have many values in Columns I and J in one table. The value in each Column I is a worksheet name (in this case "Hello"). My question is how do I copy the values in Range A10 to Z10 from Worksheet "Hello"? I want to stuff all the read values into a listbox. The listbox part is done though. Just the copying part is the problem.

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Copying Data From One Cell To Other
I have two columns of data in my worksheet.

Column-A Column-B
AAA 123-XXX-123
BBB 123-XXX-123
CCC 123-XXX-123
and so on

I would like to setup a marco to copy what is column A and replace XXX in column B. So the result as follow

Column-A Column-B
AAA 123-AAA-123
BBB 123-BBB-123
CCC 123-CCC-123
and so on

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Copying The Format Of A Cell
I am using to copy info from a cell to ta text box that I created using the tool box.

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Copying Parts Of A Cell
I have a cell located in $X$1 that is always populated with a person's full name.
I need to display their email address, which is the first letter of their first name then their last name + '', in another cell on Sheet2

So for example 'Bob Smith' would be ''

How can I go into cell X1 of Sheet1 and copy the first letter & the remaining letters after the space in between the names and paste them into Sheet2?

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Cell Copying Macro
I need to able to copy certain parts of cells and paste it somewhere else. The data within the cell is presented like this City A/City B/City C. With an '/' seperating each. How can I copy just one part of that string using a macro(city a), and then keep track of it so that the next time I use a macro on that cell it copies the next part of the string(city b). I'll always copy the first City first so deleting it after it is a copied is an option but I dont even know how to do that.

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Copying Text To Another Cell After Specific Value
Is it possible for a formula to copy all text after a specific value, to another cell. In this case, after a question mark.

I ask because i've been given 2000+ quiz questions with both question and answer in the 1 cell.

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Copying Part Of A Title (after A '-') To Another Cell
I have a lot of titles like "A Company - Strategy A", "A Company - Strategy B" and what I am hoping to do is strip out the part after the hyphen to the cell directly above. This is the case across about 200 columns, I'd imagine this is pretty easy?

The attached spreadsheet makes it very clear.

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Macro For Copying Data Into A New Cell Each Day
12/23/20081/2/20091/5/20091/6/20091/7/2009Stores TotalTMX TotalTotal TMX Expedite

I'm trying to create some code that will do this:
On Day1- Copy info from a different worksheet in the 3 cells for 12/23 (column B)
On Day2 - Copy info from the worksheet in the 3 cells for 1/2 (col C) without deleting the info in Column B from the previous day, etc....

I can't figure out how to get it to paste into a different column each day. It will be continuously moving one column to the right each day.

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MAcro To Check A Cell Value Before Copying
I am trying to write a macro to check a cell value is "Y" before selecting a range and copying to a second sheet, if the cell value is not "Y" I just want an error message.

This is the code I have so far but I have an error, the macro selects the row but does not paste on the second sheet, it does clear the range of data.

Check_Value = "Y"
If ("L16") = "N" Then
MsgBox "Sort Completed Jobs First"
Myvalue = IsEmpty(ActiveCell)
Do Until Myvalue = True
Myvalue = IsEmpty(ActiveCell)
If Myvalue = False Then ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlAll, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:=False _
, Transpose:=False
End If

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Copying VBA Code In Cell Down A Column
I have written a code for a cell in excel but it only works for the row it is on. I want to copy this code down the column (until reaching an empty row) will cells refernced in the code changing accordingly (just as if i had written the code in the cell and dragged it down a column). A sample of the code I have written is given below.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

If Range("E4").Value = "L" Then

Select Case Range("D4").Value

Case 43

Range("H4") = "=2*G4"

Case 48

Range("H4") = 60

End Select

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Copying A Cell Demands A Password.
I created a 2007 workbook and distributed it to someone else. Now they have returned it I find that I can't copy any cell without a password window opening asking me for the password.

The user insists he has not added any password functionality and I can't immediately spot what it is in Excel that is restricting me. In the Ribbon under the Review tab the Unrestricted Access is selected and the sheets I'm trying to copy from are not protected. I can't see anything in the VBE and in any case the user would not have known how to change or create anything.

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Copying To The First Empty Cell In Different Worksheet
I am currently trying to adapt the Macro I created that copies and pastes from one work sheet to another. I need to paste to the first empty cell in A column. See the code I have listed below.

