Criteria Values In COUNTIFS Function

Dec 2, 2008

I have the following formula in a sheet to record basketball stats that I am putting together.

=COUNTIFS('Running Game Log'!A:A,"=Jarod",'Running Game Log'!C:C,"=2 pt miss")

This formula counts from a list that is generated during in-game recording of stats & obviously counts the number of times "Jarod" misses a "2 pt shot".

My question is can the criteria "Jarod" refer to a value in a cell, rather than the specific name "Jarod" as I want to be able to change player names easily, rather than have to edit this formula every time.

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Using Multiple Criteria In Second Argument Of CountIfs Function

Feb 26, 2014

Need to use CountIFs formula to evaluate multiple conditions in the same column. Here is the formula I tried. It works for Resolved but returns 0 when i try to add Duplicate.

=COUNTIFS('P12 Source'!H:H,A18,'P12 Source'!F:F,"Resolved,duplicate")

Also used this formula with success by referencing a cell that had "Resolved" in it but when I tried to add another cell with "Duplicate" it again returned 0.

=COUNTIFS('P12 Source'!$H:$H,A19,'P12 Source'!$F:$F,'P12 Source'!$F$75)

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Excluding Multiple Values From COUNTIFS Function?

Apr 14, 2014

I have multiple rows of data per each column. I'm trying to count rows that match a value that ISN'T any of the expected values in column A as well as a certain value in column G. This is in case future data is introduced that doesn't match the existing codes.

I'm trying to count all rows that DON'T have a value in column A beginning with PUA or P9V, so far I am trying this:


But it only seems to work on the "<>P9V" part. When I put P's in the column G of which the column A matches PUA*, it still counts the cell. I've tried a couple of AND variations but none are working.

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Countifs Function

Aug 24, 2008

I am using the COUNTIFS function. I can us it with simple criterias but unsure to go about this criteria.

I would only like to count the cells if the range in question is equal or greater than S3 but is equal or less than T3.

I don't know how to use the => signs.

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COUNTIFS With Many Criteria In Same Range

Feb 5, 2014

How to combine many criteria in a COUNTIFS formula with the same range.

I made a formula:

=COUNTIFS(brut!$B:$B;"1T";brut!$G:$G;"F25"; brut!$C:$C;"1")

And it works fine, but I need four more conditions -

brut!$C$C; "2", brut!$C$C; "3", brut!$C$C; "4" and brut!$C$C; "5".

When I change the formula to

=COUNTIFS(brut!$B:$B;"1T";brut!$G:$G;"F25"; brut!$C:$C;"1"; brut!$C$C; "2"; brut!$C$C; "3"; brut!$C$C; "4"; brut!$C$C; "5")

It didn't work anymore.

I don't know how to use IF and COUNTIFS together.

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Countifs With References As Criteria

Aug 13, 2009

I'm trying to use this formula in a cell but it keeps giving me #NAME.

What does this mean?

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Month Criteria In Countifs ????

Feb 11, 2010

check out the COUNTIFS function on Data Tables Sheet -> Cell D29 and pls. let me know what's going on. I need is : To calculate the number of items on system data tab which has the "Pending" status and items which belongs to month "Jan-10" under a particular person selected from B 27 cell (Data tables tab).

I solved it by using >=01-01-10 and <=31-01-10 criteria but i don't think its nice idea .... I tried to use AND(function by got failed ...........

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Countifs Using Two Criteria Of Which One Is Colour?

Jul 17, 2014

I need to count certain data if they match the same week number but they are not highlighted in red (manual colour not conditional formating). I have a macro that allows me to count cells with a certain colour but I cannot seem to tell it to only to count them if it also meets the criteria of relating to the same week.

Can i somehow combine these to functions or do I need to add soemthing to the countifcolour macro?

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Countifs Multiple Criteria Array?

May 20, 2014

I would like to count the number of values in column B IF the value in Column A is equal to a value from a range of cells.

I would like the formula to be in cell E7. And the range of cells containing the values is in column D.

