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Vba To Unmerge Cells

I have a question/problem on using Unmerge in VBA. I have a spreadsheet that in Column J has some cells/rows that are merged. I need to unmerge these cells. Not all rows have this merge, so I think there would need to be some sort of IF statement or something...but I'm not sure how to go about it.

I can say that if, for example, cell J19 is merged, it would be with K and L. Then maybe, J24 with K24 and L24 are merged. Then maybe J27 with K27 and L27....and so on. For the most part the sheet would have about 200 rows of data. But only would I find about 20 or so of these merged cells. I also have 19 excel files to do this to, or otherwise, I would just do it quick and dirty, manually-style.

As an added task, once the cells are unmerged I'd like to take the value found in cell O19 (same row as where the merge was found) and copy it into L19.

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VBA Code To Unmerge Cells On Specific Worksheets
I have a workbook with multiple worksheets. On some of those worksheets a have merged cells, so in order to paste new data I need to unmerge them first. Below is the code that I wrote for it. However it doesn’t work and returns “Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error”. I looked at this post List Maximum Value From Each Worksheet and tried adding With – End With, but it failed too. As far as I understood the problem is that the Worksheets/Sheets object does not support UnMerge property, but I may be wrong. If I add ws.Activate line (test2) everything works fine.

However I was wondering if there is a way to do it WITHOUT activating the worksheets.

Sub test1()
Dim i As Integer, ws As Worksheet

For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
Select Case ws.Name
Case "5 - Top Network Facilities", _
"5b - Top Arb Facilities"
For i = 0 To 9
ws.Range(Cells(2 + i * 5, 1), _
Cells(6 + i * 5, 1)).UnMerge
Next i
Case Else
End Select
Next ws
End Sub

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Unmerge But Retain Value In All Cells
Seems like a dumb question but is it possible to unmerge say one "3 cell" merged cell with a value of "A" into 3 SINGLE CELLS with a value of "A"?

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Unmerge Merged Cells
I have read the posts regarding merged cells and understand they should be avoided, but I am working with spreadsheets created by others. My problem is that I need to sort the data, but some of the cells are merged so it won't work. Is there a macro command to easily find the merged cells and unmerge them?

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Unmerge Merged Cell And Put Value In All Cells
Is there any quick and easy way to unmerge merged cells and put the merged cell value in all the merged cells. For example, if I have A6:A15 merged together and its value is "FirstMerge" then I would like to unmerge all A6:A15 and then put "FirstMerge" in all the cell A6,A7,A8 etc. etc. upt oA15. I have lot of these merged cells in a sheet and I get this every month and makes any data processing very difficult. A macro or VBA code or any other solution will be fine.

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Unmerge And Spread Merge Data To All Cells
In the attached document, there are some cells which have been merged. For instance the cells A4 thru A7 were merged as one field. if you examine B4 which is actually made up of B4 thru B7 the data contained therein is 123. Is there a way to unmerge these merged cells and have the value (in this case 123) appear in each line of the unmerged cells? If you right click and click unmerge, it unmerges okay but does not populate each line with the data which was on the original field.

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Add-in Function To Format & Unmerge Cells
I have created an excel addin, the purpose of which is to run a piece of code attached below in code section, which iterates to each cell of excel and remove merged cells. I am getting a very basic error as my addin is not able to recognize the workbook which is opened and it returns Nothing for ActiveWorkbook object....

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"Get rid of merged cells!"

You can read it often on this Board.

I will not open any debate on the subject, but just want to provide a solution to get rid of them automatically. Anybody who likes can refer to this thread.

This code is changing layout.

1. Could take a while when you have sheets with large used range or a lot of merged cells. You can follow the status and can interrupt it if you want.

2. Save before executing. I'm quite sure it works good, but the result might be something else then you had in mind, especially when you are quite new to this.

Option Explicit

Sub Unmerge_CenterAcross()
'Erik Van Geit

'merged cells will be unmerged
'contents will be centered across merged area

Dim LR As Long 'Last Row
Dim LC As Integer 'Last Column
Dim i As Long
Dim j As Long

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Can We Unmerge Words With The Any Formula??
Can we unmerge a complete address in seperate seperate coloumns? Like Complete address is "1st Floor, 2a Harrison Road, Erdington, West Midlands, B24 9AA" and i want to split it like Address[1] "1st Floor" , Address[2]: "2a Harrison Road", Address[3]: "Erdington"...