Sub Button15_Click()
Selection. AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="<>"
Application.CutCopyMode = False
Range("A1:E13").Sort Key1:=Range("A1"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:= _
xlGuess, OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _
Sheets("XH & HVYR").Select ..........

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Copying Textbox Content To Cell
How to copy content of a textbox into a cell using VBA. I have tried


but doesn't work. In macro the textbox is called shapes .eg

Activesheet.Shapes("Text Box 79").Select

I have searched the forum but couldn't find any solved answer.

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Copying Specific Text From Cell
Does anyone know of a formula that will automatically copy a specific range of digits in a cell.

Example. I have a cell that contains 1125566348 98. Is there a function in that can copy the first 10 digits?

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Copying Formula From Cell To Cell
1. stores the selected range. I call this range as First Range.
2. Asks for a target cell location.
3. At the target location, it selects a range of the size same as that of First.
I call this range Second Range.
4. Copies the formulae of cells in First Range, to the corresponding cells in Second Range.

I am stuck at the step 4. I don't know how to copy contents between corresponding cells. For example, I don't know how to copy the formula of cell(1,1) in First Range to cell (1,1) of Second Range.

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Automatically Copying Cell To Other Sheet On A Condition
I have 41 Sheet in my Workbook.

Sheet1 Contains all the Data

Now For every Staff I have Four Individual Sheet of "Seg"

What I want is to Copy Data From Sheet1 to each sheet of the Staff according to there Respective Details.

1st record to be copied automatically to Sheet7 (CAS B) in Bought Side Column,
2nd record to be copied automatically to Sheet6 (CAS A) in Sold Side Column
with name of toys in both the sheet.

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Matching Ranges In Different Sheets And Then Copying Certain Cell Value
There are two sheets: Sheet1 and Sheet2

Columns in Sheet 1 are the following:
company PERMNO number, dates, market capitalization (no data in this one)

Columns in Sheet 2 are the following:

company PERMNO number, ticker, dates, market capitalization

In Sheet2, there is a whole range of dates (between 1990 and 2004) for every single company, whereas in Sheet2 there is one or 3-4 dates for a every single company.

I would like to match the exact date/dates in Sheet1 in the range of dates in Sheet2 and then if they match, copy the corresponding cell value from the market capitalization column in Sheet2 to the empty market capitalization column in Sheet1. I also want that the company PERNO numbers match.

In short: if PERMNO numbers match, match the date/dates in Sheet1 within the range of dates for the same company in Sheet 2 and copy the market capitalization value to Sheet1.


2. 13123 199803
3. 13123 199904
4. 65456 200005
5. 44550 200104
6. 44550 200211......

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Copying Cell Based On Number In Other Column
I have a name in cell A1 and a number of 20 in cell B1. Is there a function to copy the name in cell A1 the number in cell B1 (20 in this case) times into column C?

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Automate The Copying Of Formulas And Cell Formatting
is it possible, after inserting new sheet rows, to automate the copying of formulas and cell formatting into the newly created space, instead of manually copying the formulas and formatting down into each column?

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Copying Row To Other Worksheet If Cell Has Specific Data
I have an Excel 2003 spreadsheet with multiple sheets - one main one with all data and others which have only the data that falls into certain criteria. I'm wondering if there's a way to enter the information on the main sheet and have it automatically populate the correct "sub-worksheet" depending on what is entered in a specific column.

I'm not describing this well but I've attached a sample of what I mean.

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Macro For Copying Formulas & Edit In New Cell
I need to be able to copy a formula from a row that is 180 rows before the current cell.

I then need to edit the formula so that the rows all start at 6. then i need to change the column references.

The formula that I am editing looks like this after it has been copied from before:

=IF('Entry Form Portrait'!$d870="m",IF('Entry Form Portrait'!$n870="a",'Entry Form Portrait'!$a870,""),"")

So I need d870 to be changed to d6, the n870 to be changed to o6 (current column +1), the a870 to be changed to a6.

Then this resultant formula to be copied to the next column and a6 changed to b6, then copied to next column again and b6 changed to f6.

Then all 3 columns to be copied (or autofilled) down 105 rows.

I tried to do it by recording the macro, however it only works for the first time that i use it, and then just keeps repeating in the same place. I need it to use the cell i have selected as the starting point.

