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Ranking By Multiple Criteria

I have attached an example worksheet of something that I am working on. My references refer to this sheet.

Column Descriptions:
B = agents.
C = the agent's supervisor.
D = the agent's score.
E = the agent's overall rank in comparison to all other agents.
*F = the agent's rank in comparison to the other agents on the supervisor's team.

I need a formula (non-VBA) that will fill column F. That is, a formula that will compare agents on a specific team, based on their QA scores. Though the example data range is small, this will be applied to roughly 600 agents, split up among roughly 40 supervisors. I am currently using Excel 2007.

If anybody has any ideas, suggestions, or solutions, I would greatly appreciate the help, as I have been beating my head against the desk in my attempt to figure this out.

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Ranking Values Against Multiple Criteria
I have successfully been able to rank items using two criteria but I'm unsure of the syntax for adding a third or fourth set. I'm new to the use of Sumprodoct.

I have attached a file. Where column C and E have the same value, I want Excel to look at column F and assign a rank (formula is in column K) in ascending order.

ItemLife LeftTot CostBalRank
signs1 250 250 1
paint curb1 500 500 2
tree work1 2,500 2,500 3
landscape2 9,000 7,200 4
siding2 9,000 7,500 4

Here is my formula:

=IF(ISERROR(RANK(C8,C$5:C$105,1)+ SUMPRODUCT(--(C8=C$5:C$105),--(E8>E$5:E$105))),0,RANK(C8,C$5:C$105,1)+SUMPRODUCT(--(C8=C$5:C$105),--(E8>E$5:E$105)))

I've attached a file.

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Multiple Criteria Ranking To Ignore Duplicates
I posted a thread a while ago asking for a formula to rank based on multiple criteria (Rank On Multiple Criteria). The following; = SUMPRODUCT(--($A$2:$A$50=$A2),--($B$2:$B$50=$B2),--($D$2:$D$50=$D2),--($G2>$G$2:$G$50))+1)

works an absoulte treat, however is there a way to modify it so that does not allow duplicates? The data in the G column refers to time values acheived during testing of athletes, the problem arises when two athletes achieve the same score and thus they are ranked the same. However, body mass is also measured (F column) and in essence the athlete with the lower body mass has achived the better score and thus should be ranked accordingly.

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Ranking Based On Criteria With A Tie Breaker
I've got 3 columns of info.. Name, Org, #Sales, $$..

I need to rank the list by:

Org, $$, #of Sales (as the tie breaker)

So, I need it to look for a specific Org Dept in Column B, rank the Dollar Amounts in column C, and if there are any ties, go to #Sales in column D and use the biggest number there to break the tie.

I've found 2 formulas..

This one was awesome for looking for the specifc Org Dept and only ranking those numbers that matched the designated Org Dept. (but this can't break any ties)..


Then there's this one that broke ties, but can't recognize a specific Org Dept that I need..


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Ranking Multiple Columns And Second Place
******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - Win_calc.xls___Running: 11.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutQ21=
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

This is my general template. I get prices from BOA, LEH AND BEAR on the four companies listed. Then I use the Min function to tell me the best price (I'm buying). Then I use some IF statements to tell me who's the "Lowest Name" (lowest price):


It checks if a cell is = the lowest cell value, then returns the header. This formula refers to different columns than my displayed sheet because Im hiding so cells and I just copied this to another section of my sheet. There's probably a better way to do this but this is what I have do far. I use this for 50 company names and 5 or six dealer banks (BOA, LEH, etc)

I'd like column that gives me the Second Place price and one that gives me the associated dealer (BOA, LEH).

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Ranking Multiple Columns By 1000th Inch
I have the following data (measured in 1/1000th of an inch)(I have rounded down in this example though!!!)


copied down to a minimum of 100 rows (names) The AGG is the sum(a:e/5)
When u use RANK(agg,agg1:agg100,1) It ties Names AAAA and BBBB as they both have AGG of 0.142. Problem is the rule book states ties are split by the smallest of the results for each competitor in columns A to E. In this example BBBB is 2nd as he has smallest result in Column C being 0.08.

