Populate Cell Using Two Results From Same Table And Referring To Another Table?

May 23, 2013

I have a workbook with two worksheets,

sheet 1 contains student data, name dob, actual age, raw score and an empty column standardized score

sheet 2 contains a conversion table, using the actual age from sheet one you locate the age in the top row of table in sheet 2, and using the raw score from sheet 1 you locate the matching raw score from the first column of the table in sheet 2, going down and acrosss until you meet this gives you a standardised score

i want the standardized column in sheet one to fill by using a formula which looks at the table in sheet two locates the two values and returns the result.

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Apply A Filter In A Pivot Table And Extract Results In A Table

Jul 24, 2008

I have made a pivot table and I dlike to identify with a macro the documents with net value over 1000. Then extract these values next to the respective sales documents in an are near the pivot table somewhere. The fields are called Document and Sum of Net value. Of course the pivot is very variable one time it has 3000 records and another 5000.

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Data Table: Incorrect Results Inside Table

Feb 22, 2007

I did a data table yesterday and it worked. I tried again today and the results are incorrect. They are coming out as a constant (the same result as the original formula). Has anyone had this happen before and figured out how to fix? My spreadsheet is fairly complex. Does the data table formula need to refer to the "base" cells? For example, if the formula refers to cell F15, but in F15 the formula is +C15, does my data table formula need to use C15?

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Formula To Auto-populate Data In A Table From Another Table?

May 13, 2013

I have a table below that looks like this:

# of days





The # of days column will be a manual input. Then I have a larger table that will take those values and convert them to look like this: (Obviously the dollar values are pulled from somewhere else)

$ 1,292.00

$ 1,292.00

$ 1,292.00


I've been thinking of trying to use a macro but not sure that is the best way. Using a button or something doesn't seem very elegant either.

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Populate Second Table Automatically From First Table

Oct 15, 2009

I have data that was taken hourly for a whole year. It is in three columns as shown below:

Date Time Value
8/13/2009 0:00 0.6
8/13/2009 1:00 1.2
8/13/2009 2:00 1.4
. . .
. . .
8/13/2009 23:00 0.8
8/14/2009 0:00 0.7
8/14/2009 1:00 1.5
. . .
. . .

What I want to do it is put the data in a table as shown below:

Hour 8/13/2009 8/14/2009
0:00 0.6 0.7
1:00 1.2 1.5

Such that the hour is in the first column and the values for each date is in individual columns. How can I populate the table easily using formula? For the first date column I can just reference the first 24 cells. But how can I create a formula for the second date that I can use to copy over for the third date, the fourth date, and so on? So for 8/13/2009 0:00 I can put into the cell =C2 For 8/14/2009 0:00 I want to put something in that automatically advances 24 cells down the value column and that I can copy and paste into the remaining date columns of the second table to populate it automatically. It seems like this should be easy but I can't figure it out.

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How To Populate Table With Names Based On Cell Numbers

Mar 13, 2014

I have a column (A) with names, Column (B) with platoon numbers. On another sheet I have a table for each platoon and I want it to be populated with the names of each platoon indevidually. The names are alphabetically and the platoon numbers are mixed.

Column A Column B
Name Platoon
J Goodman 1
L Barns 7
H Law 1
B Aims 10

and so on....

I want all the names from platoon 1 to appear in the table for platoon 1. I have about 3000 members and 40 platoons.

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Index/Match: Populate Cell With The Information The Corresponding Letter Contained In The Table To The Far Left

Jan 7, 2010

I'm having a bit of a block with an index/match formula that I am trying to create for the attached spreadsheet. i.e. I need to populate cell J3 with the info the corresponding letter contained in the table to the far left. The numbers of reference to match are the 'zones' in H3 and J2.

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Populate A Table From A Log

Apr 1, 2009

I want to enter data in a table from an expense log. I am looking for a formula to put in the Data Sheet to do this.

Sheet ‘Log’
Range A3:K50
Column B = Account #
Column D = Date (day/month/year)
Column F = Dollar Amount

Sheet ‘Data”
Column B = Date (day/month/year)
Row 2 = Account #

I have tried various formulas (lookups and index/match) but have had no success.

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Selected Results Table?

Apr 8, 2014

I would like to be able to bring these results into an output, but without other members of the other team members results been seen by other memebrs of the team

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Populate Rate Table

Aug 18, 2009

In Table A, I have the rate table for an insurance product. I need to build a formula that will outomatically populate the data in Table B based on plan, start age and deductibles.

Example, if a person selects age 32 years, deductibles as 0 and plan 4, then his yearly premium will be $750/12=$62.50.This will automatically increase when his age falls into the next age bracket which is 36-45 years and his premium at age 36 to 45 will be $970/12=$80.83.

The Table B should populate all this information from the start age to age 80 when the policy stops. An example of table B is shown in the attachement for someone who starts at age 32, chooses deductibles as 0 and plan 4.

