Summing Totals Of Filter Results

Feb 8, 2007

A friend of mine asked if there is a formula that will add the "Y"'s and "N"'s based off of a filter per certain dates. Below is a brief example.

4/6/2005 N
4/6/2005 N

We want to be able to sort by dates so regardless of which date we pick, below the Y's and N's will be the total for the Y's and N's that are visible. If sorted by April, it will show 2 N's and 0 Y's, and so on. Is there any formula out there that can do this.

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Summing Totals Through IF Function...

Nov 10, 2008

What I am trying to do is have the formula look at the order statuses in column E and total the dollar amounts attached to the status of those orders and sum them up. So, for example, if I wanted to see everything "On Hold" I'd enter this formula I am trying to figure out, and it would should me the sum for everything on hold.

Right now, I've been working with these formulas, but noticed there would be a problem (most likely) with Excel not looking at each occurence of the word "On Hold"; it would more than likely just stop at the first one:

=IF(E2:E51="On Hold,I2,"0") or =IF(E2:E51="On Hold,I2:I51,"0")


=IF(VLOOKUP("On Hold",E2:E51,1,FALSE)="On Hold",I2,"0")

But neither work and usually get #VALUE!

I found this does work:

=IF(E2="On Hold",I2,"0"), but then I'd have to do:

=IF(E2="On Hold",I2,"0")+IF(E3="On Hold",I3,"0")+etc.....

But the end result would be a function for only one cell that contains like over a hundred calculations. I'd be time consuming and a pain to maintain.

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Deleting Duplicates And Summing Totals

Jan 27, 2014


I'm still having issues with this workbook. I cannot use a pivot table to fix it, I don't understand them and it confuses me greatly..... so I'm at the mercy of either a formula or macro. I need to combine the duplicate part numbers (a), total the quantities, average the price (d), and total the amount of the part (e). I'm having a very difficult time with it.

(I have a sample attached that is file sample 2, and the entire spreadsheet attached- sample 3)

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Summing Daily Weekly & Monthly Totals

Feb 26, 2009

I assume there's a database (or pivot table?) solution for my task, which is to detect the days, weeks and months within a very long table, and obtain the totals of the data therein.

See attached worksheet.

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Merging Columns / Deleting Rows And Summing Totals

Mar 22, 2012

My data in excel looks like this:

Visit_Date Day_of_the_VisitHousing_Tour_TimeNumber_in_Party
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday 12:00 P.M. 2
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday 12:00 P.M. 4
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday 12:00 P.M. 1
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday Not Requested 2
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday 12:00 P.M. 3
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday 12:00 P.M. 3
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday 12:00 P.M. 4
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday Not Requested 1
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday 12:00 P.M. 2
3/23/2012 0:00Friday Not Requested 2
3/23/2012 0:00Friday Not Requested 5

What I'd like to be able to do is if Column A,B, and C are the same to sum column D. So, for example, I would like the data above to look like this:

Visit_Date Day_of_the_VisitHousing_Tour_TimeNumber_in_Party
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday 12:00 P.M. 7
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday Not Requested 3
3/22/2012 0:00Thursday 12:00 P.M. 12
3/23/2012 0:00Friday Not Requested 7

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Auto Filter Totals

Jun 8, 2007

if there is a way to have a running total of the auto filter feature

ie. you have 5 different values constantly being updated, can these totals be shown somewhere? maybe in another cell or on another worksheet

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Filter Results Of Primary Filter Sort

Feb 11, 2008

I am in the process of making a database more efficient and am running into a problem with sorting data. I currently am trying to use AutoFilter to sort the data. When I want to then narrow the results further using the same column as the critical and there is nothing that matches the critical, I get everything from the entire database that matches that critical rather than what I want to see, which, in this case, would be nothing.

I have attached a sample file. In it, when All AF 1000 is run and then Selected MAC 2000 Wash is run, I want to see no results instead of seeing all MAC 2000 Washes from the original data set. I can do it using IF/THEN but I am looking for a faster way to do it.

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Summing Data From If Results

Oct 5, 2013

How to sum numbers from multiple columns that match certain criteria.

My spreadsheet is a funeral team tracker and it's only the 1st day of the month, Each corresponding day will eventually have it's own tab once I nail down this first one.

Basically the page is laid out into 6 different details a team member can do. A team member gets their hours from the "Total Detail Time," that gets calculated from the show time til the return time. The team who worked the detail gets added to the bottom of the Detail they worked. I am just trying to total the "total detail time" each time a member works it. So, a member could work say Detail 1 and Detail 3, so I would just want to sum the total detail time from those two days where the member is shown.

I was trying to use =SUM(IF((Detail1,N13,B10)+(Detail2,N13,D10)+...

Note: I have range names for each bottom portion of the details to shorten the formula (i.e., Detail1, Detail2, etc.)

[URL] ...........

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Auto-filter Hiding Totals Row?