I have tried the AGG+1/min(a:e) and still end up with incorrect results. The problem is the numbers are so small and you have to split ties all the way to the 100th person involved. I cant use sort either as the data has to be printed in alphabeticall name order all the way to 100 names with their ranks recorded against the names.

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Lookup Multiple Criteria & Sum Result On Multiple Criteria
I am trying to solve a problem. I am currently using this formula
= SUMPRODUCT(--(Sheet2!B2:Sheet2!B300="MARKETING"),--(Sheet2!D2:Sheet2!D300="200612"),Sheet2!E2:Sheet2!E300)

This formula works for me as it is but I would like to add more months to 200612. I want this to also be 200701 and 200702. In another cell there will be up to 10 months. Is there a way to do a Vlookup or something that will look up these months in another table, rather than keep typing them out in the formula?? Otherwise my formula will be very long.

So the info looks like this in excel
MARKETING 200612 -10
MARKETING 200701 -25
MARKETING 200708 -50
ECONOMICS 200709 -30

The info goes on and on. The two variables are the MARKETING column and the month column. My problem is that I would like a seperate table that can be the months. So 200612 and 200701 is one table, and 200708 and 200709 is another table. The table changes often so I dont want to mess with the formulas, rather a table.

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Multiple Criteria Count Between 2 Dates & Other Criteria
I have a spreadsheet which lists letters issued, the date issued and the potcode. I need a formula that counts, on a weekly basis, the number of letters issued to postcodes in Sutton and Bexley.

I have a count sheet set up on one worksheet and the list of postcodes applicable to each area are listed on another worksheet. I have been playing around with sumif, sumproduct etc, but these don't seem to work as I am pointing the formula to a list of postcodes and not an individual postcode. For example, the formula for one week needs to tell me, the number of letters issed to Sutton between 26/07/08 - 01/08/08. This is what I tried -

=SUMPRODUCT(('MU63 NC'!$F$2:$F$10>=COUNT!B$2)*('MU63 NC'!$F$2:$F$10<=COUNT!B$3)*('MU63 NC'!$D$2:$D$10=Sutton!$A$2:$A$50))

But I get #N/A - if I change the last refernce to a specific cell instead of a range it works, but this will make the process very lengthy as there are lots of postcodes!

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Copy Rows Meeting Multiple Criteria On Multiple Columns
1. Copy data from original file (I do not want to do anything in the original file) into the spreadsheet (Target worksheet)where the code should run.
2. In sheet 1 of Target Worksheet, there are 2 columns which I need to set criterias on namely Column D and Column L
3. In Column D, I want to specify 3 criterias namely A, B and C
4. In Column L, I want to specify 5 criterias namely London, Frankfurt, New York, Sydney and Tokyo
5. If Criterias in 3 and 4 are met, copy all rows into Sheet 2 of Target Worksheet

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Count Rows Meeting Multiple Criteria Of Multiple Values
I am trying to find a formula to count rows that meet multiple criteria, but one of the criteria can be multiple values. I have a list of people with a list of clients that they are responsible for. Each person is responsible for 10-20 clients. Every day I run a report that shows the project worksheets submitted for each client and if money has been awarded or not.

I'm wondering if there is a way to count, for each person, the number of project worksheets that show "awarded" in column K. That would mean that I would have to look for, for each person, any of their multiple clients in column B and "awarded" in column K.

I am trying to put the formula in D2:D9, as I use A2:D9 for a chart. O1:P79 contain the names of the people and the applicants that they are responsible for. A17:D158 contains the list of project worksheets (updated daily). I used =SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(B17:B999,P1:P14)) to count the actual number of project worksheets for each person, but I can't figure out a way to modify that to add in the "awarded" criteria also.

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Search Multiple Values In A Cell With Multiple Criteria
I am trying to search for multiple values in a cell with Multiple criteria.

E.g: Please find attached the sample excel data.

I tried using VLOOKUP which is not working as I am having multiple values in column A.

