Formula To Average Range Of Cells And Copying It To Calculate Next Range Of Cells?

Mar 17, 2014

I have a row data corresponding to the measuring of load cell per min and I need to average the values per hour. So I have a column B for the date (from 1-01-2013 to 31-01-2013, column C for the time (0:00:00 to 23:59:00), and D de values per min I want to average. I have to do the same for the rest of the month of 2013 (February, ...., December).

I would like to know if there is a way to create a formula to calculate the average of the first 60 values (to get the average of the first hour of 1-01-2013), and then copy it to get the average of the following 60 (average of the second hour in 1-01-2013) and so on.

If there is no way to do it, I would like to know if I can do it using functions like average, match, index, offset, what would be the best match of those functions.

I also tried it by doing the analysis in another tab and using the function "averageifs" with two criterias: one for the date (example 01-01-2013) and another one for the hour (example 0:00:00), but it didnt work, it show error: #value. I inserted an extra column in the data tab with just the hour (example 0:00:00) in front of the corresponding column with (example 0:01:00, 00:02:00, etc)
Equation I used for this:

=AVERAGEIFS('Data (min)'!D$6:D$43206,'Data (min)'!$A$6:$A$44646,A6,'Data (min)'!$B$6:$B$44646,B6)

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Formula To Average Cells In A Range

Nov 13, 2008

There are words in a cell and to its right is a number.

I have a name in P5. I need a formula in Q5 to add all the numbers
next to the same name in Range B4:O46.


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Formula: Average Value Of Cells Left Of Highest N Values In Above Column Range

Sep 24, 2006

I need a cell formula that will (a) identify the highest N values in an above specified column range, (b) color the interior of those N cells (I suspect that this is not possible), and most importantly (c) return the average value of N corresponding cells, where the corresponding cells are located on the same rows as the identified N high value cells but in a specified column to the left (not necessarily adjacent)

Does anybody know what this formula would look like?


...| A | B | C | D | E | F |
1 |....| * |.........| 7 |...
2 |....................| 2 |...
3 |....| * |.........| 6 |...
4 |....................| 1 |...
5 |....| * |.........| 5 |...
6 |....................| ? |...

? = average of B1,B3,B5 where (N = 3) and (specified column to the left = B)

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Shift Range Of Cells To Calculate Formula By Fixed Number

Mar 10, 2009

How can I shift the range of cells I want to calculate an average from? For example I want to get the average of cells A1 to A10, so =AVERAGE(A1:A10) And next I want to get the average of cells A11 to A20, so =AVERAGE(A11:A20). But I don't want to manually change the data or delete rows all the time.Is it possible to do something like: =average(A1+10:A10+10)??

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Copying Range Of Cells Under A Dynamic Range Of Cells

Jul 30, 2006

I got a range of data on sheet2, size changes everyday (dynamic) And in sheet1. I got a range of data and the size changes everyday as well. I need to copy the range in sheet2 to sheet1. The position would be at the cell after the last data in sheet1. e.g.

sheet1 got 105 data
I need to paste data of sheet2 start of row106 in sheet1

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VBA To Get Average Of Range Of Cells Based On Named Range In Different Column

Apr 10, 2013

I am trying to calculate some averages. What I have is 3 columns of data in A, B, C, also the "tasks" in A are in named ranges ex: "Award Contract" is a named range - "Task_Award" and "Confirm Updates" is a named range - "Task_Updates". I've attached a sample excel sheet.

I'd like to be able to create a macro to evaluate column A, and for every row in range "Task_Award", give me the average of the corresponding cells in column C and put it in the same range of cells in column B , then, for every row in "Task_Confirm" then give me the average of the same range of cells in column C and place the result in the same range of cells in column B. This is my very first post so I hope I am doing this correctly. I have 77 of these task ranges to evaluate and it will take a long time to do it manually. I'm thinking of a loop function.

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Average Out Range Of Cells Excluding Text Found In Other Cells

Jul 17, 2014

What I want to do is Average out a range of cells "F4:F343". That's the easy part =average(F4:F343). However I want to exclude any numbers for that average if data in coloumn "Q" = "FMC"

Would that look anything like:

=average(F4:F343)/countif(Q4:Q343, "<>FMC")

I'm also displaying it as minutes in a day so i added *24*60 to the end of the formula and formatted to Number/.00. I've entered the formula and it will calculate but when i enter FMC to the appropriate area the average wont change.

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Copying Different Range Of Cells?

Jul 29, 2014

i am trying to copy few cells with data, and i have something like this:

Range("A3:AO" & Format(intRowCounter, "###")).Select

So this will copy all data withing those cells range, however, i want to copy only data from specific columns, ie, from column A3, and from K3:J

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Calulate The Average Of A Range Of Cells

Jan 20, 2009

What i want to do is calulate the average of a range of cells. some of them have a "-" value. can i use average from the function selection.

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Copying And Evaluating A Range Of Cells

Nov 25, 2008

Sheet 1 to look into Sheet 2

> Find a certain string "name1" > if string is name, copy succeeding columns if not goes and checks another cell till it finds it.
> Then copied columns will be evaluated (sum, divide, etc)

this loops through all rows.

next problem i am seeing is what if it finds 2-5 names how can i combined all the cells copied?

