Count Number Of Rows That Have Numbers And Divide Sum Of Cells

Jun 30, 2009

I have a 52 (one for each week) page workbook. I am trying to average cell J9 for the entire 52 pages. However the information is not added to the cell until the end of the week so week 30-52 all have 0s and should not be counted in the dividing number. Is there a way to have Excel count the number of cells that have a number (not 0) and divide the sum of the cells but that number.

=(WK1!J9+.....WK52!J9) / (counted number of cells not = 0)

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Add Two Numbers And Divide The Result By Another Number

Oct 5, 2007

I have a simple formula that adds two numbers and divide the result by another number

K1: SUM(E1,F1) / H1
K2: SUM(E2,F2) / H2
K3: SUM(E3,F3) / H3
K4: SUM(E4,F4) / H4
K5: SUM(E5,F5) / H5

etc, etc

and then I average the results


etc, etc

When H1, H2, H3, etc is 0, it generates a #DIV/0! (since you cannot divide by 0)

I want a formula that I everytime a H1, H2, H3, etc is 0, I want to set it to a specific number H1, H2, H3, etc to 15.00

For example:

IF (H1 = 0, 15.00, sum(E1,F1) / H1)

If the number provided (H1) is 0, set it to 15.00, otherwise add the two numbers (E1, F1), and divide this result by the number provided (H1)

But this is where the problem is:

In every single cell that I have NOT yet provided information, it treats the BLANK cells as if it was 0, and has set every single cell to 15.00.

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Divide All Numbers In Pivot Table By Certain Number?

Jun 22, 2012

How could you divide all numbers in a pivot table by a certain number?

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Divide Cells With Numbers & Signs

Dec 21, 2007

i want to divide eg. >53/>12 but i get #value! error. i have huge columns full of is so i dont wanna so 53/12 kinda thing 1000 times. whats the formula i need to use?

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Divide Only With Number Of Cells With Value>0

Aug 27, 2009

I really struggle with the following scenario:

A1=5 B1=4 C1=0 D1=0 E1=5

What I want to do is to divide the sum of those cells with the number of cells with a value > 0 (but all cells must be controlled to check if the value > 0).

In real life it's easy to see that I want to do 14/3 (A1>0, B1>0 and E1>0 equals three cells), but how to write this formula in Excel?

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How To Add 2 Groups Of Cells And Divide Number By 60

Feb 6, 2014

I am trying to add 2 groups of cells and then divide the number by 60?

I can't get it to divide? It will only total.


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Divide Cell By The Number Of Populated Cells In A Column

Apr 11, 2014

I have attached a sheet as an example, as i am trying to Divide a cell by the number of populated cells in that column e.g column (A) has a table of 16 but only has 13 populated cells in that column, the sum would be something like this =sum(A18/13. Sometimes the column will have less and at times more populated.

test sum skip blank cells.xlsx‎

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Count Number Of Rows In A Range That Contain Less Than 5 Cells With The String VAC?

Aug 25, 2014

create a function that counts only the number of rows in a range which contain less than 5 instances of the string "VAC". So if they have less than 5 cells in the row that contain "VAC" count + 1.

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Cells.Rows.End(xlUp).Count - Insted Of - UsedRange.Rows.Count

Mar 24, 2008

I used Sheets(1).Cells(1, 1).Rows.End(xlUp).Count instead of UsedRange.Rows.Count in this code , but it didn't succed with me. Why and how to do that

Dim i As Long, j As Long
j = 1
For i = 1 To UsedRange.Rows.Count
Sheets(2).Cells(j, "a").Value = Sheets(1).Cells(i, "a").Value
Sheets(2).Cells(j, "b").Value = Sheets(1).Cells(i, "b").Value
Sheets(2).Cells(j, "c").Value = Sheets(1).Cells(i, "c").Value
j = j + 1
Next i
End Sub

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Count Numbers Of Rows Housing 2 Specified Numbers

Oct 18, 2006

I have the data as follows in each cell a number:

1 5 6 23 45 2
6 23 45 5 1 22
9 10 11 1 36 5

I have this kind of data going down about 2000 rows. I want to find how many times 1 and 5 appear in each row until there is no more data to read. I found the formula below but I cant use it for 2000 lines plus any extra that will appear in the future...