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How To Satisfy Multiple Conditions Using Multiple Criteria
I'm trying to divide my data into 6 different groups, based on 2 different criteria. First, I am not sure how to write the logical test to take 2 columns of data into consideration (using "&" and "AND" do not work; I am not sure what else to try), and second I can't figure out how to write the formula so that it can select from 1 of 6 conditions.

So, overall here is what I want:

If DL2=3 and CK2=1, then I want this to be labeled as '1'
If DL2=3 and CK2=2, 2
If DL2=1 and CK2=2, 3
If DL2=2 and CK2=2, 4
If DL2=1 and CK2=1, 5
If DL2=2 and CK2=1, 6

These 6 conditions cover all possible combinations of numbers in the two columns.

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Deleting Multiple Rows With Multiple Criteria
I have a need to delete multiple rows with multiple criteria; criteria contains about 400 different and unique entries that have to be deleted. The code I obtained from this forum was modified but only deletes some entries and bypasses others. Row 1 is header and column 1 contains criteria that it it meets the " Case" it is supposed to be deleted. Example of code is below the Case has been shorted, for posting but normally each case runs the maximum length allowed. Please let me know where I messing up, I am thinking the it needs to be looping until all entries are deleted but I don't know how.

Sub DeleteRecords()
Dim n As Long, lastrow As Long
Dim ty As String
Dim a As Integer
lastrow = Range("D65536").End(xlUp).Row
a = 1 'this is the column in which you will find the notation finance numbers (Col X = 24)
For n = lastrow To 2 Step -1
ty = UCase(Cells(n, a))
Select Case ty..........................

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Sum Across Multiple Tabs, Multiple Criteria
Excel 2007

My workbook contains 13 tabs - 1,2,3,...12, and Summary

My data starts on line 4 of every sheet but varies in length - so far the longest goes to line 30.

Rows used on all 13 sheet are as follows:
A - contains facility names
B - contains a two or three letter code
C - contains hours
D - contains dollars
E - contains adjusted rate

On the Summary tab I have listed all the facilites and two or three letter codes. I need to sum column "C" on tabs 1-12 when they match columns A & B on the summary tab. I have tried the following but can't get them to work:

=IF($A5=""," ",SUMPRODUCT(--('1:[12]12'!A$4:$A$50=$A5),--('1:[12]12'!B$4:$B$50=$B5),'1:12'!D$4:$D$50))
I did not put the [12] excel added that automatically I had 1:12

I just seen the THREED for the first time today and am not sure if this was the correct place to try but it didn't work anyway

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Multiple Criteria - Multiple Results
I need to look up a value from a worksheet using multiple criteria, and return MULTIPLE results.

I have a table with comments written by different people about specific items. I would like to be able to type in that item name and return all those comments. BUT - it's not JUST the item name, but also on a specific date or some other criterion.

Currently I have managed to do this successfully with a single criterion, as in this array formula:


I then copy that formula to a few more rows and I indeed get a list of different names (F1:F1001) which match my criterion "ABC". But - I have at least one more, or even two more criteria. I've tried a whole lot of different things and I just get errors.

Has anyone tried something like this? If you have - how should I modify the above formula to allow for additional criteria? For example, not only A1:A1001 equal to "ABC," but also B1:B1001 equal to "XYZ", and so on.

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Sum Multiple Criteria On Multiple Worksheets
I need a summary page in a workbook that will pull data from multiple workseets with mulriple criteria.

I have treid sumproduct, but that doesn't seem to be working when I select a range from multiple workseets.

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Sum Only If Multiple Criteria Is 1st Met
Have tried SumIf but still not good enough.

The formula I'm looking at is to sum up 2 or more column if the below criteria matched:

1) Cell A1 = Cell A2 and / or Cell A3
2) Cell B1 = Cell B2 and / or Cell B3
3) Cell C1 = Cell C2 and / or C3

Which formula should I use?

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Multiple Criteria
I have a sumif function being divided by a countif function.

