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Find Number Of Columns In A Worksheet

I believe this rightmost column number information is available. I just could not find it!

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Find The Number In Columns
I have a number in column “A” and I want to match them with column “D“, the number in column “C” and “D” is true value. find attached sample sheet for more detail.

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Find Matching Number In Two Columns
I want to loop through ID Column and find the matching number in Record No.column, and hightlight the entire row when match is found. The code I am running can only work for one cell at a time, but I want to run one time.

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Search Across A Number Of Rows In A Worksheet And Then Match Against Two Columns
I would like to search across a number of rows in a worksheet and then match against two columns.


Column B Column C

test 10

I would like the function to match against all rows that match against "test" in Column B and then work out which cell in Column C has the highest value

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Creating A Worksheet With Condtional Number Of Columns/rows
I have searched the forum and the 12 pages of results that had the words conditional clumns, but could not find the answer. I am new here so I don't want to ask a question that has been asnwered before. If I missed it I apologize.

I would like to create a spreadsheet that would "automatically" create the proper number of coumns or rows to satisfy a certain set of data. This may be better explained by way of example.

I do financial analysis of real estate. This real estate is say 100 lots today and these lots are going to sell out evenly over a 10 quarter period, or 10 sales per quarter. Simple enough to set up and show the proper cash flow. But lets say I wanted to chnage the sell out period to 8 quarters. Today I would have to manually delete the last two columns. Further let's say I want to run an analysis that has a sell out over 13 quarters. Then I need to add back in the proper number of columns and make sure I correctly copy over the formulas etc.

I'd like a way to have the spreadsheet automatically determine the proper number of columns (or rows) based on a formula that is part of the input data.

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Track A Number Of Expense Items Accross 15 Worksheets With Up To 500 Rows Accross 30 + Columns Per Worksheet
I'm looking to use excel to track a number of expense items accross 15 worksheets with up to 500 rows accross 30 + columns per worksheet. Many of the learned people in this forum have helped me get this far, now I need some more assistance - please.

In my speadsheet I have a vlookup formula that returns a value from another worksheet. Here's an example.=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP($D3,Room_Configs!$A$1:$BO$3006,MATCH(M$1,Room_Configs!$1:$1,0),FALSE)),"",VLOOKUP($D3,Room_Configs!$A$1:$BO$3006,MATCH(M$1,Room_Configs!$1:$1,0),FALSE))

This works brilliantly. Now here comes the tricky part. What I'd like to do is append that formula with another one to do a vlookup on a second worksheet.

If both lookups return a value then I'd like the value of the 1st vlookup returned in the cell. If the value of the 1st vlookup is "0", then I'd like the value of the 2nd vlookup returned, and if the 1st and 2nd vlookup values are blank then a "0" is returned.

The name of the 2nd work sheet is "Non_Network_Equip"

Finally, it would be really great if the font colour for values returned from the 2nd vlookup forumla was blue.

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Find Wont Find Existing Text When Columns/Rows Hidden
Attempting to hide columns (of cities) via VBA generates an error when that same city is reselected (either individually, or as part of the group) in the list box, upon clicking the 'Hide' button.

The error happens at this point: ...

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Worksheet Events: Use A Worksheet Event To Change The Background Of The Current Month Two Columns In The Range To Yellow Color
In cell A1, I have the month number (eg, 1, 2, 3,). The month number reflects current month and will automatically change with every month. For example, right now it’s 6, next month it will automatically change to 7. Each two columns in Range A10:X20 represents the data from January to December. I want to use a worksheet event to change the background of the current month two columns in the range to yellow color and the two columns in the range will be visible when I activate this sheet.

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Macro To Copy Six Specific Columns From One Worksheet To Another Worksheet
What I am trying to do is to write a macro that will automatically copy six columns from worksheet (Sheet 1) to another worksheet (Sheet 2). i.e. ‘Description of Project’, ‘WBS Code’, ‘Rate’, ‘Employee Name’, ‘Premium’, ‘Invoice’, ‘Status’, ‘Total Cumulative Hours’, ‘Total Cumulative Amount’ from Worksheet (from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2)

The problem arises as I know the names of the columns to be copied in Sheet 1 (as details above) but they can be in any order in sheet 1.

In additional the columns ‘Total Cumulative Hours’, ‘Total Cumulative Amount’ are total columns so when they are copied from ‘Sheet 1’ to ‘Sheet 2’ their values should be copied as opposed to the formulas

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To Copy And Paste Two Columns From A Worksheet To Another Worksheet Simultaneously
I would like to copy and paste two columns from a worksheet to another worksheet simultaneously. I would like to have a macro to do this function.

