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Count Empty Cells VBA

I am trying to count empty cells in the range from the macro.

Idea is to count empty cells in one row, but cells to be counted are discontinued (range A10:A15, A25:A30. ETC....). Other difficulty is that I can not define the range exactly like this, but I have to use ActiveCell.Offset (0,10) or ActiveCell.Offset(0,11) etc...
ActiveCell is A1.

I tried something like this, but it does not work since I can not define the range correctly.

Dim c
Dim numBlanks
numBlanks = 0
For Each c In Range("ActiveCell.Offset (0,10):ActiveCell.Offset(0,15)")
If c.Value = "" Then
numBlanks = numBlanks + 1
End If
Next c

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How To Count Non-empty Cells?
I have like 20 columns. I wonder if there is an Excel formula that will count all the non-empty cells across 20 columns. For example, if there are 10 non-empty cells from row B1 to U1 then enter 10 in the result cell A1 and so on down the number of rows. Or, on the other hand, count all the blank or empty cells from B1 to U1.

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Count Empty Cells
My Data in Col C
nad i make if formula


the result is


i want to count Non Empty Cell here my case from F2:F11
i use


it gives me 10
Why it gives me 10
while the result should be 7
and what is the good Solution for it

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Count Blank Empty Cells
I am looking for a formula to count the number of blank cells between the cell I am in and the first non-blank cell to the left.

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Function To Count Numbers Excluding Empty Cells
Is there a function that will count a column of numbers where that will eliminate counting empty cells based on a certain date that will also capture any numbers that is added after refreshing the table from Access? I have attached a spreadsheet for an example. I need to count on the number in column V that equals 13 for the date of 12/22/09.

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Count Empty Column Cells For Each Group Of Values
see attached workbook.

I'm attempting to count the empty cells in column C which correspond with the project reference shown in column A. I only want to perform this calculation where the project numbers change (see desired results in column D).

Am struggling with finding a way to define the different range of rows for each project ref within the formula. The full sheet has over 6000 rows and 1500 project refs.

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Count Of Dates Less Than Current & Corresponding Cells Aren't Blank/Empty
I have a formula '= COUNTIF(A1:A5,"<"&TODAY())' that counts the number of expired dates in one column. I want to include a second condition to this formula that will check if another column of dates are blank then they should not be counted. So if for example a1:a2 have expired dates, and b1:b2 have both got dates then they should be included in the count.

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"counta" Count Empty Cells
I am working with output that I copied from SPSS into Excel. I want to use "counta" to count the number of cells in particular rows or columns that have data in them.

I have used "counta" successfully in the past. However, this time it is counting the blank cells as well as those that contain data. When I click on one of the "blank" cells in Excel, nothing shows up in the formula bar.

Why is Excel counting the empty cells?

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Count "empty" Cells
I need to compile stats on how many personnel are at work each day. If they are available the cell has no data in it. To do this I am using a VBA program (from your pages) which counts gemptyh cells and it works great, BUT, because the Excel spreadsheet is used by a number of my managers, when they change, erase data in the cells, some of them fill the blanks in with white while others choose the no fill option to create gblank cellsh. This means that if I set the program to count &#8211;4142 no fill, it will only count those, not white cells and vice versa. Can I modify the VBA program to count both? Can I reset gwhiteh cells to no fill? I have pasted the VBA I use below and it would be great if there was a way just to modify it to count white and no fillcc..

Function CountByColor(InRange As Range, _
WhatColorIndex As Integer, _
Optional OfText As Boolean = False) As Long
' This function return the number of cells in InRange with
' a background color, or if OfText is True a font color,
' equal to WhatColorIndex.
Dim Rng As Range
Application.Volatile True ..............................

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Returning The Contents Of A Non-empty Cell In A Range Of Empty Cells
I have a long range of cells (U3:AX3), all of which are empty save one. Is there a way to search through the range of cells, and return the contents of the one cell that contains text?

I would do this with a series of nested IF statements if there weren't more than 30 of them!

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Make Formula Cells Empty Rather Than Empty Text
Is it possible to make a cell "really" blank/empty based on an If statement? For instance:


Has a value_if_false of "". But Excel interprets this a bit differently than a cell that never had anything typed into it.

So if you have a column full of this formula copied down, and hit <control+down arrow>, you will go straight to the bottom and skip over all rows. Whereas if you have a column with values and empty cells alternating and hit <control+down arrow>, you will only skip the empty cells and go to the next value. Excel treats the conditionally empty cells as if they have a value, when it comes to this type of navigation. This holds even if you copy and paste "Values" for the cells over the formulas.