=SUMIF(E34:E164,2,P34:P164)/COUNTIF(E34:E164, 2)

However, i now need to include another criteria. The sumif chooses all the rows in E that equal 2 and then sums the cooresponding cells in P. That is then divided by a count of all the 2's in E, however I now need to divide my first section by counting the 2's in E AND if column X is equal to 1 through 6. I have tried a couple different things and can't get what I need.

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If Statement: Multiple Criteria
I want to expand this calculation to include



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How To Use SUMPRODUCT With Multiple Criteria
I am stuck - I have a large amount of data for a group of physicians I work for. I am trying to set up a monthly trend report to be able to run quickly after I plug in the data. I want to use some sort of lookup to look up two things - 1) the physician's specialty and 2) the month.

Can anyone look at the attached example and tell me how to do this? I have started a SUMPRODUCT formula, but am stuck on how to tell it to find only that month's data.

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Sum Numbers With Multiple Criteria
How to sum dollar amounts in one column as they relate to two other columns. The two green columns (Account & Dept.) need to correspond to the appropriate dollar amount (Total Transaction Amount) and then the dollar amount needs to be summed under each Dept # as it relates to the Account #. As you can see you can have different Depts. for the same Account.

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Filter On Multiple Criteria Using VBA
I have a dataset, which I would like to sort on multiple criteria. The code I have is :

Dim Lst As Long
Dim Hdr As Range

Lst = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row
Set Hdr = Range("A6:AD" & Lst)

With Hdr
.AutoFilter Field:=9, Criteria1:="Complete" 'Match Status
.AutoFilter Field:=14, Criteria1:=Array ("Pending", "Technical", "PR", "Regional", "=") 'Case Study Status
End With

Field 9 Match Status will always be Criteria "Complete"
Field 14 may contain different variables depending on the dataset. I want the filter to bring back all Match Statuses (Field 9) "Complete" and multiple Case Study Statuses in Field 14.

This code filters correctly on Field 9, but is only bringing back blank cells in Field 9 when there is data that has Case Study Status "Pending", "Regional" and "Blank".

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Median With Multiple Criteria
I've been trying to get a formula that will calculate a median for base salary if it equals two criteria:

Grade: 15-8 (in column C)
Department: E or S (in column O)
the base salaries are in column I

I put the E's in Column A, S's in Column B, and the Grades in Column C of the worksheet where i need the median.

I tried the following: =MEDIAN(IF((data!$O$3:$O$200=$B10)+(data!$C$3:$C$200=$C10),data!$I$3:$I$200))

because it is such a large data set, I don't want to go in manually and calculate every median for the specific sets.

Is there a way?

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Multiple Criteria Report
I have a 7-column 'Task' list that I need to query, and extract (preferably to a separate sheet) only those tasks that start 'ON' or 'BEFORE' the queried Date (or date range), AND/OR end 'ON' or 'AFTER' that date.

Column 1 = Dates
Columns 2-4 = Task IDs (ID1, ID2, ID3 - must match as a group)
Column 5 = indicates either Start or End of Task ('S' or 'E')
(each Task has 2 such listings - a Start [s] and an End [E])
columns 6 & 7 = Misc. & Notes (unimportant as identifiers)

So, if a Task (identified collectively by col. 2-4) starts On or Before and ends On or After (col 5) the date (col 1) queried, then that Task should be included in the results list. The tricky thing is that a task that starts long before the queried date and/or ends long after the queried date needs to be included in the results list - therefore 'S' and 'E' (Start/End, col 5) and the 3 Task ID (col. 2-4) must be used along with the date for the query. And, if a task starts (or ends) on the queried date, then its counterpart (S/E) should also be included in the results list (if available).

Tasks List:

Date | Task-ID1 | Task-ID2 | Task-ID3 | S/E | Misc. | Notes

Jan 1 2008 | AA | def | XX | S | B-11 | notes
Jan 1 2008 | FF | xyz | ZZ | S | C-44 | notes
Jan 2 2008 | DD | def | YY | E | J-55 | notes
Jan 2 2008 | GG | abc | CC | S | C-22 | notes
Jan 2 2008 | BB | xyz | DD | S | M-33 | notes
Jan 3 2008 | AA | xyz | CC | S | S-77 | notes
Jan 3 2008 | BB | def | ZZ | E | A-99 | notes
Jan 4 2008 | GG | abc | CC | E | C-22 | notes
Jan 5 2008 | AA | def | XX | E | B-11 | notes
Jan 6 2008 | BB | xyz | FF | S | J-55 | notes
Jan 6 2008 | DD | abc | AA | S | A-99 | notes.............