Is there is any formula which can split data with the help of seperators (Comma or space) ??

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Highlighting Cells Based On Cells Values In VBA
I need to highlight a cell when its value exceeds parameters based on the production line it comes from. If the line is K11, then i need this cell to highlight when its value is either < 0 or greater than 221. If the line is K21, than it needs to highlight when its value is <0 or greater than 474.

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VBA To Clear Contents Of Cells And Keep Some Cells Locked
I have written this code to clear the contents of certain cells, lock the content of others and protect the sheet again it works on sheet1 but not on sheet 7. This is suppose to happen when the Print button on my sheet is clicked.

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Count # Of Cells Minus Red Cells VBA
I have tried to figure out how to count all cells in a column and subtract any cells that contain characters with a red font. I'll attach an example. I need code that will work in VBA so that in the case that the column does not contain any cells with red numbers it won't come up with a debug error.

In excel I normally do this manually with this formula: =count("") I normally highlight all cells except the red ones. See attachment for example.

Also, the # of rows is never the same. Some files will be 100 rows, some will be 1000, depending on the store's file we get. so the code would probably have to contain something like .lastactiverow or something.

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VBA Colouring Cells
I have a spreadsheet that contains data I import from various sources. Once the import is complete I need to colour various cells based on their contents. Normally I'd use conditional formatting, but there are more than 3 conditions so I need to use VBA (preferrably that i can turn into a macro and assign to a button to click once I've finished the imports each time)

eg: Everytime a cell content is the word "RED" , colour it red - then the same with various other colours.

Google has found me a change event piece of code but it doesnt work when you're cutting and pasting some info.

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Copying Cells Using VBA
I need help with copying some data from one sheet to the other, but I am really bad at explaining this. Can I send the excel sheet to someone and then explain it? I think that will be easier, cuz Ive tried explaining it on another forum and nobody understood what i was saying without being able to see the sheet.

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VBA Selecting Cells Only With A Specified Value
To make things simple, I have a range of A1:A10. Within this range I only need to select cells thats contain "Tax".

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Vba Select Only Cells With Value
With the code below I select all the cells (with a value) in the column G.

Range("g2", Range("g2").End(xlDown)).Select

But this selection also includes blank cells with a formula.

Is it possible to select only the cells with a real (visible) value

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VBA Copying Cells
I have a list of names in column a, and in column b either a "0" or a "1"

as part of a longer piece of code I need to be able to copy the names that have a "1" next to them over to column c

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VBA Hide Cells
I have column b with 30 rows of names, I need to search on at least 3 characters to retrieve all names matching the 3 consecutive characters.

All other rows are to hide, and the remainder should all be displayed now starting in the row 3 position.

My problem is that if a match is found in lets say rows 8, 99, 500, and 2300 the rows inbeweeen are not hidden.

Dim foundCell As Range

With ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1")

Set foundCell = .Range("b:b").Find(what:=Left(.Range("B2").Value, 3), After:=.Range("B2"), _
LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _
SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False)

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How To Merge Cells W/ VBA
I say reluctantly because it seemed easy enough that I should have been able to locate it in the help file of VBA. Which leads me to believe I do not know how to search effectively in VBA, yet/still.

how to merge cells w/ the use of VBA.

Below is my Post and Answer by EE ....

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Clear Cells Using VBA
I need to clear all cells in a column that have a particular value. The value is sometimes a constant like "0" (zero) and sometimes is a value based on a formula. Is there a VBA code that will allow me to select those cells in column matching a particular value and clear them?

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VBA: Comparing A Value To Several Different Cells
I need to compare a value to several cells and print the value into a new cell if and only if the value is not in any of the cells I am comparing to.

Say cells A1, A4, A8 and A12 contains different numbers. I want to compare a value, say 120, to the values of the above cells and if it is not contained in one of those cells I want to enter 120 into cell A16. If A1, A4, A8 or A12 contains the value 120 I want to leave A16 blank or write 0 to it.