Is there any way to tell Excel to make the cells truly empty?

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Deleting Empty Rows / Empty Cells
I need to write a macro which checks cells in one column and if the cell is empty it deletes the whole row (which contains the cell).

I tried this code but it doesn't delete all rows with empty cells:

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Count/Average Number Of Specified Name Where Corresponding Cell Is Not Blank/Empty
sumif problem but it wont work with a countif or average if.

Column A has various names and Column B has amounts, what I need is to count the number of occurances "John Smith" has an amount in Column B. The previous formula I tried was

=sumif(A:A,"John Smith",B:B) but with either countif or averageif it errors too many arguements.

I wasn't sure if Dcount or an array would be suitable but have not used them before.

Pivot tables I'm sure will be the future with this but haven't got to the foot of that mountain yet.

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Empty Looking Cells Not Empty
I have a recordset that I get from Access and dump it onto an Excel spreadsheet. Many cells look empty but when I run a macro that depends on if these cells are empty it considers them not to be empty. Does anyone know what Access is putting in these empty cells?

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Color Cells Based On Adjacent Cells Being Empty & Add Text
Im trying to make my life a bit easier, by adding a few macros and formulas to the spreadsheet (Everything was done completely manually before I got here!!!).
What I would like to do is take two columns, which contain a start and end time for work shifts, and colour them GREEN once I have entered a name in the Worker column (Along side the two with the time), and also to fill a cell with a Yes or a No. Im aware of auto conditioning, and Ive tried to have a play to get this to work, but I just cant work it out.
I have posted a link to an image which shows what I want. I hope I've explained it well enough!

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Fill Empty Column Cells With Reference To Adjacent Cells
I would like a macro that when run, finds empty cells in a column within the used range and fills them with the same formula in the other cells in the same column but relative to the row.

I have a basic understanding of VBA so if someone can set me on the right track i'll have a go myself as i appreciate this would take a while to write out from scratch.

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Lock Empty Cells In Range Based On Other Cells Content
I am trying to lock the unused cells in 32, 2 column by 7 row named ranges, based on whether or not two cells, above each range are equal or less than each other. In other words while one of the cells is less than or equal to the second cell all cells in the range below should be unlocked, as soon as that condition is no longer true the blank cells need to be locked.

I am trying to use this in the Workbook_Sheetcalculate so that the macro will run automatically.

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Count Formula: Count Cells In Column That Are Graeter Than 160
I want to count cells in column AA that are graeter than 160, and in column N = "RM" and in column A = "CBP". Can't seem to get this right.

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Ingoring Empty Cells When Adding Cells
I want to add across columns, which is not so difficult but I have to "ignore" the blank cells because of the way my formula works.

I'm not sure of the correct mathematical term for the addition I have to do but here is my example:

in this row are the values

1 2 3 4 5

In the row below I want to add the numbers so the result is

1 3 6 10 15

basically, a cell is always adding itself to the result of the sum from the previous cells. This formula I can handle, (=A2+B1 then autofill the results by dragging the formula across the empty cells) but when there are blank cells between values I get the error message! value. How can I write a formula which will ignore the empty cells?

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Fill Empty Cells With Cells Above
I have a situation where I am trying to copy to blank cells. All the data is in Column A. In Column A there are Account numbers that are attached to dates in Column B and Transaction Amounts in Columns C & D.

If there are multiple dates with transactions, then Column A does not repeat, but is blank until the next Account number. I am trying to have the Account number fill in the blank cells until the next Account number. I have a macro that runs and picks up the Account number and then copies the data in Columns B - D. However, the blank cells are messing up the macro.

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Hiding Cells If Empty
I was wondering what would be the best way to go about hiding either rows or columns based on whether a particular cell is empty or not. The reason being, I want a graph and table to only display data when present.

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Warn When Cells Are Empty
a code, that looks at range "A" (xls down) and then goes over that amount of columns in "I" and warns if there are any blank cells and ends the macro if so.

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Exclude Empty Cells
I have this calculation which works fine if all cells have a value. But it will happen that cells in the range are empty.

=SUMPRODUCT(--(1*LEFT('Courses input'!C4:D6,1)-C3<=0), --(1*MID('Courses input'!C4:D6,3,1)>=2))/E3

What can i do to exclude empty cells in the range from calculation?