Dec 6, 2009

My data is as follows:

- Column Titles on row 9, columns A - CQ
- Data from Rows 10 - 46
- Totals on Row 47

I have set an Advanced Filter range of A9:CQ46. However, when I use the autofilter, it hides my totals row, row 47. That row is supposed to show the totals for the visible cells above it.

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Summing Results Of Formula On Series Of Data

Oct 24, 2011

Is there a way to SUM the result of the followig for B4:J4 and B16:J16, the other cell references remain static:


I a currently using the following which is rather lengthy and not efficient to maintain/edit:


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Summing Up Excel Results In Lookup Formulas?

Jul 25, 2012

My task is to sum up data in a worksheet which counts on the number of "working days"(Exclude Sat, Sun and Public Holiday) between "the date of receiving the case" and "the date of completion" of the same case.

So here I have already listed out the days of each month to distinguish "Working Days" and "Non-working days" by "1" and "0" respectively for the easy calculation of the no. of working days as I think.

like this(January):
Results (Exclude holidays)


Then, I use the lookup formula to determine the receiving date (beginning) and the submission day (Ending) sucessfully.

Receiving date
completion date
Receiving date
completion date


Here comes the problem, I want to sum up the range of cell from the result of 1/3/2012 to 1/8/2012, i.e. (1+1+1+1+0+0)=4 to get the total no. of processing days of each case. I tried to use INDIRECT like "=SUM(INDIRECT(VLOOKUP(F5, A2:A226, B2:B226)):INDIRECT(VLOOKUP(G5, A2:A226, B2:B226)))" but it returns me #REF!

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Macro To Automatically Add Totals To The Bottom Of A List Created With Advanced Filter

Mar 5, 2008

if it is possible to write/record a macro that will automatically add a summary/total row immediately below the data that is created from an advanced filter. (XL00)

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Copy The Results Of The "totals" Rows To Another Worksheet

Dec 18, 2008

Having performed a subtotals function on a large worksheet, I want to simply copy the results of the "totals" rows to another worksheet but without all the hidden rows which are used for the calculation of the totals.

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Filter Not Showing All Results

Feb 19, 2009

I have a very large spreadsheet (almost 9000 rows). I have filters on all columns, however when I click to see all the results for the column under the filter, just to view the contents of the row, some are not there. Does a filter have a limitted amount of rows it can hold.

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How To Filter For Results In TWO Columns

Jan 17, 2013

I have spreadsheet that tracks flights between cities. The spreadsheet has become quite large, so I need a few simple tools or tricks to search it efficiently.

To keep things simple: the spreadsheet has "Departs" and "Arrives" columns, tracking the cities on either end of a flight. (See below)

1001New York2:00Boston3:00
1002New York2:30Philadelphia3:15
1004Washington DC3:00New York4:00
1006Boston4:00Washington DC5:30

If my boss says, "give me a list of all flights going through New York," I have to manually filter for "New York" in the "Departs" column, copy that to another spreadsheet, then filter again for "New York" in the "Arrives" column, and manually glue the results together. In my little toy example, that's not a big deal, but when there are up to a couple hundred flights (and just as many cities), this gets tedious and error-prone.

Is there some handy way of filtering for "New York" in both the "Departs" and "Arrives" columns? Or some other way of achieving the same thing? ("Find All" isn't useful unless I can export the full rows into a spreadsheet.)

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Filter Results In Listbox?

Dec 4, 2013

I have a UserForm with a TextBox and a ListBox

I'd like when I type a last name (for example) and press a button, it filter the results and these results should appear in the Listbox

I have a code that does the same but with numbers (ID, Tlfno number, or other)

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Results Based On Filter

Jun 21, 2006

I have a basic spreadsheet with a column of names of people (Matt, John, Mike), and specific sales numbers for each. I would like to have a cell give an average of the sales numbers based on how I filter for either Matt, John, or Mike individually.

For example: If I filter to see only Matt, I would like to see the average for Matt only, and when I filter to another name such as John, I would like to see the average number change to see only John's.

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Select Filter Results From Another Sheet?

Jun 27, 2014

I have a workbook with multiple sheets , final sheet has a data of all sheets , in the first sheet i want to select what results to be shown in that final sheet ,, specially the week and the LDM

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Filter Results Using Combobox On Spreadsheet?

Feb 9, 2014

I want to filter my results using a combo box on my spreadsheet. I don't mind how this is done, even if it just hides all of the information which isn't relevant. I've done it with a VLookup but I want to be able to edit it easily without the formula popping up. So if you click Barlcays, only barclays appears. I'd also like a button to reset if possible. I've attached an example of how I sort of want it to work.