Is there an easy way of doing this? Right now I am using a if-test for each of the cells I am comparing to, but this gets very messy as the number of cells increases.

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Join 2 Cells In VBA
I'm writing an Excel Macro and want to sum a number cell with the value "45667" and a text cell with the value "Prague" and return it to a new cell with the value " 45667 Prague"

I've done it successfully with the two text cells "John" and "Hopkins" to "John Hopkins".

This is my

Sub SumCells()

Dim FirstName, SecondName, Zipcode, City, fullname, fulladdres, space

FirstName = range("cell1").value
SecondName = range("cell2").value
Zipcode = range("cell3").value
City = range("cell4").value
space = " "

fullname = firstname + space + secondname
fulladdress = zipcode + space + city

The problem is that city is recognized as "Prague", and the zipcode as 45667 (without the "")

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Lock Certain Cells By Vba
I am aware of setting protection to certain cells by the Excel Options. which is unlocking the by defalut locked cells and then setting the sheet protect in tools->protection. I want this to be done through VBA code.

i have a template which has text in some cells and some cells are blank, i need to lock the cells which has text and keep the blank cells unlocked for user input. As this is a template it will be copied to another sheet, so i need to retain the protection properties in all new sheets (copied from the template). Attaching the template for which the protection needs to be done.As of now the sheet1 has protection property set through the toolbar properties.

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Counting Cells Within Vba
I have written some VBA code to to test if there are 8 names within a range (EF5:FH5, these are 8 merged cells, (4x4 cells)), if there is 8 names within the cells, ie not any empty cells, then the coding will add the new staff name to "trigger_box_1b", and if not then "trigger_box_1a". These trigger boxes are then used to populate further cells.

Private Sub Trigger_Box_1_Change()
Windows("Admin Skills Matrix.xls").Activate 'puts focus on correct spreadsheet
Sheets("Skills Matrix").Select 'puts focus on correct page
Select Case WorksheetFunction. CountIf(Range("EF5:FH5"), 0).double
Case 0
Trigger_Box_1b.Text = New_Staff_Name
Case Else
Trigger_Box_1a.Text = New_Staff_Name
End Select
End Sub

the problems I have be having is that VBA is not recognising the Countif function ("Compile Error: Invalid qualifier", then highlights the Countif). I have tried using a CountA function with the same responce. I have tested the rest of the coding and know that it's working fine (don't think anyone would like to see 75+ pages of VBA coding)

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Merge Cells In VBA
Is it possible to merge cells in VBA? I tried this:

Worksheets("Sheet1").Range(A1,B2).Merge = True

I also tried this:

Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(A1,B2).Merge = True

This is in a blank spreadsheet.

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VBA Refuses To Change Cells
I'm trying to clear one set of cells when a change is detected in another, but my VBA function refuses to change the cell values.

Attached is a stripped-down version of the sheet & code which manifests this problem.

The affected cells are unlocked etc, and the code is correct -- at least, it correctly gets to the proper range (or cells) on which to call (in my various attempts) ClearContents, .value="", etc. So the problem is not the algorhithm passing the variables but in the specific attempt to change a sheet's cells' values.

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Cells Tab Order VBA
The tab order in an Excel spreadsheet is driving me nuts. I could not get it on my own and found some code that seemed to solve my initial problem.
However, I still can not figure out why I can't go backwards. It will ONLY go forward no matter what you do. If you try to select a cell behind or in front, it just tabs to the next cell in the array. Can anyone help before end up sitting in the corner of the nut house crossed-eyed and drooling

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Change Cells If Colored (vba)
I've got two adjacent columns. D and E.

I want to do the following for each row (starting from row 2) :
If D is empty and E has a grey background color - I want the value from E to be copied to D.

I'm very new to VBA, so I don't really know how the syntax works.
This is what I've got so far ^^

Public Sub ReplaceIfColor()
If ((Range(2, E).Interior.ColorIndex = 15) & (Range(2, D)=0)) Then
.Replace D.Value, rngCell.Offset(, 1).Value, LookAt:=xlWhole

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VBA To Print Marked Cells
If possible I want to know if the code below can be changed. At the moment it searches for cells not marked with an X and then prints the remaining cells.

