Sorting Data In Multiple Tabs By Group

Dec 31, 2012

I have imported data into excel arranged as per the following and there are separate tabs per year. I a trying to summarize and phase the balances per client..i.e 07,08,09,10,11,12.

Therefore if client x balance in 2007 = 10, 2008=11, 2009=10, 2010=2, 2011=3 and 2012 = 5 and so on...then total the balance owed as of now and also phase it as illustrated below. I've tried vlook up's?


[Code] .....

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Group Multiple Sheet Tabs Into One Master Tab?

Mar 10, 2014

Is there a posibility that using VBA i can group sheettabs (Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3) into 1 single master tab (ex. "MASTER") ?

Since I will be having 20 sheets in a excel file I would like to group them together.

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Sorting Multiple Worksheet Tabs In Alphabetical Order

Nov 24, 2008

I have a spreadsheet saved with one worksheet with all the results on it and 130 worksheets with calculations on them, each with its' own named tab along the bar at the bottom of the page. What I'd like to know is if it is possible to sort the tabs into alphabetical order so I don't have to roam through up to 130 to find the tab (and it's corresponding worksheet) I'm looking for.

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Group Data For Ranking & Sorting

Mar 19, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with a list of ID's in column A. In Column B I have a list of ratings. Each ID has more than one rating. For example there may be 8 rows with ID 1, 12 rows with ID 2, 6 rows with ID 3 etc......

I want to rank the ratings in Column B with highest being 1 but only when the ID's are the same. For example there would be 8 ratings ranked for ID 1, 12 for ID 2 etc.....

The problem is I am running a monte carlo simulation on the rating of around 10,000 simulations. Every simulation the rank for each row will of course change because the rating has changed. The spreadsheet has around 70,000 rows and over 3000 ID's.

How can I do this without either the computer becoming a crawl or freezing up and it not taking 30 minutes for each step of the simulation?

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Group All Opened File In 1 Tab Instead If Many Tabs

Jan 23, 2010

can group all opened file in 1 excel tab instead if many tabs?
open thru window the file u want...

right click on task bar > properties > under Taskbar Appearance, select Group Similar taskbar buttons > is not my answer

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Sorting Group

Nov 20, 2007

I have uploaded 100,000 of record which is already sorted by group.

Now I have to insert balnk row or line that differentiate data ...
To do it manually is to much time consuming can anybody help how to insert line or blank row between sorted group ..


111 dsdas
111 gdfg
111 sdfsf
222 sfsdf
222 cvx
222 vcxvx
222 vxcv

Desired result:

111 dsdas
111 gdfg
111 sdfsf
222 sfsdf
222 cvx
222 vcxvx

Looking for quick reply.
222 vxcv

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Sorting - First Cell In Each Group

Jul 7, 2006

I have a list of students with id number and schools attended. The list is formatted as following:


Could you sort by student's first listed school? The A to Z sort on the school column scrambles everything. I would like to keep together the student's other schools and dates.

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Select Rows By Group For Sorting

Oct 29, 2009


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Sorting With Two Linked Tabs

Dec 27, 2012

I am having issues sorting columns on a given worksheet. When a column is sorted in one tab, it is jumbling another column on a linked tab. Vlookup formulas are being used throughout the worksheet.

So, for example in the attached file;

Currently the way the file is set up is when a new project comes in, we put initials in the 'Audit Date' column of the 'To Be Audited' tab. That then pulls over to the 'Customer' tab via the 'No Edits-Audit Sheet'.

I want to be able to sort in the 'Customer' Tab the states, city or state A to Z and not have it mess up the 'To Be Audited' tab. Right now, when someone sorts one of the columns, the initials in the 'to be audited' tab jumble, and the initials are no longer with the original project.


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Sorting A List Into Tabs?

Feb 2, 2012

I have a large list of names that I am breaking into three groups based on last name (A-G, H-M, and N-Z). The spreadsheet is then sent to a group of processors who work on the names that are found on their tab.

I start out with the complete list on each tab. Then I use a For Next loop to go through each tab and delete the rows for the names that do not below on that tab. This process is working fine, but I am figuring their is a better method of doing it.

