Create List Of Uppercase Data From A Range Excluding Blanks And Errors

May 8, 2014

I have a list generator that creates a set of data in a multi-column & row dataset. I would like a formula to create a list of the alpha data points only which excludes blanks and any errors.



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Filter Named Range Excluding Zeros Blanks

Sep 29, 2011

Im trying to filter a name range of 12 columns in vba. However im able to emit ZEROS but NOT blanks when i usse AutoFilter Field:=12, Criteria1:="0" it stil contains some blanks in the filtered data

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Count Unique Values / Text Within Range Of Cells That Contain Duplicates / Blanks And Errors

Jun 25, 2014

How I can create a simple formula to count unique values/text within a range of cells that contain duplicates, blanks and errors?

For e.g., in Column A (row 1 - 10):



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Create List Excluding Zeros

Sep 1, 2006

I have a column with values, say column a. In column a are several rows with values equal to zero. I would now like to create a new list that omits the values that are zero, e.g.:

original list:

new list:

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Data Validation List Accpet Only Uppercase

Jul 20, 2006

I would like a data validation list to only accept an uppercase Y or N from the dropdown in a cell, but users can type a lowercase Ys and Ns and they are accepted. I would like the cell to only accept the uppercase Ys and Ns from the dropdown. Does this require code or is there a simpler way?

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Create Drop Down List With No Blanks

May 19, 2009

I would like to create a list with reference to IF (E1:E150=1) list F1:F150
No Blanks. Cells E1:E150 will be either a 1 or a blank.
The new list will be created in cells Y5:Y whatever. List will then become a drop down list.

I have created the list but it has blanks between names and I just want the names....

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Find Min In A Column While Excluding 0 Or Errors

Nov 1, 2008

I am having trouble figuring out a way to get around this situation:

I have a to find the minimum in a range. I have used =Min(range)

However, i wish to exclude 0 values and n/a errors in the case no data figure in one or more cells of the range.

Could you please help me figure out a way?

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Excluding Cells With Errors Or Zeroes Before Doing STDEV

Mar 15, 2013

I'd like to calculate the standard deviation and mean of a whole load of data. Unfortunately it has some errors, FALSE values, blank cells and zeroes I'd like to exclude. Calculating the average is no problem as the AVERAGEIF function works fine, but there is no equivalent for STDEV. The (array) formula


ignores the cells with errors and calculates the SD, and the (array) formula


ignores the cells with a value of 0 in them and calculates SD.

How can I combine the two into one formula?

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Counting Unique Cell Values While Excluding Errors And 0s

Jul 10, 2013

I am attempting to count how many cells have different values in a table while not counting the N/A's and 0's found in the table. From what I'm finding online, I see lots of formulas set up with frequency functions, but none of them are set up to exclude anything - just find unique values. I need to count the cells with values other than 0 and N/A going across each row and not count the same value twice

Here's an example of what the table looks like (the real one is over 1,000 rows and 50 columns) with column C being where the formula needs to go. I put what I would like to have returned in the cells.



[Code] ........

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Create Column List Out Of Table (rows And Columns) While Removing Blanks

May 26, 2014

I am trying to create a straight column list that can take the rows and columns of a table, and list only the nonblank items. The formula I am using only seems to work with one column, not multiple.


[Code] .....

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Dynamic Named Range Drop-down List To Exclude N/A Errors?

May 7, 2014

I have a dynamic named range which allows me to have an automatically growing drop down list in B1 as more cities are added in column A. however, my workbook will have N/A errors to begin with before cities are added.

is there a way for my drop down list in B1 not to include the N/A errors and only the cities? of course when the next N/A error turns into a city, i would like the B1 drop down list to recognise this and include it.

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Calculating Column Average Excluding Blanks?

