Matching Multiple Repeating Values In One Column With Another

Oct 23, 2009

Matching Multiple repeating values in one column with another.

I have a three columns of data that I need to map the requird Ids in Col A against multiple repeats in Col C. AS per data below ....

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Align Matching Row Values Column And Remove Non-matching Row Values?

Jan 27, 2014

see attachment below for easier comprehension of what I need to be done. Note that I have around 20 subjects (2 in example) and about 15000 values per subject (5 per subject shown) Basically, I want matching rows to be aligned (see grey) and non-matching rows to be deleted, throughout the 20 or so subjects.


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Index And Match With Repeating Values Without Repeating First Found Name

Apr 20, 2006

sorting data I use in a workbook for athletics. I've really chopped down my workbook for upload, In the worksheet "Leaderboard" I can call up stats for different lifts, and it finds (in this case) the top 5 lifts and the names for the kids that have those corresponding lifts.

My problem is that when two or more kids have the same lift, it will only call up the name of the first instance of that lift. You can see this in the "Leaderboard" worksheet, and the name "Adams, Andrew" appears for both lifts of 75. I would appreciate any help on how to correct this, as I've searched the Internet for weeks now looking for a solution. I've tried experimenting with different things as well, all to no avail.

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Updating Values In Variable Ranges Based On Repeating Patterns In A Column

Jul 6, 2006

I have a list of two columns. Heres an example. The left most column provides the row number.

_ A B
1 1 0
2 2 1
3 2 1
4 3 2
5 4 2.5
6 5 4
7 1 0
8 1 0
9 2 2

Whenever there are two repeating numbers in column one, I want to reduce certain numbers in column 2 by a certain amount. The amount is determined by half the difference between the number in column B corresponding to the second repeated number and the number in column B corresponding to the row after the second repeating number. The range of numbers that are to be reduced begins with the row after the second repeating number and ends with the last row before number one appears in column A. The values in column A are integers, always starting with one. For example, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

For the above example, after finding the repeating number twos at A2 and A3, it would reduce B4 through B6 by half the difference between B3 and B4 (1/2). The values for B4 through B6 would be updated in column B. The same for the next repeated numbers, which is one at A7 and A8. Half the difference between B8 and B9 is 1.

Heres what the updated list would look like:

1 1 0
2 2 1
3 2 1
4 3 1.5
5 4 2
6 5 3.5
7 1 0
8 1 0
9 2 1

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Align Matching Values In Columns A And B And Bring Corresponding Values With Column B

May 15, 2014

I would like to align the matching values in columns A and B but I want the values that correspond to b in c,d and e to go with the column b value.

C D and E don't necessarily have a value in there but if it does it needs to move with B

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Formula To Total Values In Column Matching Text In Adjacent Column

Dec 20, 2013

Formula(s) to do as explained in the attached example.


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MATCHING Multiple Values And SUMMING?

Feb 8, 2014

We have a table that records payment dates and amounts ... and it categorizes how the payment was made. See attached file to understand the process.

Column A records the payment date. Two or more payments can be recorded for the same date!!!

Column B records the amount of payment.

Column C records the method of payment (OL or LB or CC or CK).

Here's what we need:

On a given date (cell J4), we need to match any dates in Col A ... and we need to SUM all payments that match that date .... and the SUM needs to be based upon the method of payment (OL or LB ...) and values stored respectively in E4,F4,G4,H4 (or left blank if no date match).

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Matching Two Values In Same Column And Returning Value From One Row?

May 12, 2014

In the attached example I paste in a report from another system into Sheet2 (rough data layout in example).

In column B in Sheet1 I have tried using Match and Index formulas to try and return only the Local Shipment figures from on Sheet2 for each staff member.

The issue i'm having is that the data in Sheet2 can change based on how long the report is run. There is also no way I can change the way the raw data is set out in Sheet2 as it's an external system.

Basically i'm looking for a formula that isn't locked down to certain cells and can work with data moving up and down columns at different stages. The key data never changes from column A and F in sheet2. But what does change is whether each person has one or both of Sales & Local Shipment data in the reporting. This obviously changes based on what is completed each day.

So I need a formula that matches the persons name in column A in Sheet1 with Column A in Sheet2, then looks for the first mention of 'Local Shipment' below it and returns the cloumn F value which is in the same row as 'Local Shipment'.

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Return Value In Third Column If Values In First Two Columns Matching?

Mar 20, 2014

I have a two different workbooks book 1 and book 2 with some data.