Sub PopShts()
Dim wsAG As Worksheet, wsHM As Worksheet, wsNZ As Worksheet
Dim lRow As Long


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Group Multiple Rows Of Data That Have Staggering Values In One Row

Jan 17, 2013

I have a smaller spreadsheet with 40k rows/34 columns of data. Column A has serial numbers and does contain duplicates. The rest of the columns have varying data pertaining to those serial numbers. I'm sure there is an easy way to do this, however I have just not had enough coffee today because it is not coming to me. Here is an example of the data (not all columns obviously) and I put in ZZZZZ for each blank cell in the table and each space you see is the column break just for visual because I couldn't get it to paste here and have the staggering that it is doing.

See the laddering effect that is going on? When the data was imported into excel it created a new row for every value. What I need is all of the values in the same row EXCEPT if there are two part numbers referenced for the same serial number. In that case I would want two rows of the same serial number showing only the part number, description and two dates for that serial number in each row.


[Code] .....

Would like it to be like this (for the above data):
87654321SN987 PARTTONERFALSE1/1/201312/31/2013FALSE

Quick note, each serial number does NOT always have the exact same amount of repetitive rows. So there aren't 10 rows of 12345678, 10 rows of 87654321, 10 rows of 12345679, etc. They can be different. I do not have the original xml file used to import or i would just reimport it correctly this is all i have to work with.

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Group Column Bars In Graph With Specific Sorting?

Jan 7, 2014

I'm trying to figure out a way to group columns in a bar graph without displaying them in a cluster, but instead in displaying them individually in a specific order. However, I still want to identify each group with a different color. This is hard to describe, so I'll try my best to illustrate what I'm trying to do with an example. Assume I have three groups of data and within each group I have 2 to 3 items in it with different values. In a list the data would look like this:

Group 1 - Item 1 - $2,000
Group 2 - Item 2 - $1,100
Group 1 - Item 3 - $2,200
Group 1 - Item 4 - $3,200
Group 3 - Item 5 - $1,800
Group 2 - Item 6 - $1,200
Group 1 - Item 7 - $2,500
Group 3 - Item 8 - $2,800

What I want to do is create a bar graph that will still allow me to color all group 1 items as red, all group 2 items as blue, and all group 3 items as green while still showing each bar sorted in the order I've shown above and labeled as items 1 through 8. Then, I want a legend to only show the groups 1 - 3 with their colors. To explain, the graph would look like this:

Bar 1 would be labeled as Item 1, with a value of $2,000, and colored red
Bar 2 would be labeled as Item 2, with a value of $1,100, and colored blue
Bar 3 would be labeled as Item 3, with a value of $2,200, and colored red
Bar 4 would be labeled as Item 4, with a value of $3,200, and colored red
Bar 5 would be labeled as Item 5, with a value of $1,800, and colored green
Bar 6 would be labeled as Item 6, with a value of $1,200, and colored blue
Bar 7 would be labeled as Item 7, with a value of $2,500, and colored red
Bar 8 would be labeled as Item 8, with a value of $2,800, and colored green

Then, the legend would only show the groupings of Group 1, 2, 3, 4 and their associated colors.

(By the way... I know I can do this manually by selecting each bar and customizing the color, but I want an automated way of doing this to reduce maintenance time)

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Getting Website Data - Multiple Tabs

Mar 8, 2013

I've only recently ventured into the VBA scripting and am finding it quite exciting. After doing some trivial stuff, I'm trying to work with websites. Currently, I'm trying to pull data off of a website which poses a form which has to be filled first. I've been successful in filling the form and clicking submit, through the code, but the site opens the results in a separate tab in IE. I am unable to make it go to that tab and copy-paste data from there.

Secondly, instead of just blindly copy pasting, it would be better if the data is pasted in a more readable format (as on the website). The following code is plainly copying and pasting the data as-is and hence rendering it unreadable:

.ExecWB 17, 0
.ExecWB 12, 2
.PasteSpecial Format:="Text", link:=False, DisplayAsIcon:=False

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Importing Data From Multiple Tabs

May 6, 2009

I have an excel spread sheet with about 300 tabs. each sheet has the same column fields..I need to pull certain column fields ( the same fields ) out of each tab and export them to another spread sheet.

