Gathering Data From Other Sheets Based On Cell Value?

Jul 19, 2014

Attached is a sample of a excel file I am using for tracking overtime.

On the sheet labeled tracking I want to gather data of the other sheets based on a date range.

All sheets other than the tracking sheet will be labeled in the date format mm-dd-yy.

On the tracking sheet in cells B2 & B3 will be the date range that I want to gather the data from.

There is 3 columns of data that I want to gather, "Balancing" "Approved" "Unknown".

I would like to return just a sum of these from the dated sheets M3:O42 based on the employee name A3:A42

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Copying Array Contents Into Cells. Gathering Data From Sheets And Compiling Into 1.

Aug 11, 2009

I've been given the task of automating a spreadsheet to assess whether work has been done by each employee. Every employee has their own spreadsheet, where column A is a job code, and column H contains either y or n dentoting whether they have completed the task (y) or not (n).

The main spreadsheet is designed to show any outstadning tasks across everybody so it has a list of everybodies names in column A and then any incomplete tasks will be listed from columns b onwards next to the appropriate person. Here is what I have done at the moment.

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Gathering Data Based On Top 10?

Apr 3, 2009

I have a selection of data that lists sellout information for 45 different Cable networks. What I'm hoping to accomplish is to have (on a separate sheet) a function that will automatically pull out the top 10 networks based highest sellout percentages and list them in order from highest to lowest. I don't even know where to begin or if it is even possible to set up as an automatic function.

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Gathering Sum Of Cells Based On Text In Adjacent Cell?

Jan 15, 2010

I have a column of dollar amounts (variances) and next to each is the shift they belong to.

I am looking to get a break down of the variances for each shift.

Attached is an example of what it looks like.

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Gathering The Sum Of Cells Based On The Text In The Adjacent Cell

Jan 15, 2010

I have a column of dollar amounts (variances) and next to each is the shift they belong to.

I am looking to get a break down of the variances for each shift.

Attached is an example of what it looks like.

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Gathering Sheets From Different Workbooks Into One?

May 28, 2014

I am trying to program a macro that get the sheets in four different workbooks and put them into another workbook where my macro is located. I have managed to open the first workbook and copy the first sheet but when going for sheet two in the same workbook it gives me an error 91 stating the variable or with block variable not set on the following line:

[Code] ..........

Here is the rest of my code and attached file.

Attached File: Training Hours Macro.xlsm‎

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Gathering The Sum Of Cells Based On The Text?

Feb 19, 2014

I need to add data from b2:b12,d2:d12,f2:12,h2:h12 and to show the totals in L2:L7

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Gathering Amounts Based On Date For A Monthly Average

Jan 2, 2010

I have a series of employee variances and dates for the variances in two columns.

I have another section on the same sheet where I want to track the amount of variances & occurances for certain months.

attached is an example of what I am looking to do.

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Gathering Values Based Off Criteria And In Turn Forming List

May 5, 2014

ok lets say you have thousands of rows of raw data and you are running vlookups to pull specific data from the raw data to update your spreadsheet. Your raw data consist of some new ideas so when you vlook up, you get an error. In my case i get about 50 errors all spaced out amoung the thousands of rows or raw data. I would like to create a formula that would go and find the error and output a code/value that already exist in the raw data and output that in Cell D1 for example. The it will go and find the second error and output that into cell D2 and then the third error and output that into D3 and so on.....

The idea is that when its done a list of all the errors will have been created so then i can use other formulas to simple add the new info to the workbook. Instead of search through thousands of rows for the errow.

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SumProduct Formula Not Gathering Correct Data

Dec 17, 2009

I have a what I believe to be a consistant formula on lines S12-S18 for gathering the sumproducts for dates on column O. Only problem is that the sumproduct formula is not working on line S18 correctly. I keep looking it over and I can't figure out why it is not returning the correct amount for that cell.

Here is the formula I am using:


Please see attached line S18 for the error I am getting.

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Arrange Table By Gathering Data Cells

Jun 29, 2009

In the attached WB I managed to write some code (behind Sheet1) to change the Source table, itself, into the requested layout. My question is - could this be done by ONLY Worksheets functions - preferable without any helper column - if possible. note that all 4 columns data should be transported to the target table. The upper left cell of the target/new layout table can be put in cell G1 or in cell A15.

