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Retrieve Matching Data From Another Worksheet

I have two worksheets, in worksheet1 i have a table containing two columns, " names" and "projects". In worksheet2 is where I ask for the name of the project. How do I retrieve all the "names" in worksheet2 that have the same "project" to worksheet1.

I know I made a similar thread in here, but that one was answered quite quickly. Then I learned that my question was written quite wrong and so the answer didn't help me much. I thought about rephrasing the question, but I read that this is a one question on one thread forum.

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Macro To Retrieve Data From Another Worksheet
I need a macro that will ask for a crew # and then select all the rows off another worksheet that contains that crew #. Then take the selected rows and copy them to the active worksheet for reporting.


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Loop Or Macro To Retrieve Rows Of Data From Other Worksheet
I need to query a master spreadsheet and pull out all the rows on it that have the same name as I have in cell A1 of my spreadsheet


Myworkbook, sheetname = queries
Cell A1 = "ABC"

The Macro queries the "test Data" workbook (c:myfolder estdata.xls) "sheet x" and looks in column A for ABC, if it finds ABC it will copy the row and paste it into Myworkbook, sheetname = queries. There are often several rows of data that need to be copied that all have "ABC" in column A.

Also, in column B of the test data workbook, is a number, the highest value denotes the "version" of the data, the highest number is always the latest version of data that should be retrieved, e.g. if 9 the highest value in column B then all data that has ABC in column A and has 9 in column B should be retrieved, all other records should be ignored.

I guess this is a sort of a macro loop but not too sure how to do it.

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Matching Two Column To Retrieve Data From The Third Column
Creating a formula to match two columns (D & H) and if there's a match, I wnat it to produce the value that's in column E, in column J (where the fomula will go).

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Extracting Matching Data From Another Worksheet
I have a "cat_no" file and a "master inventory" file.

I need to do a vlookup to match the catalog #'s and mfr name in the cat_no file and the master inventory file. I also need to pull the pricing and packing string from the master inventory file and add it to the cat_no file where item numbers match.

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Copy Matching Data From Worksheet
I have 2 worksheets in excel.

1. No. Description Code Req Unit Amount
1 Description 591032 1 pc ?
2 Despription 614804 25 pcs ?

2. No. Code Description Unit Qty Items Amount
1 591032 Description pc 1 84.30 84.30
2 614804 Description pcs 25 0.89 25.25

I would like to copy the amount in worksheet 2 to paste it to worksheet 1, by searching using code value. Advice: the codes are in different places in worksheet 1 & 2

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Lookup Matching Data On Another Worksheet
see teh attached file, you can see on the file. Worksheet B of B62, I typed 15254", it col name "yarn count" and the product code you can see is Q921 at cell A62. Worksheet A, you can see F2 is Q921, col name is "product code". Now I just plugin a vlaue B62 ='15254' and I want it shows on worksheet A - G2 but remember it must match the product code of worksheetB - cellA62 'Q921' and worksheet A cell F2 'Q92' because next time user will plugin a number ie.1111 on B164; where product code of worksheet B - cell A164 must be match to worksheet A - cell F3, but it should show the value 1111 on cell G3.

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Matching Data From Several Worksheets And Placing In One Worksheet
I have rankings from several different sources all with different rankings for different people with a different number of people in each set of rankings.

I would like to match the names from each ranking set and place the corresponding ranking into one worksheet. I have done this without the code but over the course of the next couple of months the rankings will be changing.

I have them importing from the web so when they update I would also like for my rankings to update. Attached is the rankings each in their own worksheet.
The final sheet is what the end product looks like.

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Copy Matching Data Between 2 Sheets To 3rd Worksheet
I have found the following code on this forum that has really worked well. This code matches the first two columns of two worksheets and inputs them into a third worksheet. But I need to be able to copy up to five more columns, a total of seven columns and have it input into the third worksheet. I am not sure what it means "For Each c In Sht1Rng". look at the code and advise me of what I need to do.