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Macro For Multiple Tabs From A Data Set

Sep 10, 2007

I'm not very good with macros and I need to create a macro that copies data from one excel worksheet into multiple other worksheet tabs in the same workbook. I have 8 columns and thousands of rows of data. The spreadsheet is sorted by column E.

In column E, there are about 25 different values going down throughout the spreadsheet. I would like the data for each of these Column E categories to be copied over to a new tab in the spreadsheet with the tab name as the value in E. So in the end there would be the main tab, and then 25 new tabs with the filtered data. Does anyone already have a macro that will do this?

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Summarizing Data From Multiple Tabs?

Dec 26, 2012

I have a spreadsheet with 12 tabs, 1 for each month in the year. On each tab I have employee names (column A), followed by the premium they pay for their health insurance (column B). I'm attemting to create a list of each employee and how much they paid for helath insurance over the year. Since employees come and leave thorughout the year, the lists aren't the same on each tab. However, I was able to create a master list of all possible employees and placed this list into a new tab.

I'm vaguely farmiliar with the SUMIF function and I believe that this would be the best approach, or some possibly sort of vlookup.

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Compiling Data From Multiple Tabs

Sep 3, 2013

I've been asked to compile and sum weekly sales data. The problem is that the data was supplied in 52 separate tabs, for each week of the year (I don't know who on earth thought that would be the most appropriate way to send the data).

Is there any quick way to import all the data from each tab into one worksheet? The data is laid out the exact same way on each tab. All the row and column headings are the same, and in the same cells. Only the numbers are different (obviously).

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Combining Data From Multiple Tabs Into One VBA?

Jun 29, 2014

I need to combine data from multiple tabs into one tab. I can have up to 5 tabs with data that starts in column B. The number of rows will be different each time.

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Sorting Rows On Different Tabs By Date?

Oct 23, 2012

I have a excel doc that have multiple tabs (different clients) with information (task, date due, who's responsible, and client), and I want to have a master tab that lists all tasks on any tab put in order by date. Essentially so everyone in the office can quickly see what their most pressing task's are.

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Create Formula To Group Insurances When There Are Multiple Rows Of Data

May 20, 2014

I am trying to develop a formula that will tell me whether an account has both Medicare and Medicaid or Medicaid HMO insurance. An account can have one or more lines, and one or more insurances. I manually completed the sample file in column 'D' (see attached) to come up with the desired output. The criteria is below:

-If the account has Medicare and Medicaid financial class, then it is a '5'.
-If the account has Medicare and Medicaid HMO financial class, then it is a '6'.
-Otherwise, it is a '0'.

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Populating Data Table From Multiple Tabs

Dec 6, 2012

I am trying to populate a large data table with data sourced from multiple tabs.

Each of the tabs is, for the most part uniform.

They have column labels of "Invoice Number", "Schedule Dates," and "Amount". Their cell references are A6, B6, and C6, respectively.

Is there any way to congregate this data into one massive data table? It doesn't matter the order of the data table. I will be using sort/sumifs/pivot tables to analyze the data.

I cannot copy and paste as there is too much data that changes on a daily basis.

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Summing In One Summary Tab Data From Multiple Tabs?

Jan 14, 2014

I have a summary tab in which I am trying to sum data based on specific variables from 30 other tabs in the worksheet

- In the summary tab, I have months (one year worth) over the top row and consultant names in the first column
- Each other tab represents a project
- I want for consultant 1 in summary tab, to have:
For january, the sum of dollars spent in january in each project (so across all tabs)
Same for february to december.

I have attached an exemple Note that the consultant names will always have the same syntax but will not necessarily be in the same cell in each tab.

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Split Data Table Into Multiple Tabs?

Jul 12, 2012

I am working with a large table of quite simple data in the following format.

Ref1 SurnameInitialsDOL1 Reference2

I need to split up the "master" table so that for all rows where DOL1 falls with a year range of e.g 6th April - 5th April (in any year) then this row is moved or copied into a new tab based on the year range.

i.e. The first row should appear in a new tab for the range 6th April 1978 - 5th April 1979.
The marco should be ale to create and name new tabs. The tab name will be 78_79.