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Match 2 Columns To 2 Seperate Worksheet Columns
Now i have one excel sheet with two separet sheets in it ( Sheet 1 ) and ( Sheet 2 ) . I have in sheet 1 a column A with material codes and ColB is discreption and Col C IS Prices . But in Sheet 2 Col D is materila Code and Col I is a price .

the recordes in sheet 1 are around 11000 but in sheet 2 are around 2200 where the sheet 2 has a specific materials from sheet 1 .

Now i want to update the prices in sheet 2 from sheet 1 for each item after confirm that the materila code in sheet 2 equal in sheet 1 so copy the price from sheet 1 to sheet 2

Sheet 2 is old prices and sheet 1 has new prices so i need update the new prices in sheet 2

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Find Keyword In Worksheet- Copy Entire Row To Another Worksheet
I am looking for a solution to an otherwise very tedious problem.

I have an Excel WorkBook with 100 WorkSheets.

Each Worksheet has a unique identifying label - "Requirement Number"

Within each worksheet is free form text data of the following categories: ...

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Seperating NUMBER TEXT NUMBER Into Different Columns
What If we had to replace any number..
Lets say, if we had to seperate NUMBER TEXT NUMBER in different combinations....
B2 contains values like these then

TOM CRUISE 123456789
123456789 TOM CRUISE
123 TOM CRUISE 456

[ = SUBSTITUTE(B2,"1234567890","") ]

I am at my wit's end pondering over it?

How to make the SUBSTITUTE function work for each individual digit?

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Formatting Worksheet: Re-adjust The Worksheet To Make It More User Friendly Based On Number Of Rows In Current Sheet
I have a worksheet with 30,000 rows. But sometimes even if I have fewer records in this worksheet(lets say 1000) worksheet shows the same 30,000 rows.And its annoying when you try to navigate using vertical scroll bar. Is there any option to re-adjust the worksheet to make it more user friendly based on number of rows in current sheet.

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Find Cell Value Row Number & Use For Column Number
to update these values via a form in this sheet. I can find the correct row to be edited by entering a value from column A and B. The problem is if I want display the values of that row first and then change it. If I want to change row 10 data how can I bring back the value in ROW 3 AND THE COLUMN VALUE? The next step would be to do the actual update if I want to change ROW 10 to "Ooi" and a sales value of 200?

This is what I have done so far:

Dim myRows As Integer

With Sheets("Mrt")

'Retrieve history information for row
For myRows = 4 To 49
If comboxDay.Text = Range("A" & myRows).Value And textboxdescription.Text = Range("B" & myRows).Value Then
textboxbedrag.Text = Range("C" & myRows).Value
chkBTW_Ja.Value = Range("D" & myRows).Value
txtNota.Text = Range("S" & myRows).Value
End If
End With

Picture attached to show how sheet looks like.

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Find Field Values In One Worksheet But Not In Second Worksheet
Starting with one worksheet with end date as one of the columns. I filtered the worksheet with end date > (certain date) and copied the results to a second work sheet.

The original worksheet has all courses with end dates from 1998 to 2009. The second worksheet has all courses with end dates > 2004.

How do I find out which courses have end < 2004. But do not also have an end date > 2004.

What I am trying to do is determine which courses are not longer being used since 2004.

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Copying Few Columns From One Worksheet To New Worksheet
I have one worksheet from which i need to copy only few columns (Ex column A,B, D,G...need not be in sequence.....) to a new sheet.can you please help me to write a macro for this.In addition: Do we need to specify the number of rows in column or is there any way to get data till the end of column automatically.

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Using InStr To Find Number Within A Number?
I work for a store and we're migrating to a new Point of Sale system. The new POS uses the entire UPC code while our existing one uses only partial UPCs, so I have to update from the partial to the full. ex. Partial 3378093 - Full 0033780935

The partial UPC will always be included in the full UPC, the difference is the dropped leading zeros (and possibly other numbers) and the check digit number at the end. What I have is a spreadsheet with with two worksheets (Old, New) - one has our old UPCs and other information, the other has the new, full UPCs and more information we'll need. What I want to do is write a function that will search through the full list of new UPCs to find the one with the old UPC inside it and return the full UPC. InStr seems the right function to do this - correct?

The part I'm having trouble with is writing something that will search through the full column of new UPCs using InStr. I've searched through the forum for a similar situation but the few I've found aren't working or appropriate. I don't want to include any code I've written because 1) it doesn't work and 2) it would be way too embarassing!

