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Next Visible Cell In AutoFilter Range

I am looking for a code which can jump to a next cell from the activecell. I use the code


This would take me to the next cell. However, this is a problem when the filter is on. I am not able to go to the next visible cell. Suppose if the row increase is 1, then cell selection goes to the hidden cell. I need to bypass the hidden cell and go to the next cell. Can anybody provide a code which does it? I tried searching the forum but could not get anything closer to this as I need something which works with offset and not cells.row.visible...etc.,

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Copy Paste The Visible Range After Autofilter With VBA
In between a long VBA macro, I need to copy the result of autofiltering i.e. the visible cells / rows only, to paste on an other sheet.

If I do this manualy it works but if I record this on a macro, it records the absolute cells range I pick, when in fact the result of the filtering is different every time.

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Last Visible Row With Autofilter
I have an autofiltered sheet, on which I need to find the last visible row (all columns have the same # of rows in use). I am trying to use:

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Autofilter - Sum Visible Cells
I've got an AUTOFILTER and would like to add only the visible cells in a particular column (column E). As the user changes the filter, the total would change - but I'm not sure where to even start with this one. I've attached a sample file.

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Userform Autofilter Visible Rows
I have a Userform that allows you to step through the the spread sheet that works with Previous and Next buttons. This works fine.

When I use an autofilter where the criteria reduces the number of rows the Userform shows the hidden rows as well as the filtered rows. how can I make it just show the visible rows.

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Scroll Through Visible Cells After Autofilter
how to scroll through visible cells after I have autofiltered a list, the same way you do when you use the arrows on your keyboard. When I try the offset method, Excel selects the following row, regardless its visibility.

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Check For Visible Cells After AutoFilter
I'm working on a VB code where I use an autofilter. I want to clear a selection in a couple of columns, where the value in the autofilter = 1.

This is the

Dim lRow1 As Long
lRow1 = WorksheetFunction.Max( Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row)

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=9, Criteria1:="1"

Range("F2:H" & lRow1,"J2:J" & lRow1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Select

Sometimes there is no value = 1, which results in clearing row no.1 because this row was still selected for the autofilter.
I'd like to be able to check if there are any visible cells, before I proceed with the clearing of the selection.

I tried this:

If Selection.RowHeight <> 0 Then Range("J2:J" & lRow1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Select

But this doesnt work, because row no.1 is still selected.

Can I use an If then statement to check If there are any visible cells, then clear these, if not, resume next.

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Autofilter: Determine When No Data Visible

Dim rng As Range
Dim rng2 As Range
Dim worksheet1 As Worksheet
Set worksheet1 = worksheets("MAIN")
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=4, Criteria1:="=I*", Operator:=xlAnd
With ActiveSheet.AutoFilter.Range
On Error Resume Next
Set rng2 = .Offset(0, 18).Resize(.Rows.Count - 1, 1)
.SpecialCells (xlCellTypeVisible)
On Error Goto 0
End With
If rng2 Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "No data to copy"
Set rng = ActiveSheet.AutoFilter.Range
rng.Offset(1, 0).Resize(rng.Rows.Count - 1).Copy _
End Sub

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Count Visible AutoFilter Records
I have records entered in sheet 1 named "Data". The "Data " Sheet contains Model wise records with serial nos and having status as either ZERO or ONE. Zero indicated that the particular model is out of stock while One indicates it is in stock.

When I filter the data using Auto Filter for records having Status 1, a list of records are displayed. I want to create a summary report in sheet 2 wherein it displays the no of occurence of a particular Model.

What I have observed is that whenever I filter for Status 1 & within it for Model A, it displays "3 of 12 records found" in the status bar. Is it possible to capture that "3" from that message displayed. Or is there any way to count the occurence ?

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Count Visible Rows After AutoFilter
Is there a simple way to count unhidden rows? I saw Counting number of unhidden rows =SUBTOTAL(103,D11:D7180) and, frankly, I'm wondering if there is a way to do it without a formula. I don't need the count in a cell, per se, just a quick count of the unhidden rows of a worksheet for usage elsewhere.

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Working With Autofilter Macro, Work With The Visible Selections
how to make this recorded macro work with more than the sheet it was recorded on. I need to work with the visible selections. But I'm having all kinds of problems trying to pick just the visible cells. Not having any luck with this project. I tried to included a test book but It keeps giving me an error.

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AutoFilter Via Macro & Place Text In Visible Cells
I need a macro that can change the text in Field 46 from Criteria1 to something else, ie from "To be capped" to "Capitalised". This is my current

Selection. AutoFilter Field:=39, Criteria1:="OPEN" 'STATUS
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=46, Criteria1:="To be capped" 'TYPE

how to change the text only on the selection found by AutoFilter?