Apr 26, 2012

Project: x
Activity: xActifity TypeReference FormDec-11Jan-12Mar-12Apr-12May-12Feb-12Mar-12W/EW/EW/E2-Mar9-Mar16-Mar23-Mar30-Mar6-Apr13-Apr20-Apr27-Apr4-May11-May18-May25-May77%91%91%R/S95%100%100%R/S100%100%100%100%MMMM100%71%71%R/S100%100%R/SMMMM97%81%100%R/S100%MM100%R/S75%85%R/SR/SMM100%100%96%Average

Basically what I want to achieve is the average % of Dec 11 (D11:D22 on the sheet im working on) scores but excluding any blank fields (not excluding potential scores of 0%)

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Create Range List Code For Data Validation

Sep 29, 2007

I am using following code to apply data validation list. However this code gives error Intermittently. The error message is 'Application defined or Object defined error'. Also this code looks little cumber some. Will really apprciate if any one can put some ligh on why is this error appearing sometimes. Do I need to change something in the code or add few extra lines. I feel following points will be necessary when you check my code

1. The data of validation list is stored under the column heading 'Reported_By_List'
2. Validation is applied on the range under the column heading 'Reported Through'
3. Start and last Cell Address Of the cells of the column in which data of validation list is
stored are extracted into the variables 'StartCellAddress1' & 'LastCellAddress1 '
4. Start and last Cell Address Of the cells of the column on which data validation will be
applied are stored are extracted into the variables 'StartCellAddress2' &

Sub Validation1()

Dim wsName As String
Dim RValue As String
Dim WorkBookName As String
Dim StartRow As Integer
Dim StartColumn As Integer
Dim LastRow As Integer
Dim CellAddress As String
Dim ColumnAddress As String
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
WorkBookName = ThisWorkbook.Name
wsName = ActiveSheet.Name...........

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Finding Difference Between Latest And Previous Value Excluding Blanks

Dec 4, 2013

I need a spreadsheet to record the number of calls taken by my staff YTD, and have it laid out as follows:

Column A Column B Column C

1 Date Calls Taken Increase
2 01/01 10
3 02/01 13 3
4 03/01 19 6

The "Increase" is a simple =B4-B3 etc. But, there is a problem...

Say for example a member of staff is ill one day and therefore doesn't take any calls, I end up with a 'blank' cell in column 'B'...

Column A Column B Column C

1 Date Calls Taken Increase
2 01/01 10
3 02/01 13 3
4 03/01 19 6
5 04/01 -19
6 05/01 25 25

My problem is the increase in calls from 03/01 to 05/01 YTD ISN'T 25, it's 6.

Is there a formulae I can use that works out the difference between the latest number of calls taken and the last number of calls taken (excluding the 'blank' cells)?

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Count Consecutive 0 Starting From Last Non Zero Cell In A Row (excluding Blanks)

Mar 13, 2014

Formula to count the number of consecutive zero starting from the last cell with non zero value.

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Width Of Data Validation List Box Returning VB Errors

Dec 9, 2013


If I go any of the cells in that column, the VBA code page opens up and I get the following message:

Compile Error:
Ambigous name detected: Worksheet _SelectionChange

and the following vb code is hightlighted:

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range

The code I have used is:
Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Target.Column = 13 Then
Target.Columns.ColumnWidth = 40
Columns(13).ColumnWidth = 20
End If
End Sub

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Check Errors In Set Of Values Based On List Of Data?

Aug 23, 2013

Here below the case:

List1 in Sheet1:


List2 in Sheet2:


I would like to know if it is possible to have in a single cell the information about the presence of an error in the List1, because a cell of List1 got a value that is not in List2.

I mean all cells in List1 have to contains the same values of List2. It is like a data validation. But it would be nice to have a single cell with "There is an error in your range".

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Creating A List Excluding Duplicate Data

Jan 18, 2008

In A1 to A10 I have numbers 1 through 10.

In B1 to B10 I have some of the numbers listed from column A, but not all, and in no particular order.

In column C, I would like to list only numbers from A that are not listed in B.

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Drop-Down List With Variable Range And Hiding Blanks

May 4, 2007

I currently have a list on a worksheet named "Options". It is a named range entitled "Type" with rows A2:A500. Another worksheet uses "Type" as a drop-down list. Currently there are only five entries in the list - cells A2:A6. Other items will periodically be added to the list. That is the reason for the long range - up to A500.

In the drop-down list, all of the unused cells in the named range show up as blanks. Is there any way to not have the blanks show up in the drop-down list?


Is there a way to define the named range as a variable range to enable users to add items without redefining the range and have the added items automatically show up in the drop-down list?

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Create Data Validation Field That Doesn't Allow Blanks Or Duplicates

Jun 4, 2014

I have a table for gym members and each member is assigned a unique member number.