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Using VBA To Insert Formula Into Cells ...
I have a header row, so everything should start at row 2.

If Cell A2 has data, I would like to use VBA to insert the following formula into B2 (this works fine when pasted directly into cell B2):

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VBA: Applying The If Statement To All Cells
I use the If - Then statement in VBA to determine a condition which works perfectly fine for the particular cell I reference to, but i need it to apply to all the cells i.e. cells A1:A10?

Sub MACRO1()

If Range("A1") = "PAYE" Then
Range("B1").Formula = "=C2 * .128"
End If

If Range("A1") = "LTD" Then
Range("B1").Formula = "=(C2 - 100)* .128"
End If

End Sub

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Color Coding Cells With Vba
I have a spreadsheet with cells containing different names. I want all of the cells containing the word Volitility to be colored one color, all of the cells with the word Momentum colored another color, and so on. I have more than three names so I cannot use conditional formatting. Attached is a workbook that has the uncolored cells in worksheet 1 and an example of what I want it to end up looking like in worksheet 2.

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VBA To Shift Cells To The Left
how can i get this



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Importing Selected Cells Into VBA
Can you help with how to import into vba just the data in the currently selected cells?

What I want to do is to manually select a range of rows (in a single column) and upon running the macro put the data from each cell into the uppermost cell with each seperated with a comma.

I can manage the combining of the data but don't now the selection is read into VBA.

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VBA: Sum Of Filtered Cells
I have several columns on a worksheet that have an auto-filter on top of the column. The last column has numerical data.

I was wondering if there was code when:

As soon as you filter a column the last column would only indicate the data pertaining to whatever was filtered. I would like the sum of that data only. (Visible data) on a pop message box or anywhere on the sheet...

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VBA - Read Values Of Many Cells
Excel 2003 > I am developing a comprehensive VBA function that needs to read the value of many cells in a worksheet. I don't want to Name all those cells because then I will need to pass too many variables to the function. I can use the following set of objects and properties ...

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VBA- Sheet Which Has Data In Cells
WOudl someone be able to help me with some VBA, I have a sheet which has data in cells A1:D1000

I need the code to :
Sort the cells by column A then column B ( ascending ).
Look in cell E1 and the date that is in that cell.

Highlight all the data in cells A1:D1000 which in column A have a date which is inlcudin gthe date in cell E1 and for the next six days eg ( cell E1 = 15/6/08 so all data with dates in column A are fro 15/6/8 to 21/6/8 )

Then all that data copy this and paste this into a new sheet.

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VBA To Unwrap Text In All Cells
I found the following code that allows you to Unmerge all cells in a workbook.

I cannot figure out how to use the same idea except make it so that it unwraps all text in a workbook.

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Inputting Formulas Into Cells Using VBA
way to 'insert' a formula into a specific range of cells using VBA only when the Value of $A$7 is changed to a value that does NOT equal "Custom".

Heres what I have so far using Worksheet change event....

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Deleting Range Of Cells Using VBA
I need to have my macro select a certain range of cells with a specific product code and delete them. What would be the code for it (product code 107). Here is what i have so far:

Workbooks.Open Filename:=fNameAndPath, UpdateLinks:=1
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=myStrPath1 & myStrPath2 & myFile3 & myExt, FileFormat:=xlNormal, CreateBackup:=False
Cells.Select.Range ("A78:K153")
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlValues, Operation:=xlNone, _
SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=myStrPath1 & myStrPath4 & myFile4 & myExt2, FileFormat:=xlCSV, CreateBackup:=False

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Summing Cells That Having Been Filtered VBA
I'm using the following code to filter a particular range(it works perfectly fine). However I need to SUM Column 'L' once the data has be filtered. and place the result in the LASTS populated cell in Column L. At the moment I am selecting all the data in the column even the data that has been filtered out.

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=7, Criteria1:=">16", Operator:=xlAnd

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Want To Shade Cells Using VBA Code
I'm trying to come up with vba code that will gray out a set of cells when a certain value is enter in another cell.