Here is my workbook Book1.xlsx

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Add / Remove Criteria In COUNTIFS Statement

Apr 14, 2014

how to add/remove criteria to a COUNTIFS statement, based on the value of a VBA UserForm Checkbox.

All of the criteria for the checkboxes are based out of the same column. Here is the similar code I currently utilize for my checkbox filter.

[Code] ..........

The code hides fields within a collumn based on the tag within the checkbox's properties. Now I am trying to create an addition that will add criteria to a CountIf formula in real time.

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Countifs With Year Function?

May 27, 2014

I am trying to use a countifs function that counts all the instances where the year of the date is 2014. The dates are in date format like 3/13/2013, and contained in cells a2:a12

Here is my current formula which is not working out for me.


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CountIfs Formula Where One Criteria Is String Within Cell

May 10, 2014

I know this should be straightforward, but just can't "hack the logic", whether using "Countifs" oor "SumProduct" formulae.

Attached file 140509 String Criteria.xlsx file has database of three fields (Date, Route number and Part number)

I need the formula that totals number of rows meeting three criteria:
(a) A specific date from Col A
(b) A specific number from Col B
And the part I can't sort out:
(c) Any cell containing a "string" in Col C (so needs to count the "core" even if it has a prefix or suffix).

E.g. How many rows have "Date x" in Col A, "Route Y" in Col B and a cell containing "123" in Col C?

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COUNTIFS Using Date As Criteria With Wild Card

Mar 31, 2014

I'm trying to use the COUNTIFS function & have run into trouble because the 2nd criteria is a date. Typically I would just set the range & then put "01/01/2014" if I was looking for all of the January 1, 2014 cells. However in this spreadsheet my source data contains the date with the time. (01/01/2014 11:27:39 AM). Becasue the time is included in the cell, the function returns no results when I set teh date.

I tried to use a wild card "01/01/2014*" which I thought would bypass the time but it still retuns no results. Is there a way to use a windcard with a date cell?

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CountIfs And Search (ISNumber) Function Together

Aug 11, 2014

I'm trying to develop a formula that can incorporate the search function in amongst a countifs formula. I have a column that contans the string "2.3 Manage Project Delivery" in a single cell. However, a single cell could also contain this text string in amongst other text and be in there multiple times - E.G; "2.1 Manage Customer Support, 2.3 Manage Project Delivery, 2.4 Close Program, 2.3 Manage Project Delivery" etc

My formula currently looks like this: =COUNTIFS('RDC Register'!$AW:$AW,"Not Overdue",'RDC Register'!$C:$C,"2.3 Manage Project Delivery") but it's not counting the cells that have 2.3 Manage Project Delivery in it more than once.

So basically I need to modify my formula to search for this text string in the cell and add all occurrences to the final count.

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How To Convert From COUNTIFS To SUMPRODUCT Function

Feb 25, 2014

convert this equation into sumproduct function..??


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COUNTIFS And Paste Special Function

Nov 11, 2008

I have a question regarding COUNTIFS. I have data arrayed vertically and horizontally on a worksheet. Date - Column 1 Column 2 etc. Criteria data (flight information) is listed under these columns. I'm trying to get the COUNTIFS formula to count the number of times a particular flight occurs within a date column.

My formula is

=COUNTIFS(C27:G24 (this is the field that contains the flight info), C6 (this contains the particular flight I'm looking for), C16:G16 (this contains the date range, C5 (this contains the date I'm looking for)

When I use this formula I get the result #VALUE! back. I also wanted to ask if there is any way to use the paste special function but not lose the original formatting/formulas from the cells one is pasting from.

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Countifs Function Not Summing Correctly

Jul 13, 2012

I have yet run into another road block, which is stated below.

=SUM(COUNTIFS(AF20:AF111,{"*CoSale**","*Reo**"},AL20:AL111,{"Seller - Core","Seller - Non Core"}))

I can not get that formula to sum correctly. I can get them to sum if I seperate, but not with the countifs formula above. I am stuck at this point. So, any insight would be great. It is supposed to add up to 13, but I am getting a sum of 7.

Seller - Core
Seller - Core


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Countifs Function With Multiple Columns?