If values of first two columns ( Column A and B) of both workbooks are matching then I want a formula that can return the value of third column (column c) of book 2 in book 1 column c.


Book 1

column A / Column B / Column C

100 / 200 /

Book 2

Column A / Column B / Column C

100 / 200 / 300

now I want a formula that can return in column C of book 1 to display 300.

And the data runs across some 100 rows in both workbooks.

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Delete Individual Matching Values From A Column - Error

Mar 15, 2012

I am using this code below to delete individual matching values (the value in "A2") from a column.

Set Found = Columns("AH").Find(what:=Range("A2").Value, lookat:=xlWhole)
If Not Found Is Nothing Then Found.Delete Shift:=xlShiftUp

I am receiving error "Delete Method of Range Class Failed" in the highlighted line.

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Matching Column Data In Multiple Worksheets

May 18, 2006

I've got 2 worksheets SH1 & SH2( Two different workbooks) Col A is NAME in each Sheet. Need to Match Col A Sheet 2 to Col A Sh1 if they are identical. If identical copy info from Col B, and Col E- G to Sheet 1 Col B and Col H-J. If a Name is in Sh2 but not in Sh1, Copy (using same Column positions: copy info from Col B, and Col E- G to Sheet 1 Col B and Col H-J ) to NEXT AVAILABLE ROW in Sh1 COL A, and highlight it in Some bright color ; Then open a MSG Box telling me how many new names were added.

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Excel 2003 :: Returning The Date In Column For Matching Values

Apr 4, 2014

I am using Excel 2003. I have attached a data file here. getting the values in Q3, R3 and S3.


Q1 has the number = 1. So I want the cell Q3 to return 2/11/2013 as that is the cell corresponding to the Item1 (value specified in P3) with the value 1(value specified in Q1) in the cell. Basically, I need the date corresponding to cell which has the value of Q1 for the value of P3.

Similarly, R2 must have the value 2/12/2013 and S3 must have the value 2/14/2013 returned.

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Filter Data By Matching 1st Characters In Column With Multiple Words

Mar 27, 2008

excel filters.

I have excel document over 50 pages and i need to filter lines that begins with certain letters like ADS, SGH, FAQ. I know how to filter one by one but i need all 3 to filter in same time-

How can i make multiple lines to filter in one search?

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Formula To Find Matching Values In One Column And Return Totals For All Rows That Match

Dec 26, 2013


I am looking for a formula that will satisfy the following:

1) find all the values in column "A" that match
2) In column "G", sum up all the values in "F" that go with the matching values in column "A"
3) For example, in rows 14-16, the values in column "A" match. Cell G16 sums up F14:F16

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Excel 2010 :: INDEX MATCH Only Returns First Value Instead Of All Matching Values In Selected Column

Jul 18, 2014

Excel 2010: I'm working with a sheet where I would like to get accurate results on the make and model of cars sold in a given week. The workbook contains several worksheets each representing weekly sales numbers for different vehicles.

The Make-Models tab has the lists used to create the drop-down selections.

The Sales tab allows one to create an ad hoc report on the total number of vehicles sold, by Make and Model. Cell B2 is named 'SelectedModel' and used in the formula found in column E, Total Sold.

Problem: When I select Honda, for example in B2 of the Sales worksheet then select Accord in cell B3 of the same. The results returned in E2, E3 and E4 are 2, 3 and 4, respectively, instead of 8, 3 and 7.

2 Honda Accords were sold on Monday and 6 on Tuesday of the same week. My formula is only returning the first matched value of 2 whereas I would like it to return 2+6, 8 for week 1. Same goes for other weeks.

Select any other make and model and notice the problem follows. I believe the error is due to incorrect usage of the formula or incorrect formula altogether.


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How To Keep Values From Repeating

Jan 5, 2013

Okay, so this is what I am using:

[Code] .......

It is finding the name for a value from a table of values, the only problem is that there are more than one names which correspond to the same value. It doesnt matter to me which name it retrieves, but it lists the same name over and over again, where i'd prefer if it used a different name each time. Any way to keep it from using the same one?

Example1 (pcb).xls‎

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Lookup With Repeating Values

Oct 29, 2009

I have a spreadsheet in which data is dumped from a database, there is a dump (on a new tab) for each site.

I need a summary sheet which will add up the two tabs. My problem is however is that I can not use Vlookup as the same codes are used and it will only return the first occurrence.