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Sum And Divide Three Different Sets Of Numbers To Get One Answer

Dec 16, 2013

I have three different sets of numbers on a r12m that I have to add and divide by different numbers and not quite sure I have the formula right as when I do it manually on a calculator it comes out different.

The formula I have put together is


This is the three rows of data


Using the formula above the result is 0.81 but if I do it manually on a calculator it is 1.6 (by doing each line individually and adding results)

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Count Number Of Equal Cells With A Prefix In Col D And Insert Count In Col A?

Aug 7, 2013

I need to count the number of equal cells in col D beginning at the top of the column. The counted cells must begin with a text prefix of "Category:" without the quotes.

Some but not all of the cells in col D begin with a prefix of "Category:" without the quotes, followed by a word or words following the word "Category:" See examples below. All of the terms prefixed with "Category:" in col D are in alphabetical order. I need to count the number of identical cells in col D with the "Category:" prefix.

Examples of the contents of cells in col D with the "Category:" prefix are as follows:

Category: Adversity
Category: Answers
Category: Assurance
Category: Blessings
Category: Build
Category: Change
Category: Children
Category: Choices

Cells above and below cells with a prefix of "Category:" in col D are not adjacent.Cells above and below cells with a prefix of "Category:" in col D are separated by 3 to an undermined number of rows.

I need to count the number of equal cells in col D and insert the count in col A at the last equal term. For example, col A above would have 93, 1, 1, 5, 10, 8, 3, and 12 inserted into col A.

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Count Number Of Numbers Within Range?

Sep 5, 2012

I'm trying to count the number of numbers within a given range.

Example Row Y has cells that contain a series of numbers 1,5,9,12,23. No cell in the range should have the same individual number more than once. At the end of row Y I want to know how many numbers, not the total of the numbers are within that range.

1 1,3,5
2 21,32,44
3 12,19,31
40 2,4,18
41 total number of numbers in range Y1:Y40 - 12

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Count Number Of Divisible Numbers?

Apr 26, 2014

I am trying to work out how to count the number of cuts that might be made in a length of pipe, dependent on the length of the source material and the cut lengths required. This is so I know how much to charge for the activity.

So for example, the source material is 3600mm in length, I need 3 lengths of say 1100mm which gives me waste of 300mm (that doesn't matter) but I need to be able to calculate the number of cuts made (in this case 3) for any variation of the cut lengths. The 3600 only varies from time to time but the cut lengths change all the time.

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Count Number Of Numbers In A Cell

Jun 11, 2007

I have a cell content to interogate in vba, the format of the cell
is that it has a set of numbers. There are 3 posible scenarios.
1 There is no number at all
2 There is just one number
3 There could be theoraticaly as many as 24 numbers separated by a space eg 2 4 12 .

I would like to count the number of these numbers and and express it as a variable. The numbers will always be unique by that I mean there will not be 2 same numbers in the one cell. I tried looking for the solution but I had no success.

For the example above TheFinalTotal = 3

Also Im trying to strip a date in a format 02/12/2006 into just 02122006. I know that this is possible but I just bomed out trying to find this as well.

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Count The Rows That Have Numbers In Them

Apr 24, 2009

I have a column with some rows with data, some blank and some with symbol. These data are only numbers in the format as: 3110, 4789 / 22465. These numbers are just numbers representing project number. I would have numbers only the format shown above or else a blank cell. I need to count the rows that have numbers in them. If i use count, it counts and displays only the number of rows that are similar to 3110 format but totally excludes cells with 4789 / 22465 format. How do i make excel count rows that also includes cells with 4789 / 22465 format?

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Divide Number Cell By A Set Or Fixed Number

Jul 9, 2008

I am wondering if it is possible to create a formula in a cell that will divide whatever number is entered into that cell by a set or fixed number.

ie. I enter the number 9 in the cell and when I press enter, the 9 is instantly divided by 15 and the answer is displayed in the cell where I just typed the 9.

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Number Formatting: Enter A Number It Seems To Divide It By 100

Nov 28, 2008

I having a bit of trouble entering numbers in Excel, every time I try to enter a number it seems to divide it by 100. For example : - 1 entered in to a cell becomes 0.01, 100 becomes 1....etc. I've tried formatting the cells and had no luck, tried Tool>Options but not sure where to look.