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Returning Results Via Filter To Next Sheet

Feb 25, 2009

how to return data to a second sheet if data selected via a filter.

i have attached spreadsheet i am working on and looking to make this as easy as possible

on sheet "data" cell f2 im looking to return all goals scored by hull
on sheet "data" cell f3 im looking to return all goals conceded by hull

on sheet "data" cell f5 im looking to return all goals scored by hull at home this i will need to do by selecting hull in "home team" filter hull

on sheet "data" cell f6 im looking to return all goals conceded by hull at home this i will need to do by selecting hull in "home team" filter hull

on sheet "data" cell f8 im looking to return hulls last 6 games as over and under which in this example will return the last 6 rows 27-32 and will read 4 under 2 over

on sheet "data" cell f9 im looking to return hulls last 6 games at home as over and under which in this example will return the last 6 rows 22/23/26/27/29/32 and will read 3 under 3 over

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Search Box That Uses Autofilter To Filter Results Down?

May 14, 2012

I want to create a searchbox in Excel which will locate text in a massive amount of data, for example, if a user types into the box....


I want the search box to filter the spreadsheet using the autofilter from cell B3, thus filtering out all results that are NOT "123".

Currently I have a button to press which brings up the CTRL + F screen, but that isn't exactly what is required in this instance.

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Display The Results Shown When Using The Filter

Aug 4, 2006

how to make a formula to only display the results shown when using the filter..........

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Filter Database & Output Results

Jun 11, 2008

I'm trying to get certain data from an export of a phone logging report for a call center. I have exported this data into an excel spreadsheet. I would now like to retrieve the following information from the sheet.

'Agent name, Date, time of Login, time of Logout (at end of day).'

I have coloured these fields in red for easy finding. I do not require anything else from this data, however, within this sheet there are multiple agent names and can span for over a month. All names and dates are required. I have attached the current sheet, and also what it will possibly look like once complete. I would prefer the whole process to be automated if possible.

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Auto Filter Very Slow To Return Results

Feb 12, 2009

i have a work book of 12 sheets, the two main sheets 1+2 have 5000+ rows. by 30 columns. each row column b is a site number in ascending order(up to 4 for each site) so auto filter select = to site 5 about 10 seconds later i get the result of 3 sites try site 846 30 odd seconds later up pops the result. so i copied the sheet to a new work book and tried and it's nigh on instantaneous. next step
copied sheet paste special values into new sheet in same original workbook
and tried filter on that still slow as ever, thing is this book around 8meg and i cant for the life of me work out why ive cleared excessive formats and reset last cell on each sheet. there is a vlookup from sheet 1 to 2 for each site to return serial numbers. i have tried it in vba by turning autocal off/on but still no difference.

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Displaying Repeated Advanced Filter Results

Aug 22, 2007

I created a user form that provides a menu that allows users to perform advanced filtering. They can also scroll through the results freely. A problem is that a subsequent advanced filter selection does not always display the top row of filtered records, depending upon what the user has chosen to display prior to selecting the next set of filtered records.

How can I make the top row of filtered records always be displayed so that users will not overlook results of advanced filter operations?

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Count Unique Results: Function <> Filter

Dec 27, 2007

Data: four variables A,B,C and D from A2:D6000

I want a count of unique D values
when A=xxx
and B=yyy
and C=zzz

I have named the A,B,C,D ranges as RangeA, RangeB, RangeC, RangeD

I have used the function


But what do I use to count-unique values of variable D ?

=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(RangeD,RangeD)>0,1)) doesn't work.
=SUM(1/COUNTIF(RangeD,RangeD&"")) doesn't work either

They don't work because D can occur during different combinations of A,B and C. In other words, the D value of 'Smith' can, and does, occur when A is 1,2 or 3 and additionally when B is Pass, Fail, Withdrawn.

They "don't work" because I can use filters on A, B, C and D to see what the correct answer should be .. and the function doesn't return the correct answer.

I hope I've explained this ok - I've been searching on several excel-help websites for 2 days now and one of the days my client is going to want some results.

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Paste Values Of Auto Filter Results

Jun 18, 2008

I have the following code that copies only the visible cells in an auto could I modify this code to paste only the values and not the format?

.Range("a:a").AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="True"
.Range("b:d,g:r").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Copy Destination:=Sheets("Monthly Hours").Range("A1")

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Returning Advanced Filter Results Into Row Not Range

Jun 7, 2006

I am trying to create an advanced filter that filters my results into a row.



would return

Shane Tom Paul Mike

I have tried changing this piece of code

Range("M1:M300").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, CriteriaRange:=Columns("M:M"), CopyToRange:=Rows("25:25"), Unique:=True

The problem is with


I have tried using Range instead of Rows but I am not having any joy.

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Filter Results Based On Conditional Formatting

Jan 12, 2007

Is it possible to filter results based on conditional formatting?

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Filter Table And Then Copy The Results Onto Another Worksheet

Jan 17, 2007

now i have filtered data in a table, i want to use the results by printing off a table showing just these and the appropriate rows from other tables on worksheets. these all have a specific ID which is how they are traceable to each other. like a related field in an access database. two tables/worksheets are like so:

Reg No | Rank | Name | Initials | Troop | etc

table 2:
Reg No | JCLM1 | JCLM2 | SCLM1 | SCLM2 | etc

If i were to filter the second table by JCLM1 = YES then i want to create a printable list of all those but also to include the related records from table 1. is this possible?

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