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Extract Non-empty Cells
I need to do this in Excel: - to extract non-empty cells

source range

target range

(1D, length of source can vary, [blank] cells can be present/absent, horiz/vertical)
I'd like to achieve the above using built-in Excel functions, with or without sorting.

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Add Character Into Empty Cells
I've got a worksheet from a contact details with some empty cells in it, since not everyone has fax number or POBOX, therefore that particular cell is left empty.

Is there any way to replace or put a "-" dash character or whatever into that empty cell so that the exported CSV file is not left with too many trailing commas ?

I'm looking forward for the reply.

[this CSV is to be use by Exchange Server 2007 Powershell script to import Mail-Contact from a CSV file, that's why not all of the contact entity has the parameter defined]

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Delete Empty Cells Only
There are 5 worksheets in a workbook one (Names) has 10 columns,
200 rows, I need to eliminate all blanc cells on this worksheet,
to make a list.
I don't want delete entire row,
only the empty cells in each column.
All rows have data but in different columns.

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Deleting Empty Cells ...?
Is there a way to delete empty cells, without having to do each one individually. I have 10,000 numbers with about 500 empty cells. I did a search, but found nothing...

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If Statement Look At Various Cells If Empty
How I might be able to create an IF statement that would look at various cells and if empty, would go to the next indicated cell, ect, until it found data and then conduct the sum analysis indicated in my formula below.

The cells identified in my formula, which look for "", I want to skip to the next as stated above if empty.


The problem with this formula is that if J4 is empty, it stops and does not continue on...

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Check The Cells Are Empty
I have a number of worksheets, each sheet is set up like a data entry form, at the bottom of which is a command button that takes them to the next worksheet based on a value in a cell. what i want to do is before it takes them to the next worksheet it checks a selection of cells, if any of which are blank it shows an error message and wont allow them to continue, better still the cell that is blank it high lights with a red border.

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Referencing Empty Cells?
I have set up a spreadsheet in order to track and calculate the number of students we teach at our organization. It is running prohibitively slow when entering new data. On one sheet each individual session is entered (the school, program, date, number of hours etc.) This is the Session worksheet.

On the next sheet(the Program worksheet) the maximum number of students for each unique program (this is usually a combination of school and the program) is calculated to ensure we are not counting students we teach weekly as new students. This is calculated using a formula:

"Session!G:G" = the unique program name on the Session worksheet.
"Program!A2" = the unique program name on the Program worksheet.
"Session!D:D" = the number of students in that individual session...........

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AutoFill Above In Empty Cells
how to find the next empty cell and then copy the data down, however; I am trying to do almost the opposite. I need to be able to click on a cell and have that cell's data copied above it until there isn't another empty cell. I will attach a small portion of my worksheet for viewing. Column A has account numbers and Column B has the brand of product. Unfortunately when I imported this data into excel from our software program it lists all the brands and then the account number is listed on the last row of brands.

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Copy Row Above In Empty Cells
Suppose I have a column with a lot of different hours in each cell. I have already inserted a blank line between each cell in this columm and know I need to repeat the hour just above the blank cell onto the blank cell,like the example below:

Present worksheet:

00:08:32 8765.987 7654.876
xxxxx blank linexxxxx
01:35:41 123.456 9876.543
xxxxx blank linexxxxx

Future worksheet:

00:08:32 8765.987 7654.876
00:08:32 7654.876 xxxxxxxxx
01:35:41 123.456 9876.543
01:35:41 9876.543 xxxxxxxxx

So, in brief steps, I need to:
1. insert blank lines between each row
2.copy the content of the cell of the first column (just above the blank line) to the cell just below it, in order to repeat the time
3.copy the content of the cell of the third column (just above the blank line) to the cell in column 2 (on the blank cell in column 2 of the blank line just created)

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Select Non Empty Cells
How do I select all the NON EMPTY CELLS in a column?


How do I select all the NON EMPTY CELLS in a range?

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VBA: Don't Want To Graph Empty Cells
I am making a program that several people are going to be inputting data into.

I selected a huge range to ge graphed, so people could simply add their data and it would atomatically appear on the chart. The problem is, that I don't know how much data I am going to get in total. I want to select a range, but only have it appear on the chart if the cells are not empty (I don't want a ton of empty slots on my chart).

This is the basic idea I was trying to work with even though this particular one is not correct. I am trying to set my range only equal to the cells that do not = 0.

ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 12").Activate

Set graphdata = (Range("F30:IT31") <> "")

ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Data").Range(graphdata), PlotBy _

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Copy Non Empty Cells
I am in the middle of writing a complex loop macro..
and need to be able ask it to only copy over information if a cell has any value/word in it..