Sub FindMatches()
Dim Sht1Rng As Range
Dim Sht2Rng As Range
Set Sht1Rng = Worksheets("Data1").Range("A1", Worksheets("Data1").Range("A65536").End(xlUp))
Set Sht2Rng = Worksheets("Data2").Range("A1", Worksheets("Data2").Range("A65536").End(xlUp))
For Each c In Sht1Rng
Set d = Sht2Rng. Find(c.Value, LookIn:=xlValues)
If Not d Is Nothing Then
Worksheets("Results").Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Value = c.Value
Worksheets("Results").Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(0, 1).Value = c.Offset(0, 1).Value
Set d = Nothing
End If
Next c

End Sub

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Look For 1st Matching Entry For Multiple Data Ranges In Worksheet
hello. i'm new to excel and i'm really hoping for some serious help here. i have the basics down however i'm really stumped at this point. Let me try to explain my worksheet. the worksheet has a sheet for data which is used for drop list values in the new patient template sheet. the new patient template which is just that a blank entry sheet that the user duplicates and adds a new patient to the worksheet to track the visits made by medical staff. there could be over a hundred new patient sheets (each named by the patient) at any given time.

here is what i need help with: my sheet is setup on a monthly basis so each patient has a total of 4 - 5 weeks listed with entries for everytime a nurse visits that patient. what i need to know is how to search the cell entries for the first time a visit occurred and the date it occurred and this needs to be broken down by the 1st of the month - the 15th and then again for the 16th - the end of month for every patient sheet in the workbook. the ranges are not together that i need to search for example f14:f20, i14:i20, f35:f41 and so on for the first 15 days of the month. this all needs to happen like in a macro or somehow automatically.

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Show Data From Another Worksheet Based On Matching Properties
I'm building a spreadsheet for a sporting franchise using a pull-down validation menu. Once the opposing team name is selected from the drop down menu, I would like it to display the opposing teams players and their statistics.

On the database worksheet, I have a web query pulling names and statistics from the web. Each player name has his team name in his corresponding row. What function can I use that will search for that team name and report it back to the display sheet? Once I have the player name there, I think I can figure the statistic portion... But I can't seem to figure out how to pull all of the players with the matching team name into my display sheet.


A1 on worksheet "A" contains a pull down menu with team names "Lightning", "Storm", "Magic", and "Thunder".

A16-A20 on worksheet "B" contains players from team "Lightning"
A21-A25 on worksheet "B" contains players from team "Storm"
A26-A30 on worksheet "B" contains players from team "Magic"
A31-A35 on worksheet "B" contains players from team "Thunder"

B16-B20 on worksheet "B" contains team name "Lightning"
B21-B25 on worksheet "B" contains team name "Storm"
B26-B30 on worksheet "B" contains team name "Magic"
B31-B35 on worksheet "B" contains team name "Thunder"

If I pull down "Lightning" on A1 (worksheet "A"), I want the following to display:..........................

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Copy Worksheet Data For Matching Headings On Another Sheet
I have some specific requirement and it would be great if I could do it through macro. Also attached a sample excel file for the requirement. I have raw data in a worksheet (WS1) that I receive daily from factory. There is another sheet in a different workbook (WS2) that has format specified on how to display this raw data. The order of raw data on WS1 remains same. The question is that how do I replace the format titles with raw data?

For example, in the attached excel sheet, sheet "data" has list of values. Sheet "format" says how to display data. Sheet "output" is output that I finally want to generate. The sheet "data" will always have data in the same order. I need to read values and replace the format title ( name, age etc) with corresponding values on "data" sheet.

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Retrieve Worksheet Name Via Match Lookup
I need to retrieve the name of a worksheet for a product.


Workbook1 contains the Product number in column A, i want to enter a formula in column B that will search column A in all the worksheets in workbook2 for that product number, and retrieve the worksheet name that the product number is in

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Retrieve All The Macro Names In A Worksheet
Is there any way to retrieve all the macro names in a worksheet?

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Lookup Value Across Multiple Worksheets And Retrieve Worksheet Name
I would like a formula to lookup a value across worksheets and if found return the worksheet name that coresponds to that value. I do have this formula below but it will not retrive the correct worksheet name if there are duplcates values.