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1st Visible Cell In Filtered Range
I'm using a named range called "VFILTER". This range is my filter range. Once the filter does it's thing, I want to set the first visible cell in column a to a variable...I can't get this right for the life of me!

With Range("VFILTER")
.AutoFilter field:=25, Criteria1:="DELETE"
.Offset(1, 0).Resize(. CurrentRegion.Rows.Count - 4, 1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible). _


.AutoFilter field:=25, Criteria1:="TRUE"
.Offset(1, 0).Resize(.CurrentRegion.Rows.Count - 4, 9).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).ClearContents
'set the first visible cell in column a to variable
Set OutRange = .Offset(1).Resize(.CurrentRegion.Rows.Count - 4, 1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible)
End With

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1st Visible Cell Below Heading Of AutoFiltered Range
Im trying to create a userform that will enable the user to select a record from a listbox and then to edit the info for that record by changing the contents of text boxes which are set to display the current info. What I have seems to work intermittently. I basically use autofilter to find the selected record on the worksheet, then I set the value of each cell in the row to that of the appropriate textboxes. ListBox2.Column(4) contains the unique id for the selected record.

Private Sub saveclient_Click()
Dim WS As Worksheet
Dim newrng As Range
With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False
End With
Set WS = Sheets("Clients") '<<< Change
WS.AutoFilterMode = False
Set newrng = WS.Range("A1:e" & Rows.Count)
MsgBox Me.ListBox2.Column(4)......................

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AutoFilter Method Of Range Class Failed - Yet Autofilter Works.
Im sure this is a very common problem. I tried searching for it but I havent found anything that solves this for me. Here is the code Im using:

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VBA For Visible Range
I'm looking for the row and column number, or number of rows and columns, that are visible in activewindow. Activewindow.visiblerange.row, .column (and .Scrollrow, .Scrollcolumn) are nice but

I prefer not to perform division on pixel height; I'm looking for some count or rowcount but I haven't been able to locate the object.

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Resize Visible Rows Based Only On Visible Columns Text
Need to correct code to resize all visible rows on a sheet based only on the text in the visible columns. I have tried the below code but when it resizes it is using the largest amount of text in the rows including that in the hidden columns.

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Read Only Visible Columns From A Range
I do hav a sheet in which i do hav some column;s n data


in work type few rows are hidden which i don't need what i need is i want to populate only comman metrics in other range named metrics i had build a macro for this and that's working fine but the problem is it also reads metrics from hidden rows too. i had tried a loop in which i had placed as hidden column property condition.

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Add Text To Visible Cells In Column Of Filtered Range
Need macro that changes the text in a particular field. Previously, the column to change was column 46 (AT), but now the column is column 1 (A). If I adjust the last line and run the macro, I get this error message: "Compile error: Invalid or unqualified reference".

. AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="To be capped" 'TYPE
. AutoFilter Field:=29, Criteria1:="OPEN" 'STATUS
.columns(1).Offset(1,0).Resize(rng.Rows.Count - 1,1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Value = "Capitalised"

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Clear Autofilter Range
I'm wrinting a macro to copy specific data from a table. To do that I'm using a Autofilter and a list of criteria. The macros works fine for existent data, I'm mean, when the result of the filter is not null, but when the filter doesn't find a result, instead of clearing the filter range, it keeps the last valid. The result is a colapse and freeze the Excel. I'd like to know how can I reset or clear the filter range?
The code I'm using is:

Sub Filter_01()

'Definições preliminares
Dim rng As Range
Dim rng2 As Range
Dim filter_valid, filter_invalid As Variant

filter_valid = Array()
filter_invalid = Array()
'Criação do Arquivo de Destino
Caminho = "D:Documents and Settingscjcs.ABMeus documentosAutomaSIPPPlanilhas"
Nome_Arquivo = "Produtos_Tanques.xls"
Nome_Completo = Caminho & "" & Nome_Arquivo ...

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AutoFilter Dates Within A Range
How can I create a custom autofilter that will show me dates within 30 days of today in Excel 2003?

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Range Name In Autofilter Criteria
I'm trying to make the criteria in an autofilter bit of code be the value of a cell in my spreadhseet. I have named the cell and would like to reference the named range rather than the cell address if possible.

Exp = Range("ExpenseGroup")

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:=Exp

ExpenseGroup is my range which is located on sheet "cntrl" cell "G5"

When I run my code it referes to line 1 and says" Function call on lefthand side of assignment must return a Varient or Object".