The second row should appear in the 87/88 tab.

I have several thousand rows of data with dates ranging from 1978 - 2012 so there should be tabs populated for every year from 78-2012.

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Button To Pull In Data From Multiple Tabs Onto One Tab

Feb 3, 2008

I had a friend attempt to help me with this issue but he couldn't figure it out. He suggested that I tried asking around here.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:
(I am happy to email anybody the spreadsheet to help out with this description)

1. There are two spreadsheets. One spreadsheet with about 25 tabs (one for each store number) and one spreadsheet with one tab and about 1400 lines of information that is sorted by store number. To preface, this 1400 line spreadsheet can be 900 lines one month and 2500 another month, so it fluctuates.

2. From this spreadsheet sorted by store, I will highlight, cut and paste into the corresponding store tab on the first spreadsheet. Also, at any given month, the information fluctuates, it can be 15 lines for one store one month and another month it could be 5.

3. Once I am done cutting and pasting it all into each seperate tab, I have a 26th tab that I am looking to create a button that will then pull all that information into the 26th tab.

I know - first question is why would you want that? You already have all the information from that original spreadsheet. Well, in these store tabs, I have everything perfectly formatted a certain way and I only really cut and paste the information that I need from the 2nd spreadsheet.

I have a spreadsheet that my friend claims he got close to working it out.

Just to add, I would need this button to take into account that the information in each tab fluctuates and also that it is easy to add a tab if I add stores.

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How To Create IF / AND Formula Draws Data From Multiple Tabs

May 21, 2014

Is it even possible to create an IF/AND formula that draws data from multiple tabs?

For example,

(assume there are tabs named exactly the same as each of the data entries in column A)

IF A2 = "ARI" then D2 = ARI!H3. Is this possible?

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Excel 2007 :: Sorting Tabs In Alphabetical Order

Feb 7, 2011

I have excel 2007, I have a spread sheet with approx 80 worksheets. The document grew over the year of 2010 and is not in alphabetical order. I am starting this new year wanting to have the tabs in alphabetical order. I looked in the DATA sort option...but looks like its is worksheet specific. How to make the tabs sort in alphabetical order...

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Pulling Data From Multiple Data Tabs?

Aug 30, 2012

I have a spreadsheet with multiple data tabs feeding a few summary tabs.

For this question I will deal with one summary tab and two data tabs, one data tab for sales and one data tab for service. On the summary tab, I want to look at vehicles sold during a certain time period-(looking to the sales tab). For each of the records in the sales tab that match the date range, I need to count the repair order activity on the service tab. The key between the summary and sales tab is the sales date, and the key between the sales and service tabs is the vehicle serial number.

I currently have multiple columns on the sales tab to perform the counts from the service tab, thus allowing me to pull the information to the summary tab. Problem is that the spreadsheet has over 2 million calculating cells and tends to take excessive amounts of time to recalc.

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Sorting Data That Has Multiple Formats?

Jun 15, 2012

I have lists of products that I want to sort, but all the skus are in different formats, some letter, numbers, spaces, symbols and mixes of all.

ECO CUP22OZ/1000

I would like to organize them by the order of the numbers, letters and symbols, not the value of the numbers.

ECO CUP22OZ/1000

I have tried formatting and different sorting options but there's a dent in the wall and my forehead is getting bruised from all of the banging.

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Sorting Multiple Sets Of Data

Aug 22, 2012

Create a macro or some other solution to sorting my data. Just clicking on Sort Ascending isn't good enough because it'll sort everything and remove the empty rows. However, I want the empty rows to stay there. The way that I've been doing this is manually. Basically, after the empty rows were inserted, I'd click on a cell in Column A and click on Sort Ascending, then I'd scroll down and click on the next set of data and click on Sort Ascending, then the next set and the next. I'd end up having to do this hundreds of times.

I've uploaded an example of what I'm talking about, I also labeled the tabs as "I want this" and "to look like this":

Example file.xls

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Sorting Multiple Lines Of Data

Nov 20, 2007

I have a large spreadsheet I need to sort into alphabetical manager order.

As there are between 2 and 20 rows per manager I would like to know if I am able to sort this into alphabetical order!

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