So I tried to use the define names formula method:

Col_B   =N(INDIRECT("'"&XWSLST&"'!B"&(2+MOD(S,N))))
N       =8
S       =ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&(N*ROWS(WSLST))))-1
WSLST   =Sheet1!$A$2:$A$3

and modified the formula into this manner: =INDEX(WSLST,MATCH(TRUE,COUNTIF(Col_B,B2=S)>0,0),COUNTIF(B$2:B2,B2))+1

I left a sample workbook below that in column E are the values that I'm expecting.

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Retrieve Data With 2 Conditions
I have 4 columns of data:

Employee; Invoice #, Invoice Total ($), Month of Invoice

I am trying to create a simple report that will display Invoices, By Employee, for a given month. I have tried using the following VLOOKUP statements within an IF statement:


"S1DATA" is the table with the data I described above. I am trying to retrieve data for the month of October. When I use the above statement I get the information that I want, but when I copy the formula down (matching the employee name in H2, H3, H4... etc I continuously get the same invoice information.

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Retrieve Data From Txt File
I still do not have my dummy files ready but wanted to start the discussion on Retrieving Specific Data form Txt file.

Later I will post sample files.

For now, I will appreciate any ideas on how can I refer to specific place in the txt file and get the relevant information to excel spreadsheet.

The criteria for searching the text file must be:

1.Look for specific ABC
2.right below must be a date: 01/20/2010

3.When those two criteria are met then go down and find the first occurrence of the word: “Test”
4.When you find the word, on the right of this word must find numbers
5.Get those numbers to excel

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Retrieve Data From Sql Server
This code should retrieve data from sql server to excel sheet
filtering according to the "where" statement
its a modified recorded macro.

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Hlookup (retrieve The Corresponding Data)
The formula I'm looking for should look for the name mentioned in B2 in range AC2:AF400 and retrieve the corresponding data below it starting from D11 to D41 and continue on F7 to F34 etc.

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Other Page To Retrieve Data

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Retrieve Data From Web That Requires A Log In
I have a webpage with a form, where user can enter their login info and a location number.

- Based on these information I would like the location number to be fed into a Macro, when the user was authorized. The Macro then extract required information and give it back as txt-file ( this Macro is already written).

- The result txt-file need to be convert to an excel file and be availabe on web for downloading.

- -> All of this process must be automatically done. <--

My question is, which language (VBA, PHP, Perl,...) should I use to do the work and how can I do it?

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Retrieve Data From Workbook Using ADO & VBA
I am updating one sheet within a closed workbook with information from one sheet in another closed workbook. I have been using a connection string similiar to this: "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source=C:ExcelData2.xls;" & _
"Extended Properties=""Excel 8.0;HDR=YES"""....

My question is, how do I make a worksheet that is in a closed workbook active. And to be more specific I need to change the name of the file I am saving to and I was hoping to do something like "activeworksheet.saveas=". If you happen to know another way that relates to the way I am connecting and updating information( SQL statements), could you let me know.

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Retrieve Data From A Table + Calculations With That Data
I have 2 sheets - one called 'Lookup' that has a table of recipes in the rows and ingredients in the columns. The cross reference of each is the required quantity of that ingredient, if any (obviously..). Both rows and columns are sorted alphabetically.

In the second sheet - Recipe - I have a subset of the recipes (e.g. 'Cakes') along with the applicable subset of ingredients. I've input these by hand, so I assume they can be referenced directly in the function. What I need to do is grab the quantity out of the table for each recipes ingredient. E.g. A6 will have the recipe 'Jamrolypoly' and H1 will have the ingredient 'Jam'. H6 needs to return the value from the table in Lookup.

I'm still (very) new to this but looking around I found the following which seemed to describe the function I am after:

=VLOOKUP(H1, Ingredients, MATCH(A6, Ingredients, 0))

(Ingredients is the name of the table in the Lookup sheet)

I then need to be able to use the returned values in separate equations on sheet 2 to work out costs. This bit I've done already but I've heard that some of the methods of data retrieval return 'N/A' if there is no value, and that would not allow any subsequent calculations using the value.