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Copying Range Of Cells From One Workbook To Another

Oct 30, 2009

I'm looking for an algorithm that does the following:

1. Open one-by-one a number of excel workbooks in a directory and copy their .UsedRange
(i.e. all sheet content in each of the workbooks).

2. Paste append one-by-one each of the workbooks .UsedRange of data into a master workbook that is already open (i.e. active workbook).

Note that the source workbooks and target master workbook contain the same format of data. So a simple copy and paste of the .UsedRange is apt.

Basically I need each .UsedRange of an opened workbook to be appended to the data from previously opened workbook in the master workbook already opened.........

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Copying A Variable Range Of Cells

Apr 12, 2007

I am creating a macro needed for many worksheets. I am trying to paste a range that will be different within each worksheet. I started the macro off by locating the correct cell to start the copy from. I want to copy 11 columns across and 32 rows down from the cell I selected.

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VBA Autofiltered Cells - Calculate Average And Sum Of Visible Cells?

Aug 31, 2012

I have a macro which autofilters a range of cells.

I can count the number of visible rows by using the following code

lcountActive = Range("BC34:BC" & x).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Count

What I would like to do is both calculate the Average value of the visible cells and the Sum as well. I have tried to adapt the code I have but my knowledge is just not good enough to do this.

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How To Automate Copying Of Range Of Cells Into Same Row 365 Times

Feb 1, 2014

I am trying to capture data for statistical analysis, but have hit a snag. As shown in attached sheet I have each day for the year broken down into hour time slots into which data will be added. As I will need to come up with a number of similar sheets in the future I was wondering if there is a way to automate through vba, a quick way to copy down the hour slots for each day, 365 times, rather than the laborious task of copy and paste manually.

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Copying Ranges Using Cells To Select Range

Apr 22, 2014

Why the following doesn't work?

Sheets("Sheet1").Range(Cells(1,1), Cells(20,1)).Copy Sheets("Sheet2").Range("A1:A20")

If I can get his to work, I will be able to use variables for the Cells arguments to give the functionality I want.

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Macro For Average Of Values - Dynamic Range Of Cells

Aug 1, 2013

I need to find average of the values , the count of the cells will be dynamic (may be 5 or even 200).

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Excel 2003 :: Copying Range Of Cells From One XLS File To Another

Nov 5, 2012

I'm using Excel 2003. I've got two different .XLS files, each with multiple sheets.

I'm trying to create a macro which will copy a range of cells from one sheet on one .XLS file (which is closed) to a specific place on a specific sheet on the current .XLS file (which is open).

So for the sake of argument:

I've got two Excel files: C:ApplesOldFile.xls and C:OrangesNewFile.xls

OldFile.xls is closed -- NewFile.xls is open and in front of me.

I'm trying to copy the data in ranges B6:C41 and F6:F41 from Sheet2 in OldFile.xls to the same ranges on Sheet6 in NewFile.xls. There are no formulas in these cells -- just data (numbers).

I keep getting error messages, failures to copy to clipboard, etc.

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Calculate Sum Of Multiple Cells Against A Range

Sep 30, 2009

I have two columns. The first column has a list of names and the second a list of numbers:

JONES 12.2

I want to get the sum of all numbers next to Smith and the same for Jones (and so on). I can autofilter and manually sum each person, but there are MANY different names and this would take a long time to do manually. Is there a formula or vbscript that I can use to automate this so I have end up with:

SMITH 11.9
JONES 17.2
XXXXX xx.x

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Calculate Range Without Cells That Include Zero?

Jun 20, 2013

A range of cells is populated by numbers and formatted as such, some of those cells contain zeros. How do you calculate a range of cells without the zeros in the range? The zeros skew the results.

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Excel 2003 :: Average Of Cells Which Are Not In Range Which Ignores Any Zero Values

Dec 4, 2013

I have a worksheet which has various figures for each day of the week however I need to establish the weekly average of these figures.

Due to the way in which the figures are displayed, I am unsure how to use a formula which does not require a range with cells located adjacent to one another.

I have attached a test sheet as an example. The cells in yellow require the formula and I need a weekly average for criteria 1-3. This formula also needs to be compatible in Excel 2003

Test Sheet.xls

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Lock Cells To Prevent Predefined Range Macro Copying

Oct 30, 2012

I have a spreadsheet that allows users to paste set data from a PDF Image (using OCR) straight into Excel and then use the MID function to split the data accordingly.

Unfortunately, the OCR isn’t too intuitive and gets it wrong sometimes.

So to counter this, in another sheet (in the same workbook) I have a manual input section, and a simple macro button that pastes this data into the same fields where the OCR text would be, so that the main sheet works exactly the same way as before.

The problem is, and most likely due to the simplicity of the sheet, if a combination of OCR pasting and manual inputting is used, when I hit the paste button, it over rides the OCR data with blank cells

In the link below I have shown what is currently happening (1, 2, 3), and an example of what I would actually like it to do (4, 5, 6).