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Macro To Populate A Table

Dec 18, 2007

I'm trying to take list off a sheet called List ( attached pic ) and populate the table on a sheet called I-O List, there is already a formula to get the Module type and calulate the data, on the list it shows how many Inputs and Outputs it has so I need it to look like the final pic I attached, it will basically say if inputs = 16 it will start at 0 and go up. I just don't know how to populate a table, and count up from 0. and the last objective is theres a column called X if the cell is empty I don't want to calculate the line on the list, if it = X then I do.

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To Populate Table Using SUMIF

Jan 27, 2009

Here's my situation. I dump entire project cost information from Oracle every two weeks and am trying to use it to automatically populate a cashflow report. I need to tell my cashflow sheet to look at the "Oracle Data" sheet and sum the numbers in "F" for all of the rows that have a certain area (Cashflow "E6"), dept (Cashflow "A36") and occur on the date in row 9 of the current column and the two week period prior. (For instance, my week ending is 12/20/08 so I need it to pull everything that has a date of 12/7/08-12/20/08.

I think I need a Sumif, but this is so convoluted to me that I can't begin to figure out how to tell it to do this.

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Two Dimensional Table - How To Fill Cell With Value Returned From Table

Nov 22, 2011

If you have a data in two dimensional table. and you need to fill each cell with the value returned from another table.

Example : this the my table

Company A Compay B Company C Product 1
Product 2
Product 3
Product 4

and this my data :

Products Companies Price
Product 1 Company 8 Product 1 Company A 7 Product 1 Company B 5 Product 1 Company C 6 Product 2 Company B 6 Product 2 Company C 9 Product 3 Company A 10 Product 3 Company B 8.8

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Results Table To Complicated To Read

Nov 5, 2008

I have attached the dataset. I need the data table to show the total numbers per year with the % change year on year, A column in this table of a year end projection figure for 08/09 and the % change. And finally add a line graph to show each complete year and the 08/09 projection as a comparator.

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Results From Multiple Sheets To Table

Jan 24, 2010

i have a workbook with 30+ sheets and i want to create a new sheet containing a table from aprox 6 values from the others.

i have done this in the past by typing =(then select the cell from the sheet i want)

while this works it is very time consuming and filling down after i have done 1 row gives the wrong results

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Compounding Results In A Pivot Table

Mar 3, 2014

In the attached file I have a pivot table created from the data in A:D.

By default the pivot table sums the values for each product (e.g. 18.00 for the sales of Product A). Instead of adding the values for each product I would like to get the pivot table to compound the values for each product. In columns J and K I have shown the results that I would expect when compounding the values of sales and profit for each product. Data for more dates will be added in A:D.

how to achieve this using a pivot table.

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Finding Results Not In A Table Lookup

Jul 31, 2007

It highlights (with an x) all data that appears in both sheets a and sheet b. However I want it to highlight all the ones that are no on sheetA.

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Searching Table When Value Has Multiple Results?

Feb 2, 2014

i have a spreadsheet that i use for work which has 1 page that contains all the data for the workbook. on other pages i use this data, and tables, to pull information to those pages or other pages which complete my work in a more timely fashion.

that issue i'm having is when i try to look up specific values within the data page tables and there are multiple values.

i need a way to choose different values rather than the "first" value in the instance of a vlookup which only finds the first value.

in the pictures i have picture 1 (vlookup samples) has a section where i can type in the "office" code and it will auto pull "switch name" and "switch clli" via vloookup.

in picture 2 (switches sample) i have created a table, which is on another page as stated above, but if i try to search for the example "LSGT5" it only returns a switch name value of "LFTYINXFDS0" and there is also a value of "LFYTINXFDS1".

there are many more within the table(for this office code alone) but this is just an example of how i need a way to choose the proper one or somehow have a drop down without having to create a bunch of tables for each office itself.

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Find In Table, Then Concatenate Results

Jun 13, 2009

My data is pulled in as a table from QuickBooks, so its many rows consisting of many column entries per row. The columns are laid out like:


I currently have a SUMIFS formula that works well for searching the table and finding PO's that are not paid, for a specific vendor, on a day today or before, and it ads the amounts together and returns the sum opf the amounts for me.

Now, what I would also like to do is to have it return the PO numbers as a concatenated text string all into one cell. So, it shoudl find all the rows where the due date is today or before, the PO has not been paid, and the vendor is a specific vendor, and then concatenate all of the PO numbers into one cell of my choosing.

This sounds just like the SUMIFS function, however, the SUMIFS function adds the values and places the sum in the cell of my choosing. For this, I would like the values found (which are text values) to be concatenated into one cell.

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Search Table For Conditional Results

Mar 1, 2007

I have a table which details an applicable fee given a level of performance. However the levels of performance can be any value and the fee level table which i need to look up gives conditional ranges such as if (out performance is) >4.5% and <5.00% then applicable fee will be 0.7%. However my table is large enough that using a nested IF formula seems unfeasable. I've attached a sample of what i mean which explains it better.

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Order Results Of Table Extraction

Jun 12, 2007

I am finding that I am often using Max(if(... formulas to pull in Staff ID's that have seen activity in a large data dump. I then use a VLOOKUP to return name based on ID.

Trouble is, the names end up out of order. I want to be able to order them in one of two ways - either by work done, or alphabetically.