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Retrieve Data In A Vlookup Table
A newbie here.
I have numerical data in
range c3:c12
range f3:f12

Based on above two criteria I need to retrieve data in a Vlookup table, range gr1:gr510.
The Vlookup table range is gp1:gr510

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Retrieve Value By Comparing Column Data
I need a macro to do the following:

I need Invoice # from column A to put in Column I by comparing Name in G and H with Name in D and E.

For Example
Compare Alfred Whitworth (Column G & H) in Column D & F would give Inv # 88530 ...this value will go in column I.

Compare Angela Owens and could not find in Column D and E so leave Column I Blank.

Compare Annabelle Deen would have Inv # 88740

And so on...

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Retrieve Data From Different Page And Copy
I need to move data from "2010" page to page "sheet 1 (2)" so I don't have to double chart.

I want to be able to retrieve data in columns w, x, y, z, ac, and ad, on page 2010 and place them respectively in coloumns I - N on the correct row. (the row that matches the right name)

I dont' know how to do this-I don't know if it complicates things that 2010 has breaks in the data (each month has totals and are broken up. ) can anyone help?
I believe I have xcel 2003 if it matters.

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Using INDEX To Retrieve Tabulated Data
A while back i got some assistance from a very helpful member with a formula to retrieve a value from the left most column, that was greater than Col "min" and less than col "MAX" from a range of values.

I never really worked out how this functioned and can’t really make it out of the help files on excel. I am now trying to do a similar lookup from a table of values but only need to find the row value using a greater than less than operation, using a single column.

The original formula was
Where B3 was the number to be compared against.

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Retrieve External Data With The Preferences
basically all it does is retrieves external data with the preferences that I set... what I want to do is change the code so that instead taking the same URL address it refers back to a specific cell in a workbook for the address.

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Retrieve Data By Prod. Code
like to be able to enter a code in sheet 2, and have Excel pull the data for me from sheet 1. It's diff to explain so I have attached an example.

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Using VLOOKUP To Retrieve Data From A 3D Array
I have created a workbook consisting of several blocks of similar data. To make updating the data easy I have arranged each block on a seperate sheet. IS there any way to retrieve data from this 3D array using LOOKUP functions based on data from drop down lists? I have tried labelling each block of data on it's own sheet and trying to retrieve the label from a list using VLOOKUP but each time the label is retrieved as a text string and gives an error message when used in another VLOOKUP. I.e. =VLOOKUP(A10,(VLOOKUP(A13,'0'!C21:D31,2,FALSE)),3+(IF(B10="No",3,0)))
The interior VLOOKUP is retrieving for example "a" instead of a, when the outer VLOOKUP encounters this it returns an error. Is there any way of fixing this, is it a shortcoming of Excel, is it me or will I ahve to go back to creating one big data array on a single sheet?

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Retrieve Data From Array In Another Procedure
I have coded a simple array. I have Checked its contents (I know it works as it returns values that i expect) with a message box successfully. All within a procedure in my only module of code. When i run a new sub routine, i can not code it successfully to extract the contents of the array previously created in my original sub routine. errors like


sub or function not defined.

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Using VLOOKUP To Retrieve Multiple Data For The Lookup Value
I have to write some VLOOKUP formulas to pull several items from a report, the problem is there could be multiple items for each lookup value as the example below:

Company Data ABC Monday ABC Friday ABC Thursday DEF Friday GHI Monday
I need to reference every piece of data for every company but using the VLOOKUP formula, I am obviously only able to get the first instance of the lookup value (company ABC)

How to I write the formula to lookup the other data? The practical appliation I am using this for has anywhere from 300 to 400 lookup values.

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Self-updating Graph Retrieve Data In New Offset Row
I'm coming up with a dynamic graph using VBA. The one originally proposed to me using "offset" and insert chart doesn't work well with an an animation that happens concurrently with the dynamic chart.