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Copying Many Cells, Drop Content Into One Cell?
I have a document I was directed to fill in. I was instructed to only use a certain number of characters and then drop into another cell below it for paragraphs of text. I have now been told they made a mistake, need me to copy all the related cells for a specific paragraph and drop them into a single cell.

Can I copy the text in multiple cells, and then drop the cell formating of those copied cells and drop the content into one single cell. Either word wrapping the content or soft returns for what looks like paragraphs again?

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Copying Formulae Not Transposing Cell Range
I have a macro which inserts rows at certain places in a data table. This works fine. I then want to copy the formulae from the the row aboove or below (dependent on certain criteria). This sort of works.

I have is that when the row is copied, the row numbers within the formulae do not change relative to the new row. Eg if I copied down "=A6" one row, the formula still says "=A6", rather than "=A7".

I have tried variations of

Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteFormulas

I also tried the AutoFill method (but this didn't work at all when I tried it with a whole row)

Previously, I would have selected ranges and then pasted on the active sheet. However, I am trying to re-educate myself in writing macros that do not 'select' ...

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Copying Cell Contents From One Sheet To Another Based On Colour
I have a workbook called "Staff Planner". I need to check Columns C to I in Sheet "Plan" to firstly find text in a red font, and then copy this value to Sheet "Useage" in Column K. (So, search C1:I1, find red font, copy contents of cell, paste value to K1). I then need to repeat this with blue font/value to H1, green font/value to E1, and finally pink font/value to B1

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Inserting Rows And Copying Data Based On A Value In A Cell
On sheet "Create Package" in cell "AA14" I have a value (lets say 2).

I want it to go to sheet "Samples" and insert a number of rows equal to the value on sheet "Create Package" cell "AA14" (so 2 rows)

I have a header row in row 1, so I would like it to insert the designated number of rows beneath that.

Then I would like it to copy a designated number of rows (based off of the "AA14" value, so 2) from the "Create Package" sheet starting at row 66 and then paste special values into the new rows that were inserted on sheet "samples".

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Stop Formula Cell Reference Changing When Copying
I am trying to cut/paste a row of formulas in my spreadsheet. The problem is that I want some of the referenced cells in the formula to stay CONSTANT and not increment on each new row. In this example, I want the references to row 17 (F17,E17) to increment (E18,E19,...), but I want the "G7" reference to remain hard coded (as G7) on each row I paste (because that is where my master value is). (The formula is working fine) =IF((F17>0),IF((F17<=G7),E17,0),0)

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Copy/Paste Not Copying Cell Formatting (row Height)
I am having a problem with a excel spreadsheet. There are no formulas or anything, just text that I used excel to get everything lined up. I haven't had any issues before, I was copying and pasting within a document. It was all text with different row heights set. I ran into a problem now where the text copies and pastes fine but the row heights aren't coping into the cells I am pasting into, just the text. What do I have to do so they will copy? I don't want to have to go an individually adjust each cell.

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Macro For Copying And Duplicating Data Based On A Cell Values.
I am trying to copy two cells from one worksheet to another in the same work book based on the value in Column B of one of the sheets. This is just a building block to a larger script I am going to create.

Below is my attempt but I keep getting an error at Range(Cells(x, 3)).Select.

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Copying Data From Merged Cell Into All Resulting Cells After Splitting
I have a spreadsheet that has been given to me by someone else, and unfortunately it has merged cells in it that are causing some trouble. I need to have a way to unmerge the merged cells, but for the data in the merged cell to then be copied into each cell that it splits into.

I've attached two spreadsheets - unfortunately I can't really attach the real one since it has research data in it, so I've reduced the size of the file and replaced some of the text. The first file shows how the file starts off, and the file named "result" shows how I would like it to be.

My real file contains some 10,000+ lines of data, and the merged cells are of varying sizes, with no consistency to the size, so I'd like a way to automate this instead of copy and pasting into every empty cell after I unmerge them.

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Copying Specific Cell Ranges From A Worksheet Multiple Times To A New Sheet
I have a workbook with multiple worksheets. Each worksheet corresponds to a certain store fixture estimate. Ont these sheets I have a specific cell where you can input how many fixtures of that type are to be used.

On that sheet also, is a range of cells (ex. Range("A65:F3340")) that needs to be copied to a new summations sheet of total hours to build the project.