I know how to write if it doesnt have a value
i.e do while activecell = ""..

But what if the ceel has any value.. i.e even if its letters/numbers and they are never the same..

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Color Empty Cells
I am having a problem in selecting empty cells were some of them are numbers... does anyone knows how to filter the numbers as well. In one column I want to mark with colors the empty cells, in this column we can find cells with text and others with numbers, so when my marcos arrives to those that have numbers I have an Error message.

Sub Colour()
dercell_conver = Range("I65500").End(xlUp).Row
For j = 4 To dercell_conver
If Cells(j, 9) = "" And Cells(j, 9) <> "#" Then
Range("I" & j).Select
With Selection.Interior
.ColorIndex = 38
.Pattern = xlSolid
End With
End If
Next j
End Sub

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If A Range Of Cells Is Empty...
=IF( SUM(S7:Y7)="","",SUM(S7:Y7)) - Produces 0
=IF(SUM(S7:Y7)="0","",SUM(S7:Y7)) - Still Produces 0

What I am trying to do is if ALL cells S7 thru Y7 are blank then be blank otherwise sum them. I've used this on a single cell, but not to test a range of cells. What I use for a single cell would be like this...

=IF(S7="","",S7) - Will not produce 0 if the cell is blank, just leaves it blank.

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Format Empty Cells
data is stored in the rota sheet, rota number in coloum B and the name in coloum C the code compares the contents of colum b in rota sheet to coloum B in the other sheets then the name from coloum c in rota sheet is inserted next to the corisponding rota number for the next 7 days. i want the cells in sheet monday tuesday ect to format themselves to yellow if the name is omited in the rota sheet i cant seem to get the code to jump to col when the cell is empty i've highlited in red the parts giving me a problem unfortunatly i cant upload the sheet as its over the size limit

Sub FIND()
WORK = 0
DA = 0
Line = 0
RO = RO + 1
RA = ("B") & RO
ROTA = ActiveCell
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Activate
Name = ActiveCell
If RO = 200 Then Goto Quit
Line = Line + 1
TREE = ("b") & Line
If ActiveCell = ROTA Then Goto NAMED
If Line >= 200 Then GoSub LIST
If DA = 8 Then Goto START
Goto LIN
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Activate
ActiveCell = Name
If Name = ("") Then GoSub COL


Goto GH
Exit Sub
Line = 0
DA = DA + 1
If DA = 1 Then Sheets("SUNDAY").Activate
If DA = 2 Then Sheets("MONDAY").Activate
If DA = 3 Then Sheets("TUESDAY").Activate
If DA = 4 Then Sheets("WEDNESDAY").Activate
If DA = 5 Then Sheets("THURSDAY").Activate
If DA = 6 Then Sheets("FRIDAY").Activate
If DA = 7 Then Sheets("SATURDAY").Activate

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Pivot Table Chaos: Blank Cells Return 0, Empty Cells Return Nothing
Hi, I desperately need help with a pivot-table and can't find anyone else who's ever had this problem...I have a very large healthcare data table which for simplicity I will describe as follows. In essence the first two columns respectively are (A) location and (B) month. Let's say the third column (C) is the number of cases of the disease kidpox treated in each health centre during that month. The fourth column (D) is the total number of cases of everything treated during that month in each clinic. The fifth column (E) is the proportion of cases of this disease over all consultations for each health centre and month, and the formula in E2 is .....

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Count One Cell And Then Count 52 Cells Later...
I'm a newbie to these forums, but I had a question that I couldn't find an answer to in the search feature. So, I joined and here I go....

I have a whole lotta data (nearly 600 "pages" of data) that I pasted into Excel. Unfortunately, it's formatted poorly and I'd like to make it nice and purty.

What I started to do was to create a 2nd sheet and then do an "=" and then click the spot with the 'group name' and then another "=" underneath it and then clicked the spot with the 'premium' info, etc.

After a couple of these, I figured that I could simply make a formula to help me out with it. Please see the attached screen captures for some detail on my issue.

Can someone help me create a formula or a way to count a certain cell and then 52 cells underneath it and display it?

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Counting Empty Cells To The Left
I am trying to count the # of empty cells to the left. I trying to work out how many days since an employee has missed. In this worksheet, a letter is placed in the cell corresponding to the day they missed. And I need to count backwards from a date (say: July 31st) to the last day with a letter in it.