So i've come up with a VBA version of it. It works extremely well on Excel 2007 but when i open it with Excel 2003, it just doesn't work in the line highlighted in yellow (below)

Sub create_graph()
Dim start_row, Start_col, range, number_of_tries, m, n
Dim graph As Chart
Dim wks As Worksheet
Dim myArray As Variant

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Retrieve Data In Row Based On Matched Value In Column
In a sheet from A:E, the headings on the first row are:
ID, Name, Gender, and Age.

I enter the data in sheet “DB” and I want to retrieve the data in sheet “Report”. I want to lookup the data range for each ID listed in Column A and retrieve all data from the matching row in a report form/look.

I have tried to use the vLookup formula, but when defining the range of the column (A2:A), it would return “0”. When defining only the range that contains data, it displays the correct information....

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Retrieve Data From Multiple Worksheets By Criteria
I have multiple worksheets to add employee details using a form and create worksheets (copy templateSheet and paste) for each employee using their uniq user id, which works fine. I have 12 worksheets named by month (Jan, Feb, Mar.... Dec). I have only 2 worksheets Jan and Feb for test.

I want data from employee worksheet's (worksheets created by employee user id) to be in 'Jan, Feb... Dec' worksheets to use a criteria (userid, worksheet name) to get monthly holiday booked data from employee worksheet (userid and worksheets name are same) to month name worksheet. I can do it manually (Example: =rahmanm!C3

) for each row and column, but I will also have a function to delete employee name and details. Is there anyway in VBA I can update worksheets (Jan, Feb, Mar... Dec) from employee worksheets (rahmanm, hallD, aldridh.. ).

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Manipulate Web Page Controls To Retrieve Data
I retrieve data about local reservoirs (elevation, precipitation, gated release, ...) from a web site [url]. Retrieving the reports requires manipulating three drop boxes ("Select lake", "Year", "Data Type"). After that, I copy the data to the clipboard, and, back in Excel, push a button that pastes the text and extracts the data.

I'd like to programmatically manipulate those controls so that data retrieval can be completely automated.

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Access Webpage, Fill Fields, Retrieve Data
I am having a really difficult time with this code. I am trying to fill in some fields on an webpage in an effort to eventually retrieve some data. I have read lots of posts on the topic and somehow I'm still confused. My code crashes on this line and gives an Automation error, Unspecified Error message: With appIE.document.forms(0). No matter what I try, I can't get past this line. I have also tried: With appIE.document.all

Sub PropInfo()
Dim appIE As SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
appIE.Visible = True
appIE.navigate ""
Do While appIE.Busy: DoEvents: Loop
Do While appIE.readyState <> complete: DoEvents: Loop

With appIE.document.all
.Item("cmd").Value = "FINDADDR"
.Item("cmdTemp").Value = "FINDADDR"
.Item("searchtool").Value = "ADDR" 'Search by' dropdown
.Item("stnum").Value = "2417" 'house #' field
.Item("stdir").Value = ""
.Item("stname").Value = "ponce de leon" 'street name' field
.Item("sttype").Value = "BLVD" 'street type' field
End With
End Sub

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Matching The Value Of Two Columns In Different Worksheet
I have a problem in my list cheking. I have two sheets in my attached excel file. I have mordified for my own job security purpose. I need to check the individual cells of "parent" column in "Missing Asset" with "parent" column of "Asset" worksheet. It means, presence of cell text of A2 of "Missing Asst" sheet has to be checked with "A" Column of "Asset" sheet. If A2 text is present in "A" Column of "asset" sheet then "Y" should appear in B2 cell of "Missing Asset" sheet. Else "N". Its just Column text checking wothin two work sheet & then identify the cell which is not match. I guess "VLOOK" can work. Is it not?

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Copy Non Matching Rows To Worksheet
I have used marcos to create two worksheets and need to compare each row of the first three columns in each worksheet to find any rows which non-matching data. I am comparing retrieved data (Worksheet1) against a master list (Worksheet2) to ensure the retrieved data was entered correctly. The three columns of data include Manufacturer, Lot number and Date.