444588 Prime Wages/salaries
This code appears under Production prime labour and Distribution Labour but will only ever return the production prime labour value

Another example would be
444586 Ohd Wages & salaries
This code appears under Production Overhead, Site Overhead, Sales overhead and Admin Overhead this would only ever return the production overhead value only

Is there any way that I can get the summary sheet to use a formula where it looks up the department and then the code? I was thinking index and match but I was unsure if this was possible also.

Worth noting is that the summary sheet has a list of all codes that could be used but the dumps will only ever have values if a cost has been occurred, there for the number of rows in each department is not consistent. There will be a number of tabs however in the attached example I have only provided two.

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Repeating Criteria Between 2 Values Using MAX

Jun 27, 2009

I'm having trouble delivering a MAX value within a range.

In column A I have a running list of numbers, in column B I have a yes or no answer and in column C I'm trying to write a formula that will deliver a MAX value from the A column inbetween occurancies of the Yes and No values from the B column.

I'm trying the SUMIF function but it seems to be proving problematic.

This is what it would look like.

1 Y 1
2 Y 2
3 Y 3
2 Y 3
1 Y 3
2 N 2
7 N 7
6 N 7
5 N 7
3 N 7
2 N 7
6 Y 6
9 Y 9
3 Y 9

It is almost as if I'm trying to get the formula in the C column only find the latest MAX value from where it currently is to when the last changeover happened from Y to N.

I can't find the Max dependent on a yes or no answer, but I'm struggling to make it only look at the last batch of Yes's or No's!

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Count Non-repeating Values

Feb 15, 2010

It has several steps and i will now just explain the least complicated one, and hopefully once i get this done i will figure out the rest myself. If not then i will need some more help

I have 500 entries (names) in column A and each entry has a coresponding category in Column B (Large, Medium, Small).

I want to see how many entries are there for each category, but i need to count the names which appear in the list only once. If the name is entered more than once then i dont need to count it.

I hope i made it clear as i am not able to provide excel table as an example do to security settings.

I am usinng Excel`03

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Listbox Values Repeating

Sep 24, 2006

How can I modify the codes below so that the results in the listbox would reflect only the actual data? Some previous information stays in the listbox making the search inaccurate. I have tried to clear the listbox first before querying another but results are the same.

On the first loop, the queried items are accurately listed in Worksheets("Search"). For example, if the data being searched on has only one result, entries in this sheet would only show one. But when it is shown in the listbox, it at most times show previously queried information.

Also, how can I dynamically adjust the array so that no vertical scrollbar would appear if the queried results fit perfectly in the listbox? The array below would automatically assign 10 rows in the listbox even if the information shown consumes only less than 10 rows.

Option Explicit
Dim MyArray(10, 5)

Public MyData As Range, c As Range

Sub FindCaseNo()

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Dim FirstAddress As String 'what to find
Dim rSearch As Range 'range to search

Dim fndA, fndB, fndC, fndD, fndE, fndF, fndG As String
Dim fndH, fndI, fndJ, fndK, fndL, fndM, fndN, fndO, fndP, fndQ, fndR, fndS As String
Dim head1, head2, head3, head4, head5 As String ' heading s for list
Dim i, intFind, intCount As Integer
i = 1

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Repeating Macro Column By Column Until It Hits Blank?

Feb 21, 2014

This is for a template for teachers to analyze student testing data. On sheet4, wrong answers in each column are noted by a lack of a + in the corresponding cell. I want to paste the names of the students who missed each question into sheet 5.

I've done it by repeating a filter macro, but I manually copied the following separately for the 75 columns in the template.

Problem #1 - there must be a more efficient code, something that automatically loops to the next column

Problem #2 - the template has 75 columns, but many tests have fewer questions. I'm trying to find a way to stop the loop whenever it hits a blank cell in Row 10 on sheet 4. I've done it with an if/then in the last section on the above code, but where I'm at now, i would have to add that to the code section for each column. Which isn't that big a deal, but I figure there must be a better way.

The relevant portions of the workbook are attached here.

repeating macro until hits blank cell sample.xlsm

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Delete Cells With Repeating Values

Nov 25, 2007

working on grouping coordinates because he we wants to simplify data. But he works manually and it eats his time. He has some sheets with data. I suppose there are 7 sheets. Each sheet has coordinates shown on example below. Also there are intervals between pairs of columns, so there will be column A with B, interval of two columns C & D, column E & F and interval of two columns G & H and so on (altogether about 10 columns of coordinates per sheet). Every coordinate begins with argument '1' and increasing gradually by 1 (it is column A). Second column shows values of arguments. But some are repeating, some not. I would like to double these coordinates, where in one argument is only one value (for example these are row 1. and 11.). If there are two the same values I would keep them. But if there will be more values than two, for example row 5. - 8., I would delete row 6. and 7. from the middle. But border coordinates should be kept (row 5. and 8.) and split by moving up lower coordinate to it with rest coordinates. But I want do it separately for every two columns which contains these coordinates, so if I delete coordinates from columns A and B and split boundary coordinates I don't want do it for columns E&F, I&J...