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Copying Cells From Another Workbook With VBA...
I just need to know how to reference another workbook in order to copy values from cells on it to my own version of it. It's 18 pages, and I need to pull certain columns cell values from certain sheets (these columns are all fixed, no fancy statements required). I'm unfamiliar with the structure required to refer to another workbook. All I need to do is say "This workbook-Sheet1!D2:D20 = Workbook"Feb"-Sheet1!D2:D20", and so on, throughout the sheets.

I did look for solutions to this, but all of the answers are mixed in with complex statements for other simultaneous calculations... I find myself unable to pick out the small piece which I need from the mash of code I'm unfamiliar with.

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Copying Cells Under Certain Conditions Using VBA
I have found several forums with this question but none of them seem work/fit my needs

What I need to do is look in Sheet1 at column 'B' begining at row '15' (row 14 is table header) and if the cell contains "Yes" then copy 3 cell directly to the right (C15:E15 in the case of the first row) into Sheet2 into cells B15:D15 then do the same for row 16 and so on up to row 600

Creating a cut down copy of the Sheet1 which does not contain the row which determines if it should be copied.

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VBA To Select Cells Of Certain Colour
I need a fast procedure to create a range variable which comprises of non-adjacent cells which have an interior color of yellow say, within one sheet.

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Comparing Two Cells With Dates In VBA
I have trouble trying to get the right sintax of comparing two dates locates in two different sheets.

Sheet 1, cell A1 = 12/11/2009
Sheet 2, cell B1 = 12/11/2009

If I need to do something based on condition that Sheet1 date = sheet 2 date, how will the code be written? I have

If Sheets("Sheet1").range("A1") = Sheets("Sheet2").range("B1") Then
**** my code here

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Copy Formula To Cells From Vba
Anyone see any problems with this code? I used this in another application and it seemed to work just fine? However now it isn't working I just changed the reference area's and changed the formula.

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Count Empty Cells VBA
I am trying to count empty cells in the range from the macro.

Idea is to count empty cells in one row, but cells to be counted are discontinued (range A10:A15, A25:A30. ETC....). Other difficulty is that I can not define the range exactly like this, but I have to use ActiveCell.Offset (0,10) or ActiveCell.Offset(0,11) etc...
ActiveCell is A1.

I tried something like this, but it does not work since I can not define the range correctly.

Dim c
Dim numBlanks
numBlanks = 0
For Each c In Range("ActiveCell.Offset (0,10):ActiveCell.Offset(0,15)")
If c.Value = "" Then
numBlanks = numBlanks + 1
End If
Next c

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Linking Multiple Cells Without VBA
Not long ago i received this code (from Dave Hawley... thanks!) for a single cell referencing an entire column of cells.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column = 5 Then Worksheets(2).Range("B1") = Target
End Sub

...which worked great!

But I'm also using an Excel compatible handheld pocket PC version which does not support VBA. Sadly my options are very limited.

Is there an equivalent to typing " =Sheet1!A1 " in the formula bar, but that will allow for more than one cell, (or an entire column) to be referenced to a single cell?

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VBA To Fill Blank Cells
I have two columns with data (length of column B represents total length of database.) Column A only has some blank cells.

I need to fill Column A blanks with the contents of cell above.

[blank cell]
[blank cell]
[blank cell]
***end of column B

Therefore VBA to place Tuesday into blank and Thursday into the two blanks before bottom of the range of Column B.

Using record macro doesnt give me go to first blank etc.

something like

Start column A2 to End
Find first blank, copy active cell -1
Next blank cell. (ins some cases it will copy the name it has just filled into cell above.
Finish at last cell in Comumn B

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VBA To Split Size Of Cells
I have created a VBA which organizes data from duplicate accounts into a single row so that it is properly formatted for our email system. The one issue I am having trouble handling is cell overflow. Column B cannot end up with more than 5 pieces of information. Each piece of info is seperated by a comma. If there is overflow, the extra data needs to be moved to the following column.

With the example I have provided, you will see that after running the macro, cell B2 has 18 pieces of information. I need to expand the macro so B2 contains 5 pieces, C2 contains 5 pieces, D2 contains 5 pieces, etc.

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