Oct 23, 2013

This is the function I have now: =COUNTIFS(Sheet1!A:A,Sheet2!A2,(Sheet1!E:E),"*") and it works great, counting every cell with a value in column E.

When I make criteria range 3 another column (criteria also being"*") my numbers actually start going down. I think it might be averaging the two columns out or something but I just want it to count all the cells with values in it from multiple columns and give me a total count.

I have 4 columns total that I want to be able to get a total count from.

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Countifs Function Using Dates And For Loops

Jul 14, 2014

I am trying to develop a For Loop that will do countifs functions based on the criteria in the For Loop. Part of the countifs criteria is determining which values in a range are within certain dates. I have isolated the month and year data and am looping with for loops through the years (outer loop) and months (inner loop). The issue that I am running in to is how to place the month and year into the countifs in VBA: month/year. When I do these calculations in the spreadsheet it is easy to write for one of the criterias: ">=1/2013", but trying to do that same formula with variables is become much more challenging.

How could I write a countifs that uses variables to do the same as ">=1/2013"? In essence: ">=monthCount/yearCount".

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Countifs With Month And Year Function

Feb 3, 2009

I have a column titled "Start Date", "Month/Year", &"Total". I want to count the number of dates that appeared in the "start date" column that have the same month and year of the "month/year" column. That count should be in the total count. For ex, I want the first total (april 2008) to be 1, the second (may 2008) to be 1, and so on. I tried using countifs month and year of the start date is the month and year of the month/year column. Not working.

Here's my data: ....

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COUNTIFS Formula Identifies Alphanumeric And Date Criteria

Mar 15, 2013

The attached file Countifs issue.xlsx shows my attempt to construct a "CountIfs" formula that finds the one record out of ten that matches the following criteria:

a) Col A has 10 IDs. 3 of them are between 40 - 49, and another 2 are alphanumeric. This formula SHOULD identify these 5:


Doesn't work, It finds the 3 numerics but returns "0" when the two alpha-numerics are added.

b) Col B has a list of dates. 5 of the 10 are this month. This formula SHOULD identify them:


Doesn't work. It returns a value of "0".

c) Col C shows the Status for each record. 5 are "A" and 5 are "B". The following formula DOES find all the "B"s


But obviously I need the full formula to find the one record out of the ten that meets all the criteria.

in (a) and (b) and enable me to combine all three sections.

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Populate Some Results Using Countifs Formula With Multiple Criteria?

Feb 16, 2014

I am trying to populate some results using countifs formula with multiple criteria. below is the formula am using and the last two criterias are dates

=COUNTIFS('Unproccessed CIT'!$B$5:$B$411,Summary!$A$4:$A$35,'Unproccessed CIT'!$G$11:$G$417,"<>"&"closed",'Unproccessed CIT'!$A$5:$A$38,">="&$C$2,'Unproccessed CIT'!$A$5:$A$38,"<="&Summary!$E$2)


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COUNTIFS On Filtered Table To Find Sum For A Column Based On 2 Criteria

May 23, 2013

I'm trying to use countifs on a filtered table to find the sum for a column based on 2 criteria.

I've used =SUMPRODUCT(SUBTOTAL(3,OFFSET(Sheet3!K7,ROW(Sheet3!K7:Sheet3!K7:K20000)-ROW(Sheet3!K7),0)),--(Sheet3!K7:Sheet3!K20000="Yes"))

for a single criteria which is great, but I also need it to look at column B.

In a non-filtered table it works as:

=COUNTIFS('Sheet3 '!$K:$K,"Yes",'Sheet3 '!$B:$B,B5)

Is there any way to do this?

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How To Build Countifs Function With Varying Weekdays In Different Months

Aug 13, 2013

I have a file with 3 sheets with Sales data. First sheet is for capturing Sales data, second sheet, with some Weekly Analysis and Monthly Analysis using COUNTIFS, third is charts based on second sheet's formulas.