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Find Ranges Between 2 Columns
I have a 3 column table that goes:

FROM: /// TO: /// Value
0 /// 25,000 /// x
25,001 /// 50,000 /// y
50,001 /// 75,000 /// z

etc etc.

I then have another table ( 2 columns) with the first column being inputed values from another worksheet. This inputted number will fall between one of the ranges. The second column needs to have the appropriate VALUE from the above, 3 column table.

How do I go about making a Vlookup that can find ranges between 2 columns?
So if I have a value of 30,000, it will return "y".

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Find And Match Between Two Columns
I have records on columns A and B. I need to find the matches between the two columns and insert it into column C. My sample only shows a few. But my actual data has hundreds of records.

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Find Matches In Columns
I have two lists of email addresses in columns and I need to find the matches between columns and have those addresses returned to perhaps a third column.

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Find Hidden Columns
How to find out which columns are hidden on a worksheet that has ~20 columns using VBA.

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Add The Number In Columns Together
If I have a number in A1, and another number in B1, what formula should I use to add them together?

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Find And Replace Based On Columns
Here is the problem: A1 contains : current model numbers, B and C contain new model numbers and corresponding old part numbers. Based on Column B and C I need it to go through and find all the old part numbers in column A and reaplce it with the new part numbers: Here is my table:

Current # NEW AFS# current #

For example, I need it to find all instances of "10773650" (first data in column A) and look in column C to find the corresponding number if it exists, if it does exist I need it to be replaced by the corresponding data in column B

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Find The Last Row In Sheet Containing Any Data In The Columns
I would like to find the last row in my sheet containing any data in the columns A:O and select the cells in the range of A:O to that last row. I would then like the code to name this selected range as IMPORT.

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Use Find To Search Columns By Default??
It always hassles me to have to change the default setting of FIND to search by Columns instead of Rows.

My question is simple: Is it possible to change the default setting so that every time I use FIND it will search by Columns by default???

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VBA: Find Text In Rows And Columns
i am trying to write a macro to find the text "total" in the first row and first column. and this macro works fine for first row:

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Find Matching Words In Two Columns
I have a spreadsheet with 65000 potential client surnames in column c, with contract details in neighbouring columns. I have also a spreadsheet of 6000 actual client surnames. I would like to search the large spreadsheet to make sure that none of the clients are contained in it, or if some are to highlight them.

Do I use advanced filter or vlookup? I use excel 2000 and due to the size of the first spreadsheet it takes 6 minutes to open/save e.t.c.

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Find Common Numbers Between 2 Columns
I need to find out common numbers between columns. Each column has multiple number entries seperated by a comma. For example:

Column A: "5592,12222" and Column B: "1,2,3,4,5592,123123" and Column C: "3, 4"

I need to find out any numbers that are found in more than 1 column. Hence, the result should be something like "3,4,5592". If no match is found then maybe can indicate by coloring the cell. My data is over 50,000 rows and 30 columns. I need to do this for each row one by one.

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Compare Values In 2 Columns And Find Corresponding Value In 3rd
I have gone through various posts but am unable to get the answer. What I'm trying to do is find if a value (text or number) in Col. A exists anywhere in Col C. and if it does, find the corresponding entry in Col. D and paste it back against the value of Col. A in Col. B. To explain better I have attached a sample excel file Ex1. In the file, the entry "sun" in Col A is present in Col C and the corresponding value in Col D is 24 which should be pasted back against "sun" in Col B.

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Find, Compare And Delete From 2 Columns
I an using Excel 2003. In that i am having 2 columns (A&B). I need to take each value from Column A and search that cell value in Column B. If it is not found in Column B then delete the cell data in Column A. Then take the next cell data in Column A. Find operation and delete if not found. Do it for entire rows in column A. Then repeat that for Column B also. So my final result will be the same cell value in Column A and B. I need VBA code.

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Find Empty Cell Across Columns
I am trying to find the last cell across the columns in a specific row. i can do it going down using


but can not get it to work going across.

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Find In 2 Columns, Compare And Delete
I an using Excel 2003. In that i am having 2 columns (A&B). I need to take each value from Column A and search that cell value in Column B. If it is found in Column B then delete the cell data in Column A. Then take the next cell data in Column A. Find operation and delete if found. Do it for entire rows in column A. Then repeat that for Column B also. So my final result contains uncommon cell value in Column A and B. I need VBA code.