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Gathering / Referencing Data (dynamic Table)

Jan 3, 2014

I'm attempting to list my data... I have a dynamic table that has the following columns:

number of countries
country 1
country 2
country 3




As you may have guessed, I want trends on these countries. That would be easier to do if I had a single "Country" columns but I have to work that way.

I would have wanted to work with a pivottable (because they're so "user-friendly" (not always though^^)) but I didn't find a way to do it.

The reason why I want to work with a pivottable is to be able to link my countries results to the rest of the table.. If that's not possible, I'd still want to be able to reference them and say "USA, egypt and scotland pop up 2 times"

I found the following formula (in E2):

=INDEX(Table1[country 1]:Table1[country 3];MOD(ROWS(E$2:E2)-1;ROWS(Table1[country 1]:Table1[country 3]))+1;INT((ROWS(E$2:E2)-1)/ROWS(Table1[country 1]:Table1[country 3]]))+1)

Which works but I have to manually click-drag that cell down to complete my list. I'd rather have it grow automatically if I have to work that way.

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Display Data From Sheets Based On Value In A Cell On Main Sheet?

Apr 29, 2014

I am trying to create a formula which will allow me to type a word in a cell on the Main sheet, and then pull any row from multiple sheets and display them on the Main sheet. For example, my sheet named Main looks like this:

1 Query:
2 Fruit Store Cost Mode Date

And there's a sheet for each month with the same format and different data:
1 Fruit Store Cost Mode Date
2 Apple Dominicks 1.99 Bagged 3/16/2014
3 Apple Piggly Wiggly 2.19 Ala Carte 3/14/2014
4 Banana Jewel 0.49 Bagged 3/1/2014
5 Banana Dominicks 0.57 Ala Carte 3/16/2014
6 Banana Costco 0.69 Ala Carte 3/16/2014
7 Cantaloupe Jewel 2.99 Ala Carte 3/14/2014
8 Cantaloupe Dominicks 1.99 Ala Carte 3/1/2014
9 Eggplant Jewel 0.99 Ala Carte 3/30/2014
10 Eggplant Dominicks 1.19 Ala Carte 3/30/2014
11 Eggplant Costco 1.29 Ala Carte 3/21/2014
12 Eggplant Safeway 0.79 Ala Carte 3/16/2014
13 Pears Jewel 1.19 Ala Carte 3/14/2014
14 Pears Dominicks 1.59 Bagged 3/1/2014
15 Pears Piggly Wiggly 0.99 Ala Carte 3/30/2014
16 Rhubarb Jewel 0.99 Ala Carte 3/14/2014
17 Rhubarb Piggly Wiggly 0.59 Ala Carte 3/14/2014
18 Rhubarb Costco 0.89 Ala Carte 3/14/2014
19 Tomatoes Jewel 1.99 Ala Carte 3/1/2014
20 Tomatoes Safeway 1.69 Bagged 3/30/2014
21 Tomatoes Dominicks 1.89 Carton 3/27/2014

... and so on. On my main sheet in Cell B1, I want to type a fruit name, such as Banana, and have every row in every sheet with Banana in column A,pulled and displayed on the Main sheet. Firstly, is this even possible with a macro?

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Gathering Data From Multiple Excel Files Into Consolidated File?

Feb 12, 2014

Trying to learn the basics of how to pull data, from the same formatted excel spreadsheets, combined into one consolidated spreadsheet. I created a few examples below of what I am trying to do. Eventually, I want to be gathering data from over 200 spreadsheets at one time. I believe that a MACRO is needed to do such a thing. I am not sure of the complexity of the MACRO, so hopefully I will be able to mimic whatever needs to be done in my actual file. I have almost ZERO experience with MACROS, so if this is way above entry level MACRO.

Below I have 3 spreadsheets, and I want to collect the data from those 3 spreadsheets into the consolidated spreadsheet.

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Select Multiple Sheets And If Value In Cell Is True Then Copy Values In All Sheets And Hardcode Data

Feb 26, 2012

I have a workbook that updates from external source and creates sheets depending on a cell range.