When I use COUNTIFS function to capture the monthly sales nos, the working days in different months vary from each, obviously. Some months have 20 days, some with 21 days, some with 22/23 days. How to write a correct code for varying working days, because I have to capture only the working days in a month, and in THAT MONTH only, leaving all Sat days and Sun days?

My formula goes like this in cell E3 and I have attached my sample file as well.


eg: If I want to measure Monthly Sales performance for a salesman, Date of Sales Performance measure will be done on the last WorkingDay/WeekDay of that month, in the month Sep-2013, Performance will be taken on 30-Sep-2013, till the 21 weekdays backwards. i.e. 02-Sep-2013. In the month of Aug or Feb the no of weekdays differs.

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How To Use Countifs Function To Compute Month Of Year From Date Value

Aug 7, 2013

I have a problem where there are 4 arguments passed to my COUNTIFS function to give me a total count i.e. "KP","James Report","Completed","Month"

Here is the Formula I used;

=COUNTIFS(Master!$B$2:$B$29,Picklist!$C$8,Master!$D$2:$D$29,B3,Master!$H$2:$H$29,Picklist!$C$2,Master!K2:K57,Picklist!E9 )

The last part of my formula is throwing an error "K2:K57"

What I should get in plain English.... "The number of 'James Report' 'Completed by 'KP' in 'August'. (Any specified month based on what comes from my "dates field" on my Master sheet.

I have got a field in my Master sheet with dates which I have transposed into the right month of the year using Month().

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How To Use COUNTIFS Function Only For Visible Data After Applying Filter

May 27, 2014

How to use COUNTIFS Function only for the visible Data after applying filter.

Ex:=COUNTIFS(A:A,"Ret",P:P,"M")-COUNTIFS(A:A,"Ret",P:P,"M",B:B,"") it gives d result including hidden data, but i want it only for visible data after applying filter.

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CountIfs With Between Dates And Two Extra Criteria That Excludes Blank Cells In Another Column

Aug 3, 2013

I have been using CountIfs with a lot of luck until I added one extra criteria that it ignores.

=COUNTIFS(ADate, ">" & N$2, ADate, "=" & 10000, WBid, "" & N$2, ADate, "=" & 10000, WBid, "

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COUNTIFS And INDIRECT Function - Formula Not Working And Keep Getting Error Message?

Apr 25, 2014

Because countif cannot be used across multiple tabs, I'm using the following workaround where "MySheets" is the range of tabs and E8 is the cell I want "counted".

=SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'"&MySheets&"'!E8"),"Fully implemented"))

This works perfectly, except that I really need COUNTIFS... I want Excel to count either "Fully implemented" or "Partially implemented" when in E8. I cannot get the formula to work and keep getting an error message.

=SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIFS(INDIRECT("'"&MySheets&"'!E8"),"Fully implemented",(INDIRECT("'"&MySheets&"'!E8"),"Partially implemented")))

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Formula/Function To Return Multiple Values Based On Criteria

Aug 25, 2006

I would like to be able to use the Vlookup function to return more then one value as a result of the criteria. I have a cloumn of dates that populates the X axis of a gantt chart with data whilst the Y axis will be populated by a site reference resulting in a program of work, the Y axis data is the result of a vlookup function. My difficulty arises however with multiple sites, for instance where two or three sites will be visited on the same day. The vlookup function will only return the first value it finds in a range to the formulated cell. The result being a missing site(s) from the gantt chart / work program. is it possible to return all values to a cell i.e. site1, site2, site3. using a vlookup or do i need to use another method of doing this?

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Countifs If SUM Of Range Is Between Two Values?

Mar 27, 2014

I have the following formula: =IF((COUNTIFS(data_sheet!U:U,Monthly_Report!H10))>166,0,COUNTIFS(data_sheet!U:U,Monthly_Report!H10,data_sheet!BN:BN,"Premier"))

This formula counts values on my data sheet based on the specified criteria. I have this broken ito 3 section, each section that needs to be summed.

Section 1 can not be greater than 165, if it is all the values in the range needs to be reset to 0
Section 2 can not be greater than 190, but at the same time can not be less than 166, else is need to be reset to 0. How would I adjust the above mentioned formula to check these criteria?

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