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Columns Of Numbers (add 3 To Each Number)
I have a column with all different numbers. I need to add 3 to each number. Ex. 12.46 needs to change to 15.46. This can be done in the same column or a different column. Doesn't matter. I just need to add 3 to each number in the column. Right now I'm typing them in :o

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Insert Certain Number Of Columns
somehow i managed to do this at first and then forgot to save my personal work book and cant remember how to do it.

What it is, is if cell A1 has a certain phrase in it ie Customer Reference then i want to insert four columns before it so it ends up in cell E1.

The other thing which i never managed to do is. I have 5 workbooks. master, book 1-4. I want to past all info in columns A:T from Book 1-4 into Master in the next available row.

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Sum The First 12 Columns After The First Positive Number
I need a formula that will look at a row (say row 1) starting in column F. When the first positive value appears in the row, the formula will then sum that value and the next 11 columns in the same row. So for example, starting in row 1 column F - here is an example list of values

0 0 0 0 3 4 3 2 0 4 8 7 9 0 9 0 6 4 2 2 0 8 7
The total would be 49 (start summing at the first 3 (which would be column J)and finish with the 0 (which would be column U))

Lets assume the formula is in column AZ, row 1 and I then need to drag it down

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Select Columns By Number
an equivalent to the code


for columns. I don't want to use the A, B notation but rather, column numbers.

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Cannot Unhide Columns In A Worksheet
The workbook contains 5 worksheets, 4 of which will unhidden just fine; the remaining worksheet ("AnnualBudget" refuses to unhide columns AD to IV. Of course, this is the sheet that contains data in those hidden cells and I cannot get to the data. The sheet is unprotected and all freeze panes removed.

I have copied this sheet to a new sheet in the same workbook:

If I copy only formulas and number formats, the new sheet has all columns unhidden. If I copy formats, I have the same issue with the new worksheet. It’s like these columns are forever locked from view.

FYI I am using Excel 2007 with a 2003 compatability worksheet

A copy of the workbook is attached. Any idea what’s happening?

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Macro-worksheet That Has Several Columns
I have a worksheet that has several columns.

Column C = Project numbers with a validation list to choose from ("PN1, PN2, PN3, PN4")
Column D = Expense Category with a validation list to choose from ("ODC, TVL, MAT")
Column E = The account number that is associated with each specific project number/expense.

Now for several projects, the ODC and MAT go on the same account number. But on another ODC and MAT have their own account numbers.

For Example,

If PN1 / ODC then E = 1.001
If PN1 / MAT then E = 1.001
If PN1 / TVL then E = 1.002
If PN2 / ODC then E = 2.001
If PN2 / MAT then E = 2.001
If PN2 / Mat then E = 2.002
If PN3 / ODC then E = 3.001
If PN3 / MAT then E = 3.002
If PN3 / TVL then E = 3.003

The range of the rows are 4 thru 500.

Is there a way to write a macro to automatically populate the account number in Column E based on the criteria selected in columns C and D?

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Filter A Worksheet By Certain Columns
I'm trying to filter a worksheet by certain columns but am not sure how to use the criteria range so a lil help would be appreciated!

for the columns: N,O,P,Q,R

I want to exclude rows with the values "N, N, N, 0, 0" under those columns.

How would i construct the criteria for that?

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Matching The Value Of Two Columns In Different Worksheet
I have a problem in my list cheking. I have two sheets in my attached excel file. I have mordified for my own job security purpose. I need to check the individual cells of "parent" column in "Missing Asset" with "parent" column of "Asset" worksheet. It means, presence of cell text of A2 of "Missing Asst" sheet has to be checked with "A" Column of "Asset" sheet. If A2 text is present in "A" Column of "asset" sheet then "Y" should appear in B2 cell of "Missing Asset" sheet. Else "N". Its just Column text checking wothin two work sheet & then identify the cell which is not match. I guess "VLOOK" can work. Is it not?

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Copy Columns From One Worksheet To Another
I have a workbook with 20 worksheets. I want to start from any worksheet and run a macro that will copy some columns (A:E) from another worksheet called TABLE1 into columns I:M of worksheet I was originally in. I don't want to specify which worksheet I am in when I start as they are all called different names and I want the generic macro to run from any sheet. I simply want the macro to register the worksheet I am in when I run the macro as the reference sheet, and copy columns/data from TABLE1 into the correct columns of the worksheet.