I have put tab 1 and tab 0 on either end of where the new sheets will be inputted, will never know how many sheets

What i need to happen is if someone fills in "complete" in A7 in my "summary" sheet then the values in row 6 in all the other sheets get hardcoded. This needs to happen from A7 down to A26, so A8 = complete then copy row 7 etc
This is what i have so far

I get compile error here ........Sheets(ArrSh(1)).Activate

Also need it to work for all the other rows.

Sub hardcode()
'Sheets("Summary"). Select
If Range("a7") = "complete" Then
Sheets(Array("1", "0")).Select

[Code] ......

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Re-Naming Sheets Per Cell Data & Hiding Sheets

Aug 26, 2009

on sheet1 I have a button I need to do the following when clicked:
(1) name the next 30 sheets based on cell values in sheet1
(2) for those 30 sheets, hide some of them based on a y/n input in sheet 1

To clarify: the worksheets do not need to be created, they already exist. They just need to be renamed and hidden based on that y/n criteria. see attachment with just 1 worksheet for clarification. So - The next 30 sheets are to be named by the following ranges (B7:B16), (B21:B30) and (B35:B44). For every product with a "n" in column C of sheet1, the worksheet for that product needs to be hidden.

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Extraction Of Data From Sheets Based Upon Input Value

Jan 20, 2010

Example attachment is included. The goal of this is to extract data off of another sheet based upon an input value. It's easy enough to where the input value will be equivalent to the sheet name I want to reference. The example I provide incorporates code that works successfully. The only problems I have are:

1. The select method only works on the active sheet. I want to be able to call this while another sheet is active.

2. My code is very inefficient and takes a while to execute. I'd like to cut down on the execution time.

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Copy Data From 2 Sheets Based On Date

Feb 8, 2010

I have the following code that performs a row copy based on selected dates which is then pasted to another sheet as a report. I need to also perform the same copy from another sheet with the same structure so the All_Report contains the data from both sheets. The name of the other sheet to copy the information from is "Closed_Requests".

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Copy Paste Data Between Sheets Based On And If

May 2, 2014

I have a workbook containing sheet 1 and Sheet 2

The idea is to find the new references that have been created every month in sheet 2 and paste into Sheet 1. How to find the new ones is easy .However I don't know how to move the data around sheets!

Sheet 2 (A1: AQ25135)

Vendor Name

UAB Pajurio Gabija

[Code] ......

I need to do the following:

Whenever you find the word "NEW" in a row of sheet 2 in range A2:A50000 copy the row from B to AM and paste it into sheet 1 Column A to AL.

However Column A contains already data. The data should be pasted right below the last A row with data

In sheet 2, column A contains the following formula


The possible results are : Numbers>0, “NEW” and “” as you can see in table Sheet 2

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Hide Sheets Based On Data In Cells

May 25, 2007

I want to hide a sheet in an excel workbook based on a Yes or No answer in the first sheet in the file. Is there an easy way to do this?

The above operation will be repeated up to 10 times, but the decision to hide or not hide each sheet will depend on only one answer.

In some cases I want to hide several sheets based on one answer.

The overall objective is to have a flexibly sized workbook suitable for a range of users who will not be faced with sheets which are not relevant for their individual circumstances.

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Pulling Data To Separate Sheets Based On One Column

Oct 4, 2013

How to pull data based on column B to individual tabs.

I have the following data:

Jane Doe | L1 | 20% | High
John Doe | L2 | 15% | Medium
Mike Smith | L1 | 60% | Low
Marie Smith | L4 | 10% | Low

I want to have the first tab/spreadsheet only pull records that have L1 values for column B

In the next tab/spreadsheet I want to pull records that have L2 values in column B etc.

What formula can I write that will pull all L1 records (A.B.C.D) in to Tab 1, then all L2 records (A,B,C,D) into the next tab?

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Show Sheets Based On Cell Value

Dec 12, 2008

I have 15 sheets - Resident 1, Resident 2 etc

If cell A1 on Summary tab contains 10, I want sheets Resident 1 to Resident 10 visible, everything over Resident 10 to be invisible

If cell A1 on Summary tab contains 5, I want sheets Resident 1 to Resident 5 visible, everything over Resident 5 to be invisible

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Hiding Sheets Based On Value In Dropdown Cell

Mar 21, 2007

I have a workbook that has about 30 different sheets with names titled "Joe", "Jane", "Paul", etc.