The row in which the matches will occur is random. The three values from the retrieved data only have to find a match somewhere in the master list. I can place both the retrieved data and the master list side-by-side on the same worksheet if that would make things more efficient for running the comparison.

The non-matching rows, if found, will be copied over to another worksheet along with its corresponding row in columns "D" and "E" found in Worksheet1. The additional data alerts me to the location where the data was entered incorrectly. The master list does not have any location data in it.

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Press Button To Open Form For Data Entry And Then Send Matching Data To Another Sheet
Now that the calculations are working, with the press of a button, I need to be able to select a range of dates and copy all lines within the range to a seperate sheet with the desired name under the same headings they currently reside under. I have included some modified code that is being used in another spreadsheet that was created for me, but I do not pretent to understand all of it and I no longer work with the creator of the spreadsheet. How do I use a button to open the form for date selections and entering the name of the new sheet, and then use the start button on the form to begin the matching and copying to a new sheet? If there is an easier way I am all for that too.

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VBA Program For Data Entry - Find The Matching Data To Update
I want the script to find if the value entered in the form is matching the values in column 'A' in the database and if it matches then it needs to select the cell as active cell - to populate the form details. And if there is no matching value found, the script needs to select the last empty cell of the column 'A' to populate the data entered in the form.

1) Form has 10 different fields that needs to be filled by the user.

2) Field 1 - is a text box for 'Request #' to be entered by the user.

3) After filling in all the fields - once clicked on OK, the form should search for the the 'request #' entered on the form in the database (Form and the database are in the same workbook).

4) If the 'Reqeust #' in the Column 'A' matches the the 'Request #' entered in the form, then the matching cell should be selected (Activecell -Were the data can be overwritten, with the new entry)

5)If there is no matching 'Request #' found in the database, the script should loop to select the next available blank cell in column 'A'. So that the form data can be entered.

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Exporting Data To A Spreadsheet Based On Matching Data
Rylo thanks for your help on the other project. Here is step two for the same project.

Basically I'm going to list a step by step list of what needs to be done then attach some sample sets so you can see what I'm talking about.

Step 1 ........

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"IF" Formula To Retrieve Data With A Two Criteria
I'm trying to get a "IF" formula to retrieve data with a two criteria formula and I can't get it to work. Here is the formula and a copy of what I trying to get the data to pull from any suggestions? I'm needing the "AA3825" to show up where FALSE is now.


AA3825S0KK14120ORAA3825281/867/907612/30/20081/3/20090431/FAC310/NA1003315 BAYOU DR SHORE ACRES TX;AA3825;PC-Y;FIXED HI-OPN IN CA;DT GOOD TO SNI;STR 20;10:03 AM1:15 PMFALSERepeatRR3592281/867/90761/6/20091/9/20090431/FAC485/NA300;RR3592;PC-Y;REPAIR HI OPEN IN F2 CA PR, ST-22, MLT 3509:42 AM12:30 PMAA3825S0KK14120ORAA382528/LXRC/563568 /SW1/10/20091/10/20090416/FAC340/R11003665 W FM 1960 HOUSTON TX*8413, EB CLOSE, CABLE PAIR- REPAIRED*8:48 AM12:45 PMFALSERepeatTM472828/LXRC/563568 /SW1/12/20091/13/20090418/FAC600/R1100*8413, EB CLOSE, REPRD F2 CABLE PAIR-*11:56 AM9:15 AMAA6206S0KK14160ORAA6206281/445/77191/19/20091/20/20091212/CPE310/NA4008627 WHITECASTLE HOUSTON TX;AA6206;PC-Y;DEF SET STR 30 T-R 3500 T-3500 R-3500 GRND4:47 PM3:22 PM

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Matching Partial Data With Full Data
I need to match up the columns of 1 spreadsheet with those of another. I have a partial address that only lists city and state in one workbook. I need to match these partial addresses up with the master list that contains full addresses. It seems like it should be an easy thing to do, but I can't figure it out.