1. 1 1
2. 2 2
3. 3 2
4. 4 2
5. 5 3
6. 6 3
7. 7 3
8. 8 3
9. 9 4
10. 10 4
11. 11 5
12. 12 6
13. 13 6
14. 14 6
15. 15 7
16. 16 7
.. .. ..

1. 1 1
2. 1 1
3. 2 2
4. 4 2
5. 5 3
6. 8 3
7. 9 4
8. 10 4
9. 11 5
10. 11 5
11. 12 6
12. 14 6
13. 15 7
14. 16 7
.. .. ..

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Turn Repeating Row Values Into Combined Columns?

May 22, 2014

I have 1 column of pasted values that basically look like this
3:f etc...

And they need to look like this:
c1 c2 c3
a b c
d e f

I know how to separate the first column into two columns by separating the values by the colon. But how do I rearrange the values as above and combine all "1"s in c1 so it becomes the headers and the column is populated only with the values? The table is too big to do manually (thousands of rows).

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Repeating X Times Among Multiple Cells

May 1, 2007

ok is there a way to have excel fill a certain number of cells with specific data specified X times? For example, the end result would look something like the pic below. The column on the right would change according to the numbers specified in the yellow column.

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How To Create Scattered Plot With Repeating Values In The Same Group

Mar 20, 2014

I have data that is something like this:

Group Assets
1 200
1 300
2 150
3 50
1 500
3 100

I want to create a scattered plot charts based on the data above but I cant get it to work for some reason. I want to have the "Group" on the x-axis and the "Assets" on the y-axis. I don't want to combine the same group number (for example to have group 1 with total assets of 1000, I want to keep it as 200 300 and 500 because I want to show which group is more represented than other group.). I have tried sorting the data by group and also with out sorting but the data doesn't plot at all (everything looks clustered at the 0 level on the x-axis instead of the respective asset level.

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Repeating Row To Column Conversion?

Dec 19, 2013

I have a file that I converted to excel and am trying to now convert from rows to columns. So far I have set up the code to do it 3 times but need it to repeat every 12 rows. Here is what I have so far:

Sub rowtocolumn()
' rowtocolumn Macro


Not sure what to do to make it repeat?

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AutoFill Column With Repeating Numbers

Dec 26, 2012

I have a spreadsheet that lists numbers in a column. They increase 1 number at a time, however the same number is listed 24 times before increasing to the next. Scaled down to 3 times it would look like this: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, each one of those individual numbers would have their own cell. When I highlight the column and drag down, it starts doing do I get it to recognize it? sample.xlsx

I want to drag it down to continue the pattern. Right now, I type a couple of numbers and drag to finish the section.

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Repeating Columns And Information On Multiple Sheets In Same Workbook

Nov 18, 2013

Is it possible to automatically have columns repeat through all sheets in a workbook? I keep an annual book, broken down by sheets for each month. I always have to add 5 columns to each sheet, and was wondering if there was an easier way..?

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Excel 2011 :: Analyzing List Of Repeating Codes With Values Greater Than -1?

Feb 4, 2013

I am using Excel 2011 on a mac. I have a selection of data that lists a repeating code (say group 1, group 2, group 3 etc)and a value (-1,-2.3,3,6 etc) and need to find a quick way group together all the codes and next to that a value that counts how many values who share the same code hold a value greater than -1? I can do this myself in a pivot chat with count totals but my issue is how I can show the number of codes greater than -1.

Attached is an example of the data I want to sort.

Example of data that needs sorting.xlsx

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Random Number Generation Without Repeating Across Same Row Or Column?

Nov 24, 2011

Been trying to think of a way to get random numbers 1 to 36 generated without repeating in the same column, however also getting it to perform the same opertaion in 9 more columns (B:J) without the same number appearing in the same row.


1 2 5 4
2 5 3 1
3 4 1 5
4 1 2 3
5 3 4 2

Unsure if this is possible, have created a basic script for random number generation but have no clue how to expand across columns.

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