I have a Cell (B12) that has been formatted as a dropdown menu with about a dozen different options such as "Audit A" , "Audit B" or "Other" etc. What i'd like to do is hide or display certain sheets based on what the value is in cell B12.

if cell B12 says any of the following "Audit A" or "Audit B" then it would hide certain sheets. If the value in B12 says "Other" or something other than "Audit A" or "Audit B" then it wouldn't hide anything at all. I tried searching and couldn't find anything like this although it may have been answered before.

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VBA To Hide/Unhide Sheets Based On Cell Value

Jun 2, 2008

I have a workbook which has roughly 50 sheets. What I'm trying to do is automatically hide/unhide sheets based on the cell values in the first sheet. So in sheet1 cell A1 i would a value of FALSE which would trigger sheets1, 2, & 3 to hide, when that value changes to TRUE then those same sheets would unhide. I need to replicate that for the 10 corresponding sets of sheets, but for each grouping of sheets a different cell in sheet1 would be the trigger, cell A2 = sheets 4 - 10, cell A3 = sheets 11 - 20, etc.

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Automatically Name All Sheets Based On Cell On Sheet

Nov 30, 2007

I have recently used the following code to name a sheet from a cell within that sheet:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target = Range("D1") Then ActiveSheet.Name = Target
End Sub

What do I need to add to this bit of code to allow me to name the sheet from another sheet's cell i.e Sheet1 gets named from say Sheet2 Cell A2

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Hide Column Based On Another Sheets Cell Value

Apr 16, 2008

There are 2 sheets in the excel worksheet. in one sheet there would be drop downs
the 2nd sheet will have 4 columns A,B,C,D) Depending on the selection in sheet1. If a1 = Y then columnA in the 2nd sheet should be hidden. If a1 = N then columnB in the 2nd sheet should be hidden. how can this be done..The key is the columns to be hidden are on a different sheet and that is where I am having the difficulty.

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Gathering Information By The Most Recent Dates

Jan 20, 2010

I have an employee summary sheet, and another sheet where data will be entered by date.

On the summary sheet I want to gather only the last 3 dates that were entered.

Attached is an example.

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Gathering Information From Multiple Files?

Feb 28, 2014

I have a file that is a master report. Every month i have to pull information to it from 40-50 different files (all of these are exactly the same and the data is in the same sheets columns and rows) Is there an easier way of just pointing excel to one folders so it would automatically pull the date into mu master sheet?

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Copy Data Table Seperate Sheets Based On Column Criteria

May 12, 2008

I need to copy all the work sheets into one single work sheet (mastersheet). The source work sheets are having same column structure. The condition which i need to take care of is that after column 3 if at all there is any data till column 10 then in the destination mastersheet these should be copied in different rows with first two columns repeated. I need to do this using VBA macro.

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Rename 500 Sheets Based On Modified Cell Value On Each Sheet

Jul 31, 2013

I receive a workbook each day with approx 500 tabs of call data and I would like to relabel all the tabs with the user names. The user names are in a merged range "A7:M7". I'm having difficulty getting the following script to rename the sheets. Currently the values in "A7:M7" look like "User: ADAM ENGEMANN-558".

I am trying to delete each occurrence of "User: " while naming the sheets as well as removing the merged range before doing so that the names are in A7 only. The sheet names should look like "ADAM ENGEMANN-558", or, ideally just "ADAM ENGEMANN". For some reason my code will not modify the cells. (See attached example)

This works if I manually unmerge the cells before running and remove the ":".

Sub RenameSheets2()
Dim ws As Worksheet

For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If ws.Range("A7").Value <> "" Then

[Code] .....

This his how I modified it but it doesn't work on the supplied sheets. Please note that if I manually insert some blank sheets into my workbook and merge the cells etc it does work. There seems to be something odd going on with the sheets they are giving me. (they aren't protected)

Sub RenameSheets2()
Dim ws As Worksheet

For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If ws.Range("A7").Value <> "" Then

I tried adding the following to remove the merged ranges and remove 'User: ' from the names
With Selection
.WrapText = False
.MergeCells = False

[Code] ......


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