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Multiple Condition SUM With Or Criteria
I am trying to use an OR condition within a sumproduct formula. Why am I not getting correct results?

(see attached)
I want to sum all costs for each of my PO #s:
If the Rebate Type is IPT, Wireless, or Security, then the result goes in the "Fndtn Ext Cost" column
If the Rebate Type is IPT Advanced, Wireless Advanced, or Security Advanced, then the result goes in the "Adv Ext Cost" column.

The formula I am using is as follows:


But for some reason, even though the OR statement is evaluating to FALSE (I tested it by itself), it's still summing ALL the extended costs for that PO #.

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Counting Using Multiple Criteria
I am trying to count the total number of oil rigs which have revenue in column H (postive or negative revenue, just not zero), revenue in column L, and have the owner name "Transocean" in column B. I'm trying to use this SUMPRODUCT formula but it's not working.

=SUMPRODUCT(--('Golden Source'!H2:H6280),--('Golden Source'!L2:L6280),--('Golden Source'!B2:B628="Transocean"))

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Sum Of Cells With Multiple Criteria
i want to add the cells in column d, if column A=E1, if Column B=F1.

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Sum With Multiple Criteria Without Having To Concatenate
I have data in sheet 1 and sheet 2. Sheet 1 contains a product code and line number and sheet 2 has the corresponding cost.

I want to be able to bring back the cost to sheet 1 without having to concatenate the product and line number.

I'm sure this is possible with a formula, but I am currently stumped.

I pasted the sheet 1 and sheet 2 data below. Note that the sheet 2 data extends the full row and does not wrap.....

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Count Using Multiple Criteria ..
I'm struggling with a simple count problem.

Column "A" has values from 0 to 1000.
Column "B" has values from 1% to 100%

If column "A" is 250 or greater count it.


If column "B" is 50% or greater count it.

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Add Multiple Cell With Two Criteria
i want to know how to add multiple cells with two criteria. here is my example. im using sumif and it works with one criteria, but with two criteria what should i do ?

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Multiple Criteria - SUMPRODUCT
I'm trying to create a budget worksheet that pulls actual data from another sheet within the file for comparison (Budget vs. Actual). There are two criteria: 1) the actual transaction falls into the same category of transaction as the budget line item (e.g., mortgage payment) and 2) the date of the actual transaction matches the month in the budget (e.g., a January or March transaction isn't pulled into the actual data for February budget information). From there, I'd like it to sum any charges or reduce by any deposits for those given criteria.

I've tried numerous things from DSUM, to SUMIF with IF, to SUMPRODUCT.

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Multiple Criteria Configurator
I have a database with multiple columns containing data such as HP, ratio, service factor, etc. Total rows somwhere near 1000. I am attempting to create a configurator, where by the user will select criteria from three drop down menus, HP, Ratio, and Class. Consequently it will return the data from each column in the row from which the specified criteria is met.

I have done this in the past using lookup and offset functions, but I have not had to search based on multiple criteria in multiple columns.

The other issue, is that in some cases there will be two or three selections that meet the criteria. Ideally, I would like the user to see these two or three selections.

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Multiple Criteria Lookup ..?
I'm trying to figure a formula that provides a numerical value when certain criteria are met across a range of cells. The criteria are numerous though and here is where I'm having trouble.

For example, the formula needs to look at Cell A5, then at a range of cells (C5,G5, E5, I5) and depending on the value of those cells provide a predetermine result in Cell K5.