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Matching Data
I have a report that shows "users" in column A, "time of call" in column B and "Call direction" in column C as below

Usertime of callCall DirectionUser 112/02/2010 09:00:59InboundUser 112/02/2010 09:10:15InboundUser 112/02/2010 09:26:03InboundUser 112/02/2010 09:41:40OutboundUser 112/02/2010 09:52:11OutboundUser 112/02/2010 10:25:28InboundUser 112/02/2010 10:25:32Outbound

On a second sheet I have another report that shows the "user" in A, the "time" in B, the "Status" in C and the "Duration in status" in D. As follows

UsertimeStatusDurationUser 109:28:57Follow Up:00:08User 109:29:05Available, No ACD:04:17User 109:33:22Outbound Working01:08:37User 110:41:59On Break:02:55User 110:44:54Outbound Working:41:59

I am trying to write a formula that will show me if a user is making an outbound call and also showing on the Outbound working status, but unfortunatley these times will not match because one shows the time call was made and the other shows duration in status.

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Matching Data With Specified Criteria
I need to match data with specific criteria. Details of the problem are as follows:

I have 2 sheets: "Main" and "Sub"

In "Main" there are 3 Important Columns: Col "C", "I" and "AF"
In "Sub" there are 2 Important Columns: Col "I' and "N".

Value in column "C" of "Main" is same as value in column "I" of "Sub", but not in same order.

Now the specific criteria:

If value in Column "I" of "Main" is not equal to "Zero", then the macro should pick up the value from the corresponding column "C" of "Main" and search for the same in column "I" of "Sub". After matching the same, it should find corresponding value in column "N" of "Sub". Then the macro should pick up the value from column "N" of "Sub" and put the value in the column "AF" of "Main".

This is basic requirement.

I am unable to retrieve the right value for the same.

Fine tuining will be:

If the value in column "N" of "Sub" is "Fully Automated" then it should only write "Automated" in column "AF" of "Main". And If the value is "Manual + ...." then it should write "Manual" in column "AF" of "Main".

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Matching Data Series
I want to match rainfall with historical rainfall.
It is quite simple to match a single value but I want to mtach a series or closest series (or series')

Eg for the last 6 measurements I get an couple of columns like this:
Time value
1 5
2 4
3 5
4 2
5 5
6 5..........

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Finding Or Matching Data
My spreadsheet consists of two columns, column A holds a series of numbers whilst column B, again holds a series of numbers but with an added single letter on the end.

What I would like to do is find a function which will match the numbers and letter in column B with the corresponding numbers in column A and then place the result in column C ....

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Matching And Inserting Data ...
I would like to create a macro which I can use over and over again, with slight modifications.

I have included a sample worksheet with two (2) sheets. Sheet 1 is considered my 'master sheet' of which I want to add data to, if it exists. Sheet 2 is some additional data that may or may not be included. The common thread, between the two sheets is column A.

I would like to either add to sheet 1 or create a sheet 3 with the data, whatever is more effective.

In this 'sample' case, I would like to move the data on Sheet 2, column 'H' to Sheet 1, provided both column "A's" match. Again, if it makes more sense to combine the two on Sheet 3, no worries. However, the next time I do it the data may be in a different column so I hope to understand how to change the 'From' and 'To' columns. My rudimentary skills want to say If it exists, place it here. If not, move to the next entry.

The end result would be all the data on Sheet 1 (as it stands), joined with the data on Sheet 2 Column H, if Sheet 1 Col A = Sheet 2 Col A.

This would be a process that I would do over and over again as I populate Sheet 1 with the data I need.

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Matching Up 2 Lists Of Data
I have a list of data in cells A through C, and also have the same data in G through I.
A:C is 2009 data, G:I is 2008 data.

Some of my data is a line off, what i want to do is match numbers based on A and G and then match up there data.

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If Statement To Get Matching Data
How do I write an if statement where if the value from a cell (mtunit!A1) exists in a row from another worksheet (sqllist!A:A) then return the value of the of the next cell(sqllist!B2) from the row where it exists, else leave it blank.

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