I would then select the next worksheet - run the macro again - and it would copy the same columns from TABLE1 into the worksheet I am in. I know the following is not right, but what I have so far is =


this successfully goes to TABLE1 sheet and copies columns A:E but does not go back to the sheet I was originally in - I don't know how to code so it knows what the starting sheet was - it tends to either fail or copy the columns back into TABLE1 sheet.

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Loop Through All Columns Of A Worksheet
I am OK to set values to the third row of "Loop Folder" from a column in " T" but I haven't figured out how to capture the remaining 22 columns of this worksheet.

Workbooks("Loop Folder.xls").Sheets("Sheet1"). Range("A3").FormulaR1C1 = Workbooks("B .xls").Sheets(" T").Range("C5").FormulaR1C1

Workbooks("Loop Folder.xls").Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B3").FormulaR1C1 = Workbooks("B .xls").Sheets(" T").Range("C6").FormulaR1C1

Workbooks("Loop Folder.xls").Sheets("Sheet1").Range("C3").FormulaR1C1 = Workbooks("B .xls").Sheets(" T").Range("C16").FormulaR1C1.............

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Find The Highest Manager From 2 Columns Of Data
In the attched sheet I have a list of employee ID's in column A and the Employee's Line manager ID in Column B. In Column C I need the Line Manager at the top of the pile so to speak. These line managers are listed in column J (J2:J6)

At the moment I have been writing formulas accross 11 columns (there are 11 possible levels) to check the line managers ID in Column A and see if their line manager is in the top manager list, I do this formula for all 11 columns until the line manager in the list is found. If the Line Manager is in the list I simply repeat it for the next columns. The end result is that in the 11th column all employees will have one of these Line Managers from the Top List in their row.

Is this possible to do through VBA? I have thought about how I could do this through VBA but I have just hit a brick wall.

I'm not asking for someone to do all of this for me but if someone could give me a couple of hints around how to look up a value in a list through VBA and if it is even possible to repeat that process per line until the match is found, that would be great.

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Find In The Win, Loss, Draw Columns When There Is No Entry
I m trying it out I find in the Win, Loss, Draw columns when there is no entry the formula leaves a 1 when there should be a 0 in the Draw column.

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Find Identical Item, Look For True 2 Columns Over
I’m putting together a blackjack odds calculator. I could use some help with a formula. If I have an A,7 (ace low) it needs to return a 0 (or false) for a “Possible Hand” because further down the column A,7 (ace hi) has a true “End Hand Total”

I was going to use an IF and a VLOOKUP (looking lower on the column), but then I cannot sort the column. Is there a formula that will find the hand and check for true 2 columns over from identical hand. There are 169 starting hand combinations. The attached worksheet only has 31 – for simplification.

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Formula To Find Similar Data In Columns
I need help creating a formula to find data in one column that starts with different letters and counts them up.

For example one column would contain the words amoung others:

In the other column I want to count up the amount of times a word starts with the letter D or E or Y. The count comes from another spreadsheet, which the CMRF Tool (See attachment) is pasted at the bottom of.

The Monthly case report file is the file I want to get the count from. These would come from Column O once the data is there. The count would end up in column D of the CMRF tool which is pasted at the bottom of the monthly case report file.

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Find A Value Based On Criteria In Columns And Rows
I have a workbook in which I have two sheets. One sheet is a report and the other is a data dump. The data dump has headers in in column A starting in cell A6 and headers in row 5 starting in cell B5. There is then data going from B6:J20.

In my report I then I have same setup with headers in column A and row 5. The difference is that the headers are not in the same order as the dump. What formula could I use that would look for the two headers in my report sheet and then match it with the value in the data dump that uses the same two headers?

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Find Similar Words Between 2 Columns & Move To Same Row
I have two different lists that have some similar text and some irrelevant text. What I need to do is move the matching words from column B to the same row in column a and leave blank the rows that have no similar words. Column A will not move ...

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Find The Last Row Without Data In Columns E And F And Delete The 10 Rows Below Them
I'm trying to come up with a formula to find the last row without any data in columns E and F and delete the 10 rows below them. Is there a way to do this?

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Compare 2 Columns To Find Unmatched Values
Is there a function to compare 2 columns to find all of the values from one column that are not in the other column? Basically my data looks like this:
........................ 25-1...........22-2
.........................33 .............457

I have another list of data (just the numbers like columnB) that I want to put in column C and see what is in column C that isn't in column B. The numbers will be arranged in a different order, and there will be data in column B that isn't in column C. What I need to do is find out what is in column C that isn't in column B so that I can go back and define what procedure they fit into (that is a seperate process).

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