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Copy AutoFilter Range In 2007
I am experiencing a problem with the autofilter function, but ONLY in Excel 2007. The "visual" filter works fine, but using the filtered range is a no go i.e selecting, copying and deleting an autofiltered range. The trouble is that the autofiltered range also includes all the (in this case) rows in between the target rows, which then means that the filter is more or less useless as a range selection tool.

Example code which was originally developed by Dave H.:

'Filter rows with autofilter

With ActiveSheet
.AutoFilterMode = False
With .Range("B5:N5")
.AutoFilter Field:=13, Criteria1:="Criteria"
End With

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Assign Autofilter Results To A Range Object
I have a simple three column range. I Autofilter the range based on one of the values in Column 1. I then want to grab the results into a range object.

I've been trying to use the Specialcells(xlcelltypevisible) route to no avail. It only gets one row when I should have many.

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Define Varying Autofilter Range To Print
I have created a button to print an inventory list daily. The size of the list changes each day. The code I'm using works except I only want the Current Region to be defined as only the first 4 columns.

Private Sub CommandButton5_Click()

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=4, Criteria1:="Inventory"
Set rng = Selection.CurrentRegion
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = rng.Address
End Sub

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Store Active Autofilter Criteria In Array Or Range
I want to perform some operations (basically a secondary filter) based on the values which are currently filtered within a single filter column.

are great, but what if there are more than 2???

i.e. I have a column containing values L01 to L20.

My column is filtered on L05, L06 and L07 (or some other combination).

I want to extract the values and L05, L06 and L07 and do what I will with them.

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Cell Border Non-visible?
I have seen spreadsheet where the user has made the outline of the cell border non-visible. This seems like a fairly simple task, but I can't seem to find out how you format this type of border.

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Button Visible Based On Cell Value
I need to make my button CommandButton1 visible if I have a good value (0-200) in cell G30, and invisible if the resulting cell value is no good #N/A.

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Auto Filter With First Visible Cell
What I am doing is using Column "Z" to determine if there is a value in Column "Q" by using this formula pasted down the entire column "Q3:Q65536"

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Get Value Of First Visible Cell Using Auto Filter
I'm using auto filter to gather information from a giant list. I'm able to use Subtotal function in Row(1) )to gather all the numbers for a person.What I havent been able to do is figue out a way to get the value of the person that I am auto filtering.

Row 1 contains my subtotal formula's
Row 2 Header Row
Row 3 Auto Filter Buttons
Row 4 All The Data

Column(A4:A65000)has the names of the people So when I use the Auto filter by Name how can I get the first visible cell name to show in (A1)?

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Cell Visible Char Limit
how I could split a cell's contents into two cells when it contains more than 1024 chars? The code would need to be clever enough to split the data after the nearest full stop before the 1024 char limit.

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Insert Date In Cell In Each Visible Row
I have a spreadsheet from which i run monthly reports for aother business area. I have filters in row 2 (which is my header row) and what i want to do is filter column CH to show blanks and filter column CE to show non blanks. Then in every visible cell in column CH below the header row (row 2) i want to enter todays date - this is so a record is kept of when each row was detailed in the report. I have tried the code below (which i tried to amend (unsucessfully) from code i got here to clear some cells when i ran another filter for another report).

Sub FilterSheets_Monthly_OFMDFM()
If ActiveWorkbook.ReadOnly = True Then
MsgBox ("This filter must add the date on each row included in this return." & vbLf & vbLf & "It must be run while the workbook status is not Read Only!" & vbLf & vbLf & "Please close this spreadsheet and re-open using the password. Thank you.")
Exit Sub
End If
Dim i As Integer
Dim rng As Range
Application.EnableEvents = False
Application.ScreenUpdating = False........................

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Run-time Error '1004' ; AutoFilter Method Of Range Class Failed
I lost 2 days trying to discover the bug in my program, but I coudn't find the right answer.

How can I activate the AutoFilter to show me the rows selected with "YES" ?

This is the code... The compiler stops always at the command Selection.AutoFilter.

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Select Cell Content From Visible Rows.
I have a worksheet whereby many of the rows are hidden. These rows were initialy hidden by means of scipts ( I have numerous scripts to hide data under various criteria) eg: Scripts which hide rows based on cell count, cell color, cell data information etc...