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Enter Date If Cells Not Empty
I'm having a hard time putting this into words, so I'll try to make it simple.

I have a list with cells b1 thru f1 empty.

If one or more of those cells becomes populated, I want today's date to show up in cell g1.

Yes, the user could enter the date manually, but apparently that's too difficult for some people.

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Min Formula Excluding Any 0's Or Empty Cells
I have tried a number of different ones from my search of this forum but I'm getting an error. here is a sample of my spreadsheet.

I want it to give me the lowest number, I don't want it to look at the 0's or if the cell is blank.
Here is my formula and my error:

my error is #num!

I've also tried others including using the MIN function but either 0 is entered or the error above.


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How Do I Keep From Printing Blank/Empty Cells
My work book developes text based on a series of answers. Some areas only apply to certian senarios. How do I keep from printing the 0 value feilds?

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Returning First And Last Non-empty Cells Of Column
Ok, so I have a column of data in 24hr time format over a 24hr period from noon thru midnight and back to noon again. It has been necessary to make some of the cells in the column blank, and I am having difficulty extracting the first and last non-blank entries of the column (basically I want the earliest and latest time in that specific 24hr period). The time data is in order, so for example, some of the first values in the column are 14:30, 21:10, and 22:40, while some of the last values in the column are 02:20, 05:50, and 11:00, therefore the values I require are 14:30 and 11:00.

Any help that anyone can give on this matter would be greatly appreciated, but until then I guess I will keep plodding through the help sites and playing with formula until I spontaneously combust.

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Unlock Blank/Empty Cells
Is it possible to unlock Blank or Empty cells within a Range?

" for example; all cells in the range (A1:F10) > 0 .locked = False "

I have some code from something simmilar i have added below:

Sub test_Click()

Dim rngTemp As Range

For Each rngTemp In Range("grey").Cells
If len(rngtemp.value) > 0 Then
LockMatchedCells rngTemp, Range("against")

End Sub

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Comparing Text If Some Cells Can Be Empty
I need to compare some cells, but sometimes one or two cells can be empty (but sometimes none of them)

e.g. A1 = January
B1 =
C1 = January
D1 = January
E1 =

and I need to compare this cells A1:E1 and if text in not empty cells is the same then write TRUE to F1 and if not write FALSE.

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Interpolate Along A Column, Where Cells Are Empty
I have pasted 5 fields with some random values that are in A1 to E1. E is the column I am trying to populate to fill in the missing data for C.

I have written a function that will interpolate between 2 deltas using the dates. Assuming that June 09 will always have a corresponding delta (e.g. here 33) how can i populate the INTERP column using my YINT function. I can do this manually 1 at a time, but the already-filled cells in the Delta column will not always be the same and manually would take ages....

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Check If All Cells In Range Are Empty
I have an if statement as follows:

If IsEmpty(Range(Cells(iCurrentRow, iFirstDataColumn), Cells(iCurrentRow, iTotalCol)))


i did a select to make sure it was selecting the whole range I want and it works fine:

Range(Cells(iCurrentRow, iFirstDataColumn), Cells(iCurrentRow, iTotalCol)).Select
Inside my range I can have cells with 0s in them and cells with nothing in them. What I would like my if statement to do is return true ONLY when ALL cells have nothing in them. At the moment, even if I have 0's in some cells, it's returning false.

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Insert Formula In Empty Cells
I have a sheet that I put a blank row before every change in column G,

Dim lr As Long, i As Long
lr = Range("G" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
For i = lr To 2 Step -1
If Range("G" & i).Value Range("G" & i - 1).Value Then
Rows(i).EntireRow.Insert Shift:=xlShiftDown
End If
Next i

and now I need formulas in columns B and I in those blank rows. I'm happy to roll it in to the above piece of code, or put it in after.

I don't think I can use LastRow to define my range and replace blanks with formula because of the blank rows. I would need more of a "LastRow with only one blank in between populated rows" if such a thing exists.

The formulas will be ="*"&H3&" DWG "&G3 for cell B2 and =I3 for cell I2.

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Average & Sum Function With Empty Cells
I have data in Column A as follows:

A1 15
A3 20
A4 56
A5 45
A7 71
A9 23

where cells A2, A6 and A8 are empty.

I want to be able to AVERAGE or SUM the first four nonblank cells. I know I could manually select the cells, but I have a spreadsheet with 30 columns and 40 rows, and the data (including empty cells) in each column is different.

Is there a single formula that will find the first four nonblank cells and then perform the AVERAGE or SUM function?

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