Example - Online Spreadsheets - EditGrid

So, in the 2nd scenario, I would like “5” to recognise that the respective cells in “4” already contain data and fill them ‘Grey’. This I have already achieved with basic conditional formatting.

However, I need to take it 1 step further and say that if the parent sheets cell (Auto OCR) contains data, as well as filling cells (in sheet Manual) lock these cells off and prevent the end user from adding data and/ or being copied over to the parent sheet.

Is this possible?

The result then being the parent sheet with both OCR text and copied text from the manual input sheet.

Both sheets are protected anyway and only allow for user input in certain areas, so is it even possible to apply further protection once the sheet is locked already?

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Compare Cells And Use A Range Of Values To Calculate Totals

Apr 16, 2007

I want to compare cells and use a range of values to calculate totals (i.e. count if cell A1=boy and cell A2 equals either "fat" or "skinny")? Also, I tried using wildcard character "*" in the SUMPRODUCT formula, which didn't work (i.e. if cell A1="boy*" would return at TRUE if the cell contained "boy", "boys", "boy and girl", etc.). Is there a way to include wild card characters in a SUMPRODUCT formula like the ones described above?

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Calculating Average In For Variable Last Row And Copying Across Another Dynamic Range

Apr 28, 2014

I'm trying to calculate the average for a range that begins with cell B15 and has various end points, depending on the day (since I'm pulling 2 actual years of data that strips weekends and holidays, as opposed to going back a set amount of days/years). Syntax for cell B4 to reflect the average of range B15 to LastRow? I tried several things and it didn't work. Rows 1-12 are being reserved for the summary calculations that will then be pulled into the final Dashboard.

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Calculate Average Over Variable Range

Dec 18, 2009

I'd like to calculate an average over a variable range. In col.A there are grades from A4:A21. In col.C there are the values for the start row of the range and in col.D the values for the end row of the range.

For instance the value in C4=4 and D4=9. In cell F4 I want the average calculated over A4:A9. Value in C5=10 and D5=15. In cell F5 I want the average calculated over A10:A15.

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Make Worksheet Calculate Event When Range Of Cells Change?

Feb 15, 2014

I have the following code that I would like to trigger when cells B26:U26 change to something other then 0 due to a formula? How was I make this happen?

[Code] .....

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Correct Syntax For Function To Find Average Based On Background Color Of Cells In Range

May 20, 2014

I'm working on a workbook that will track staffing patterns.

The workbook has three worksheets: Sheet1 "RCS", Sheet2 "HCT' and Sheet3 "Hidden". I've attached the workbook to this thread. The password for the form is "j".

On Sheet3 "Hidden" I have two tables that are set up to collect the SUM of columns on Sheets1 "RCS" and Sheet2 "HCT". I'm finding the SUM of each range by way of the background color. I've set up the following formulas and when the "data collection tables" are in the same worksheets as the original information, the formula's work perfectly:

The following functions are pulling data from Sheet1 "RCS" and placing them into a table in Sheet2 "Hidden"

[Code] ........

The following functions are pulling data from Sheet1 "RCS" and placing them into a table in Sheet2 "Hidden"

[Code] .......

I have two more functions that aren't working due to the fact that the source values are percentages and NOT plain numbers. The above functions work great for SUM but not for percentages. EXAMPLE--Let's say, 3 sub percentages it gives me the SUM of the 3 percentages (i.e. 85% + 100% + 100% = 285% instead of giving me 95%.

[Code] ........

How might I use the following functions to find the average of the source fields instead of the SUM?

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Calculate The Average Of A Range If It Meets A Certain Text Criteria

Feb 25, 2010

I want to calculate the average of a range...if it meets a certain text criteria.

For example, if the product is a "Course", then take the average of pages all those courses together.

ProductNumber of PagesExam316Course46Exam232Course32Exam245Course53Exam155Course246Exam118Course154Exam82Course434Exam80Average # of Pages for Courses = Average # of Pages for Exams =

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Calculate Average For Values In Range Of Data That Fulfill Certain Condition

May 20, 2014

I am trying to calculate average for values in a range of data that fulfill a certain condition viz. >1000 &

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Calculate The Range And Fill With A Formula Using The New Range

Apr 1, 2009

I have a range of values that are not a constant length. I want a macro that will calculate the range and fill with a formula using the new range. In this example, I need a formula to look at the values in range f464:f471 and calculate the number of values greater than $1000. Column B is a salesman identifier. I can do this manually, but it takes me about 1/2 hour to complete. At every change in "B", I need to place this formula in the open, blank cell in "E" such as highlighted below.


Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaF463=SUBTOTAL(9,F435:F462)F472=SUBTOTAL(9,F464:F471)

Excel tables to the web >>" target="_blank"> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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VBA Command Button - Calculate Average Of Textboxes And Put Into Cells

Feb 9, 2014

I need the code to calculate the average of 4 textboxes and then put them into the cells, and every time new calculation is given, it is put into the new cell :

i have textbox (1,2,3,4)

my commandbutton needs to the calculation average of the value that is put into those textboxes.

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