Now that I am able to veiw only the information that i want to see.. is it possible to create a script which selects cells only from rows which are visible? I have created a Named range begining from E:12 to G:500 called "Select_EFG"

Uing the example below, how could I select the cell data from the visible rows (12, 30, 34, 35, 50 etc... up to row 500.) from this Named Range (columns E:12, G:500) .... and paste this information in Sheet 2 Row5 columnC


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Change Visible Property Of Check Box Based On The Value Of A Cell.
I have attached sample workbook that has a user form with 6 check boxes and 3 text boxes. The value of each of the text boxes is based on a cell value in Sheet2. I have the visible property of CheckBox5, CheckBox6 and TextBox3 all set to False. What I would like to be able to do each time the user form is opened is have the visible properties of those controls dynamically changed to True only if Sheet2 cell A3 has text entered in it.

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Making A Command Button Visible Based On Data In Cell
I have a data validation list in cell D11 on sheet "Data Entry" and a command button "btnMultipleProperties" that I only want visible if "Multiple" is selected in "D11" I have the below code in "This Workbook" in VBE but it doesn't work. What did I miss?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
With Sheets("Data Entry")
If [D11].Value "Multiple" Then
btnMultipleProperties.Visible = False
Else: btnMultipleProperties.Visible = True
End If
End With
End Sub

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Edit The Cell When It Is In AutoFilter
I want to edit the cell or Specific Range when it is in autofilter mode. Here is the example i want to filter as long as the first column criteria is 1

Before filter

1 string 1
2 string 2
1 string 1-1
3 string 3

after filtered with criteria = 1
1 string 1
1 string 1-1

now i want to edit both "string 1" and "string 1-1" to "abcd". How am i going to get the the autofilter to return me a range for me to change the cells value.

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To Have Cell Equal To Autofilter
I have 2 worksheets, and I was wondering if I can have a cell from Sheet2 equal to the subtotal of the Autofilter criteria of a column in Sheet1.

I do have something working with macros but it takes a long time. This would make things a lot easier.

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Use Cell As Autofilter Criteria
I have one master sheet of data, with a large number of fields and data.

I need to turn this master data into individual records, each record exisiting as an individual worksheet - lets call it a 'U'. The U is a template sheet which has calculations and lookups built into it to complete further information. The completed U's are then used by a number of people for different reasons. There are 3 main 'flavours' of these sheets which have slightly different uses.

I've gone from knowing nothing about macros to having learned enough about them in the last week or so to populate each individual sheet with the data, and save the new file in the location I want it to go.

What I want to do now is filter the fields displayed by the individual U sheets, as not every field is applicable to each 'flavour'. I've marked up the rows as to the appropriate flavour - e.g. Row 17 is applicable to 'P' 'F' and 'R' ( Cell which is auto filtered contains PFR), but Row 18 is only 'P' and 'F' (Cell contains PF).

I've gone through the master file and identified each entry as a the appropriate flavour - to summarise what I'd like to do now:

1) Automatically populate the template file with the relevant data. (which my macro will do)
2) Use an autofilter to filter the rows equal to the data in the reference sheet so these are the only ones displayed. Eg. Reference sheet says 'P', so I want to filter the U sheet where autofilter column contains the letter 'P'
3) Rename the file and save as my reference in the location I want it to (which the macro is doing).

Here's what I've got:

Windows("USS iss1.xls").Activate
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks _
:=False, Transpose:=False
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:=ActiveCell, Operator:=xlAnd

(where CF3 = the cell in the master data with the flavour in it, "USS iss1" is the template U file, G158 is a spare cell and Autofilter Field 1 contains the row reference which tells me which data applies to which flavours).

I've tried using the macro recorder, which when I paste the value in the autofilter/contains box records it as the value I've just put in rather than a copy of the reference cell. I've tried


and other variations on the same theme, but to no avail - I get "Compile error: Expected:expression".

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AutoFilter By Selected Cell Value
My task is to create a sub-routine that filters a column to the currently selected value while capturing the column header for use in a second sub-routine that finds the corresponding column in the second worksheet and filters it using the value from the first worksheet

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Autofilter: Multiple Entries In One Cell
I'm making a database for people to easily find their documents at work. In some cells there are multiple entries because the document could be within two catagories, eg. memo and report. Is it possible to somehow list these multiple entries within the cell so that the autofilter will recognise them as seperate entries and find that document whether you filter for memo or report? If not, can you get the filter to search more than one column for the same result and show all entries that are, say, a memo, even if it says so in different columns? I want it to be as simple as possible for the user so that they can select what they want from the drop-down menu and not

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Show AutoFilter Criteria In Cell
I attached a small file in which I filtered on Cities. And now I am looking for a VBA to copy the filter to an empty cell. Is this possible?