For example, IF (A5 = 'A', and C5=1 or G5=1 or E5=1 or I5 = 1, then P5 must = 15), or if (A5 = 'A', and C5 or G5 or E5 or I5 = 2, then P5 must = 10), or if (A5 = A, and either C5 or G5 or E5 or I5 = 3, then P5 must = 6), or if (A5 = A, and either C5 or G5 or E5 or I5 = 4 then P5 must = 2), or if (A5 = A, and C5 or G5 or E5 or I5 = 5, then P5 must = 1)…….this needs to be duplicated for a list of possiblities.

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Maximum If With Multiple Criteria
I want to find the maximum in column C if Column A = b but I don't want the number if it equals 11 or 9. So, the answer should be 7, but I don't know how to create the correct formula..I'm sure I have to nest a couple of things into an array, but I just can't seem to get it to work.


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Nest If With Multiple Criteria
In (C2+) it should display one of the following results - "Listed", "-" meaning not listed, or "Listing Ended". This is worked out from the corresponding dates to the right of "Selling Status" and in (G2) which contains the current date. So when there is nothing entered in (D2) "Selling Status"(C2) should display "-", if a date is entered into (D2) it should then go to "Listed". This part I’ve managed to accomplish, however, when I try add the next part to the equation, it doesn’t seem to like it.

If "Listing End Date"(E2) is less than the current date(G2), "Selling Status"(C2) should then go to "Listing Ended".

This is the current formula I have (below) which does actually display "Listing Ended" However it also contains the "Listed" which it should over right.

Current Formula - =IF((D2=""),"-","Listed"&IF(E2<G2,"Listing Ended",))

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IF Function With Multiple Criteria

What formula should I use to show "Pass" if a student passed all three subjects, "FAIL" If student did not pass in any subject and "TRY AGAIN" if he passed at least one subject? I can't seem to accurately plot "IF" formula. Should add in "AND" / "OR" as well?

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Looking Up Multiple Criteria For Return
i have a file (attached) with a price for zone and weight. I want to look up the zone, look up thge weight and return the correct price.

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CountIF() On Multiple Criteria ..
i want to use Countif() when 3 ceritera are true

1) Branch Name
2) Status
3) Login Date

can this be done by any mean

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Counting With Multiple Criteria
I have common tasks where I need to sort through large amounts of data to receive a total number of line entries matching multiple criteria in different columns. I've attached a Workbook with a simplified example. On STATS!B1 I would like to total, from DATA!, all lines which have "1A" in A:A and any of the following in E:E (RP, SAO, AE, RSNR).

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Multiple CountIf Criteria
In Excel 2003, I need a countif to check for 2 criteria: (1) the left function looking for the value "Territory" in column A and (2) value > 0 in column G. I only want to count the rows where both the criteria are met. I have tried different combinations of countif including "and" in the formula, but I cannot get it to work. What is the proper syntax?

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Sum With Multiple When Two Ranges Or Criteria Are Met
What I'm looking for is that it ADDS the values, when 2 or more ranges and criteria are met. I don't think it's possible through the SUMIF because it allows "range,criteria,sum_range." But I know there's another way around, if so, please demostrate in a basic formula.

Like.. I have something on A:A (name) and B:B (points), and the formula must meet the 2 ranges & criterias (name & points) to add the values in C:C (money).

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MINIMUM If With Multiple Criteria
I am trying to find the minimum date in column B based on the value in column A and the Maximum date in Column C. I already have a calculation for column C that ignores certain values, i am fine using that date....

On the first sheet, I have....

the "summary of data"

The date in column C is the Maximum value ignoring 3 certain dates (10/10/2030, 11/11/2011, 12/12/2012) I used this formula to find that value.


Now, based on that I need to find in column B the Minimum value based on both the value in Column A (item) and the maximum date already found in colum C (Max)

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Sumproduct With Multiple Criteria
I received an answer to my original question and now have a new question but I wanted to reference my original for the history. I posted my new question at the end of my original thread.