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Survey Results In Pivot Table

Jul 25, 2007

I have just recently finished inputting data into a spreadsheet which is a whole bunch of survey responses and I am trying to figure out the best way of now “analysing” it. Unfortunately the questionnaire consists of various types of questions, including some open ended, some where the participant selected a number on a scale, or the participants could select any number of options (e.g. tick any that apply).

From a brief search, I see that you can’t have two headings as such for a pivot table so I am wondering what the best approach might be. I have attached a sample spreadsheet. I have a hunch though that it’s going to be a matter of analysing each question individually and using filters and countif formulas (see attached).

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AutoFilter Table & Copy Results

Jan 29, 2008

The error above comes up every time I copy filtered data to a new worksheet. It does its work but the said error comes up.

Sub AUTOFILTER_withouthead()

' AUTOFILTER_for_drop Macro
' Macro recorded 1/27/2008 by DD
Dim ws As Worksheet, wd As Variant
Set ws = Worksheets((Worksheets("Destination"). Cells(1, 6).Value))
Set wd = Worksheets("Destination").Range("A1:F65000") ...

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Populate Table From Database With 2 Conditions?

Jan 23, 2014

I have a pretty vast database which I populated through VBA from a certain number of worksheets. I now need to create a table which shows min, max and average for each location given x, y or z condition. So far I only approached it by creating a secondary table with each range address and then using INDIRECT, but this would require extra work on the database (insert a function to sort out locations alphabetically and within each Range.Location sort out by conditions (note. A, B and C are not in alphabetic order)) and is also very ugly.

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How To Populate Automatic Data In A Table

Aug 24, 2008

i'm trying to populate a sheet with 7 tasks (blue colored) for 22 Employees

by this rules:
task 1 for 1 person
task 2 for 2 person
task 3 for 5 person
task 4 for 2 person
task 5 for 7 person
task 6 for 1 person
task 7 for 4 person

doing this by hand it's time consumer so i'm looking for an automatic solution.

i used excel 2007

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Auto-Populate Cells In A Table

Aug 27, 2009

I have my projection formulas that use the date and age to estimate production on each farm. Basically the age is calculated first and then the production rate is estimated. I have been trying to figure out if, instead of having a formula in each cell, can I use VBA to populate the ages and then the production.

Here is an example:


FarmAge8/22/09Age8/29/09Age9/5/09Age9/12/09Age9/19/09Age9/26/09Age10/3/09Farm 1
34181351813617937179381793917940177Farm 2
All the functions I have created work, I just can't have the worksheet auto-calculate due to the total number of cells with functions. Calculating the worksheet takes approx 1 min...

I should be able to adjust any code to the ranges needed, but this example shows the basic layout.

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Populate Userform From Dynamic Table

Oct 1, 2007

I have a userform to be populated with data from a dynamic table for purposes of showing users their daily stats. The data is populated on the worksheet in the following way- ..............

When the userform is pulled up, it needs to show the following details -

UserName - User1
Workitem 2 : 12
Workitem 3 : 7

As the work items go all the way to 65, I wanted to only show the work items that had actually been worked on by each person - What I am struggling with is how to populate the textboxes on the userform with this data - without getting into an absolute mess of if statements -

If Range(WorkItem1Range).Value <> "" Then
userformStats.WorkItemA= Range("a2").Value..........

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Macro To Run Vlookups On Pivot Table Results

Jul 14, 2014

I'm trying to write a macro that will look up information about clients that result from a pivot table. Depending on what two inputs are put into the pivot table (coverage, existing or target company) the client names that the vlookup needs to reference will change.

The vlookup information for each client would paste into a different cell on another worksheet, and change depending on which clients came up in the pivot table. So the macro would need to look up clients from a specified range that the pivot table is in.

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Survey Results Table Lookup Errors?

Jun 26, 2014

An offset sumproduct series of functions provides me the total score percentage for the top level categories. There are 5-6 in total and can easily be charted in a radar.

The second step is to maintain the 'dynamic aspect' (being able to delete rows) and lookup the high-level category, and the subsection and return the score for the individual question. This way I can create a chart for each of the 5 top level categories and show the survey score for each answer in the category. Note each question has a maximum score of 5 and are scored 1-5.

I have a few errors looking up values and percentages coming back as 500% with the addition of new columns (in red in attached). The first sheet is error free, the second sheet is the 'build'.

Note: Charts will be housed on a separate sheet.

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Displaying Last X Results For Soccer League Table

Jul 1, 2014

For a soccer league table I'm building, I'm trying to add a few columns that display each team's form in the last few matches. So, it will state 'W', 'D' or 'L' for a certain number of recent matches. Like this for each team in the league table: WWDLW.

In the attachment example, I've pretty much got the concept working, having used the invaluable INDEX/MATCH/LARGE functions and a serial date column. The problem is, at the moment the DDW you see at the bottom is taking the whole table into consideration. I'm trying to get it so only Arsenal's recent results are taken into account. I feel like this shouldn't be too difficult, but after numerous attempts of using different functions I cannot get it to work.


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