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Code To Reference A Cell For Autofilter Value
I have a macro which (see below) which will autofilter a spreadsheet to only show cases which are older than a 200 days. I'd like to add the ability for the end user to change the filter criteria as required (say from 200 to 300).

Ideally this would be done by having the macro reference cell G22 which is where I would allow the end user to change the filter criteria.

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Autofilter Cell Reference Formula
I've been trying to make a formula using autofilter to search data inbetween a date range which i would like to be specified from 2 ceels on the workbook.

Basically i'm trying to get it to function like access or a search box.

The bit i'm having trouble with is when i record the macro i get to the custom filter option but i am unsure how to link from there to the cells in the spreadsheet.

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AutoFilter Automatically Based On Cell Value
I am looking for a way to have some VBA code running in the background of a worksheet.

I would like the autofilter criteria to be based on a cell reference which can change based on what this cell value is?

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Automatically Refresh AutoFilter When Cell Value Changes
I have a sheet named "Risk Register" and another named "Outside Residual Risk Threshold". I need an event macro on the worksheet "View code" section, so that any time a value changes in column AF on "Risk Register", the filter on rows 8:39 in "Outside Residual Risk Threshold" is refreshed. Both sheets are protected.

The code I tried in the "view code" or "Outside Residual Risk Threshold" was as below...

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AutoFilter Using Active Cell As Criteria
My excel file has a column for customer name (there are more columns btw). I have the filter feature on. The customer list is in column F.

I recorded a macro by copying a customer (from the customer column, say from cell F99). Then I click on the filter arrow and select the 'custom' option and in the dialog box that comes up, I paste the copied customer and try to find other records which have the same customer name.

This works great but when I run the macro for some other customer, say from cell F200, the pasting part, pastes the customer that I had selected when recording the macro.

Is there a solution to make this generic so that the macro will work in a manner that I simply highlight the cell of the desired customer and then then run the macro which will give me the result.

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Cell Formating Slows Down AutoFilter
I have an AutoFilter list of 14,000 rows by 14 columns, and the cells have some specific formating: fill color, font,
protection status, wrap, etc....

There are an additional 7 columns of formulas to the left of the filtered range.

The strange thing is----
-WITH the formating, trying to Unfilter the list takes 2 min, via a manually activated Data>Filter>ShowAll OR via a macro run of 'ActiveSheet.ShowAllData' .
(In an attempt to optimize speed, the VBA macro sets calculation to manual before the 'ActiveSheet.ShowAllData' and screen updating set to false.)

-WITHOUT the cell formating (eg. by doing Edit>Clear>Formats), the ShowAll takes about 3 sec.

Does anyone have experience or an explanation for this?

Why should the Formating affect Filtering so much?

Options for improving speed of autofilter?

I don't know if, or why it would be a factor, but note that I am using Dynamic Named Range and VBA to expand/contract the formulas

and formating to size of the list/table. Although this is not done during the filtering use.

Here is the dynamic formating code

Sub DynFmt_List()

Application. ScreenUpdating = False
With Application
.Calculation = xlManual
End With

I am wondering if some strange 'artifact' of manipulating the formating is becoming a factor?

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Use Cell & Wilcard For VBA Autofilter Criteria
Problem: utofilter criteria

This has been my Autofilter criteria to date
Criteria1 = " " (needed for other macros)
Criteria2 = "=2007*" (i.e. starts with JobYear)

This works fine but now I am wanting Criteria2 to be linked to a cell where the user will enter the job year to be filtered.

My guess at solutions would be:
Criteria1 = " "
Criteria2 = Cell*
Criteria2 = Cell & "*"

Unfortunatley I have been unable to find any way of making this happen. Using an Autofilter to link to a cell is standard but making an Autofilter link to a cell with a starts with criteria attached doesn't seem to be doable.

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AutoFilter Macro Using Cell Content As Criteria
I was wondering if I could pick up the Field number and the criteria from a cell in excel rather than changing the code in VBA.

Range("A1:K1"). AutoFilter Field:=Range("A1"), Criteria1:=Range("B1")

I was trying this code but I got an error message. Does anyone know if I can pick up these information directly from excel.

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Autofilter In The Heading Of A Column That Allows Me Filter On All, NonBlanks, Blanks, Cell Entries
I've have and autofilter in the heading of a column that allows me filter on All, NonBlanks, Blanks, Cell Entries, Etc.....But for some reason when I filter on all a number of rows are hidden or the row height is set to 0 and I can't view the cells unless I change the row height.

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