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Formula That I Can Add, Subtract, Divide, Average, Etc, Etc These Numbers

Jun 19, 2008

Imagine I have cells A1 to A5 with a sequence of "numbers" like this:

A1 = 50-55
A2 = 45-67
A3 = 56-90
A4 = 49-80
A5 = 51-55

The left hand side numbers represent a score a minus sign (-) to separate and the right hand side represent another score. I want a formula that I can add, subtract, divide, average, etc, etc these numbers.

If I want to add the left hand scores, for example, cells A1 to A3, sum would be 151 (50 + 45 + 56).

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Count The Number Of Unique Numbers In A Column

May 4, 2006

i'm currently trying to count the number of unique numbers in a Column using this formula:


So far so good.....But I want to add some conditions like only count the numbers that meet the condition say N1:N3000="SE*"


On this one I get #VALUE! and i can't figure out why.

I have also tried to put the AND/OR condition before the actual starting of the array of the SUMPRODUCT but nothing.

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Count The Number Of Unique Numbers In A Column?

Apr 7, 2006

I have a column where I have record numbers. The record number can end up duplicate in some cells.


I would like the get a formula that can count the number of unique numbers in that column?

I would like to get if possible to get a formula that summarize the number into a single cell.

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Count Numbers In Visible Rows Only

Apr 10, 2008

If you look at the attached file in Row 41, Column H, the count function is not working properly... it is mis-counting, the numbers that appear. It does not work either in F41 and G41. It seems to be having a problem reading the if function I created. Does anyone know how to correct this, or change the if function formula so it doesn't have these issues.

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Count Number Of Batches Of Consecutive Numbers In A Column?

Oct 11, 2012

What I am trying to is to count the number of times a certain number or character appears (either on its own or in a batch of consecutive cells containing that number/character) in a column.An example might clarify things (for reasons of brevity I will write the columns in rows):

If a column looks like (each 1-digit numbers / characters being a consecutive cell) 0 0 X X 0 0 X and I am counting for X, then I should get 2. If my column is X X 0 X X 0 X 0 0, then I should get 3. If my column is 0 X X 0 0 X 0 then I should get 2. If my column is X X 0 X X 0 X then I should get 3. Is there a formula to perform that calculation?

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Count 0 And Negitive Numbers Since Last Positive Number From Right To Left

Apr 28, 2014

I have attached an example. Basically I had this set up to calculate the row and give the answer at the end. But now I cant see the results without scrolling, so I want to move the answer fields to the C column and add new data into the D column while keeping all the data in the formula.

count 0 and negitive number cells since last positive number from right to left.xls‎

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Count Max Number Of Consecutive Positive / Negative Numbers

May 2, 2007

Let's say I have a column A with the following values.


How can I have 2 cells display:-

i)highest streak of positive numbers = 4
ii)highest streak of negative numbers = 5?

Also, how can I have another 2 cells display:-

iii)the sum of the highest streak of positive numbers = 160
iv)the sum of the highest streak of negative numbers = -210

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Count Number Of Occurrences That Specific Numbers Appears

Nov 3, 2011

my worksheet has a range (AN2:AN10000), and I want to find the total number of occurrences that specific numbers occur.


I want to find out how many times in this range above the numbers from 11 to 15 occur (11,12,13,14 & 15).

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Count Group Numbers That Are Bound To Nomenclature Number

Jun 28, 2013

I am looking to count group numbers that are bound to a nomenclature number. So I have made an example below. The nomenclature number is bound to 1. So I want to count all the 1's that are bound to 0912, which would be 5. and the same goes for 1234. the 2 is bound to the nomenclature 1234, so i want to count all the 2's that are bound to 1234. Which would be 3.










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Function 2 Divide A Number (ie $1.00) By % (ie 25%) To = ($4.00)?

Sep 6, 2005


is it that you want a UDF

Function MyFun(a,b)
MyFun = a / b
End Function

=MyFun(1, 25%)


"Gonecoastal1" <> wrote in message

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How To Divide An Array With A Number In VBA

Apr 4, 2009

I have an array in my code and I need to divide each elements of the array with a constant.

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Count Visible Rows With Text But Variety Of Numbers

Jul 21, 2014

I would like to count all of the cells in a filtered range which contain specific text. These cells will also contain numbers.

The cells either contain one of the following

EXA 130
EXB 130

The number could be any number (not just 130) the text will only be EXA or EXB

So I am looking for the number of cells in a filtered range (visible cells) which contain EXA (plus any number)


The above doesn't work and I have attempted lots of variations of this with no luck.

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