I wish to create a data validation field that wont allow you to leave the cells blank or use the same code twice.

this was my attempt that failed: =AND(ISERROR(MATCH(A:A, A2, 0)) <>FALSE, A2<>""

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Hiding Runtime Errors: Refreshes A Specific Data Range That Imports Data From A Text File

Nov 25, 2009

I have a macro that first refreshes a specific data range that imports data from a text file as such:

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Data Validation List :: Blanks?

Mar 6, 2009

I have created data validation list which has 3 flags (Yes, No and Blank). Normally the user will select either Yes or No from column C but i want each time there is no value in either row A or B; i want the code to automatically to select Blank. So basically every time row A or B are blank i want the corresponding row C to be selected "Blank". See attached for more details.

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Excluding Hidden Cells In Your Data Range

Jan 28, 2007

I am applying the sum function to a range of cells in a column. I've Auto Filtered my sheet to only include the data I need. Unfortunately, the sum function is adding everything in that column, even data from the 'hidden' cells that I've filtered out. I need to know what condition or parameter to apply to the sum function (or any other function for that matter), that will only add the data shown on my screen. Not the data that is hidden.

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Data Validation List: Ignore Blanks Between Data

Nov 1, 2006

In column A I have a list of text. There are blank lines in between the cell that actually contain text. What I am trying to accomplish is create a validation list that will give me only the cells with text in them and ignore the blanks. For example in column A1:A7 I have the following text:




My validation list will return those names but will also give me the blanks in between the names.

Is there any way to ignore the blanks?

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Remove Blanks In Data Validation Dropdown List With A Condition

May 13, 2012

I would like to be able to make the same thing and select items for my drop down list, that are not blak and follow a specific condition. But I don't know how to include the condition in the array formula.

The condition I need is follow:

I want to have a dropdown list with Items that are not blank, and First N > Last N.


It would be preferred to have formulas.

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Creating Unique List Of Values From Column Of Data Across Multiple Sheets No Blanks

Jul 8, 2014

I have 6 worksheets in my file. In sheets 1-5, column A2:A26 list people's names. Some people's names appears on more than one sheet. Not all cells are populated with a value.



My attempt was... =INDEX('Week1:Week5-!$A$2:$A$26,MATCH(0,COUNTIF($A$1:A1,"Week1:Week5"!$A$2:$A$26),0))

where the sheets were Week1-Week5 and the values on each sheet was A2:A26. But I think there's an issue with Excel being able to 3D reference for these types of functions.

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Code For Forcing All Text In A Certain Range To Uppercase

Mar 7, 2012

Is there Code for forcing all text in a certain range to Uppercase?

Example: A1:E20

if possible I need the code to be just inserted into the sheet code. Maybe were when the user moves to another cell it changes them then.

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Load Only Non-Blanks From Range Into Data Validation Dropdown

Dec 12, 2013

On the Control Panel sheet of the attached book, I need to load only the non blank cells from BQ3:BQ9 into a data validation drop down.

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Error Handling Within Errors (macro To Create New Worksheets In The Workbook)

Aug 12, 2009

I am currently creating a database which involves using a macro to create new worksheets in the workbook. When the macro is run and a work sheet is being inserted, an input box asks the user for a worksheet name.

As you can imagine, the worksheet does not like it when the worksheet name input by the user, is the same as one already existing and so throws up a 1004 error.

In order to resolve this error I have included an error handling code to request the user to input a differnet worksheet name, as the one previously inserted exists.

My problem: It all works fine until the user types in an existing worksheet name twice, so once initially and again when the error handler has prompted a second attempt. On the second incorrect input a 1004 error warning is displayed.

I would like the error handler to keep repeating until a worksheet name that doesn't exist is inserted by the user. Is this possible?

My code so far:

Sub NewTrancheSheet()
Sheets("Tranche Sheet Template").Visible = True
Sheets("Tranche Sheet Template").Select

Sheets("Tranche Sheet Template").Copy Before:=Sheets(1)

Sheets("Tranche Sheet Template (2)").Select
Sheets("Tranche Sheet Template (2)").Move After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
Sheets("Tranche Sheet Template (2)").Select.................

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How To Create A List Of Items For Use In A Dropdown List With Data From A Different

Mar 17, 2007

I Attached a sheet for what i'm asking about ,, i sent it before but the sheet showing it more clearly

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