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Sumif - Multiple Criteria
Column A |Column B |Column C
Store_Name| Dates |Revenue_Generated

I want to sum the revenue generated in every row where:
Store_Name = "x"
Dates >= Date1

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Search For Multiple Criteria
I have a spreadsheet with a database search function incorporated. Whilst this works fine, I was wondering if there is a way to combine the current single query searches into one search macro. I have setup a userform called CriteriaSearch that I would like to use to search my database tab. An example search would be:

User requires someone who speaks French (5), is female, has a rank of 3, is available immediately and has notes/keywords/keyphrases of "excellent linguistic and cultural knowledge". The appropriate fields on the userform are populated accordingly. The user selects search and a macro runs to find matching records. To make things slightly easier, the criteria (Language, Gender, Rank etc) all have fixed column references.

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Using Multiple Criteria, Find Value
I have 3 columns:

A has a sequential number
B has a date
C has a date

I want to find the first, second, and third occurrance when the following comes up in my list: B=date, C=blank.

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Dsum On Multiple Criteria
Ihave the following headings in a database. CSAMeeting DateMeeting typeCompanyInhouse Products/FundsJV Product 1JV Product 2VenueSales Manager2nd Manager (JP, KMcI SS)Inv. ManagerFilenote IssuedWorking DayNo. of AttendeesCancelledPack RequiredCompliance Required DivisionReason for no Compliance"Date sent to Compliance""Pack/Literature Used"Pack Path.

i want to use the Dsum to produce the total amount of managers met for a cvertain sales person for a certain type of meeting. I trued thr following but it is returninga #value =DSUM(A27:V1028,13,AND(3=$BH3,9=BI$2,12<>0)). where 13 applies to the number of managers column 3 is the meeting type 9 is the managers name 12 ensures that its only counted if teh meeting note is done.

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Countif Multiple Criteria.
I'm trying to count multiple criteria from a second page in a work book, all the formulas i've looked up and tried do not seem to work... here's the formulas i've tried. DKOBULAR is the name of the 2nd page. D is the column used for the different resolves.


=COUNT(IF(DKOBULAR!D:D="resolveA",IF(DKOBULAR!D:D="resolveB",IF(DKOBULAR!D:D="resolveC",IF(DKOBULAR! D:D="resolveD")))))

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Use Multiple MATCH Criteria?
I have been trying for the last 2 hours to write a formula that does the following;
If a number appears in this table (on another worksheet named VAT Codes) then return VAT but if it appears in this table (on another worksheet named VAT Codes) then return NO VAT. The following formula returns VAT but N/A when it should say NO VAT; =IF(F3="","",IF(MATCH(F3,'VAT Codes'!$I$7:$I$19,FALSE),"VAT",IF(MATCH(F3,'VAT Codes'!$K$7:$K$143,FALSE),"NO VAT","")))

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Function Using Multiple Criteria
Bid Manager Probability of Success Total Fee

cp 25% 675,000
rz 40% 18,383,541
nw 50% 8,700,000
cp 10% 4,500,000
ap 50% 1,200,000
kd 50% 49,500
sl 25% 3,200,000
bc 20% 310,000
sl 20% 3,460,000
nm 30% 6,750,000
at 50% 23,000,000
ap 30% 367,500
rn 40% 13,750,000

I have a list of commodity and percentages of success with fees in the 3rd column
I need a function to count the records with multiple criteria e.g greater than 20% but less than 30%.

Second i need a function when it complies to previous formula it should give fee total pertaining to that count.

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Using Countif With Multiple Corresponding Criteria
what I'm trying to do is to make a logbook for a machining center. Each part has an op10 and an op20, essentially front and back. And each part number falls into the category of OS or FS. I've used AND logic to make tables in hidden columns to be used by a countif statement to determine my totals. I.e. to determine if a scroll is completed, op20 has a a value of 1 AND column C is "OS".

I use
=IF(AND(A9=1;C9="OS");1;" ")
Then I countif criteria is 1 in the column i created with that statement.

That works just fine. Now what I want to do is to be able to create daily totals of OS and FS by simply modifying a variable date in a formula. So I'd like to essentially say: Countif Column C =OS and Corresponding column D = 1, and corresponding Shift date = 10.02.12(date to be variable). I'm at a wall here. Is there any way to do this somewhat simply?

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