If sheet 1 has 1 fixture - the macro should copy the range of cells only once.
Sheet 2 has 4 fixtures - tha macro should copy the same range four times appending each set of data tot eh end of the previous, And so on for each fixture sheet.

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Conditional Copying - Variable Ranges - Sprint Cell Phone Usage Import
I am working on a project to import cellular phone usage data from Sprint into a workbook.

All cells in Column A are blank. Column B contains 1 instance of the cell phone account #, followed by dates of calls made, which continues until the next cell phone account # appears, and itís calls made. The # of calls made obviously varies per account #.

The dates are in date format. The cell phone account # is in text format and is formatted with blue fill.

I need to copy the cell phone account # into column A for each line that has a date value in ColumnB, but the value copied must change when it reaches the next cell phone account #, so that the calls are matched up with the cell phone account # and can be imported into SQL.

Acct #
City Called from
State Called From
Called #
City Called
State Called................

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Cell Referenceing (display The Value In The Cell Offset By X So I Can Bring The Numbers From Sheet1 Over)
Sheet1 is a list of names, then a few columns of numbers.
Sheet2 contains calculations based of the numbers in sheet1.

Each sheet from 2 on is names after the names in sheet1 column A...
A large cell at the top of each sheet contains the formula to display the sheet name:

So what I want to do now is...
in cell, look for the cell in sheet1, and display the value in the cell offset by X so i can bring the numbers from sheet1 over.

In plain english the cell would say like...
"look in sheet1 for "Name" then display the cell next to it"

I know to look in the next sheet its "=Base!B2" if i wanted b2 on sheet base.
I know to use "=OFFSET(Base!B2, , 1, , )" too look at B2 and go right 1 column.
But the issue is i dont want Base!B2.. i want whatever cell in Base column A that has the text that A1 has.

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Data Validation To Ensure Like Numbers In Cell A Has Same Date In Cell B
I am trying to set up a data validation to ensure that when a user enters a number in column A that matches a previously entered number in column A, the user is only allowed to enter the same date for the number it matches in column B.

For example, if:

Row 3 column A = 1320


Row 3 column B = 16-Dec-07


Row 15 column A = 1320


Row 15 column B must be 16-Dec-07

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Check Cell Rows Based On Numbers In Single Cell
I have problem with function, I have array with random numbers in cell G1 and columns with X in some of the cells, now I want to check the cells with numbers from cell G1 in column F to see is there X or not if yes count if not do nothing. In attached example result should be 3.

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Reference Cell In Macro Using Row & Column Numbers From Cell
I'm trying to reference a location on a spreadsheet in a macro by using the values in two cells (the idea is to then paste to this location):

D2 is 17 (the row)
B4 is 2 (the column)

therefore the location is B17 (R17C2), but can I get this to work...? The values in these cells can change depending on selections made which is why I want to use the cell references rather than the absolute!

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Restrict Cell Entry To Numbers Based On Another Cell
I am trying to do with data validation, trying to stay away from vba on this... and it is probably very simple:

Cell A1, they can select Rice, Cheese, or Rabbit
I want to use custom data validation on B1, so that if A1 = Rabbit, they can only enter 1. If it is blank or the other two choices, they can enter 1 through 10.

Can I do that with data validation? I can't get any if thens to work in it.

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Update A Cell Value From A Previous Sheet After Copying The Sheet And Renaming It
I have copied a sheet, moved it to the end and renamed it with a date that is in cell "A1"

Now after that process is finished I need it to update the date in cell "A1" of the newly created sheet with the next day's date.

I am stuck however referring to the previous sheet to update the date value in "A1"

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Does A Cell Contain Any Numbers
I have about 10,000 rows of data and I want to delete all of the rows where column D doesn't contain any numbers.

Examples of column D values for rows I want to delete: "do not use" "quote" "NSD - PJS" "@$KJ"

Examples of column D values for rows I want to keep: "5do not use" "qu4ote" "N1SD - PJS" "@$K2J"

What's the vba for determining if a cell contains a particular string?

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Is Cell Value Between 2 Numbers
Is there any way to use > (more than) or < (less than) arguments in an IF(... function. I want it to do the following: If the value in cell A1 is more than 3.8 but less than 5.0, then B1 equals 1 (there is no if false value). I have already tried the following forumal (and variations of it): =if(A1 >3.8 <5.0,"1")

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